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Emerging Trends in Hospitality Industry

University: Edge Hill University

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Corporate management is a vast things that incorporates the protecting human rights, philanthropy and community investment along with that there is certain responsibilities regarding the social aspect (Chenget al. 2014). Within a hospitality organization the management faces various problems and that industry needs to strategically solve those issues to achieve growth in the global market and achieve profitability. In this study, the essay will concentrate on management of the entire organizational process by the help of the corporate responsibilities and strategies with the insight of basic corporate principles. Furthermore the study will also cover the social responsibilities along with the approach towards the environmental stewardship with the consideration of the human rights.

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Corporate management responsibility

For the achievement of strategic performance in the corporate sector it is very essential to separate work within the employees in consideration to their role and designation in the hospitality industry. The responsibilities of the corporate manager include planning, coordinating and implementing things with regards to the organization so that it can fetch possible growth and success in the global market (Asifet al. 2013). The entire work of the organization gets assigned to the higher level employee to the lower level employees. The top responsibility of the managers is to coordinate and plan top executive corporate meetings so they can maintain the work flow of the organization. They also arrange for Board of Director's meetings, Investor Relations Meeting, Annual Shareholders Meeting and different executive level events. They put their insight to perform closely with Executive Event Manager with respect to coordinate travel of Corning's Executives and Board of Directors to events. Arrange and manage to and from an event travel as key contact point working closely with other organizations. The management based people in the organization will follow the basic cooperative principles which create the background for people in cooperation with procedural guidelines for implementing the cooperative values (Korschun et al. 2014).

With the help of the recent management concepts the idea of the management strategies will provide the clear advantages for actual cooperative format in the business environment. The management needs to follow the correct control panel and select the relevant indicators to get the best results from the organization and the organization itself will gain profit from the same. The corporate management responsibility will comprises with suitable mechanisms and create channels for participation of the other employees, clients as well as the customers. They provide the transparent information concerning the performance of the basic management. The consultation of negation with the other employees and the social representatives within the organization to maintain economic, organizational and labor decisions is notified. It must be taken into consideration for the long term growth of the organization (Morgesonet al. 2013). The corporate social responsibility holds value for the systematic application of social and professional training plans for members. The internal and external coordination of work prolonged by the corporate managers has been identified. To meet with the goals and objectives of the organizations the corporate managers bring harmony to the entire organizational process by implementing the operational objectives that pertain to the achievement of basic missions of a department and the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, including the performance standards and resource allocation. Other than that by the help of the operation manager the financial reporting objectives and compliance objectives will achieve. Finally the corporate management responsibility incorporates with some of the department mission, department goals and objectives, activities to achieve goals and objectives along with that activity level goals and objectivities to fulfill the industrial criteria in a bigger aspect.

Protecting human rights

In any organization it is very necessary to take care about the employees and in this context human rights and freedoms to which human beings are entitled including the right to life, liberty, and freedom of thought, expression and equality in the work place are very important (Morgesonet al. 2013). These rights represent entitlements of the individual or groups as well as responsibilities of the individual along with the government authorities. These rights are often advanced as legal rights and protected by the rule of law and this rule in the organization use for standardized for formulating the law adopted by each employee. It is typically believed that the conduct of government will follow by the rules and will behave accordingly. Human rights in the organization are ascribed naturally that means they can't deny the law on the basis of race, creed, gender and ethnicity. However human rights are not always interpreted similarly across societies, norms nonetheless from a common human rights vocabulary in which the claims of various cultures can be articulated. Having human rights norms within the organization imposes certain requirements on governments and legitimizes complains of individuals in those sections where fundamental rights and freedoms are not respected. The human rights law or rules constitute a standard for the conduct of government and the administration of force in the hospitality industry. A widespread of the consensus on the importance of human rights and the expansion of international treaties on such matters, the protection of human rights still often leaves much to be desired. Protecting human rights is closely linked to advancing long term and sustainable development for the organization as the employees work here will get the same treatment like others. They work with symmetry and the work will be satisfying to them as they will follow same rules of the organization. Human rights are both part of the goal of development and instrumental to attaining other goals including economic growth of that country and sustainable development (Sivasubramaniamet al. 2014).

Human rights lead to the long term development for the organization and it directs the company to achieve the company goal, as the development of the company is largely depend on the rights so lack of rights leads to exclusion which lies at the root of much poverty even in resource rich environments. The basic essentiality of the human rights is that the people will follow the rules and participate in it positively. Rules will help them to make choices about their own lives, unleashing their own creative energies and strengthening social unity to manage symmetry along with that living in the rules will protect and allow people to stay in the culture and give a chance to develop to the maximum of their capabilities (Trestman, 2014).One of the most important thing in human rights is taken action for the protection of it and increasing the capacity of venerable populations to defend their rights and advocate for themselves. Promotion of the rights is important to stay in protection. Legislation related actions or programming aimed at advancing rights, empowering communities and rights advocates and advancing awareness to protect the national law so that people follow the same. Human rights education and awareness, especially among locations particularly where people are not safe and vulnerable or marginalized populations. If you want to receive an original document according to your university guidelines, then take our university assignment help UK right away!

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In the organization the management strictly follows the human rights rule and many of them are clearly dedicated to the rules and protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses. Major human rights organizations maintain blogging, spreads social awareness by the help of the social networks and extensive websites documenting violations and calling for remedial action, both at a governmental and various levels in the organization. Human rights organizations are most effective when their calls for reform are backed by strong public advocacy then it became more powerful. The organizations take help from the non-governmental organizations that is some NGO s are associated with the organizations to help them in any need. The non-governmental have played a major primary role in focusing the international community on human right issues. For the better employee orientation the organizations now taking help from the human rights action center that is a nonprofit center working on the issues of the Universal declaration of human rights and uses the arts and technologies to innovate, create and develop new strategies to stop human rights abuse (Ogbonna, 2014). They also support growing human rights groups all over the world. It is a necessary component in the organization to keep the harmony and balance the work culture so to bring the best employee work environment. The employees will work as per the organizational culture as they are very much concerned and associate directly with the organization and they will easily carry forward any work as they want if they feel free and everyone treated equally.

Philanthropic and community Investment

As supported by Rowe et al. (2014, p465), the initiative to maintain the proper opportunity ground in the society for the people and other community in the society along with development funds in the society is termed as the philanthropic work. The community investment as part of Philanthropic as the work indirectly supports the use of funds in terms of supporting the needs of the community in dire need of help in the society.

As per the suggestions of Krivo (2014, pl.190), there are many benefits of setting up of philanthropy work in the society and are needed to be supported in terms of the positive feedback and information. In term of evidence, it is supported that the rise in the development of the philanthropy has resulted in the proper assets in the society. The support of Hyatt Regency in the society has provided finest workers in the society. Almost $11 million had been contributed to the society and communities for the betterment of the country or economy as a whole. The investments by Hyatt had been a genuine extension if acre towards the individuals across the world. As per the information provided by Tucker (2016, p.10), ample opportunities through the medium of education had been provided to people. At times the dispute among the stakeholders and the company arises which prevents the company from getting developed in the areas concerning education and community development. Recently, labour dispute has been observed among the Hyatt Hotels and unionised employees which resulted in an absolute conclusion. Hyatt was bus in launching a globally identified philanthropy program, ‘Ready to Thrive' which would allot a subsequent portion of Hyatt's corporate coffers for improving the literacy and development in careers all around the world (Lin et al. 2013, p.500).

The philanthropic program had been launched in critically supporting the business organisation in developing corporate social management and is thriving to make local communities as places where re-associates would be proud to work, guests would be wanting a visit and neighbours would want to stay and hotel owners would be willing to invest. As supported by Chirico, F. and Bau (2014, p.220), Hyatt is employing its resources at the full employment level which would help them encounter any issue rigorously. Apart from the education and resource building capacity, through the function of Hyatt community grants could be eventually mentioned that might deepen and expand the communities' tie-ups through empowering the colleagues for acting as local philanthropists. According to the observations of Rana et al. (2017, p.100), through this exceptional and unique program, the colleagues have gained suitable opportunities for nominating local nonprofits for receiving grants ranging within $5000 to $20000.

According to the entire fact of the topic, it could be stated that the vital issues are acting as hindrances on the way of achieving emerging developments in the company under hospitality industry. Therefore, the actions or programs that are being implemented would be executed properly for making a global outreach of the company even if in low-income countries.

Approach to the Environmental stewardship

According to the words of Maas et al. (2014, p.50), environmental stewardship could be regarded as the responsible use as well as protection of the natural environment through sustainable a conservative practices. Every company or business organisation under hospitality is subjected to make a move for environmental stewardship which is usually of three types- donors, doers and practitioners. According to the 2013-14 Report proclaimed by Corporate Responsibility, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has unveiled a set of few aggressive economic goals for 2020 (thrive.hyatt.com, 2017). They were designed for strengthening the collective ability of Hyatt for collaborating, inspiring and further enhancing its commitment towards environmental stewardship. In accounting for enhancing the stewardship of the environment, few of the processes are to be inculcated which includes- using resources thoughtfully, inspiring and encouragement to innovation and building smart goals for provoking sustainable development. In the information provided by Lin et al. 2013, p.501), the economic, social as well as environmental effects of the change in climate and issues such as scarcity of resources and growth of population consist the potential of disrupting the business and eventually would impact upon the communities as well as local economies which are at heart of concerned tourism industry. They aim at employing more resources, building up of the empire more efficiently with sustainable hotels and inspire the stakeholders to act on environmental issues. We provide assignment help london from professional writer.

Hence, in the words of Rowe et al. (2014, p.466), climatic issues have been found to disrupt the sustainable development of the hospitality industry, much concern being on the Hyatt International. According to the 2020 Vision as introduced by Hyatt their main approach has been towards tackling most pressing issues of the global environment which can be influenced by the individuals of the country. As suggested by Krivo (2014, p.191), the environmental issues like global warming and climatic changes could be efficiently managed by the working and operation of the hospitality industry. Various steps that could be taken by Hyatt international would include- waste reduction and recycling, reduction of water as well as energy consumption, cutting greenhouse gas or GHG emissions at the hotels and building up of a more sustainable chain of supply by making the environment more efficient and greener. As per the observations of Maas et al. (2014, p.52), the realisation of the company includes many issues of an environment which would require absolute collaboration with their partners, leaders and industries.

The stated actions have been a part of the long-term and strategic approach to maintain the sustainability of the environment that is being designed for helping to conserve natural resources and eventually by reducing the operation costs. Hence, the sustainability issues had been an obstacle for achieving developments by Hyatt Hotels in following up the emerging trends. Various strategies had been designed for fighting with the global environmental issues that are making the sustainability tougher day by day (newsroom.hyatt.com, 2016). Engaging more colleagues and driving of innovative solutions would deal with the issues. Alongside, designing and building up of hotels which would be environmental conscious would be beneficial for sustain in the emerging era of development and growth of hospitality industry.


The study portrays essential facts about few of the obstacles that could be identified in the fields of corporate social management, human rights, environmental stewardship and community investment. It highlights the issues that have been marked by the emerging developments and trends concerning the organisation. The basic study had been on a recognising ad to work upon these issues since they are increasing day by day and Hyatt Internationals is facing serious challenges.


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