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Managing Customer Experience Role

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the value and importance of understanding for a service sector industry.
  • Discuss about the Advantage & Disadvantage of CRM.
Answer :
Organization Selected : sultan restaurant


In the context of growing or developing businesses, the customer or individual experience holds significant importance as it provides avenues for sustaining successful business operations. Customer experience refers to the relationship between the customer and the company that unfolds during the purchase of products or services (Andajani, 2015).

This report focuses on Sultan Restaurant, located in London, United Kingdom, established in 1986 as the first Lebanese restaurant in London. The restaurant specializes in Lebanese cuisine prepared fresh daily. The report delves into topics such as understanding customer needs and expectations, creating a customer experience map to identify business opportunities, and optimizing customer touchpoints. Additionally, it discusses the impact of digital technology on managing customer relationships and effective customer experience management in the respective sector.


P1 Explain the value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups for a service sector industry

Target customers is considered as a person or group for which company offer products and services, they also develop strategies to attract them so that they purchase those offerings. For a company it is essential to understand need, wants and preferences because that will help them in developing strategies, products and services according to their targeted customers group of specific industry. Through this company able to develop offering accordingly that will help them in retaining potential customers for long time as well as it will also help in targeting customers effectively. In respect of Sultan restaurant, their targeted customers are location, national and international customers who visited to London, United Kingdom. They offer both delivery as well as catering services to all age group peoples who love authentic taste of Lebanon. Along with this, it is value as well as important for Sultan restaurant to understand need, preference and wants of their targeted customer group because:-

  • It will help them in know their targeted customers and markets (Customer Needs, Wants, and Demands & Strategic Decision Making, 2016).
  • It will also aid Sultan restaurant in taking strategic decision and in their implementation.
  • Help Sultan restaurant in promoting their products with specific and suitable advertisement.
  • This will also lead to increase in sale, footfall and profit of sultan restaurant.
  • It help in Sultan restaurant to understand customer's willingness to purchase their offerings as well as it will also aid in estimating their buyers (Chahal and Dutta, 2015).
  • This will also help Sultan restaurant to predict their sales in a specific target marketplace.

In respect of Sultan restaurant they have numbers of targeted customers and all have different need, demand and preferences so it respect of that it is essential for their manager to conduct decision accordingly.

Potential customer's

Need, preference and wants


Family man want to services that are value for money. They also prefer safe and clean environment. They need good quality food and drinks.


Need, want and preference of couple are attractive, innovative and romantic location, safe place, soft music, privacy available, romantic dinner facility and so on.

Old age peoples

Old age peoples required healthy food and drinks, special services, peaceful environment and so on (De Keyser and et. al., 2015).

Business Class

Business peoples want pleasant location, elegant place, quality food and drinks, WIFI facilities and so on.

This shows how different targeted customers have different need, preference and wants for which accordingly Sultan restaurant need to develop strategies so that they can sustain in marketplace for a long time duration.

P2 Explore the different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within a service sector organisation

Customers engagement is considered as business communication relation among an organisation and external stakeholder i.e. customers by using different channels of correspondence. This connection is defined as interaction, reaction, impact,overall experience of customer and so on as well as these things can be take at online or offline medium. It is essential for a company to develop as well as maintain effective customers engagement because through that they can create emotional connection among customers and brand or company (Hwang and Seo, 2016).In respect of this it is necessary for a management to understand need, demand and preferences of its potential customers as they can develop products and services accordingly. In respect of Sultan restaurant they their targeted customers are divided into four section as well as their need and demand are also different. Along with this, there are several different factors which drive as well as influence customer's engagement based on several targeted customers group, from which some are given below in respect of Sultan restaurant:-

  • Family: Factors which influence engagement of family are food and drinks quality, safety environment, location of restaurant, all course dish include in menu, taste, value of money and time, parking facilities and many more. So it is necessary for respective hotel to provide services accordingly which help in attracting family customers.
  • Couple: At Sultan restaurant targeted customers who are couple required several services as that will impact on their engagement such as romantic location, privacy, safe environment, food quality, soft music availability, facility to customise music and many more.
  • Old age peoples: The respective restaurant also targeted old age people because they also want to spend time outside and lunch/ dinner at restaurant or cafe. Different factors in respect to get engagement of old age customers are peaceful location, healthy options of food, special services like availability of wheel chair, medical facilities and so on (Kandampully, Zhang and Jaakkola, 2018).
  • Business Class: Factors which impact on business class customer's engagement are internet facility, charging point, peaceful environment, location, fast services, quality food and drinks and many more.

These are some main factors which drive as well as influence customers engagement at Sultan restaurant's different targeted customers group in specific industry. So it is essential for respective restaurant management to provide services and products accordingly as well as they must also take decision in similar respect. Order assignment help from our experts!


P3 Create a customer experience map for a selected service sector organisation

Customer experience map is also known as customer journey map, which is a tool or technique which can help in analysing whole journey of customer from interacting with company to purchase of products and services. For management of a company it is essential to evaluate each and every stage of customers experience map because that will help them in decision making procedure (Keiningham and et. al., 2017). Moreover this will also aid a company in understand their strength for grabbing opportunities and boasting business. In context of Sultan restaurant, their management analyse customer experience map in order to develop effective strategies as well as plan, that customers experience map is given below:-

  • Website: A customer always visit to website of restaurant initially when they are looking for place to eat. So it is essential for Sultan restaurant to provide all necessary informations at their website including restaurant pictures, food photos, warm and welcoming words and so on.
  • Telephone: After visiting to website, customer will call at Sultan restaurant in order to get information related to discount, table booking, food, timing and others services. Customers can identify number of restaurant from website and then conduct communication for resolving issues.
  • Online reviews: Almost every company have their true reviews at sites which have huge impact on customer's decision making process. So it is essential for Sultan restaurant to provide quality food and drinks to customers as that will help in satisfying them as well as it will also help in get good response at website (Kim and Choi, 2016).
  • Environment of restaurant: If a person is visit at restaurant or hotel they want an effective environment where they can enjoy as well as feel safe. In respect of this, Sultan restaurant need to maintain healthy environment within their restaurant so that they can deliver quality services to customers. Moreover they also need to train their behaviour so that staff behave properly as well as serve quality food and drinks.
  • Feedback and suggestion: At restaurant it taking feedback and suggestion is necessary because it attract customers (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016). Through this customers also think that they are part of hotel and they are getting importance at that place. In respect of that Sultan restaurant need to take feedback and suggestions from their customers as that will also help them in decision making process.

P4 Discuss how the customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities for a selected service sector organisation

Customer touch-points is defined as brand's points related to customer contact from starting to finish. This can be analyse through rating, reviews, ads, visiting at website, contact to customers service and many more. A customer have different touch points at several level such as before, during and after purchasing of specific products and services. So in respect of this it is essential for company to develop decision accordingly as that will help them in making customers happy as well as satisfied (Matsudaira, 2015). Moreover through customers touch point help a firm in attracting huge numbers of customers as well as it will also aid them in grabbing opportunities in successful manner. In respect of Sultan restaurant, through analysing customer touch-points they able to identify need, expectation and wants of customer's, below different situation which is necessary to consider while analysing customer touch-points are given:-

  • Before purchase: There are several customer touch-points factors which consider before purchasing any products and services at the marketplace. It will consider social media rating, reviews, stars, testimonials, advertisement, word of mouth, customer relation and many more. In respect of Sultan restaurant, if customer want to visit at place they will check rating as well as reviews of restaurant.
  • During purchasing: At this stage customer will visit at specific place in order to purchase specific product or services. In this there are several components are included such as restaurant environment, quality of foods and drinks, staff behaviour, innovation or creativity, price, offers and many more (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). So it is responsibility of Sultan restaurant to consider all these factors while developing decision as that will help in attracting customers.
  • After purchasing: This will include services that are provided after sales because that will help in developing as well as maintaining connection will customers for long time duration (Srivastava and Kaul, 2016). This will include marketing email, feedback and suggestion, billing and may other. In respect of Sultan restaurant they need to provide after sales services like taking feedback and suggestion, providing discount and vouchers and so on as that will help in developing relationship with potential customers successfully.

These are the main situations whose customers touch-points need to analyse because that will help in developing effective decision through that Sultan restaurant can enhance their business and attaining desire goal successfully.


P5 Examine how digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector, providing specific examples of customer relationship management

Digital technology is considered as electronic technique, system, device, resource and process which generate, store as well as process information and data. Examples of digital technology will include online applications, online games, social media, multimedia and so on. Companies adopt digital technology in order to maintain customer experience in successful manner. This can be done with customer relationship management (CRM) which refers to use of digital platform in order to maintain relationship with potential users at the best possible manner. Through CRM system an organisation also able to attain their desire goal as well as objective because this contributes to high market shares, goodwill enhancement, profitability, brand value and so on.

Moreover it will also help in taking feedback, conduct interaction among customers, taking discounting decision and many more which help in attaining positive outcome successfully (Tung, Chen and Schuckert, 2017). In respect of Sultan restaurant, by adopting digital technology as through that they can develop as well as maintain effective customer relationship management through several sources such as social media, email, telephonic, website management and so on. Along with this application of CRM will also help in gaining competitive advantage at the marketplace as that enhance experiences of customers effectively. But customer relationship management have both pros and cons which impact on decision making procedure of Sultan restaurant management, below advantage and disadvantage of CRM are given below:-


  • Through CRM Sultan restaurant able to conduct effective interaction with visitors or customers by taking their suggestion, reviews and feedback on their service, food, drinks and facilities (Venkatesan, 2017).
  • Through CRM respective restaurant able to develop as well as maintain effective relationship through that they can increase their profit margin, growth and footfall.
  • CRM also help Sultan restaurant in consolidate customers data or information which help in maintaining security and privacy.


  • Adaptation of CRM services is expensive for a business unit as well as that will be not affordable by small companies. In respect of Sultan restaurant implementation of CRM service will rise their budget.
  • Moreover implementation of CRM system will required proper training and development session so that employees use it in effective manner. In context of Sultan restaurant it will also increase their budget because they need to provide training to staffs so that they use system properly.


P6 Illustrate customer service strategies in a specific service sector context

Customer service plays an essential role in a company because through that they can able to attract huge numbers of customers for the long time duration in order to attaining their desire goal or objective. During development of strategies related to customers services firm's management need to understand preference, requirement and wants of customers. Below some main customers service strategies which are developed by Sultan restaurant are given:-

  • Provide training and development session to staff: Training and develop is essential when a company adopt new things because through that they able to conduct their work properly as well as it will also support in attaining desire goal (Wilson and et. al., 2016). In respect of Sultan restaurant, they need to provide training and development session to employees so that they provide quality food and drinks to customers as well as it will also help in fulfilling customer expectations. These training and development programmes will be based on the need and requirement of employees or in which they are lacking.
  • Effectively resolve issues of customers: At an organisation it is necessary to make customers happy by resolving their issues and fulfilling their expectations. This is so because it will satisfy as well as retain customers at the long term basis that will increase their sales and profitability ratio (Zolkiewski and et. al., 2017). In respect of Sultan restaurant, they need to train their staff so that they can handle each and every issue properly as well as it is also necessary for management to always be alert so that they resolve issues at the initial stage.
  • Provide quality services and products: In process of attracting customers products and services plays a major role because due to that customers get convinced to visit at store gain and gain. Similarly if Sultan restaurant, by providing quality food, drinks and services they able to develop as well as maintain effective customers services. Along with this they also need to offer their food and drinks in innovative manner which help in attracting customers. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

These are main customer service strategies which Sultan restaurant may adopt in order to attain their desire goal and objectives.

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P7 Demonstrate how customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience in a way that meets the needs of the customer and required business standards

In order to meet business standard it is essential to develop as well as create effective customer experience and this will be possible through conducting market analysis. There are several factors which are consider for developing and creating customer service strategies so that firm will meet need as well as expectation of customers, from which some are given below that may adopt by Sultan restaurant:-

  • Ambience and First Impression- Ambience is initial think which is noticed by an individual when they visit any place. In this respect it is essential for Sultan restaurant to make their ambience innovation, creative, charismatic and attractive so that they can attract customers in huge numbers (Tung, Chen and Schuckert, 2017). Through this type of ambiance respective restaurant able to develop positive experience among customers.
  • Prices- Customer like to buy those products which are valuable for money. So it is necessary for company to set that price of products and service which can be justified with its quality and presentation. Similarly, Sultan restaurant may set price of food and drinks according to their targeted customers in order to enhance their sales and profitability.
  • Range of Products- For making customers experience effective products and services plays major role because if offering are good then customer(Wilson and et. al., 2016). Similarities in respect of respective restaurant they offer wide range of Lebanese cuisine through that they can attract wide range of customers as well as this will also help in increasing sales successfully.

These are main factors which Sultan restaurant need to consider in order to develop customer experience for meeting need of their potential customers as well as requirement of business.Get assignment help london from our experts!


By analysing above discussed point it can be summarised that in hospitality industry experience of a person plays a major role because it provide opportunities to restaurant or cafe to run their business in effective manner. In respect of this, it is necessary for restaurant's managements to develop effective and creative strategies or plans so that they can engage customers properly as well as it will also help in developing relationship for a long run. Activities they may adopt are understand need of customers, develop products accordingly, provide services according to requirement, take feedback or suggestion and many more. Along with this, in this respect restaurant or cafe may also adopt digital technology because that will help in developing and maintaining effective relation. This will also help them in decision making because by digital technology restaurant management can understand need, requirement and issues of customers as well as it will also help in effective communication.

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