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30+ Best Quantitative Research Topics

30+ Quantitative Research Topics | Definition, Uses & Methods

22 Apr 2024


Table of Content

Are you asked to write an assignment on quantitative research? Well, then you may have numerous questions in your mind. But, do not worry as experts of instant assignment help are here to assist you. In this blog, you can find a comprehensive guide starting from what is quantitative research, its merits, demerits, types, uses, and an ultimate list of ideas. So, read ahead to learn everything and in the end make your pick from the 30+ best quantitative research topics.

What Is of Quantitative Research? 

Are you wondering what is the meaning of quantitative research? In simple words, it is a technique where researchers and statisticians collect and analyze numerical data to explain an idea. It includes measuring, comparing, analyzing, and determining relationships between figures and variables.

What best defines quantitative research? Well, a technique that analyzes numbers to create conclusions rather than relying on theories, stories, and opinions. We hope that we have simplified this concept for you. Now, let us move on to the next section and learn about the benefits of quantitative research.

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Advantages of Quantitative Research 

If you are writing an assignment on quantitative research then you should have your basic concepts clear. Well, after learning what is quantitative research it is time that we explore its advantages. So, check out the pointers we have listed below one by one.

  1. Collects Reliable Data

    As we all know quantitative research methods are all about gathering precise numerical data. It ensures accuracy and reliability. Thus, this data can be trusted and used by researchers for drawing conclusions or making any decisions.
  1. Large Sample Sizes

     Quantitative research utilizes large sample sizes or bulk data. It is useful in providing a comprehensive view of the subject or chosen topic. In many cases, it helps researchers to apply their findings or generalize them to larger populations. It increases the reliability of the conclusions.
  1. Eliminates Bias Opinions 

    This technique uses standardized procedures and statistical techniques to study and analyze the data. All of this helps in minimizing biased opinions. Thus, this ensures objectivity in the study by reducing the influence of factors like personal opinions, feelings, judgments, and more.
  1. Enables Hypothesis Testing

    Quantitative research allows researchers to formulate hypotheses. Researchers can test them using statistical methods. This logical approach confirms or rejects the chosen hypotheses based on empirical evidence instead of a theoretical foundation.

Apart from the benefits listed above quantitative research has other advantages like precise measurement, enhanced reproducibility, seamless comparison, and more. But, learning the merits is not enough! Thus, let us move ahead to the next section and learn its disadvantages from our assignment help experts.

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Disadvantages of Quantitative Research

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, there are both merits and demerits to research methods.So, before you start your submission, our assignment and coursework help experts would suggest you take a look at its disadvantages. Thus, dive ahead and read the pointers given below.

  1. Limited to Figures

    Quantitative research primarily focuses on gathering numerical data. Due to this, it restricts studying non-numeric aspects of the research subject. But, solely relying on the figures is not right. Sometimes, research requires theoretical implications, real-life testing, judgments, and opinions. Thus, the conclusions may not be accurate in certain situations.
  1. Complex Model Testing 

    Many times the testing models used in quantitative techniques are complex to create. It is time-consuming, requires advanced mechanics, and can be expensive. Not only creating but managing and using this model is a problematic task too. So, unless you are proficient, hypothesis testing can be quite a hardship.
  1. Costly Data Collection 

    As discussed earlier, quantitative research requires large sizes of data. In many cases, gathering bulk information is costly for the users. These expenses include recruitment, survey costs, administration and management costs, tool charges, and more. Due to its expensive nature, many researchers avoid it for low-budget or small projects.
  1. Risk of Manipulation

    Yes, you heard it right, even quantitative research and its conclusions can be manipulated. Researchers might unintentionally or intentionally change the variables, statistical methods, and interpretation techniques to receive the desired outcomes for the research. Therefore, one should be never involved in a study where personal manipulation can introduce bias and generate false results.

After studying the merits and demerits you have a clear idea of this concept. Now, let us move ahead and learn the types of quantitative research from our experts. So, continue reading and if you have any doubts contact our experts providing cheap assignment writing service.

Types of Quantitative Research Methods 

What are the 4 types of quantitative research? Well, the four types of quantitative research are descriptive research, correlational research, quasi-experimental research, and experimental research. In this section, we will learn all about them one by one. So, without further delay let's dive below.

Quantitative Research Methods >

1. Correlational Research

As the name suggests, correlational research explores the relationship between two or more variables. It helps to understand if changes in one variable create an impact or introduce changes in another one. Therefore, this is the best method if you want to collect data to examine the existence of relationships in variables. 

An example of correlational research would be a group of researchers studying the correlation between tobacco chewing and mouth cancer by examining whether people who consume this substance more tend to have a higher risk of developing cancer.0

2. Descriptive Research

Descriptive research statistically analyzes large sums of data. This numerical data can be collected through surveys, and is used to find patterns and trends. In simple words, this type of research aims to describe the characteristics or behaviors of a population sample. Also, it focuses on "what is happening". 

Understanding this method with quantitative research examples, consider the topic of researchers as student vaping. So, instead of explaining why students vape the researcher focuses on the effects of vaping, where students shop it, and how often they use this substance.

3. Quasi-Experimental Research 

The third and one of the most complex methods is quasi-experimental research. Although, they cannot randomly assign participants to groups to study these effects. Instead, they observe existing groups that naturally differ or assign participants based on existing criteria.

Let us break down this method with an example. A researcher might study to compare the academic performance of students who participate in an after-school program to those who do not, without conducting any random assignment or asking any questions. Thus, the information is collected by observation only.

4. Experimental Research

The last type of quantitative research is experimental. Experimental research involves manipulating one or more variables to observe the effect on another variable. But, this is done while taking control of the affecting factors. This method seeks to establish cause-and-effect relationships. 

An example of this method is that medical companies might conduct experiments to determine if a new medicine is effective in treating a cancer disease by giving it to one group while giving a placebo to another group of individuals.

After learning the types, we can move ahead and learn more about these types using examples of quantitative research. So, let us move on to the next section and unravel the details.

How to Use Quantitative Research Methods? With Examples 

In this section, we will understand how different types of data collection methods are used with the help of examples of quantitative research questions. So, check out the table below and know for yourself.

Research Method

How to Use



It manipulates variables to observe their effects on an outcome of interest. Researchers control conditions to establish cause-and-effect relationships.

Testing the effectiveness of a new drug by randomly assigning participants to receive the drug or a placebo.


It collects data through structured questionnaires or interviews to gather information about attitudes, behaviors, or characteristics of a specific population. Surveys often involve asking a set of standardized questions to a sample of individuals.

Gathering opinions on a new product by distributing questionnaires to potential customers.

Systematic Observation

It methodically observes behavior or phenomena in a structured manner, often using predefined criteria and recording methods. Researchers may use direct observation or technology to collect data systematically.

Studying children's play patterns in a playground by recording their activities at regular intervals.

Secondary Research

It analyzes existing data, documents, or literature to gain insights or answer research questions. Researchers review previously published studies or data sources to synthesize findings or identify gaps in knowledge.

Conducting a literature review to summarize previous studies on the impact of social media on mental health.

Now, let us move on to the next section and have a look at the unique ideas for quantitative research in the next section.

An Ultimate List of 30+ Quantitative Research Topics 

In the last section of this blog, we will check out the quantitative research topics in education. So, read these ideas and pick out the one, that matches your assignment requirements.

Nursing Quantitative Research Papers Ideas

  1. Study the impact of nurse-to-patient ratios on patient outcomes.
  2. Analyse the Effectiveness of hand hygiene protocols in reducing healthcare-associated infections.e
  3. Study the relationship between nurse staffing levels and patient satisfaction scores.
  4. The efficacy of pain management techniques in post-operative care.
  5. Conduct a comparative analysis of diverse wound care interventions on healing rates. 
  6. Study the use of technology in improving medication administration accuracy.
  7. Conduct a comparative analysis of diverse fall prevention strategies in elderly care settings.
  8. Study the association between nurse empowerment and job satisfaction.
  9. Analyze the relationship between nurse staffing levels and pressure ulcer incidence.
  10. Study the comparative analysis of various pain assessment tools in pediatric care.
  11. Study the impact of nurse-led discharge planning on hospital readmission rates.
  12. Analyze the relationship between nurse job satisfaction and patient safety culture.

Psychology Quantitative Research Topics

  1. Study the relationship between screen time and attention span in children.
  2. Conduct the correlation between social media usage and feelings of loneliness in adolescents.
  3. Study the impact of mindfulness meditation on stress levels in college students.
  4. Analyze the relationship between sleep duration and academic performance in high school students.
  5. Conduct a comparative analysis of different therapy modalities in treating depression.
  6. Study the correlation between exercise frequency and mood regulation in adults.
  7. Conduct a comparative analysis of different parenting styles and their effects on child behavior.
  8. Study the effectiveness of virtual reality exposure therapy in treating phobias.
  9. Correlation between early childhood trauma and adult psychopathology.
  10. Conduct a comparative analysis of different interventions for managing ADHD symptoms in children.
  11. Study the association between smartphone addiction and sleep quality in young adults.
  12. Correlation between childhood trauma and resilience in adulthood.

Business & Finance Quantitative Research Titles

  1. Correlation between employee satisfaction and company profitability.
  2. Discuss the impact of leadership styles on organizational culture and productivity.
  3. Study the relationship between financial literacy and personal savings behavior.
  4. Conduct a comparative analysis of various pricing strategies and their effects on sales revenue.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in increasing brand awareness.
  6. Conduct a comparative analysis of different investment strategies and their returns.
  7. Conduct the correlation between corporate governance practices and firm value.
  8. Study the impact of mergers and acquisitions on shareholder wealth.
  9. Analyze the relationship between stock market volatility and investor sentiment.
  10. Conduct the correlation between economic indicators and stock market performance.
  11. Study the impact of government policies on small business growth.
  12. Conduct a comparative analysis of different financial models for predicting stock prices.

We have provided an excellent list of quantitative research topics for nursing students and other scholars. Still, if you need help, we suggest you move on to the next section and learn more about our services in detail.

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