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Personal and Professional Development Skills and Knowledge

University: New College Durham

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Gibbs Reflective cycle.
  • What is personal and professional development 
Answer :
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Personal professional development is important for every individual as it enhance skills and knowledge of individual by continuous learning through various sources thus ensure work safety, legally and effectively. The purpose of the report is to promote or encourage personal professional skill by learning from experience that are crucial for career growth both in personal and professional life. On the bases of above analysis of task I need to improve or develop certain skills such as ICT skills, Team work Skill and problem solving ability that are helpful or essntial in my future growth in personal and professional life.



Gibbs Reflective cycle describe the structure of learning from experience by examines what we have experienced thus helps us in learning and planning things that have gone bad or good in our life.

Description: I got an opportunity to make analysis on various leadership styles the way they help in the success of the business. For this I have completed task on various approaches and styles used by leader to motivate and influence people in the organization for effective performance. I also analyse various leaders in order to get better knowledge of the subject then I got to know about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. While reading about Mark Zuckerberg I got better knowledge of leadership styles and approaches and its importance in the success and growth of business (Marabelli and Galliers, 2017). This project also helps in enhancing knowledge and skills of me as I was able to learn new various leadership approaches and styles used in effective management of people. Order assignment help from our experts!

Feeling: I was curious and happy to analysis and evaluates various strategies and approaches used by leader in the organization for achievement of business goals. In initial stage of my task I felt happy and energetic but after some times I felt tired due to continuous working on the project. But in order to motivate myself I started reading about the successful leader to complete project on time (Boghossian, 2016). By analysing leadership approaches and style of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook I got excited to know various method that are used by him to motivate employees for effective performance and productivity. At end of project I felt happy and satisfied as the analysis on leadership styles has enhanced lot of my knowledge and skills to lead manage things effectively.

Evaluation: I learned lot of things from the task I completed such as importance of leader in success and growth of the organization. It also helped in identifying various skills that are required by leader to motivate employees for achievement of organizational goals (Chalabi and et.al, 2017). From the above task I got to know the area in which I need improvement and the areas that needs to be developed for future growth. It has taken lot of time and effort of my in preparation of task but at last it enhances my knowledge about leadership qualities and various skill required to motivate employees of the organization. I was able to effectively analysis leadership skills that are required by as I have good research skill and was able to complete my task before deadline due to effectively management of time. I was able to motivate myself to complete task.However,I particularly lack in the analytical skills where I get confused very much between different figures and the time that I require to understand the concepts is frequently large. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Analysis: As per my view leading and influencing people in the organization is simple and easy task and anybody can perform it without any knowledge or qualification. But as I completed my task I got to know that leader play various role in the organization for effective performance of employees and achievement of predetermined goals. Leaders are responsible for planning, brining new ideas and innovation and motivation employees to work effectively for achievement of organizational goals (Bastiaens, van Merriënboer and van Tilburg, 2017). Thus, I came to know that I lack in problem solving ability, team work skills, effective verbal communication skills and numeracy. Whereas I was able to management time and resource and have good research skill but then also they need to be enhanced for further growth in the future. I have to develop skills and enhance knowledge of myself for growth in future in both personal and professional life. Improvement in certain areas will help me in gaining various opportunities in professional life. I have to develop skill to work effective in a team and to solve various problems in order to lead team effectively for achievement of organizational goals.In order to develop the skills that I lack, I need to enhance the work that is to be done on myself i.e. for developing each skill, I will develop an action plan accordingly where I will identify the activities that I need to undertake in order to improve every skill and the time that I will require. Don't worry get assignment help london from UK's leading assignment helpers.

Areas of Improvement



Time period

Problem Solving Ability

Good sleep, analytical skill in order to identify problem and make solution as per situation. Play logic puzzles or games. Divide the problem and list solution and choose best among them.

It can be measured by less number of conflict in the organization and effective co-ordination of employees for achievement of organizational goals.

It will take 6 months in order to develop analytical and visionary skills.

Team work

Work in a group to enhance skill to work in a team for achievement of goals.

Developing habit to listen to others.

Sharing responsibilities and role with others and encouraging ideas of other people.

It can be measured by how effectively I work in a team. Able to encourage ideas and listen to others feelings, view.

It can be developed within 4 month.

Communication Skills

Make sure that other person understand what you want to explain, develop skill to listen to others feeling and opinion.

Effectively body language also helps in communicate of feeling and views of individual.

It can be measured by evaluating that other has understood what you want to say.

It can be developed within 5 month period.

ICT Skills

By developing interest in digital, Wide though process and positive thinking helps in developing ICT skills. Development of good visionary and adapt to various changes as per situation is also helpful in developing ICT skills.

It can be measured by computer efficiency and knowledge of digitalization.

It will take time for 6 months as for it I have to learn new things and update my skill and knowledge.

Research Skills

Use google and Wikipedia at beginning of research process.

Use various sources to gather information.

Contact a librarian to gather information.

Understand the topic in order to conduct research effectively.

It can be measured by the time taken in gathering information.

It can be measured by appropriate information gather by me.

It can be developed with 2 months as I can easily gather information about certain topics.

Organization management

To effectively manage organization I have to develop ability to take quick decision, solve problem and effectively communication in order to management people and resources of the company.

It can be measured by effectively achievement of organizational goals by ensuring continuous supply of raw materials. It can be measured by company brand image and satisfaction of customers and employee needs.

It can be developed with 3 months as it requires various skill and knowledge to manage different people and resources of the company.

Time Management

  • Prepare list of task to be performed within a day.
  • Priorities activities on the basis of its importance.
  • Start day with fresh and energetic mood.
  • Minimize interruption and stop procrastinating.
  • Lastly review all the activities that have being performed during the day.



By Analysing and evaluating, measuring time taken to perform specific activities or various activities. Thus, helps in achievement of task on time.


This is only needs to be enhanced so it can be improved within 1 month.

Innovative thinking

Engage more often in group discussions about current trends and activities.

Learn the process of critical thinking where aspects that are not much talked about or researched should be considered.

Engage frequently in brainstorming sessions.

The different ideas can be recorded regularly and then evaluation of such ideas will enhance the innovative thinking capabilities.

This is a long process and can be developed over a period of 5 to 6 months at least.


From the above report it can be concluded that personal and professional development helps in growth of individual in the future. It helpful as it enhances skills and knowledge of individual that helps in performing various activities. It can also be concluded that an individual learns lot of things from his life experience and if does not able to evaluate itself he will newer able to learn new things. At last, it is concluded that leaders plays various roles and it requires a lot of knowledge and skill to manage people for success and growth of the organization.

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