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Innovation Management

University: Princeton University

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Innovation Management?
  • Definition of disruptive theory.
  • Explain Evaluation of the theory.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Brew Dog


Innovation management can be defined as a process of handling of all those activities which are essential for introducing or developing something new (Nambisan and et.al., 2017). This present study is based on Brew Dog which is a multinational brewery as well as pub chain based in Scotland. This company was founded in the year of 2007 by 2 partners such as Martin Dickie and James watt. It is famous for producing canned and bottled beers is different varieties such as: India pale ale, stout etc. This study is going to show effectiveness of disruptive theory of innovation which makes an organization able to create a value network and perform business activities in a manner which can help them in taking competitive advantages. It will analyse this theory in a critic manner in order to identify its advantages and disadvantages on which basis company make changes in its strategies to accomplish its goals. Further, it will discuss application of that theory in order to identify whether it can give positive benefits to the company or by which company can take advantages, opportunities or not. Disruptive theory does not only help company in taking current advantages but also it makes company more able to make effective plan for the future and identify future advantages and try to take it by implementing innovation theory. Internet is considered one of the main effective element of innovation theory which is helping companies to the great extent and it is being discussed in this study.

Innovative theory

Definition of disruptive theory

A disruptive innovation is a theory which makes an organization able to create a new market and finally but gradually disrupts an exiting market and displace already established market leading products. In other words it can be said that it refers a technology whose application affects company to the great extent in a positive manner. Application of technology described by this theory affect ways in which company perform its functions. In this context it can be said that the way of performing functions is considered one of the main key of the success of an organization. For example; There are several organizations in brewing industry including BrewDog. Among all companies in the same industry do not make growth as per their plan and some take effective growth (Cai, Lu and Gursoy, 2018). The main difference which makes an organization able to take growth and making a strong position in the market is ways of performing activities. Ways by which company perform varies and effectiveness of this way helps them out in accomplishing goals. So, the main aim of disruptive innovation theory is to change ways of BrewDog company of performing and make them able to innovate its products and attract wider range of customers. Not all types of innovation are considered as disruptive innovation as it includes only those industries and companies who can make an effective use of technology and can alter their way of operating. Some examples of disruptive innovation includes: E-commerce, ride sharing apps etc. On the other hand, it is also stated that disruptive innovation theory is now in a danger only because of its own effective success and growth which several companies has taken by applying this theory. It can also be called technology mudslide hypothesis. Order assignment help from our experts!

Sources : (Managing Innovation, 2018)

In addition, it can also be said that disruptive theory explains phenomenon by which company innovation transforms by an organization an existing market by introducing affordability, accessibility as well as convenience (Vesti and et.al., 2017). So, it can be said by discussing disruptive innovation theory that it is a positive force. It can also be said that by applying or making an effective use of this theory, companies can make their products and services more accessible as well as affordable with the main aim to make that products available to a much large population. It has several competitors and main 2 competitors of BrewDog company are: Brasserie De Tahiti, Diageo. In the context of Brasserie De Tahiti, it can be said that it is also popular and known for its own local brewery as like BrewDog company. It is an industrial company which is specializes in production as well as selling of beverages. It has around 20 brands of soft drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages in order to meet expectations of all types of customers. So, from this it can be said that it has a good brand and image in the eyes of people which is increasing threat in this market.

In addition, in the context of Diageo, it can be said that it is a global popular company who sell its products in around 180 countries around the world. It has vast varieties of products like soft drinks, alcoholic breweries and others. So, all over it can be said that there is high intensity of competition in this market.

Sources: (Business Model Innovation. 2019)

There are mainly 2 principles of this theory which are:

  • There are multiple dimension of performance.
  • Technology is improving day by day and it develops faster than requirements of people. With the help of this advanced technology, companies can improve their products and services and replace with their existing products.

So, from the discussed theory and its principles, it can be said that it can help out organization in improving their processes by making them innovative.

Evaluation of the theory

Disruptive theory of innovation does not only have advantages as it has some limitations or disadvantages which can sometimes create problems for those companies who completely rely upon this theory. Some advantages of disruptive theory which put pressure on some sectors of companies to make an effective use and application of this theory include:

Already Established market: When an organization disruptive something then, established market is present for what company wants to sell its products. So, it becomes easier for companies to analyse current situations of the market as what is being going on and in trend as well as is being offered. Company can also identify the market size, selling price, distributions channels etc.

Customers familiarity: With disruptive products and disruptive theory, organizations try to create a new market but eventually disrupting in an exiting market which is beneficial for companies in order to solve problems of customer (Coccia, 2017). Customers in an existing market have effective solutions as well as they are familiar with products which company want to offer them which make acceptance of products initially.

Opportunities for huge buyout: It can be said that this type of disruptive market has less competition and due to concentrated competition in this type of markets, company can easily understand effectiveness as well as potential for their disruption. But there is a requirement to pay large premium for attracting people, selling products as well as preventing themselves against competition if exist.

Chances of Limited competition: Initially companies who disrupt, start to operate a market which are underserved mainly based on performance and price. There are several other companies who do not considered these types of market as well as market segment competitive, effective and attractive so, they ignore to operate in. It can also be said that their current technologies do not compete in these types of market, so they prefer to keep themselves away from these types of market and operate in it. So, it can be said that entrenched interest often move upmarket. So, those companies who disruptive and apply this theory has more chances to make a strong position in the market and attract customers to the great extent (Perez, Paulino and Cambra, 2016).

On the flip side, it has some limitations which are discussed as below:

Competitive products exists: It is stated that there are less companies who operate in these types of market which is beneficial as it decreases competition. But in the context of products, it can be said that they are existed already as there is only few differences in products of companies who disrupt. For example: If an auto mobile company produce electronic cars, there are already gasoline powdered cars that exists already which means that solution of that auto mobile company who disrupt is not unique. So, it can be said that this theory of innovation and operating in this type of market can be beneficial only for some years or initially. Gradually it can ruin the huge profits and company cannot make themselves profitable for the long run. It is the main disadvantage for disruptive companies which they need to consider (Patel, 2017). There is an only option and way by which they can take huge profit is continuous differentiation or quality management and providing products at lower prices than competitors. It may be beneficial for the company or may be not. get dissertation help from our experts!

Entrenched companies prevent from succeeding: It can be said that competitive companies do not prefer and want that their rivals make growth and increase their sales. So, if an entrenched company see that companies who disrupt and making growth then they do take all possible actions to stop companies to take growth and protect their position in the market. The main strength of Entrenched companies is they have more power and resources by which they can do anything for protecting companies from succeeding. Companies in this situation feel threatened and feel that it may decrease their sales, so they do take all possible actions such as making an effective use of regulations and franchise laws to prevent companies who disrupt market from selling direct. So, it can be said that it is other main disadvantage an limitation of this theory. There are several ways of entrenched and other companies of preventing from succeeding such as: lowering prices for the same product and start a price war. It can make difficult for disruptive companies to form exclusive agreements with supply chain and distribution channels. So, overall it can be said that applying or making use of disruptive innovation theory is not an easy task.

Risky: In the context of innovation and disruptive, it can be said that success is not guaranteed. There are several types of barriers and problems occur in the path of the success of companies such as cash flow, investment in marketing, making aware to people about products. Making an effective use of techniques, getting effective staff and selection of the best technique are some other types of problems which may consume time as well as cost of the company (Marano, Tallman and Teegen, 2020).

So, from the above, it can be said that disruptive theory of innovation can have both positive and negative impacts on the performance of an organization and overall productivity.

Application of the theory

Company background

BrewDog is a multinational pub chain and brewery which is based in Ellon, Scotland. The main aim of this company is to increase sales and taking competitive advantages by offering canned and bottled beers in variety of styles. In the context of bottled beers, it can be said that it is being majorly distributed to British Supermarkets as well as exported worldwide. It is also stated that this company produces approximate 2.2 million bottles and over 400,000 cans per month. This company was founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie in the year of 2007. It also offered open sourced for its beer recipe to public in order to make them a form of free bear. In the year of 2011, it was considered as one of the prime movers. So, it can be said that this company make a growth rapidly and effectively.

On the other hand, It is also stated that it faced several challenges and legal issues as UK drink industry Watchdog the Portman group claimed this company to be in breach of their code of practice. BrewDog also cleared all claims and breaches of the code of practices and after all investigation, it was allowed or permitted to continue its business operations as well as marketing their brands. It was also told to not make any changes in packaging. After that, BrewDog produced some other stronger beers which increased its sales.

Application of the theory in historical development of products

In the context of innovation, it can be said that it undoubtedly plays a vital role. BrewDog offers and produces different varieties of canned and bottled beer and different varieties as well as different packaging is the main key of its success. By applying disruptive innovation theory it can develop as well as create market share, revenue and profit and can take competitive advantages. Disruptive is one of the important and effective theory because with its help, company can identify when, where and what type innovation it required to be implemented. Before applying this theory, it is important for the company to understand the types of disruption by which it can make itself more beneficial and can accomplish all its goals such as: low-end disruption and new-market disruption (Cortez and Johnston, 2017). In the low-end disruption, businesses who want to disrupt come in at the bottom of the market and adopts ways of serving customers which can help it out in satisfying them and are good enough. On the other hand, in new market disruption, companies try to compete against non-consumption in lower margin sector. In this type, companies also offer products in a way that are good enough to attract customers. So, it can be said that the main difference is in low-end type, companies focuses on over-served customers and in new-market type, businesses focuses on underserved customers.

In the context of BrewDog, it can be said that it is a disruptive thinker because its strategy and customers offerings helps it out in selling unique branded beer products (Brew Dog's Disruptive Innovation Strategy, 2015). Some unique and disruptive products include:

Tactical Nuclear Penguin: It is considered the strongest beer which was not produced before and only produced by BrewDog for competing with German Brewer Schorschbrau.

The End of History: It was also known as the world's strongest beer. It is also stated that only 12 bottles of beer released of this type inside stoats.

In addition, it is also stated that BrewDog is now making an effective plan to release a new brand of Vodka as well as launch its attracting disruptive Whisky. In the context of Whisky, it is stated that it comes under spirit category and that is why it is most ripe for disruption. The main aim of this disruption and releasing innovation product by disruptive theory is to make Scotland fall back in the love with its national spirit and attract them towards buying this product to the great extent. In this context, BrewDog make people aware about its characteristics and tastes and states that it has the flavour of honey, candy and sticky toffee. Customers can get this product on its official Website as well as in its own pubs (Rasool and et.al., 2018). So, it can be said that with the help of this theory and applying this, BrewDog beer company has made its successful and also trying to be more innovative in the present. There are some another factor which need to be considered or followed for taking competitive advantages and making itself successful for the long run such as: focus on customers as well as investors, identification of own capabilities and disabilities, adopt advanced technology etc.

Application for the future development

Disruptive theory of innovation explains that companies need to stop producing such items that are too much sophisticated and those which are highly costly. In order to control over costa and to generate more revenues there is need to make changes in existing practices so that company can offer highly satisfactory goods and services to consumers and can make them happy towards the organization. Brew Dog needs to pay attention on sustaining innovation, this kind of changes will help the organization in accomplishing its future goal successfully (Beltagui, Rosli and Candi, 2020).

Brew Dog can implement biotechnological techniques that are helpful in selecting appropriate barley, yeast etc. In the future there would be use of genetic engineering system to make it more effective and to serve consumers well as per their requirements. Use of these technologies would be beneficial in order to work for disease resistance in human body. Use of biotechnological techniques would be better in managing resistance contamination. In the future Brew Dog can also use micro propagation system which is the new experimental technique that helps in controlling over growth of bacteria’s, etc. This is not a sophisticated innovation and also help in controlling over cost as well. By this way Brew Dog can easily meet specific needs of potential buyers in near future. technological innovations in near future will assist the business sin growing well aid in gaining competitive advantage. As it improves delivery process and also help in enhancing manufacturing or production process of products. Technological innovation may create necessity to make changes in working process of the firm but implementation of this process would be better to gain success in market. Disruptive innovation can be defined as development tool which has ability to improve market opportunities by introducing new functionalities. This will help the firm in offering new values to consumers and customers will take more interest in the products and services of Brew dog company (Clark, 2018). Entity may also go with radical innovation in near future. This would be better in altering the entire market ad g creating strong image of business unit. Use of this innovation will be better in saving production time, minimizing wastage, effective utilization of resources and to maximize efficiency of the firm to great extent. Use of new technologies gives positive results to the business as it makes the financial position of Brew Dog more viable and strong. In the future companies must make innovation in their working purpose and process as they have to work little more for social purpose as well. Use of correct material during the production of products must be done so that enterprise can fulfil its corporate responsibilities. This sustainable development would be beneficial for the organization in gaining desired outcome and sustaining in market for longer duration. So, it can be said that disruptive theory is not beneficial for taking advantages in the present and currently but with its help company can make itself beneficial for the long run or in the future as well.


From the above study, it has been summarized that disruptive theory played a vital role as it helped companies in making a growth and creating a new market but gradually disrupt in an existing market. It has also shown some advantages as well as limitations. With the help of disruptive theory of innovation, company can take competitive advantages, make strong position in the market, do not require promoting products and focus more on solving customers queries as they are already well-known from it. Further, this study has discussed some disadvantages which create several problems or barriers in the path of the success of organizations. Analysis of both advantages and disadvantages also played an important role as it helped companies in making changes in strategies and accomplishing the main aim. Further, this study has shown ways of applying this theory in an organization for increasing sales. It does not only help companies in making growth currently as it also makes them able to take opportunities in the future and making a strong position in the market. It also played an important role in historical development of products by which it attracted customers to the great extent.

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