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Understanding Leadership Opportunities

University: University of London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss different leadership approaches.
  • Define Kotter’s 8 step model of change.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ASDA
Organizational change is the process in which companies implement new methods, practices, technologies, organizational restructure to meet with the changing environmental needs. Organizations usually adapt changes because of internal and external pressures. Adapting and implementing changes helps organizations to remain in business and grow. In this report, ASDA is taken as an organization. It is the leading British retailer, headquartered in UK, founded in 1949. It sells food, clothing, home products and electronic products, along with insurance and other financial services. This report covers the impact of change on leaders and their behaviour, also on team and individual behaviour. It includes the measures that can be taken to reduce the negative impact of change. Identifying the forces of change and different leadership style that can be used to meet with the changes.

Every organization has a specific reason for introducing changes in the organization and these reasons are the forces that pressurizes organization to implement those changes. Some important changes that requires every organization to introduce are stated below.

Skill mis-match: The current market trend has shown a shift towards demand for highly qualified and skilled labours (Salmon-Hosey, 2018). Organization's prefers to have employees who have the knowledge about a particular field and doesn't require any training for the same or else organization needs to initiate training programmes to train employees as per requirement.

Organizational structure: Nowadays, there is need for change in organizational structure in terms of communication and management. To work smoothly and efficiently, organization's needs to introduce changes and should also try to make it flexible enough so that other changes can be accommodated.

Implementation of new technology: There is a trend of adapting the latest technology so that organizations can remain in the business and give tough competition (Zuckerman and et.al, 2018). But every organization has a different need so technology should be implemented that would add value to the organization.

Comparison between organizations to response to the changes

In this, ASDA and Sainsbury are taken to draw a comparison how both these organizations are responding to the changes.

ASDA supports young people who want to make career in retail by offering them work experience at ASDA through its 'Flying the Flag' programme for a period of one or two weeks every year. ASDA uses both on the job and off the job to train and develop its employees. On the contrary, Sainsbury has developed the platform of digital learning for its employees. This has helped in creating world-class training experience and helps in improving the efficiency of the employees. The similarity between the two is that both wants to enhance the skills and efficiency of its employees.Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

ASDA provides limits of function and roles of employees and gives employees a sense of individual identity. But these diversity in functions creates conflict. On the other hand, Sainsbury have given many rights to its employees and the major decisions are taken by the employees and these may affect the functioning of the organization as without proper chain of command and managers, workers may lost their track and may not know what to do. The similarity is that both the organization provides equal opportunity to its employees to take decisions which motivates them.

Currently ASDA has begun trial of coating technology which will help in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer or increase their shelf life. The overall objective of ASDA is to reduce food wastage. It is also estimated that this technology will double or triple the shelf lives of the perishable goods and will also reduce the need for plastic packaging. On the other hand, Sainsbury has installed AI systems which is very essential for every grocery business. AI helps Sainsbury in gathering more insights, improve availability and deliver new business models. The most thing between the two is that both want to adapt the latest technology that will be beneficial for their survival and growth.

Impact of change on team, individual and leadership behaviour

The change not only impact the organization but also the workers working for it, as workers are the only one's who have to adapt and learn the changes. These changes will also affect the behaviour. A detailed analysis is discussed below.

  • A complete restructure of organization will affect all its workers. Change is dynamic in nature and to meet with the changes it requires proper planning. Restructure will bring change in policies, guidelines, process etc. which will affect the behaviour of the teams and individual as everyone has to learn and adapt the change which will change their behaviour towards it as some may not be willing to accept the change (Lambe and et.al, 2018). Consequently, this unwillingness will affect the leader's behaviour as well because first leaders has to adapt the change and then guide its followers in doing the same. Order assignment help from our experts!
  • Introducing new technology will help organization in making its functioning smoothly. But at the same time it becomes essential for the organization to meet with the requirements associated with it like training its employees about its application and benefits. Learning AI or any other technology requires time and proper training which affects teams and individual behaviour as every group has its norms and if group decides to resist the change, it becomes difficult for the leader to convince and motivate the workers. All this, eventually leads to change in the behaviour of leader and also there are chances that leaders may also resist the change.

Minimizing negative impacts of changes on organizational behaviour

There are various changes which are faces by both the companies ASDA and Sainsbury. In order to minimize negative impact of changes in respective organization are as follows:

  • The employees of organization resist to changes as they comfortable with all the process within company. They are not accepts the changes for that management of companies provide motivation through incentives.
  • Changes are come with long and complex process within the organization. For that management provide training and development to employee.

For reducing impact of changes which is come in organizational structure here is recommanded theories and models which are discussed below for both companies:

System model of change management

This is lays with more changes and emphasis on the fact the changes must be implemented within the organization. This model is provided proper dimensions to concept of organizational changes and describe role-played with six interconnected or interdependent variable like people, strategy, task, technology, culture and design. With the help of this ASDA is able to make changes effectively with minimizing their negative impact from business.

  • People: employees of organization nor accept changes (Systems Model of Change Management, 2018). This take consideration into individual differences in form of goals, attributes and their needs or motives. This help to motivate employees for working with changes with proper motivation.
  • Task: this related with nature of work which is handle by individual in organization. The nature of job may be simple and complex. In respect of that, management of ASDA need to allocate work as per employee abilities or provide training for understanding work.
  • Design: This includes the organization structure like system of communication, control and delegation of responsibilities. As per management allocate proper responsibilities to each employee as per their work and job. With the help of this, impact of changes is minimized properly
  • Strategy: This involves identification existing resources, careful assessment of internal strategies. Management makes road map for work which is hep to complete work.
  • Technology: this refers with advanced technology which is use by management for communicate properly. In this management need to provide proper instructions to use this technology for work effectively.
  • Culture: create positive and happy working environment is help to minimizing negative impact of changes which are comes through organizational structure.

With the help of this model, ASDA is able to reduce negative impact of changes. On the other side, Sainsbury can use continuous improvement model for minimizing impact of changes.

  • Plan: Sainsbury identify and assess an opportunity and problem or plan a change to improve this. Most of the time changes are comes for gaining opportunity and other come for resolve problems (Continuous Improvement Model, 2018).
  • Do: here management make changes generally on the small scale. This help to provide some information about project and changes to employees.
  • Check: verify changes by using data that the changes has make positive impact or not
  • Act: here management get conformation about changes is successfully implemented on small scale. Then, implement on large scale.

With the help of this, Sainsbury is able to minimizing negative impact of changes from company with better implementation of changes.


  • The change should not come up as a surprise to the workers. Organization should announce this in advance so that employees can prepare themselves for the change.
  • Organization should also establish a culture of learning which employees can take new challenges and develop new skills that will help in meeting up with the changes.
  • Organization should implement change from within and should not outsource it to other consultants as employees may consider consultants as an outsider who don't understand their situation which will create negativity from the start.


So, it can be concluded that there are many factors that may create a drive for change but it is the responsibility of the organization to identify which drive is relevant and more important for the organization currently. To reduce the negative impact of change, system model of change management and continuous improvement model has been used for ASDA and Sainsbury and recommended the ways to meet the organization's aims. Struggling with your dissertation, get dissertation writing services from our experts!

Force field analysis

To understand different forces of change, Force Field analysis model has been used. It is a tool developed by Kurt Lewin in 1951, with the aim of helping organizations in identifying and analysing the driving and resisting forces behind the proposed plan (Rowley and Malik, 2016). This model also helps in taking decisions related to the change. 

Proposal of plan: In this, area of change is proposed which can be in the form of change in organizational policy and objectives (Lewin's Force Field Model (Change Management). 2019). Currently the plan is to introduce organizational restructure in ASDA.

Forces for change: These are the forces driving in favour of the change. Some forces important for driving the organization structure change is discussed below.

  • Decrease in complexity: As different process and procedures are used in an organization which creates complexity and it becomes difficult for the employees to understand it. So, with the change in organizational structure, ASDA an assign role and responsibility to its employees and makes employees clear about their boundaries which will help in reducing conflict and clashes among employees.
  • Size of the organization: The number of employees working in an organization is also one of the important driver for change. The organizational structure of the larger companies differ from the smaller ones. As ASDA is a giant organization with number of employees increasing every year, which makes it important to go for change which will help in effective management of employees and also helps in meeting with the employees need.
  • Technological innovation: Nowadays, most of the processes are technology drives and technology has acquired its place in every domain. So, it becomes essential for ASDA to come up with technology that will help in meeting up with the changes. Advancement in technology creates a good brand image and increase the visibility of the organization. This sometimes require organization's structural change.

Forces against the change: These are forces that restrain the organization from implementing changes. Important factors that are restraining the change are sta

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