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Managing Food and Beverage

University: Brunel University London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Impact of Trends on Food and Beverage Businesses.
  • Discuss about Comparison and contrast of various marketing technologies.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton group


Food and beverage department engage in the activities such as management of inventory, ensuring delivery, production of food items and beverages, engaging into development of certain events and more (Davis and et. al., 2018). These form of activities is being undertaken by food and beverage organisations to offer maximum satisfaction to their customers while ensuring profitability. Present report include discussions on identification of behaviour of customers along with the factors that influence their decision-making. Further diverse range of business in food and beverage sector is being included in this report along with rating systems that are being undertaken in international and national level.


Exploration of different types of businesses within food and beverage industry

It has been evaluated that there are different types of organisations those who are performing their business within food and beverage sector. Main aim of these entities are to effectively satisfy needs and wants of people in well defined manner as to increase organisational profitability in number of ways. In addition to this, it has been evaluated that organisations within this sector provide different types of product and services to customers as to increase their interest towards entities in well defined manner. It is important to have formative knowledge related to different organisations within this sector as to have better understanding of all these segment in best effective manner. Mentioned below some of the entities within this sector are being defined:


Restaurants are considered as one of the prominent segment in food and beverage sector. In this outlets mainly offer food along with exotic seating arrangements in order to satisfy them in best effective manner. In addition to this different forms of dishes are being served to customers as to gain their maximum satisfaction in order to increase profitability.


It is one of the most essential sub segment in food and beverage sector, this unit mainly engage in the function related to accommodation services along with different types of facilities such as sports arena, gym, banquet, lodgings, effective leisure facilities, swimming pool and more. Hilton group of hotel falls within this sector as they offer different types of facilities to their customers with an aim to influence customers towards their services and increase overall profitability of organisation in number of ways. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Catering Services:

In this form of segment in food and beverage sector there are number of activities are being organised such as weddings or ceremonies, some special occasion or formal gatherings, business events and more. It has been analysed that in Hilton hotel these facilities are being provided to customers with an aim to have significant increase in organisational profitability and productivity as to increase their market share in best effective manner.


Explanation of main ratings systems used both nationally and internationally

Rating systems are mainly used by hotel industry to express that which type of services are offered to the customers. It can be said that with the usage of rating system customer or user of service can easily find best accommodation as per their required service. With reference to Hilton Hotel, it can be said that this hotel makes use of stars to all customers to determine right hotel as per their requirement. This rating system is expressed as below:

  • One Star: This rating is mainly provided to those hotel which provides accommodation facilities to its customer. It does not offer food and beverage facilities within the hotel premises.
  • Two Stars: Hotels belonging to this provides comfortable accommodation services to its customers with the nominal range of food and beverages.
  • Three Stars: Hotels comes under this rating mainly offers high quality of food services to customers along with comfortable and personalise services. All the additional services are provide to customers within hotel premises.
  • Four Stars: It offers lavish services to customers that includes huge additional amenities, leisure activities and variety of food & beverages services.
  • Five Stars: Hotels belonging to this rating criteria provides luxury services to its customers with finest quality of food. It can be said that Hilton Hotel belongs to this rating which offers high class services to its customers.
  • Current and Future Trends

    Hotel industry is incorporating range of trends in order to attract more nu7mber of customers towards them in appropriate manner. With reference to hotel, some of the common trend enrolled in this sector are stated as below:

    • Innovation: The industry are brought range of innovation within the sector in order to serve customers in better manner. The main innovation took place in this industry are automated machinery, strong and quick delivery system, digital booking etc.
    • Food Safety: In order to assure the customers that they are offering high quality of pure food, the respective industry believes in maintaining transparency in its kitchen area. Also, they believes in serving healthy food to its customers along with the taste.

    Impact of Trends on Food and Beverage Businesses

    On the basis of the above provided description on the trend, it can be said that the both the innovations has higher influence over Food & beverage businesses. This is so because, companies belonging to this zone are required to incorporate all of these innovations to retain its existing customers and attract new one with trendy services. This can be well understood with the help of example. For instance: Latest trend of digital technology have created demand of creating their own mobile application for Hilton Hotel in order to serve its customers in personalise manner.

    Critical Analysis of how food and beverage businesses will adopting future trends

    With reference to Hilton hotel, it can be said that the respective hotel can easily incorporate innovation as the future trend by conducting training and development session for its employees. This will improvise performance of employees because with appropriate training they will become familiar with the latest innovation. At the same time, this could be seen as the most expensive method for the company as company have to invest a lot for conducting training sessions for employees.


    Comparison and contract of distinct operational activities

    Operational technology include software and hardware that are mainly devoted to undertake detecting and causing changes within physical processes via control of physical devices and direct monitoring. It has been analyses that in food and beverage sector there is involvement of extended base of operational technologies that are being used by business organisations as to expand their business operations. Some of the certain operational technologies is being defined below:

    Flow through stockings:

    This form of operational technology is mainly undertaken for the purpose of segregating and stocking different form of raw materials. It is important for organisations within food and beverage sector to ensure that they have stocked their shelves in quick manner as to satisfy customer's in best effective manner. Wheels like structure aid organisation to stock along with to refill commodities in order to save cost and to ensure improvement in management of inventory.

     It has been defined from the above statistics that, with the utilization of operational technology it has been measured that there is significant improvement in stock in last years. Along with this there is increase in ration of stocks and flows each year.

    Digital booking system:

    In this form of operational technology, reservations in order to use organisational aspects is mainly being done via publicly assessable computers and websites. With the help of digital booking system, organisation like Hilton hotel accepts booking via online mode in order to manage individuals bookings in well defined manner. With the help of this booking in pubs, restaurants in hotel are done in well defined manner. With the help of this maximum level satisfaction to customers can be provided.

     It has been analysed that more than 42% food delivery orders are done via digital booking system. Further it has been evaluated that these ratios keeps on increasing on continuous basis. In the year 2011 the ratio was 8% that have significantly increased in 2019E by 53%.

    Evaluation about the ways operational technologies enhances performance of business

    It is essential to analyse operational technologies in order to evaluate effectiveness of such technologies. In context with flow via stocking technology with the implementation of technologies organisations within food and beverage segment can effectively able to make decrease in cost related to management of inventory. Stocking with the help of technology benefit managers to significant increase in business performance. While on the other hand, in order to implement this technology into business structure huge cost is required that may affect revenue and profit reserves ratio of organisation. In context with digital booking system there are number of benefits that can be gained by organisations in terms to saving time and ensuring smarter insight as to make significant improvement in performance of business. While as to effectively manage these bookings via online mode effective training to employees are required to be given that require time and cost. Order assignment help from our experts!

    Critical evaluate of impacts that the technologies have on customer buying behaviour

    It has been analysed that operational technologies have significant impact over purchasing behaviour of consumers. For example, digital booking system benefits in promoting convenience and awareness for customers that further influence their buying behaviour in a well defined and positive manner. While flow via stocking is mainly a internal process hat is not even visible to the outsiders or customers till the time it markets the identical. This indicates that flow through stocking does not impact upon purchasing behaviour of customers.


    Comparison and contrast of various marketing technologies

    Marketing technologies are termed as tech with the help of which marketing departments can effectively able to perform their operations. It has been analysed that in food and beverage industry there are large base of marketing technologies that are being undertaken by organisations that aid them to adopt latest trends in marketing. Some of the certain are mentioned below:

    Analytics: This technology is one of the prominent segment in food and beverage industry. With the formative assistance of this technology business within this industry can effectively able to undertake comparison in relation to company marketing performance in context with latest trends. This will significantly help in making maximum growth in performance of business operations.

    It has been analysed from the above mentioned statistics that made in Food and beverage Industry in order to set the analytics technology in the year 2019 was USD 10.6 Billion further it has been determined that it will improve to USD 22.8 Billion by the year 2024.

    Search Engine marketing: With the help of this form of marketing technology, organisations involve in food and beverage industry can effectively able to grow efficiency of their operations by engaging in the process of managing consumer relationships increasing perceptibility within search engines. It has been analysed that in food and beverage industry with the help of this technology organisation can make significant relations with search engine optimisation.

    As per the above mentioned statistics, it has been defined that the utilization of search engine technologies is increased by every passing year. In the year 2008, it was 11.44% that significantly increased in 2019 by 75.23%. While it has been determined that it is estimated to reach in 2020 by 79.27%.

    Evaluation of how these marketing technologies enhances businesses' performance

    Marketing technologies involves search engine marketing and analytics with the help of which business organisations can measure significant growth in their business performance in number of ways it further helps in increasing opportunities for entities in order to promote their services and products in best effective manner that helps in increasing performance of organisation in relation with profitability and productivity. While in relation with search engine marketing, business organisations can gain significant opportunities as to make expansion of their online presence that further aid them to satisfy customer at different locations. While in terms of analytics technology entity like Hilton hotels can effectively able to measure their organisational performance within marketplace and can further implement practices as to make improvement in their business performance.

    Critical evaluation of impacts of marketing technologies on customer's buying behaviours

    Marketing technologies involve analytical technology in addition with search engine that significantly impacts upon behaviour of customers. While in relation with analytical technology, this aid business to undertake emerging trends in external surroundings and can further make modification in their marketing techniques and to encourage behaviour of customers and satisfy their needs as per in accordance with latest trends. Along with this, search engine marketing effectively aid organisation to attract large base of customers via enhancing presence. This will significantly benefit entity to increase their customers base and can influence their Purchasing behaviour in a positive manner.

    Factors determining which food and beverage outlets customers choose

    There are numerous range of elements with the help of which interest of customers can be duly influenced in best effective manner. It is the main responsibility of organisations within food and beverage sector as to have proper understanding of all these elements as to effectively attract customers interests towards organisational products and services. There are diverse range of factors that are being defined:

    Environment: This is most important factors that lead towards influencing customers decision making in terms of selecting a outlet. With the due understanding of these factors organisations can significantly able to attract customers towards their offerings. For example by providing pleasant interiors, clean environment, professional and friendly staff, clean environment and more organisation can effectively able to attract customers in a well defined manner. This will help organisations engage within food and beverage sector to serve large base of customers and make significant increase in overall profitability and productivity of organisation.

    Affordability: It is most important aspect that are required to be consider by organisation as with the help of having proper understanding to this factor entities can effectively able to gain opportunity to serve more customers in well defined manner. In addition to this, it has been identified that it is important to organisations within food and beverage sector to ensure that they provide affordable products and services to customers as to influence their decision-making process and increase profitability of organisation.

    Analysis of activities undertaken to attract and retain customers

    It has been analysed that with the help of different types of strategies entities within food and beverage segment can effectively able to attract customers in best effective manner. There are some certain strategies that are being discussed below:

    Customer Feedbacks:

    This factor is termed as one of the most important aspect by considering which organisation can effectively able to ensure loyal customers. As by taking regular feedbacks from customers organisations can effectively able to solve their issues and can further satisfy them in best effective manner. This will help them to offer maximum level of satisfaction while ensuring large base of profitability.

    Technological Advancements:

    It has been analysed that technology is updated on daily basis thus, it becomes essential for organisation those who are engaging in food and beverage sector to satisfy their customers as per according to latest trend and elements. For example with the help of technology organisation can offer services like automatised billing, self check in and check outs, digitalised booking and more to customers in order to influence their decision and encourage them towards organisational offerings.

    Evaluation of effectiveness of different strategies in building loyal customers

    In this organisation is required to effectively analyse effectiveness of different strategies in order to build loyal customers. In this company can undertake strategies related to gaining regular feedbacks in order to identify mind set of customer towards company products and services. In addition to this, company is required to provide technological advanced services as to gain attention of customers. Further entity is required to engage in the process of continuously modifying their services and products as to attract consumer attraction.

    Critical Evaluation of digital technologies

    Technology impacts upon each and every sector in number of ways and impact upon their functioning. Different types of factors are linked with digitalisation that are required to be consider by entities as to satisfy their customers in best effective manner. With the help of technology organisation can identify current trend and factors and can satisfy customers as per according to them (Pagani and Pardo, 2017). This will effectively help them to increase organisation work efficiency that further benefit in ensuring large base of profitability. In addition to this, by taking advantage of technology company can able to have regular feedbacks from their customers and can further resolve their queries. Further it is essential of organisation to make regular update in their software system as to undertake regular modifications in their products and services offerings. This will effectively help them to increase their customer base while ensuring large base of profitability and productivity in best effective manner. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!


    As per the above mentioned report it has been concluded that there are different types of units within food and beverage sector those who are operating their activities in order to offer satisfaction to customers. In addition with this, it has been defined that digital technology have significant impact over organisation thus, it become essential for entities to consider all the factors. This will help them to satisfy customers in best effective manner. It is essential for organisation to take regular feedbacks from their customers as to increase organisational profitability and productivity in well defined manner.

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