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QAB020N504S Cross Cultural Management

University: University of Melbourne

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2593
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: QAB020N504S
  • Downloads: 524
Question :

Learning Outcomes

Generate an understanding of the nature and effects of the cultural differences at business and personal level.

Submission Assessment

Podcast and Script

The group podcast and written script responds to the range of the CCM issues in the single case study.

The case study describes a company which is Hydro Generation company is facing some problems. You need to address some the problems by relating them with the topics given by teacher. Minimum one topic should be connected with the problem founded in case study. The problem should be identified first and then the topic is applied. The topics are:

Category one:
  • National culture
  • organizational culture
Category two
  • Leadership
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Organisational culture
  • Diversity
Category three
  • Motivation and HRM
  • Ethics and CSR

In this script podcast the group will evaluate the issues in the case study, use theories to analyse them and generate specific recommendations and solutions.

Reflective report (1250 words)

This report will generate the sources used in the report. You need to evaluate how you have implemented the theories which is being choose for the identification podcast. This well include short analysis of the group task and what are needed to be improved if you were involved in the similar tasks in future.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Hydro generation


Cross-cultural management involves the administration of employees and operations that encompass diverse cultural backgrounds. It enables firms to effectively interact with, understand, and manage individuals from various cultures. This report focuses on Hydro Generation (HG), a company based in the US, and examines the challenges the firm faced while conducting business operations in Tanzania, specifically related to three key topics. Additionally, the report provides recommendations and analyses based on these issues, incorporating relevant theories. Furthermore, it includes a brief analysis of the team's successes and areas for improvement.

Three topics

National culture-

It is considered as set of beliefs, customs and behaviours as well as valued shared by population of sovereign country. Also refer to particular characteristics such as religion, racial identify, ethics and cultural history. In context of case study, Hofstede's culture dimensions theory is applied because it is related to this topic (Kristjánsdóttir and et.al., 2017). It is assisted in determining different factors which could influence culture and identified supportive business activities accordant to same. By applying this theory, it will identify that Tanzania scores rate in power distance dimension is high as it was score of 70 that means that individual accepts a hierarchical order in which every one has a place, that needs no further explanations. Furthermore, by applying Hofsteds's theory the score rate of Tanzania is determined in regard to individualism dimension. With score of 258 it is considered Tanzania had collective society, it is manifest in a close long term commitment to people team, be that a family or extended relationships. Instead of individualism, Tanzania people prefer to work in group, they prioritize good of community over welfare of individual. A method to support this fact is the outcomes acquired through word of mouth from family members of workforce. The way Jones hired local peoples and mentioned job openings to localities them suggested their relatives caters an example for such practices supported by culture as it is excepted by number of peoples associated with Dam project in Tanzania (Ringo, 2018). Under collectivist culture, people value the needs of team or community more than themselves, they provide support and understand each other norms which make them able to work in group. Furthermore, along with it, with the help of applying above theory is will be analysed that Tanzania scores 40 on masculinity culture dimension as it is considered a Feminine society which means that they focus on working in order to live.


Leadership is a practical skill encompassing the capability of an person to lead or guide other individuals and group of people effectively. In context of case study, Democratic leadership theory can applied on the basis of Jones's behaviour and concern towards their workers, this statement can be support with the example taken from case study. Jones as a manager believed that their subordinate must be provided full accountability for taking as well as implementing decisions but that they had to be held responsibility for the outcomes. Democratic leadership theory, is relevant and suitable according to the nature of Jones because they believe that input of other team members while taking decision in context of project is also very essential. With this leadership style, person will be able to encourage contributions and participations from group members and also help people feel more committed as well as relevant to decision-making procedure. By applying Democratic theory, it examined that Jones have good leadership abilities, he is able to motivate people in any situation (Eizaguirre, S. and Parés, M., 2019). This statement is proved with the help of specific example taken from given case study. To complete the project on time, Steinberg required more labour and pay extra for each activity because such practices were legal and normal in Tanzanian business dealings, they bordered on unethical in US firm. Employees demand bonuses for every single thing or additional services. At this situation Jones play vital role they deal with labour in a position to demand high payments, understand their needs and solve issues that help to make all workers ready to work. Jones to handle another situation hired an African religion, who are able to advised Hydro generation to work with religious caretaker of falls to determine a solution (Lin, 2018).Get dissertation help now!

Motivation and HRM-

Motivation is one of the best way to enhance the practices and working abilities of group members effectively, different types of motivational theories and strategies are used by leader as well as managers while performing at large organization. By applying Vroom's theory of expectancy, it examined that Jones as manager is able to motivate and inspire their team members to work perfectly. He it really very good at dealing with locals and employees who are working on Dam project. His behaviour will results from conscious choices among alternative whose purpose is to increase productivity and to gain better outcomes at the end of project. With the motivation abilities and supportive nature, Jones can inspire other people effectively and enhance the motivational level of staff which is quite beneficial in term of productivity and profitability. He has the right skills to do their job as a manager in Tanzania, he can support and contribute to get job done of their people as well. He belied that when labour perform well they can get valued results (Harris and et.al., 2017). As according to theory, expectancy is the belief that enhance efforts that will lead of increased performance, Jones always provide efforts and try to make effective contribution in order to complete project on time. Furthermore, by applying this theory is also evaluated that Jones trust in people who will take decision, he always efforts to solve issues and encourage workers to take participate in decision-making function. Jones is not motivated by money, he valued efforts make to done given project. Within High employee turnover situation they play effective role as motivator and effectively deal with local people.


As per the above, it is to be recommended that Jones should also apply situation leadership theory at their working area because this theory helps a candidate to adopt that leadership style as per the situation so that it assist to get better results. Further, this theory is also consider an effective way of leadership because it determine the team's need and further sets a beneficial balance for entire firm (Northouse, 2018). Further, it is also recommended that Jones may also use Adam's equity theory which state that people are motivated only when they treated equally. As during the hiring process, it is analysed that Jones only prefer those people who belongs to government officials and that is why, by using this theory Jones treat other equally and also receive what employees consider fair for their efforts.

Reflective report

While conducting the entire report, I analyzed that I gain enough knowledge regarding cross cultural management. Such that, I learn working in a team will be more effective instead of doing work individually. In the same way, I enhance my knowledge regarding to Leadership. Through the entire study, I realized that there are different theories and models that assist to explain the meaning of leadership. While researching on this particular topic, I find out that a great leader posses a strong and clear vision which has integrity and honesty as well as clear focus. As per the case study, it can be stated that Steinberg was not comfortable with Jone's hiring practice but on the other side, he did not have any doubt the competence of any given hiree but discrimination comes. Such that he think that Jones easily hire those candidate who have close relationship with government official whether a person is women or man. But, Jones know his own roles and responsibility which clearly reflect that he is a good leader. Moreover, a good leader always help to reach their goals, In the same way, Jones always believe that subordinate should also give full responsibility for making and implementing decision which continuously realize them they are an important element of the company (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2017). Thus, this leadership style reflect democratic style which assist to present the positive working environment within a company.

Similarly, I also realize that by applying this theory under leadership will assist to receive many benefits and also encouraging innovation and creative solutions for every problem. As case study also depicts that they have to make a dam in which a manager or a leader must have to consult with all the employees while making any decision so that it realize them that they are also an important part of a project. In addition to this, it is also reflected from the project that Jones posses strong skills to deal with local people and employees which in turn assist to not making them worse and company easily perform their work too. Moreover, Jones uses democratic leadership style in which he keep encouraging their team members so that they should participate in decision making process and these leadership style also allow for a new idea to be shared in open manner without any conflict. Therefore, I clearly analyzed that this leadership style help to solve complex problem and by complying with this style Jones also deal different complex problem and also hire good employees as well. Take assignment help from our experts!

So, it can be evaluated that using democratic leadership style, a leader may easily find creative solutions and people prefer to work in a team too. This in turn build team based relationship because without them, there would be no team loyalty and these relationship will help organization to take feedback and make improvement wherever necessary (James, Crawford and Oplatka, 2019). Through this, me and my team also improve the knowledge and also contribute our best so that we may easily deliver the good podcast. Thus, through this podcast we learn different styles of leadership and also apply the same in our team. Such that we all work in a group and that is why, we always consult or discuss every topic to each other so that each of come with our own idea and correct others in order to prevent from taking any wrong decision. In this way, we always discuss any topic and then try to make decision which in turn help to reach our define aim and objectives.

During the entire podcast, we were a group of 5 people and at earlier stage, we find some issue because of wrong communication and that is why, we face some barrier. But when we solve all the issue, I come to realize that working a team is far better than working individual. It is so because when we work in a group, we share our own experience to each other and also bring new ideas which in turn assist to reach our defined aim and objectives. While conducting the podcast, I think our collaboration is good because we done the whole work in better manner and also deliver this on right time as well. Though there are many issues which our group faced but we solve that and proceed further. In addition to this, I also realized that in order to deliver the best outcomes, I think we all make enough contribution and whenever any of us, feel low or demotivated, another team member come and motivates with an aim that it will not affect our podcast in opposite manner. Get essay writing help from our experts!

In addition to this, I also realized that I enhance my knowledge with regards to cross cultural management, like working with diverse workforce always creates positive impact upon the overall organizational performance. In the same way, using an effective communication we all also deliver the podcast in better manner, though there are many issue which also affect the overall project but our knowledge and collaboration (team working) assist to overcome from the every issue (Wilson and et.al., 2017).

While doing a teamwork, we analyze that we all lack time management skill and that is why, we never complete our daily work in specify deadline. That is why, I think that this is a major issue which need to improved whenever we perform work in near future. On the other side, while doing work in a group, I make sure that we delegate work as per the skills and competency so that it will not affect the overall project. For instance, If one team member have good research skills, then research task will be allotted to him only. In this way, the work will be easily managed and there will be no issue that may cause delay to our project or a podcast. In addition to this, during the whole study, I realize that I do not posses strong written communication skill and not even able to take better decision in specified time. So, in order to improve these area, I will start working on this and start attending training session which will assist me to enhance my these skills. Hence, by improving these area, I will easily perform another work while performing any task within a group so that it will assist to raise my current level of knowledge as well.

Beside this, if I perform the same work in near future, then I make sure that I will work with a group of 7 people so that they all brings range of new ideas which in turn assist to deceiver better podcast. Further, I also make sure that we deliver daily task within a specified deadline because in current situation, we lack time management skills which cause negative impact upon our project. Thus, from the overall, I realized that it was the best project for me because I interact with new people where I can easily share our own views in order to getting best results. Along with this, I also learn different theories such that Hofstede cultural dimension theory in which I learn that every country have their own cultural score, further I also raise my knowledge with regards to leadership and also want that in my future I also opt democratic leadership style. Lastly, I learn that there is a need to keep motivate employees so that they may easily perform the work in effective manner.


By summing up above, it has been concluded that cross cultural management plays an effective role in the success of every business. Similarly from the case study, it has been concluded that case study describe different issue such that national culture and by applying Hofstede cultural dimension theory it can be stated that Tanzania follow collectivism culture where people prefer to work in a group and that is why, they are not in favor to leave a place due to construction of a dam. Further, podcast also concluded that Jones follow democratic leadership style in which he involve all the employees and by using Vroom Expectancy theory, manager may easily motivate their employees in order to increase their overall productivity.

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