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Different Type of Management Styles in Leadership


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The developing manager is a main part of organization that improves the skills and knowledge employee which is helpful for business functions and operations in the organization. This is the best process that involves in different areas such as development and training of employee, social improvement, leadership style, traditional culture etc. this report will determine different management style that can be handle by Manager. The organization maintains the services of product in marketplace. They provide the best services to meet all the customer satisfaction and team member.

It will discuss about the Leadership style and their characteristics while it evaluates the communication network to analyse the business operations in effectively and efficiently. This report will discuss the manager that motivates or influence to their staff member towards the growth and development (Agolla and Van Lil, 2017). This report will analyse to entire business operations and develop a career plans for the growth of personal and organizations.


1.1 Different type of management styles

The tour and travel industry of United Kingdom is the fastest growing organization that enhance their business all over the world. For Example- TUI and Thomas Cook is a leading organization to provide an effective quality of services to their customer (Ramazani and Jergeas, 2015). These organizations are managing all resources in proper manner because with the help of resources it will increase their productivity and profitability in marketplace. Theses organizations have different management style to develop and design an effective quality of product and services. The market trend has been change according to the requirement of customer. There are various type of Management style discuss in given below:

Autocratic style- This style is very important for organization which manager take important decision regarding the business development (Bain and Taylor, 2017). This is the best style to take all decision by manager independently. Autocratic management style is essential for organization to controlling the management operations in proper manner. Communication is one way process to encourages their employee related the new ideas and innovations.

Democratic style- This style is very important for organization in which the manager reach to its final decision and he is only person that responsible for taking a right decision. There are various type of style such as collaborative style, consultative and participate style. This is the best and versatile style. Manager is playing an important role in the business process to handle all the activities effectively and efficiently.

Laissez-faire- This management style is highly skill employee manage the entire business in proper manner (Welch and Welch, 2018). They have an efficient skills and knowledge to provides the best services and all the important decision taken by staff member that would be handle the business operations and functions.

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

Leadership style is essential for organization to improve the performance of business as well as employee. Leader is the person has power to control the business operations and other employees (Modisane, 2018). This is the most important skill that are requires for each and every organization. This is the main part of organization to enhance their business all over the world. There are different type of leadership style discuss in given below:

Strategic Leadership style- This is the one of most important leadership style that essential part of organization. A good leader is not limited and they always try to explore their performance for growth and development (Binns and Ne, 2018). The strategic leaders try to achieve their goals and objective. They have efficient quality to fill all the gap between possibilities and innovation. It is delivers the best quality of services to their customer.

Team Leadership- Team leadership is essential for creations of picture and the future. This leadership mainly focus to build an effective team that helpful for increase their business. A good leader motivate or influence to their employee towards the goals and objective. They provide the right direction for employee so that it will increase their capabilities and also set their goals and objectives.

Transformational leadership- This leader mainly focus on changing the style and process of business. Transformational leadership is motivates to the other people to change their thoughts towards the business and adopts innovative ideas for growth and development. Most of the time, they face many challenging issues regarding the business process and its activities. This leadership has more satisfied and committed follower (olden, 2016).

1.3 Communication processes in selected businesses

According to Thomas cook, the tour and travel organization is a leading organization to managing their planning and services according to the requirement of customers. Most of the consumers has change their demand because there are already various competitor present in marketplace that provides the best product in very efficient ways. This is the best process to interact with the other employee as well as management system (Brauwand Giles, 2018). According to analysis, Thomas cook is also use different communication process to send the information with the help of medium. In this way, it also maintains the coordination between staff member and manager.

Email– This is the most important communication platform to offering many types of important information to their staff member. According to Thomas cook, they are suing different platform to share the information and provide the guidance to their employee. This is the best medium to increase their value in market and they impact on positive in the tour and travel industry. This process provide the details of specific employee and resources that require for business process.

Written- This is the traditional method to sharing the messages and information to their staff member with the help letter, articles, notice etc. Thomas Cook is also using traditional method to sharing the information to their middle, upper and lower level staff member. For example- Thomas cook is using this method to sharing the information through common news-letter (Mitchell, 2018). It is very effective way to communicate with the consumer in order to offering many services.

Meetings- This is the main method of organization to maintaining and developing their business and also communicates with their employees. This is formal interaction with the client and employee for particular topic and project related discussion. Thomas cook is using this method to communicate with the managers, staff member as well as supervisors. They provide all guidance related resource allocation, working culture, employee motivation and performance evaluations.

1.4 Analyse organizational culture and change in selected businesses

Thomas Cook is a leading organization that provides large number of services to their customer according to the need of clients and trends (Sanderand Caza, 2015). It will manage all the business activities and taking right decision towards the development and growth. All the innovative ideas should be implementing in the form of structure because it maintains all the require resources that increase the profitability in marketplace.

The organization culture is based on the targets and locations so that customer attract towards the deals that providing by company (Delaney and Beecham ,2017). It also updating and managing their product and services in proper manner. Thomas cook build an effective and friendly environment to the employee to do their best work for growth and development. For Example- Thomas cook is the fastest growing organization that provides all essential resources and guidance to their staff member to encouraging towards their work and objectives. This organization follows some rules and regulation to increase their business all over the world. They maintain the healthy relationship with employee and build coordination to staff member of Thomas cook (Lotfullina and Khazipov, 2018). There are different factors that has to force changing their working culture such as economic and demographic that directly impact to the management process.


2.1 Own management skills and performance

There are various type of skills and knowledge require managerial role and task in proper manner. This is useful for enhance their personal knowledge and skill because it is helping for understand the requirement and need of business. There are different skills required of business development.

Personal skill- This skill is important for manager because it motivates, interpersonal skill and communication. I have interpersonal skill to easily connect with any person in effective way. I easily share all the details and information to the stranger because of my friendly behaviour of anyone. This is important skill of manager to handle the business operations in proper manner.

Leadership skill-I believe that I have an effective leadership quality and I easily handle any critical situations in proper manner. This is the aspect of managerial skill that maximize the performance of business activities. I am also part of project and lead the entire team because of my leadership skills. I have lot of responsibilities towards the project and other te

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