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Personal and professional development

University: University Of London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This assessment will cover some topics which are discussed there under:

  • Discuss about the Organizational goals and objectives.
  • Discuss about the Personal and professional development plan

Answer :

Introduction to Personal and Professional Development

Personal and professional development is defined as those processes through which the individuals and organization take part in ongoing learning to meet and address challenges and opportunities. Such processes are used within decided and particular boundaries that respect and balance the needs (Armstrong, 2008). This report discusses about the approaches to self managed learning and its benefits to organization and individual. There are different approaches to professional development which includes coaching, mentoring, technical assistance, supervision and consultation. To maintain and improve professional competencies people may take part in such development to increase their interest in lifelong learning.

Task 1

Lo 1.1 Programmes and services in the organization

Self managed learning is a learning approach that reflects the management process. In this process individuals take initiative to learn and being responsible for their own learning and development. This approach is very important to all programmes and services in the organization (Dalton and Thompson, 2006). It supports people to get involved in planning and reflecting their learning experience. The approaches to self managed learning can be classifies into various categories which are discusses below:

Strategic learning: The main advantages of this learning are that it synchronizes learning and managing. Managers take part actively in this learning in any situation, which assists them to build up a more strategic approach to organizational problems (Henry, 2006).

Motivational learning: Individuals are motivated to find out their personal learning style in order to identify suitable resources as well as appreciate the differences in the learning styles of other members.

Meta learning: It is learning about self managed learning at a strategic level which can help basic changes. Getting new skills, knowledge and competences will be irrelevant if managers do not change their mindsets and mental frameworks.

Collaborative learning: In this learning each individual are involve in the learning and they are encouraged to generate and discuss their own ideas (Kerr, Von and Schriesheim, 2009). The planned benefits of such learning are that it promotes teamwork.

Lo 1.2 Learning and development

Lifelong learning may be defined as learning that help individual throughout life. Learning and development is very important process in which individual requires high level of education to operate new technology, recognize the involvement of their role to the business and take decisions which are appropriate to their jobs. The role of managers in learning and development method are; the use of competencies, building a coaching ability, development with wider organizational strategy and combining learning (McCourt and Eldridge, 2003).

The identification of learning and development approach is based on the formal and informal assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The learning and development needs can be identifying through various method Such as: tests, observation, interviews, learner centered analysis, critical incidents, etc.

Learning methods may be defined as any intervention that are intentionally undertaken to help the process of learning at individual, team or organizational level (Samson, 2010). Researchers suggested that lifelong learning skills should be involves in every degree curriculum which help individual at different level. The most important ways to promote life-long learning is to invite regular suggestion.

Learner motivation and Personal relevance are keys to life-long learning. To build up learner interest and relevance, share the information which have found out and reflect on how this learning is related to individual (Thompson and Dalton, 2013). The impact on orientation toward lifelong learning is effective in nature and it consists of many different things such as perspective taking, active learning, and reflection.

Many people may be nervous or frightened regarding the possibility of failure. To develop lifelong learning I help individual by encouraging them to learn, supporting them by giving them regular feedback after a fixed period during learning process, offer them rewards for their learning skills and motivating them about their own learning ability (Coulter, 2001). Individuals have an input into the timescale of the learning process while being encouraged by their assessor. They are rewarded for their learning by a credited qualification which identifies their capability in their work role.

Organization use training practices which helps to motivate people to reflect opportunities for perspective taking, active learning techniques, and the chance to communicate effectively with different peers (Juffa, 2011). Individual personality and behavior are affected positively with such practices. People knowledge could be evaluated regularly to encourage lifelong learning. They always try to keep an open-mind and be open to new information. Good communication with others and taking their views into consideration can be an effective way of understanding and examining the own perception.

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Lo 1.3 Self Managed Learning

Self Managed Learning is a process in which people take initiative to learn and being responsible for their own learning and development (Garrod, 2008). The two main elements of self managed learning are; the Learning Group and Learning Agreement. Self Managed Learning helps the overall performance of the organization. In such learning, people select, handle, and assess their own learning actions, which can be pursued at any time, in any place, through any means, at any age. In self managed learning there is no ideal formula and it changes with individual and organizational culture (Allen, 2011). The advantages of self managed learning to individual:

  • This learning helps the managers to focus on problems and issues related their workplace.
  • The performance is measured by managers and accordingly improves the work efficiency.
  • It provides opportunities to executives to discover and take appropriate risks with the support.
  • Learning is long term process in which the learner requires to think a lot on initially marginal issues connected with the successful implementation.
  • Learning is frequently shared with the manager's staff and other colleagues (Johnson, 2005).
  • Management skills can be developed by managers which they can reuse on the job and particularly in the development of their own people.
  • Executives are able to integrate their home and work lives.

If we talk about the benefits of self managed learning for organization. It offers opportunities to promote the natural development of self confidence, initiative and self satisfaction (Hart, 2013). To develop such learning organizations have to invest heavily in learning and development. Also individual learning may not integrate with organizational needs. Yet it is important that people should be supported to take on more responsibility for their own development and growth. Benefits of self managed learning to the organization are:

Minimize the problems of transfer of

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