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The Perceptions of Learning Journey of 5 Principals

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Know The Perceptions of Learning Journey of its 5 Principals

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Leadership Role of UAE Principals

Chapter 1 introduction

Research is conducted with the purpose of deriving solution for a particular issue or problem. It helps making assumptions and conclusion about a specific phenomenon. Research provides knowledge and information to many scholars and readers (Somekh and Lewin, 2005). The researcher after grasping the results, documents them in a research report. The report has its own scope and objectives and offers many ideas to the readers (Sobh and Perry, 2006). The following study provides the perceptions of learning journey of five successful principals in the UAE. It is concerned with educational leadership and management of the school principals (Khalifa, 2012). The study is being conducted for the purpose of deriving the learning journey of five school principals in UAE. It will discuss about the impact of learning on the successful leadership. The study will talk about the educational role of these principals in adapting change in their schools.

Further, the objective is to find the factors which inspire them to fulfil their responsibilities in effective manner. The report will also describe the leadership role of UAE principals. This study offers an opportunity for the principals to offer their inputs into the policy development and education analysis which facilitates them to be successful leaders (McBurney and White, 2009). For this study, the information will be collected from the principals of 5 schools which will provide the knowledge about the successful leadership and the professional development they have derived. Moving on, a discussion will be done about their beliefs and concepts on the basis of learning & knowledge gained in their life and how this knowledge has helped in making improvements for their respective schools (Mackey and Gass, 2005). At the end of the report, researcher will be able to conclude that what can be the factors that can help an individual in attaining personal and professional development.

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Chapter 2 literature review

Literature review is considered as the body of text which shows the significant examination of the subject matter of the topic of the research (Jackson, 2010). It is one of the most valuable and important section of the report. It renders philosophies, theories, knowledge, ample of discoveries and methodological offerings of the research issue (Kuada, 2012). It will lay down the methodologies and techniques which are going to be utilized in the performance of the study. The following research aims at providing the perception of learning journey of five successful principals in the UAE. It will talk about how their journey of learning and development helps them to acquire skills of leadership in the schools. It is to be identified that what educational role they played in order to adapt change in their schools. This section will talk about the theories and concepts which motivates these principals in exercising their responsibilities (Clark, 2002). It will also evaluate that what are the leadership qualities that these people have on the basis of which they maintain control in their schools.

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Chapter 3 research design

Qualitative research methodology is being used for the following study which is method of investigation in different types of academic disciplines, traditionally in the social sciences but also in the market research (Somekh and Lewin, 2005). By adopting this methodology investigator will be able to get an insight understanding of the behaviour of the school principals and the factors which drives such behaviour.

    • Design: Research design is important for the logical understanding of the subject. Misrepresentation of facts and information can be removed by applying the appropriate research design (Sobh and Perry, 2006). Selection of the design is based on the type of data or information, data gathering methods, evaluation methods, sampling methods required for the study. Different types of research design can be used like exploratory, experimental, case study and casual etc.For the purpose of this study exploratory design will be used by the researcher as it is concerned with identifying the issues which have not been discovered yet. It will identify the perceptions of the leaning journey of the five successful principals in the UAE (Schmid, 2007). Further this research design helps in applying best data collection methods and selection of subjects. This type of research design often depends upon on the secondary research such as examining the available literature and information or qualitative approaches.
    • Research philosophy: Philosophy regarding the research will be developed with an objective to construct strong research methodology in order to define the survey pattern of the study. There are two types of research philosophies positivism and interpretivism (Atherton and Elsmore, 2007). The positivism philosophy also knows as scientific philosophy is based on the concept that mathematical and logical treatments are the best sources for collecting any data. It believes that information gathered from these sources is authentic and acceptable by all (McBurney and White, 2009). This is applied when the sample size is large, in the present research this philosophy cannot be applied as here the sample size is not huge. The scholar will do the survey on five school principals. On the other hand interpretivism philosophy is just opposite of the positivism (Rowlay, 2012). According to this similar type of ideas and concepts cannot be applicable in all the situations of the life. Further it ignores the assumptions of the positivism philosophy (Mackey and Gass, 2005). It states that nature is different from the subject under the research or the society. For this study interpretivism philosophy can be applied because the sample size is small in the case. It will take into consideration the information, derived from the five principals for the study (Kimmel, 2009). This will provide ease to the researcher in the collection of the data.
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  • Research approach: Research can be conducted on the basis of inductive and deductive approach. Deductive approach applies from top to bottom under which the scholar will firstly generalize the situations then will come to more specific situations (Kuada, 2012). Hypothesis will be created by him after reaching to a saturated condition and it will be tested by studying various factors. For the purpose of this study deductive approach can be applied because results will be made on the basis of first hand information. On the other hand in the inductive research individual performs the study by compiling the collected information and after that surviving patterns are drawn on the basis of that information (Jackson, 2010). It facilitates the scholar to develop facts about the subject matter of the research. It is known as bottom up approach inside which results are made from specific situations to more generalized situations. This type of approach cannot be applied into this study because the research will move from deriving specific conclusions to more generalized conclusions.
  • Data collection: It is important that effective data and information should be collected for the research in order to make proper evaluation and results. In the absence of lack of data research can offer negative outcomes for the scholar (Clark, 2002). Collected information should be relevant to the subject. Different sources of collecting the data are available that includes primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are those in which the collected information will be used for the first time by the researcher and it is not used by any other researcher (Coram, 2011). These sources include interview, survey, observation, experiments etc.On the other hand under the secondary sources data will readily available to the individual and is used by other researcher also. This information is published by some other agency or body and any person has the right to use it. Any entity or group or individuals has the right to assess to this data (Daniel and Sam, 2011). It cannot be called as the first hand data. It is gathered from internal and external sources. For instance sales forecasting, accounting reports and corporate reports published by private bodies are regarded as the internal source of data collection (Somekh and Lewin, 2005). On the other side, government journals and published articles are said as the external sources and it also includes books, journals, magazines etc. For this study he will be using the questionnaire and interview method to collect the data. He will be conducting interview sessions with the school principals and will be asking certain questions on the basis of the questionnaire prepared (Sobh and Perry, 2006). He will use this technique to understand thoughts, opinions and views of the principals about the role that they play in their respective schools.
  • Sample selection: Sampling is done to make the research work easier and also saves the cost and funds for the study. The investigator has to be very careful and specific while the course of selecting the sample and its size because the whole of the primary data will be gathered through them only. Sampling is done because practically it is not possible for the researcher to adapt views of the entire population (Schmid, 2007). It can be a very time consuming and costly process for him. So to overcome this type of issue, they select a certain portion of the population which can be surveyed easily. Further the sample is collected in the manner that the data collected from them cannot be distinctive if the information is collected from the entire population. It is to be noted that there should not be any biasness while performing the sampling activity (Atherton and Elsmore, 2007). It is important most of the data and information for the study will be collected from this sector. For this purpose systematic sampling will be used by the investigator. It is a statistical method under which the elements are selected from an ordered sampling frame. For this research study this sampling is chosen because it will take the sample size of schools further into which the data will be collected from principals of schools only (McBurney and White, 2009). Under this method sample will be collected according to a random starting point and fixed periodic interval. This interval is considered as the sampling interval which is computed by dividing the population size by the desired sample size (Rowlay, 2012). One of the risks that is associated with this kind of sampling is that the researcher has to keep into mind is the risk of organizing the list used with the sampling interval. He must ensure that the selected sampling interval does not hide a pattern (Hartman and Conklin, 2012). Any pattern can threaten randomness.
  • Ethical consideration: While the course of research it is important for the scholar to perform the activities according to ethical framework. It plays an important role in the functioning of the study. Investigator must ensure that he has collected the data from authorized and authentic sources. He should have complete and up-to-date information about the subject because it drives it towards making valid conclusions at the end (Kimmel, 2009). Identity of the respondents must not be disclosed without their permission and approval. Similarly identity of the principals of the schools will not be disclosed in this study because it will be against the ethics of the research. It is also to be checked that there should not be any harm or damage to the individuals associated with the study (Kuada, 2012). Another thing is that complete freedom should be given to the person who will provide their views and thoughts towards the subject. Feelings and emotions of the respondents must not be harmed while the examination of information and performing surveys.


From the above study it can be concluded that every principals has its own style of leadership while working. Every individual has its own perception and learning experiences. They are posses with certain quality skills and talent that is the reason they are achieving success as a principal. Some of them believe in instructional leadership and while others not (Bello, 2001). School leadership is the most important factor that affects their willingness to stay as the principal. Further it can be concluded that these people are always ready for the improvement and changes in the system. They have gained good support from the Central Office.

This study helps in inspiring me to gain essential leadership qualities as these people have. Their experience and beliefs can provide me the opportunity to make a successful carrier in the education system. They have good thoughts and views about the development of their schools and teachers. This can motivate me to learn teaching and guiding skills. Principals also think about making efforts towards the development of the teachers. Gaining feedbacks and performing constant evaluation at regular intervals will help in making effective communication and healthy relations with the teachers (Messick and Kramer, 2004). These things will help in acquiring essential behavioural skills to keep good relations with the people.

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