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Personal Leadership And Management Development


Personal leadership and management is about developing skills of an individual at the workplace. Leadership can be defined as an ability to perform specific tasks within the team members and to guide them as per the requirement of the organisation. Present report is based on Tesco which is a British multinational grocery in UK. In this report, there is analysis of impact of organisational objectives, values and cultures on the leadership and management role. It also includes the evaluation of leadership and management skills which are important for achieving those objectives. Further, it also includes the assessment of personal development plan with an objective to develop own skills of management and leadership. Moreover, to implement those plan and manage the personal development. At last, evaluate the effectiveness of own personal development of leadership and management skills.

Task 1

1.1 Analyse the impact of organizational objective, value and culture on leadership and management role

According to the given scenario, past employment and personal experience help in applying in a Tesco company on postion of manager . For this purpose,need to improve leadership and management skill. There are many organizational objective, value and culture which directly affect the leadership and management (Donate and de Pablo, 2015). In an organization, there are some activities which management and leadership perform for achieving an aim and objective. Leadership is an important role that drives the business toward its objective. On the other hand, the role of the management is to help in achieving organisational goal and objectives. Bothmanagement and leadership are interrelated with each other. Leadership is important for the success of the company’s goal and it support in managing the employees. Further, firm objectives can be affectd by leadership and management because if lleader have not enough skill then it cannot direct its employee

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Leader need to make an objective according to the company objectives. Along with this, manager have to perform five type of function in organization that is planning, staffing, directing , controlling and organizing . Company is required to recruit those candidates who can easily achieve the firm’s aims (Avolio and Yammarino, eds., 2013). Apart from this, organization value depends on its culture and it is necessary employee adjust with the company culture. If employee is unable to match the company culture then it cannot perform well in the Tesco Company. For this, management is responsible because when they recruit the employee they need to consider this factor. Firm leadership style is highly related with a its culture, so company need to change its management and leadership style according to the culture. Further there are different leadership style which Tesco can adopt according to its culture,objectives and value on leadership management role

1.2 Evaluate the leadership and management skills required to support the achievement of organization objectives.

There are various leadership and management skill which is required by Tesco to support the achievement of organisation objectives.

There are some objective of company which are described below

  • Company main objective is to earn profit in a specific period of time.
  • To increase customer base within 8 month.
  • To increase company’s productivity.

Leader need to have some skill so that it can directs its employee towards its objective. (Hallinger, 2013). Further, leader should have skill to motivate its employee so that they can work with more efforts. They also need to resolve issue if any employee faces problem at the time of working. There are some leadership skills such as communication skill, observation skill, listening skill which leader mush have so that it can guide e4mployee toward the goal and objecitve

Leader need to make strategies and manage people in a company so that they can easily achieve the company’s objectives. Firstly, leader is required to understand a Tesco objective then it need to have knowledge how to achieve that goal. Problem solving skill and decision making skill is very important which a leader must have at the time of working in a organisation. Apart from this, management need to have time management skill so that it can manage the work in the organization (Fernández-Muñiz, Montes-Peón and Vázquez-Ordás, 2014). They need to identify problem which is a barrier in achieving company’s objective. On the other hand, they need to implement some strategies so that employee mind does not get divert from objective of Tesco. For Example, in a firm if company wants to achieve its objective then the management and leader needs to focus on employee benefits so that it an motivate them towards the work.

Task 2

2.1 Assess the personal development and management skill Currently, I am intended to work in a Tesco company on manager position.

Communication skill: Communication skill is important skill which is required for communicating with employees. If I am unable to communicate in a proper manner or if workers cannot understand whatever I speak then it becomes barrier in achieving objectives. I can communicate with confidence in front of employee and other staff member.

Problem solving skill: Problem solving skill is required in Tesco so that rmployee proebkm can be solved easily There are many issues which arise in an organization between employees at the time of working, so it is a responsibility of the manager to listen to the employee problem and solve them in an effective manner (Avolio and Yammarino, eds., 2013). I always try to listen to each and every employee problem then make valid decision which is accepted by every worker

Decision making skill: Decision making skill is also required in a organisation for making any critical decision so that the firm objective can be achieved on time (Ubben, Hughes and Norris, 2015). There are many barriers which arise at the time of achieving company aim and objective and on that situation quick decision is required to make. Sometimes, in company it is required to make a decision on some situation and for this it is necessary to have full knowledge of problem so that decision can make easily.

Furthermore, I need to develop some skill so that I can achieve Tesco objective on time. Further, i need to improve my listening skill so that I listen effectively each employee carefully. Then, I need to focus on my time management skill which will help me in managing all work on time. In case if i do not manage my work on time than the objective cannot be achieved on a given time. This listening skill, time management skill and other skill need to improve so that I can work more effectively in company.

2.2 Assess the opportunities for development of own leadership and management skills

In order to assess opportunities for the purpose of developing own leadership and management skills at Tesco. There are some ways through which leadership and the management skills can be developed which are training and development, it can be done with the help of other colleagues and to observe them at the time of performing. Further, it can be developed through learning and increasing knowledge. The styles of leadership can affect various activities as a leader at Tesco. In this case, at the time of taking decisions on own as a autocratic leader which affects other people of the organisation. Further, to develop the leadership skills the company also gives training and support me in developing the personal skills. Further, in order to perform all the activities and tasks which are already decided so that it needs to have an appropriate vision and communicate it with the team members. I have to make the plans which are helpful in achieving goals and significant knowledge regarding communication at the workplace.

Along with this, for developing the leadership and management skills of mine, I have to go through daily activities such as sharing knowledge so that it can help in identifying new ideas and opinions of people. There are some of the ways by which I can develop these skills with the help of decision making which solve the all the problem which are creating issues in the operations of business.

2.3 Construct a personal development plan with the objectives to develop own leadership and management skills

For the purpose of developing personal skills, it is essential to make a development plan with the help of different objectives. In the plan of personal development there are some of the objectives which are mentioned below:

  • To develop the communication skills
  • Increase in the democratic leadership
  • To develop skills of negotiation

Above mentioned objectives of personal development plan are required to be in a specific period of time. To increase the democratic leadership skills, it need one year and it can enhance with the help of including all of the team members in the process of decision making. Further, as a manager I need to get all the necessary information of employees in a proper aspect and to make the improvement in the communication network. It is required to use the deadlines to improve the efficiency for collecting and process the information. Further, in about six month of time, the skills of communication can be developed. I have to work on the communication skills so that it can overall help to develop the leadership and management skills. In this study there are various aspects which are to be taken into consideration so that it can increase the level of interaction. I have to develop the team building exercises in order to strengthen the communication as well as the skills of management. Along with this, I will use appropriate sources to motivate the employees regarding their performance which is beneficial in leadership skills.

In addition to this, the last objective is to develop negotiation skills which is helpful in my performance to analyse the problem and issues at the workplace and to identify the results. I have to take appropriate decisions and ability to manage the situations in business. Further, to develop the leadership and management skills I have to maintain a good relationship with other people and make proper interaction that is helpful in getting information.

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Task 3

3.1 Manage your personal development of leadership and management skills

At the time of implementing the above mentioned plan, it needs to go through all the areas of the plan and it will take near about 2 years for the implementation and to achieve those objectives in an appropriate time frame. As per the objectives, there is requirement to enhance the democratic leadership skills and it is necessary to handle the team work. Further, at the time of managing the work in team so that it is required to take the decision that helps to evaluating the performance. With the help of this, the manger gets idea about the employees in team and their efficiency. Thus, it assist in development of team and easy for the managers. Along with this, the objective to develop the skills of negotiation helps the manager to learn new things. It is essential to participate in different training programmes for developing the aspects of thinking. In addition to this, another objective is to develop communication skills which can be developed with the interaction with other people. It helps to increase in the level of communication by organising meetings with the employees. Thus, all these objectives must be implemented in such a manner so that it will be beneficial for the manager and organisation.

Task 4

4.1 Review your personal development plan against the original objectives

The main objectives of Tesco is to obtain huge sales and more profit and to fulfil the needs and requirement of consumers. It is essential to match the objective of plan with the requirement of the company. In order to obtain the goal, the manager has to perform all the activities in an appropriate manner and should have all the skills which are necessary. Further, at the time of developing objectives, it is required to evaluate the weak points which are to be managed after assessing the personal development plan. Further, it is important for the managers to have communication skills, negotiation skills and the skills of democratic leadership styles. All these are important to earn high sales and profit and to communicate the people regarding the different products which are profitable for the business. At Tesco, I am required to develop the democratic leadership skills for the purpose of taking decisions and to allow other people to take decisions which are beneficial for managing the business. In addition to this, the negotiation skills are also required to be implement which helps in the different situations which includes active listening of the people. Further, earlier it was identified that the objectives are required to implement the negotiation skills and after that it is essential for managing the activities.

4.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of your personal development of leadership and management skills

For evaluating the effectiveness of personal development of leadership and management skills then it can be done by using various techniques and methods. To evaluate the communication skills, it is helpful for me to evaluate the skills such as stay focused on the given tasks and to understand the point of view of other people. Further, I have to listen carefully at all the aspects of other people that is important to carry out the activities of business. I also have to ensure and encourage people so that they can give their ideas which are helpful in taking different decisions at the workplace.

In addition to this, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the democratic leadership skills which helps me for taking different decisions that is also beneficial for the management. It is important to develop the democratic leadership so that it can enhance the level of knowledge and people exchange their ideas. As a manager, to involve other employees in the process of decision making so that it enhance the level of motivation. Thus, the democratic leadership skills are required to be developed so that it can enhance the level of working conditions within organisation.

4.3 Analyse areas for further development and update your personal development plan

After the implementation of personal development plan, I was able to identify some of the areas are the one which needs to be improved in order to grow both personally and professionally. To develop some of the areas which can be developed by implementing some of the changes at the workplace includes-

Decision making- In the modern era, effective decision making skills has become very essential for overall growth and success of an individual. I am required to work upon my decision making skills in order to achieve adequate growth. Further, to collect information and identify different alternatives for taking decisions at various stages. To take the decisions which are useful in order to manage different aspects of the business.

Interpersonal skills- There are requirement to develop interpersonal skills which helps me to obtain knowledge and set goals towards achieving it effectively and efficiently. To lead and assist other people and convey ideas to other in an effective way. Further, it is required to solve the problem which occurs at workplace and working together to achieve the single objective.

Time management- Further, I also need to develop time management skills as it will support me in completing my work within given deadlines and become more productive. I have to stop multitasking as this creates confusion and maintain focus on one task. Further, to divide the work in efficient people so that it can be easily done without any issues regarding time.

Critical thinking skills- Moreover, I also have to work upon critical thinking skills in which i have to learn about the key factors which i can take into consideration in order to think innovative and creative. Further, I have to analyse the different areas which needs to be improved. It can be stated that by working upon those areas, I will be able to carry out my task and come up with more creative solutions.

Ability to plan- At last I have to make appropriate plans according to the tasks and the team have to work in an effective manner. There is also requirement to organize the situations in manner for managing the work based on priorities so that it is beneficial for the management to analyse the various activities. Thus, all the work should be based on plans which help in achieving the goals of Tesco.

Therefore, with the help of updated personal development plans there are various skills which are required to be improved and to be enhanced. All the above mentioned skills are beneficial for getting positive outcomes in business.


From the above report it can be concluded that personal development of leadership and management skills plays an important role to enhance the knowledge and way of working in an organisation. Further, it can be summarized that the impact of organisational objectives and the management is efficient enough to achieve the goals. It is also helpful in analysing the own leadership and management skills which helps to achieve the organisational targets. Moreover, this report also helps to assess the different opportunities for development in own leadership and management skills with the help of training and development, decision making abilities. Through this report, it is able to increase the knowledge regarding the leadership and management skills which are helpful in attaining the objectives. Thus, it can be summarized that there are different types of skills which are required to be developed at workplace and managed by the people.


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