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Managing Food and Beverage in Hospitality Industry

University: Harrods of London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explain different strategies in building a loyal customer.
  • Discuss the role of digital technology.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A

Food and Beverage services is referred as procedure to present, prepare and serving foods to clients and guests. It can be two kinds such as on premise and off-premise. This is managed, controlled, planned by F&B manager which comes under hospitality sector. The organisation chosen for given assignment is Hilton Hotel which was established in United States in 1919. It deals in resorts and hotels having more than 169000 employees. The main aim of report is to explore food as well as beverage sector including their style, outlets, current trends and rating system. For improvement, different technology are used to rise operational efficiency at F&B industry.  It has also highlighted professional services of food as well as beverage standard in real world. The analysis of consumer motivations and their behaviour are discussed in report.

Demonstrate professional food and beverage skills

In order to remain competitive in food and beverage industry, capabilities and skills are required which form part of employment in different areas. Such skills play an effective role to achieve goal and objectives of business. The professional food and beverage skills are as follows:

Serving Consumer and Presentation of Dish- It is the most important skills which is required in food and beverage industry (Davis and et. al., 2018). Manager should be able to present dish and serve consumers in best possible manner. The presentation of dish to clients, guests assist to enhance experience and interacting with them provide comfort as well as positive environments so that they create good memorise. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Decoration and Labelling- The skills which is needed in F&B industry is decorating and labelling food in unique and attractive way so that customer can get all relevant information about food. The dish should be composed in right way by including all relevant and required ingredients to enhance consumers experience in positive manner. These skills are required by business for positive outcomes.

 In order to conduct business activities and operations in food and beverage industry, legal requirements are very essential to attain positive outcomes. This assist in serving food and beverages in better manner to consumers. Some of legal requirements are as follows:

Food Import Regulation and Policies- While importing any packed food to any place, it is very important to follow regulation of food import and policies so that activities and operations are conducted in best possible manner to attain positive outcomes (Del Chiappa, Martin and Roman, 2016). This also leads to rise in customer experience as well as enhancement of profits for better results.

Regulations for Safety of Food- It is also the most legal requirement which should be followed by manager in order to provide safety of food in appropriate manner. This helps in maintaining standard as well as regulations for food safety.

It is essential for food and beverage industry to follow all legal requirement to conduct their business activities and operations in appropriate manner (Dopson and Hayes, 2015). The importance of legal requirements like food import and regulation of food safety helps business to attract large number of customer towards business. Each and every business has to follow all legal requirements in appropriate way to enhance brand value and goodwill. If business fails to meet, then food and safety department may impose fine and penalty to organisation and may cancel their registration or licensing.

If business is failure to meet required legal standards then business performance decline along with their brand value and goodwill also decrease that impact profit and sales of firm. It is very important for F&B industry to conduct their business activities and operations in appropriate manner to sustain and survive at marketplace for long term period. Order assignment help from our experts!

Investigate factors that determine which food and beverage outlets customers choose

While choosing outlets by consumers, different factors encourages them. This is the responsibility of organisation to consider such aspects for analysing different activities and operations in order to attract consumers in best manner (Kasavan, Mohamed and Halim, 2017). The factors which determine food and beverages outlets chosen by customers are as follows:

Affordability- This is considered as important aspects which assist in making decisions by consumers regarding outlets. In this context, the prices of goods and services should be affordable by consumers so that they can visit outlets in appropriate manner.

Environment- It is also regarded as important factors which assist in influencing consumer to choose outlets. The environment of hospitality sector should be very calm, pleasant, clean, attractive interior, trained, friendly and professional staff to serve guests or visitors. This assist in influencing huge consumer base towards place or outlets in effective manner.

Analyse activities that food and beverage outlets undertake to attract,  retain and loyal customer

It is the responsibility of organisation to retain and attract large number of consumers towards business and their offering. For this, they have to perform several activities and operations which are described below:

Technological Advancements- This is also the activities which is undertaken by food and beverage outlets to attract, retain and loyal customers (Resnik, 2015). In this organisation should provide various technological advancements services to their users, clients like digitalised booking, self checking and check out, automatised billing in order to attract users.

Customer Feedback- It is the second important aspects to attract, retain loyal consumer towards food and beverage outlets in an effectual manner to attain positive results (Tam and et. al., 2017). The organisation has to take feedback from consumers on regular basis so that they can improve themselves in best way and attract large number of people towards organisation. This also lead them to provide satisfaction to users and rise in goodwill at marketplace.

Evaluate effectiveness of different strategies in building a loyal customer

In this context, firm should analyse effectiveness as efficiency of various strategies for building loyal and regular customers towards business. The strategies can be related with consumers, rising profits and sales margins and so on in appropriate manner. Here, business has used two main strategies such as customer feedback and technological advancement. In context of feedback, business can develop and improve themselves and provide products and services as per requirements of clients. This should be done on regular basis by firm for attainment of high profit margin and building regular and loyal customers. Similarly, on other hand, technological advancement should be provided by organisation to make easiness for their customer so that they can book hotel online, get discounts and so on. The loyal and regular customer should be provided with discounts and offers so they attracted towards business. Struggling with your dissertation, get dissertation writing services from our experts!

Critically evaluate role that digital technology plays in these activities

According to view of Taoukis and Tsironi, 2016, it has concluded that digital tech has impacted many functions of organisation. The different types of functions are connected with world of digitalisation. Moreover, this leads organisation to increase their efficiency of business in positive way. For example, digital technology like tablets assist to ensure feedbacks than using any paper work and ensuring safety of environment. With help of this, business can enhance their brand value in order to attract large number of people. Organisation has to modify their technology software for satisfying their need and demand of users and requirements. Therefore, this lead to enhance and increase profitability as well as productivity.


From the above report, it has summarised that food and beverage services is very important in hospitality industry to gain positive outcomes. This includes business such as restaurant, snack bars, food eating place and so on. With rise in market trends, there is impact of F&B industry at marketplace in terms of new technology, voice tech, flow through stocking. It is important to analyse both operational and marketing technologies so that performance of business can be rise. For running of such industry, legal requirements has to be followed and in case of failure fine and penalty has to be pay. Food and beverage outlets should be attractive, unique and eye-catchy to consumers so that they come and feel positive experience.

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