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Strategic Leadership

University: Albion College – London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: AMLE513
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Strategic leadership and practices are the techniques that are used by managers and leaders in order to set appropriate future goals for an organisation. It is very important for all the business entities to implement best leadership style at workplace so that workers get motivated and their work quality can be enhanced. If managers are not involving employees in decision making process then they get demotivated and their engagement in work also get decreased (Carter, Ulrich and Goldsmith, 2012). The organisation which is selected for this report is United Nations. It is an intergovernmental business entity responsible for international security and peace. It was established in year 1945 and its headquarter is in New York City, United States. In this essay various topics are going to be discussed such as anatomy of the top management team within United Nations and strategic decision making process of the organisation.

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Anatomy of the top management team of United Nation is divided in to three different parts such as personal, accountability and strategic organizational leadership. All of them are used by the leaders of organisation in order to successfully conduct operational activities. Personal leadership can be defined as the style and ability to utilise and develop own positive skills in order to guide subordinates. It will help to motivate the workers of the company and result in increased employee engagement in organisation's operations. United Nations is an intergovernmental business entity which is responsible for establishing friendly relations among nations. The leaders of the enterprise needs to enhance their personal skills so that they can influence all the subordinates to accomplish all the tasks successfully. Main responsibility of leaders in United Nations is to cooperate with workforce and involve them in decision making process in order to increase their involvement in executional activities. All the individuals who are part of top management group of the organisation are highly intellectually curious and bright.

As the organisation is performing social activities hence the leaders needs to be socially aware and also try to increase their network in order to be aware of all the issues and activities that may harm world safety. In personal leadership the individuals may lead from inside out which will result in enhanced control on operations (Personal Leadership,2019). The skills that are required in this anatomy of management are positivity, motivation, creativity, trustworthiness, delegation, responsibility and feedback. It is very important for all the leaders to have such skills so that all the tasks can be completed easily and successfully. This type of leadership is essential for organisations like United Nations as it can help to fulfil all the requirements appropriately. Various issues are faced by the enterprise while executing operations these are political horse trading, unwieldy organisation, unreliable funding. To overcome all the challenges the top management need personal leadership so that the problems can be dealt in effective manner.

United Nations is concerned with gender equality, food protection, human rights, climate change, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, sustainable development etc. To perform all the these activities the organisation requires higher engagement of workers which is possible if top management is trust worthy, motivating, cooperative etc. As the top management is implementing personal leadership because it may help to establish good relations with staff members which is beneficial for whole enterprise.

Ethics Values and Leadership

Accountability leadership is also used in some departments of United Nations by top management group in order analyse that all the activities are performed in appropriate manner or not (Accountability Leadership,2018). In such type of anatomy executives try to figure out the results of the actions that are taken previously for the betterment of the enterprise. It is very beneficial for the leaders as well as the work force because their actions and activities are analysed so that it can be assessed that all of them are performed ethically or not. An accountable leader takes responsibility to question the processes and decisions that may shape their organisation. It helps them to find best best ways to attain all the predetermined goals. This type of anatomy helps to eliminate the time and efforts that are spent on the distracting activities. Leaders in United Nations make their subordinates accountable so that they can analyse all their steps that are taken by them.

When an issue take place then such type of leadership helps to find the cause and the wrong actions that have been resulted in the problems. It is very important for top management of all the organisations to use such type of anatomy at work place in order to get surety of success. It is very beneficial for United Nations as it may guide to take appropriate decision for future and also help to analyse that organisation is going to attain success or failure in upcoming period. Accountability leadership style is very advantageous for the enterprise because the expectations can be met with the help of it by determining that effective steps are taken by the management or not. It can be improved by conducting conversations on regular basis with employees and other members of the organisation because they may provide impressive suggestions to strengthen the position (Strand, 2014).

This type of anatomy helps to enhance performance of the organisation and individuals who are working there by evaluating their actions and efforts to complete tasks. In United Nations a specific process for accountability is followed by the leaders. It is divided in various steps that are collecting relevant information, determining relevancy level of gathered data and evaluating result of actions (Phipps, 2012).

The last anatomy of United Nations is strategic organisational leadership in which the top management group form effective strategies in order to achieve higher level of success. While trying to enhance performance and engagement rate of employees then leaders have to form best decisions so that work force get motivated and work hard to attain organisational goals. Different types of benefits can be provided to them according to their requirements (Strategic Leadership,2019). These are monetary and non monetary incentives and rewards. It will increase their satisfaction level and also make increment in involvement rate of them in organisation's operational activities. The main objective of such type of anatomy is to set long term vision and make plan to reach the same. Aim of United Nations is to develop friendly relations all over the world and to achieve it, top management needs to formulate policies and guide the employees to follow them. It will result in attainment of goals and objectives that are set by the leaders previously for betterment of the enterprise.

Strategic organisational leadership refers to the efforts of managers that are made to enhance overall performance of the company and successfully completion of business activities. In United Nations top management also use such type of leadership in some of the departments which are responsible to formulate strategies in order to strengthen the position of the enterprise.

Strategic leader of United Nations is responsible to boost the motivation level of employees and enhance productivity of them. Different types of incentives and rewards are also provided by them to the workers according to their performance. Both of them are the best methods of motivating the staff members. For all the business entities it is very important to appoint a person who works as a key part and try to figure out the ways that can be used to ignore losses and problems such as insufficient funds, conflicts among team members etc. There are various types of qualities that are required to be a strategic leader. These are focus, passion, risk taker, innovation and effective communication. All of them may help to overcome all the challenges and issues that may affect performance of the org

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