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Managing People and Careers

Cover Letter


BCD Road, London, United Kingdom – HA1 1PT



December 18, 2018

Mike Everett

Director, Human Resources

Ipsos MORI

3 Thomas More Square
London, United Kingdom


Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my interest for the position of Graduate Research Executive at Ipsos MORI which I observed in the advertisement posted upon the website of company as on 5 December, 2018. I possess high confidence in my abilities and skills that are required for the post at Ipsos MORI. To become renowned and successful in the field of research, a person needs to possess analytical skills so as to notice the minute details in relation to the subject of research. I believe that I have these abilities so as to accomplish the tasks that will be required to be delivered by me. I have an innovative approach towards performing the daily tasks and observe the slightest of change in my surroundings which will help me in the time of carrying out research on any subject. This would assist me in conducting an in-depth study of the topic concerned so as to show high level of concentration and firm belief in myself to do any task assigned to me. Also, being a person who possess an excellent history of healthy relationships with peers, seniors, executives and teachers and profit driven approach towards tasks, I firmly believe that I am fit for the position of Graduate Research Executive.

I possess great interest in carrying out research and analysis of any subject matter. I enjoy doing the interpretation of data and conducting the conversion of information into numerical figures. Along with this, I possess keen interest in using statistical tables and techniques like line diagram, pie charts, bar graph, frequency polygon, histogram etc. During my time in ABC College also, I was highly inclined towards doing the projects involving marketing and research. In my tenure there, I took various efforts to carry out studies that involved making use of my observatory and analytical skills. Also, I undertook a 6 months internship with National Skills Society, London. I performed various tasks during that tenure. The major task that I carried out during my internship was to create attractive and innovative web pages and doing a research along with making presentation on success gained by artisans of United Kingdom. Herein, I used my technological knowledge and performed the task with the assistance of my research skills. When I delivered the presentation after 2 weeks of study about the topic, I was praised by officials for my in-depth research and demonstration of information. I possess high interest in research vacancy at Ipsos MORI and strongly believe that my educational as well as internship background along with my skills makes me ideal for the job position of Graduate Research Executive at company.

In the past, whenever I have been given a task, I have always outperformed by gaining excellent support from my peers, senior and teaching staff. When I read about the research vacancy at Ipsos MORI, I realised that my abilities match the  profile mentioned in advertisement of company and that it is an opportunity for me to explore my field of interest. I have hereby attached my Curriculum Vitae (CV)along with this so that proper information about my educational background can be gained.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call me at (222)-22-222 or email me at my mail (xyz@domain.com). I look forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

General Information

Name- XYZ

Address- BCD Road, London,

United Kingdom – HA1 1PT

Contact no.- (222)-22-222

Email id- xyz@domain.com

Career objective- My objective is to get elevated in the field assigned to me and deliver the skills and competencies to the best of my potential towards the company.

Educational Background

Educational Qualification

School / College




ABC College

London University


Secondary Education

EFG School of London

Recognized Board


High School Education

EFG School of London

Recognized Board


Work Experience: Not Applicable (FRESHER)

Roles and Responsibilities (College)-

Manage a team of 10 persons

Member of Interact Club

Teaching poor children who are a part of NGO

Enrolments of new candidates being a part of Admission Cell

Tracking daily attendance, Late Coming & Absence Report in lectures

Maintaining and updating candidate sports and academic records

Updating HRIS on regular basis, maintain students records & data base

Preparing Monthly and Quarterly Basis MIS Report of students

Maintaining Personal files and records of all students

Implementing and assisting the executives while preparing for compliance Audit presentation and overall documentation

Roles and Responsibilities (Internship)

Performing in-depth research

Conducting statistical analysis of data

Demonstration of information through presentation

Converting data into quantitative figures

Computer proficiency  

· MS PowerPoint

· MS Word

· MS Excel



Skills and abilities

· Self motivated and quick learner

· Team working skills

· Strong logical abilities and innovative approach

· Strong observatory and analytical skills

· Good oral and written communication skills.

· Adaptability to changing environment and emerging trends and technologies.

· Good problem solving skills in critical situation.

Technical Knowledge: 

· Taxation

· In-depth knowledge of Company Law, Securities Law and Labour Law

Personal information

Father's name: PQR

Mother's name: TUV

Nationality: British

Date of birth- 23 June, 1996

Interests: Basket ball, Hiking, Reading books, Listening music

Natural Abilities

· Driven and energetic

· Sense of urgency

· Competitive nature


I hereby declare that all the information disclosed above is true to my knowledge and all the certificates issued by recognized board/university will be produced by me when required.


  1. Why do you want to work for us?

Ipsos MORI is a well renowned company having excellent corporate reputation and stake in markets all across the globe. Being a company present in 89 countries, company is reputed to be one of the largest survey companies present in the world. This company largely emphasizes upon the importance of human resources both in terms of staff as well as corporate clients and business associates. The company develops such policies and procedures in organisational premises which focus upon welfare of employees. Also, enterprise tends to create a healthy and effective environment for staff so that they can work productively in a manner that helps organisation to reach success in near future. This reflects that organisation works towards satisfying the internal human resources so that can effectively manage and satisfy the external stakeholders and clients of company. I am also looking for a company where I can explore my field of interest by making use of skills and competencies. I am highly observant and possess strong analytical skills which are required for carrying out any research which is the prime task of Ipsos MORI. The company promote the atmosphere where individuals can freely work in a team environment and develop a sense of cohesion among themselves. I have worked in teams in past and always excelled in the task assigned to us collectively. Thus, I feel that this company totally matches with my behavioural attributes and skills and the requirements of entity complements my ideas and beliefs. Working in a company which is of my preference will assist me in working in a manner that will take enterprise to new heights in future.

  1. Tell us about a time you worked in a group to achieve an objective (what did you do and what was the outcome?)

While I was in college, there was a function organised for World Youth Skills Day in auditorium. For that day, a competition was also arranged by college faculties. Herein, students were supposed to work in a team of 10 people and prepare a power point presentation of 10 minutes. This presentation was to be based upon the success achieved by any multi-national corporation of our choice over a span of last 8 years. The demonstration was to be done in front of the whole college during the function. We decided to complete all the tasks and necessary preparation related to presentation in 4 meetings. During our first meeting, we collected and discussed all the pre requisites for the PPT. Also, the allotment of individual tasks for every person was done then. I was assigned two tasks, one was to make all arrangements for meeting and second was to prepare the Presentation finally. Both of them were difficult tasks without which the work given to us could not be completed. Also, the complexity in relation to arranging for meetings was that every person had a different time table which made it tougher for me to arrive at a time when all 10 of us were free. By having individual conversations with all of them, I was able to arrange meetings post which the opinions and views in relation to subject matter were shared and compiled. When all necessary data and numerical figures were successfully organised, I finally created a Power Point Presentation. When this PPT was presented in front of whole college, the faculties praised for us in-depth knowledge and study of organisation and its historical performance.

  1. Tell us about a time when you identified a new approach to solve a problem. (what did you do and what was the outcome?)

When I was undertaking an internship at National Skills Society for a time span of 6 months, I was once given a task to collect and combine the results of a survey conducted of 500 persons who gave their opinion about “impact of globalisation on marketing function of company”. This data was to be presented by me to a group of individuals from non technical background. I was given a week to execute this task. I knew that if the data was presented in technical terminology, it would not be easily perceived by group. Thus, I planned to conduct a deep study about the survey and note the results in an organised manner. This helped me in converting the technical data into feasible language that could be easily interpreted by any person. Further, I decided to make a Power Point Presentation so as to present data organised by me in a structured manner for the group of working individuals. To successfully implement this, I made use of pie-charts, bar graphs and histograms so that data could be easily analysed by them without much knowledge about subject matter. On the final day of the presentation, the non-technical working group was impressed by me. They congratulated me for implementing the difficult task easily and wished me luck for my future avenues.

  1. Tell us about a time when you had to manage a number of different priorities and complete a number of tasks in a short amount of time. (what did you do and what was the outcome?)

During my college tenure, I was given a project to be made upon a multi-national company of UK and its working patterns. Also, I was given the task to do some improvements in a project that I was given in last semester. It was difficult for me to do the prioritization of tasks as I had my semester exams in next week so I had to study for that also. Yet all these 3 tasks were urgent and needed to be done on a prior basis. Thus, I decided to ascertain time required for all the three tasks and then decide their superiority while doing things. After calculating individual time for all, I decided that I will first complete the old project in which I just had to make certain modifications so as to meet requirements of college faculties. Next on order list decided by me was the new project assigned to me recently and lastly, I decided to study for my exams. In this way, by prioritising all the projects, I successfully managed to complete every task within set time frame.

  1. Tell us about a project you worked on that required you to persuade others to your point of view. (what did you do and what was the outcome?)

During my tenure at BCD college, as a part of my college assignment, I was made to work with 4 students in a team and demonstrate “the effect of non governmental organisations on welfare of society”. When the the topic was given to us, my team mates thought that presenting the information on subject matter in form of written report would yield positive results. They were of this view as in past, one of the teams in previous batch also applied the same approach and attained maximum marks in class. I had a contrasting thought as I considered about presenting the data in visual form by way of bars, charts and other statistical tools and techniques. I planned to make a 1 minute demo of how I wanted the task to be executed. When I presented my views in front of group by way of a PPT, they were convinced with my approach and I was finally successful in persuading them to perform the task according to my view and belief.


While I was in college, my batch was asked to attend a seminar where a number of delegates and professionals from various backgrounds came to share their experiences during the time of interview. The spokespersons from various renowned universities and professions gave seminars wherein they touched upon a few points specified below:-

  • It is required by students like me to ensure that they carry all necessary documentation in relation to educational background and work experience.
  • Gestures and body movements also need to be specifically considered by me so as to be able to leave a good impression upon interviewer.
  • There should be any signs of under confidence or nervousness in my language or behaviour at the time of interview
  • I am supposed to reach interview location half an hour prior to interview process so as to show my punctuality and sincerity for the job position


During my tenure at college, when I attended the seminar on interview and behaviour required to be maintained during the process, the next day another seminar was arranged which discussed about assessment centres. The major points reflected in the seminar were:-

  • When I go through the test at assessment centre, it is required by me to stay confident and motivated so as to demonstrate the given task well.
  • Along with this, it is also essential that I possess an adaptive and spontaneous approach towards the assigned task so that I can begin with the task as soon as it is assigned to me.
  • Furthermore, I should use formal and polite language for carrying out conversation so as to be able to convey my views and opinions in an effective manner and leave an everlasting impression.


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