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Ethics Values and Leadership

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
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In order to work in an organisation, it is very important to follow ethical values and leadership so that goal and objectives can be attained (Mittelstadt and et. al., 2016). The ethical culture and relationship helps business to conduct their activities and operations in diligent manner. With change in time, firm has to develop effective ethics program so that working force feel motivated and happy to work in organisation and achieve set outcomes. This assignment is divided into three different topics such as role of ethical culture and relationship, ethical leadership and developing effective ethics program.


1) The role of ethical culture and relationship

Being the student of under graduation, I worked as intern in Westpac where I saw about ethical culture and relationship which is different from other organisation. In respective organisation, they does not care about ethical culture to be followed in their business as they forced us to sell those products and services to consumers which are not liked by them at all (Pearson, 2017). During that time, I thought ethical culture means to follow values and culture in ethic manner. Before I have gone through any books, tutorial notes, I was not clear about such concept. It is very important aspect which is required to conduct business activities and operations in an ethical and positive manner to attain positive results. This will create opportunity to identify ethical issues, solving them by using decision making process and promoting ethical behaviour. It also helps me to understand about coping with conflicts among organisation and personal values. There are many other organisation such as Wells Fargo who does not follow ethical values and principles for their consumers that decline their reputation.

Apart from these, I also came to know about various aspects of ethics which is mentioned in report. The organisational and corporate culture are used interchangeably which means to shared values, norms that influence working force and determine their behaviour for solving problems of business. While studying about ethical culture and relationship, I also learn about steps required for measuring corporate culture. In first stage, board as well as management should demonstrate commitment to core values, ethics code, integrity with communications. The second stage, encourage employees to have hands on involvement in compliance with internal control system. Third is helping to make ethical relationship for people and employees working in an organisation. Fourth is employees should receive communication with helps of corrective and resolution actions in aspect of ethical issues. Lastly, employees should have conservation related with policy with CEO, board members. I came to know about role of corporate culture in ethical decision making as they are expressed through looks, programs, gestures, labels, promotions and leaders are considered as trustworthy, employees trust increase. This corporate culture focus on people and performance framework of organisation. There are four types of culture such as apathetic, caring, exacting and integrative. It is very important for business to follow culture and ethical values in business for attainment of positive outcomes.  Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

According to the article published by Lawyers & Jurists, 2017, corporate culture assist in ethical decision making of business for attainment of positive outcomes. It is very important for me to understand about corporate culture so that I can perform at business place and work as per norms and values assigned to me (THE ROLE OF ETHICAL CULTURE AND RELATIONSHIPS, 2017). Here, corporate culture is regarded as collection of beliefs, norms, goals, values and way for solving problems shared through members. It is also important to maintain relationship with each and every people and department for desired outcomes. This assignment helped me to know about ethics in depth and ways of following it in corporate world. My understanding regarding ethical culture was not very clear before I learned about it. As I thought it was just norms and values to be followed at organisation for successfully running of business in an effective and efficient manner. When I learned about it, I came to know that it was vast concept which is required in each and every field and sector for positive results. Therefore, I learned a lot about ethical culture and relationship from class, tutor notes which will assist me in future for attainment of positive results.

2) Ethical leadership

This is also the topic which I have learned in my graduation time. My perspective was different before I learned this topic from teacher (Sidgwick, 2019). As I thought ethical leadership is the way to lead others in an ethical and positive manner for positive outcomes. It is very important for each and every business to follow ethical leadership so that they can attain business goal and objectives. In my aspect, ethical leadership followed by company assist them to enhance their brand value and goodwill at marketplace for attainment of desired or set goals in effective and efficient manner. I have little theoretical knowledge but lack in practical aspect. During my internship at Westpac, I found that organisation has not followed ethical leadership in their business which hamper firm and their reputation at marketplace. I need to learn more about such concept which is required for me to work in corporate world. This is my perception regarding ethical leadership followed at organisation. It is needed in every aspects for conducting activities and operations in appropriate manner along with assisting people as well as business to behave in ethical manner with their working force for positive results. Take online college assignment help from professional experts!

This above was my own perception regarding respective topic (Sugarman, 2015). Now, I will learn it from tutors and college which is different from other. According to view of teacher mentioned in book, ethics are standard of behaviour which tells us about how human beings act in different situations in front of their parents, business people, children, professional and others. Similarly, on other hand, leadership is defined as at of motivating people or group in order to act towards attainment of common goal. This also direct employees as well as colleagues along with strategy to meet requirement of company. There are five different ways in order to lead and act in era of change. I came to know about that good leaders always focus on taking challenging task and achieve business goal in competitive market. Ethical leadership is defined as way of building healthy culture, inspiring others, driving change and galvanise people with same purpose. This mainly focus on building positive ethical environments in order to act with direction and purpose in an effective and efficient manner for attainment of best results. This composed of three elements such as communicate, champion significant of ethics and setting example. This ethical leadership impacts on creating positive environment with productive relationship and assist business to work in diligent manner. It is very essential for business to follow four V's such as values, voice, vision and virtue for ethical leadership.

According to opinion of Kiely Kuligowski, 2020, there is difference among leader and boss where leader guides and boss orders to perform work (How to Be an Ethical Leader: 4 Tips for Success, 2020). Ethical leadership is defined as moral development as well as virtuous behaviour that is directed through respect for ethical values and beliefs for dignity and rights of others. It is very significant for business to hire people with similar values, promoting open communication, beware of bias, finding role models. For following of ethical leadership at organisation, it is significant to have proper leaders and employees who can understand concept and work as per norms and values of business. This is the most needed concept to be followed at every workplace and organisation so that business goal and objectives can be attained in positive way for better outcomes. Therefore, this topic has helped me a lot to understand ethical leadership and their benefits to business. Both my perception as well as studies made me more clear about such concept and will help me in future time period.

Strategic Leadership

3) Developing an effective ethics program

It is also the topic that has learned by me during my graduation (Tavani, 2016). As I have my own perception regarding such concept. According to me, organisation has to develop ethics program at their business so that positive outcomes can be achieved and attained in an effective manner. This ethics program varies from organisation and as per requirement it is created for people. Here, business has to make program to encourage their working force regarding ethics in positive way. It is essential for each and every business to develop ethics program by considering each and every aspects of workplace so that employees can work in diligent and efficient manner to gain results. According to my opinion, ethics program has some rules and regulation that has to be followed by all types of organisation for running of their activities and operations. I worked in Westpac as intern where I was forced to sell those products and services to consumers who does not like at all. I analysed that this organisation does not follows any ethical values and principles for their business and people for attainment of goal and objectives in most approachable form.

While I was in college, I learned developing effective ethics programs concept from teachers and friends. According to them, ethics programs are designed for encouraging ethical decision making at business place. These are designed in order to prevent major misconduct occurring at marketplace. Each and every people connected to business has their own roles and responsibilities for ethical programs to be carried out in organisation. Stakeholders who are part of corporation has their moral duties and responsibilities for ethical values and principles. These are created at society in order to perform particular social functions, accountable to society. There is need for organisational ethics programs for various aspects. It is to enhance employees ethical awareness, ethical behaviour, fostering decision making and many more. In ethics language, employees are called bad apples and organisation as bad barrel. Program related with ethics are developed through establishing, monitoring and communicating ethical, legal requirement for industry, corporate culture and country. The compliance programs are made for business to improve and enhance their performance. Code of conduct includes different types such as respect, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility and caring. While implementing and designing an ethics program, some common mistakes are done. This can be failure in understanding and appreciating goals, setting unmeasurable & unrealistic program objectives, top level management fails in taking ownership of ethics program, development of program materials which does not address need of average employee and many more. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

According to view of Kristin Graham Koehler and Brian P. Morrissey, 2020, there are seven steps to develop effective compliance and ethics programs (Seven Steps for Developing an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program, 2020). First is standards and procedures which every company has to set in order to prevent as well as detect criminal conduct and communicate it. Second is leadership and oversight which give particular executive or committee of executives to handle overall responsibility for compliance program. Third step is individual possessing substantial authority not to act criminal or unethical practices. Business has to use reasonable efforts to avoid illegal activities and operations. Four step is communication and effective training where business has to communicate their ethical programs to organisation and conduct training on regular basis for positive outcomes. Fifth phase is monitoring, auditing and disclosure where company has to audit each and every elements for effectiveness of programs. Sixth phase is discipline and incentive where organisation has to provide incentive to dedicated, encouraged and loyal employees so that they comply programs and maintain discipline without any default. Last is corrective action where company should address misconduct after its occurrence. My knowledge has been upgrade and concept is clear about ethics programs as organisation has to follow proper step to get positive outcomes.


From the above reflection report, it is clear that organisation has to follow all ethical culture by maintaining relationship with their employees so that they can attain business goal and objectives in an appropriate manner. The ethical leadership is needed in business for maintaining ethical values and principle as they are the person who guide working force to work as per norms and values of organisation. It is essential to develop effective ethics program in proper manner.

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