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Different Types of Leadership

University: Mont Rose College of Management & Sciences

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss different types of leadership styles.
  • Discuss the role of the manager.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury
Management and operations can be understood as administration of business practises in a company to create the highest level of operational efficiency possible with the proper utilization of resources. It is an important element for organization which refers to functions of converting materials and labour into finished goods, services to maximize the profit of organization and the overall productivity levels. Sainsbury is the second largest chain of supermarket in United Kingdom with large variety of products and services catering to demands of consumers. This report explains differentiation between role and characteristics of leader and a manager and how it varies in different situational aspects. It evaluates various strengths and weakness of various theories and models including situational leadership, system leadership and contingency. This report also explains key approaches to operations management and the role of leader and manager in achieving business objectives. This report also analyses various factors within business environment impacting upon operational management and decisions by leaders and managers of Sainsbury (Hoope and Potter, 2019).

Roles and characteristics of leader and a manager

A leader is a person who has the role of influencing a group of people which are the team members towards achievement of goal, motivate them to work with strong functionality to reach desired business goals. Leader is one of the biggest motivator in company who gives vision to employees working in teams , motivates them and enlighten their vision

A manager is a person who is responsible for administrating or supervising the company business structure for achieving essential objectives withefficiency (Lingenfelter, 2019).

Basis of comparison



Leaders create vision, managers create goals













Leaders inspire and motivate, managers supervise the structure










  • Role of leader in building strong productivity levels in company can be understood as providing a vision and a shared strategy and communicate it powerfully to other team members for proper execution and completion of tasks.
  • Leaders at Sainsbury have role to develop leadership potentiality in others and enhance their performance through consistent feedback. Role of leader is to be an effective role model, inspire others by motivating teams through timely feedbacks regarding their performance levels and ensure training needs are met.


  • A manager's role is very crucial in Sainsbury as he is a planner, producer and establishes strong coordination between roles of all hierarchies. Manager plays an important elementary role for success of company by creating goals and in utilizing resources for achieving business goals. Managers at Sainsbury are responsible for supervising management leaders and guide them to function out their potential duties effectively.

Leaders build relationships, managers build systems and processes

  •  Sainsbury's leaders play an integral role of  building trust among other members and inspiring subordinates with own character and competence (MacBeath,  J., 2019).
  • A manager is the pivotal figure who directs company in advanced methods of production, marketing techniques and executing the decisions in proper utilization of financial resources. With strong communication skills, a manager should have  potentiality to establish clear communication about company visions to all subordinates working in Sainsbury.

Leaders take risks, managers control risks

  • Leader has goal to hold accountability regarding functions of team members and subordinates for strong coordination in effective management, increase in profit margins and high productivity results. He is responsible for establishing best working standards for subordinates and team members to produce high quality competitive products and services at Sainsbury.
  • Goal of an efficient manager is to direct the activities regarding various projects, lead production targets and researching cost effective methods to create advance technological up gradation. First line managers are usually called supervisors. Middle level managers include all levels of management between supervisory level and top-level of organization(Sheninger, 2019).


  • Functions of leader at Sainsbury can be understood as establishing proper coordination and link in management and workers. Directing and organizing planned functions to improve functional operations in company, cultivating strong business ethics at workplace between team members (Oakley, 2019).
  • Functions of a manager is to create strategies and enable management at various levels to compile resources and lead operations in efficient directions. Reporting of production targets in company, monitor outputs and enhance the quality standards to enable competitive edge in company.


Characteristics of leader

  • Honesty and integrity towards work
  • Commitment and Passion
  • Accountability (Antonakis, Simonton and Wai, 2019).
  • Decision making capabilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Charismatic personality

Characteristics of a manager

  • Experience and knowledge
  • Time management
  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Organization management skills
  • Capabilities to take effective decisions
  • Intellectual resources (Eichenseer and Moser,2019).

Role of leader and functions of manager in different situational contexts

Role of a leader is to guide the team members and subordinates working in company, establish effective time management between them and motivate to improve their performance standards. The role of leader at Sainsbury, which is one of the biggest retail company in UK is to establish efficient coordination and communication protocols between teams. It includes outlining the chain of command between leaders and subordinates. Whereas the function of manager is to plan operational structure of whole company, modification and revising of plans. Managerial efficiency is of utmost importance for long term growth of company (Bernheim, and Bodoh-Creed,2019). Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Launching of new product

Role of leader - Sainsbury is launching new product category which relate to organic food chain, offering various fresh organic grocery items and beverages with supreme ingredients. Leaders have an integral role to direct team members working in production department for efficient quality management in new organic products chain. Leaders play a pivotal role in directing the duties of subordinates for establishing working standards according to set targets of company (Bush, Bell and Middlewood, 2019).For launching new organic food products in Sainsbury, leaders need to direct the resources of production to team members and supervise them with strong accountability regarding quality standards. Leaders have role to provide vision of company regarding new organic food products to all team members, establish proper ethical code of conduct in communication protocols for maintaining the coordination (Lemoine, Hartnell and Leroy,2019.).

Functions of a manager- The functions of a manager in starting organic food chain at Sainsbury can be understood as planning whole process related to production from raw materials to finishing of final products. Determining course of actions to reach goals, researching about advanced technologies to use in productions of organic food products to offer high quality range to customers. Organizing and coordinating the resources by effectively directing them to various teams to reach company goals. For launching new organic food products in Sainsbury the managers have to function out their duties by analysing market about customer preferences, fixing optimal price range and construct the roles of various supervisors for producing high quality products (Davidson,and Olsen III, 2019).

Conflicts in management

Role of leader- There is an increase in cases of conflicts between team members which has given rise to various misunderstandings between the management hierarchies, affecting production of goods and services. The new employees and old employees in company are not able to coordinate the proper working standards. Leaders at Sainsbury have role to establish ethical working criteria and strong communication between team members. An effective leader has a specific role to enhance coordination between team members, explain company goals regarding production and aim towards enriching their performance levels (Gong ,Zhang, and Peng, 2019). Order assignment help from our experts!

Function of a manager- Sainsbury managers have the function to resolve conflicts in management hierarchies, motivate employees and correcting deviations in their working standards. It involves taking appropriate actions to ensure organizational goals and objectives are directed for efficient management. For resolving conflicts in team members managers have function to implement significant steps for constructing performance review procedures and improve the productivity levels at workplace. Managers have function to guide leaders for functioning their respective duties with commitment, and entrust coordination among team members (Bush,Bell and Middlewood, 2019).

Situational leadership, system leadership and contingency

Situational leadership can be understood as an adaptive leadership style with flexibility and the dynamic approach in working standards. This strategy encourages leaders to meet changing needs in employees and adapt to volatile business environment. Leaders must have insight and potentialities to work with dynamic leadership style and establish strategies which fits every new objective. Situational leaders working in Sainsbury must be able to build flexible approach of working with strong problem solving skills and potentiality to guide team members towards company goals. Situational leaders must enlighten the vision of employees in teams, need to work with thoughtful analysis of what people need to develop in their working standards for improved completion of profit targets (Bailey,2019. ).

Strengths- Situational leadership enable leaders to work with high level of enthusiasm, develops the capability to work with cautious business understanding. Leaders work with self-reliance work attitude and enable company to establish competitive performance in volatile environment.

Weaknesses- Situational leadership focuses on immediate needs of company rather than long term goals. It is challenging for leaders to define their maturity of working and moreover it is based on skills of leader.

System leadership

It refers to enabling the leaders in a company to create conditions where people working at various levels can work productively together to their potential. It explains the use of sound principles about human behaviour to create models of strong leadership, organizational strategy, system designs and processes. This leadership can be understood as how leaders lead across boundaries-organisational and department when there is need to influence others, work with multiple uncertainties and organize solutions to various demands. The system leadership in Sainsbury will enable faster growth in company, establish quick coordination among all subordinates and brings efficient working criteria in company. Situational leaders will be able to guide employees working in teams to work accordingly in changing situational scenarios in various conditions, motivate each other and complete the assigned works in given time frame(Sheninger, 2019). Struggling with your dissertation, get dissertation help from our experts!

Strengths- It boosts the employee morale and increases loyalty towards company. It also leads to increase productivity and there is proper assessment of duties assigned to various leaders.

Weaknesses- It is not always reliable approach of working for leaders and it is not effective in completion of company goals with higher quality results.

Contingency leadership

It refers to the theory that best leaders are those who possess the adaptive skills in their leadership to work in different situations. This leadership style in leaders of Sainsbury  emphasizes that effectiveness of leadership is dependent on matching a leader style to right situation. Contingency leadership assumes that styles a leader adopts in his working conditions while guiding subordinates and team members, are criteria of behavioural patterns that cannot be influenced or modified. Contigent leaders in Sainsbury will be able to take quick descions nad agreements of business based on the dynamic needs of scenarios, market growth and targeting new segments if custromers worldwide, which exaplins the critical importance of building contigent laedrship skills (Bratton, 2020).

Strengths- The theory reduces expectations from leader and focuses on matching a leader with the task. Contingency approach establishes predictable working model for leaders.

Weaknesses- This theory does not fully explain why some leaders are more effective as leaders in some situations but not in others. It creates a complex structure in company which is not always acceptable by all management hierarchies.


From the above report it can be concluded that leader and manager plays different role that are crucial for the success and growth of business. It can also be explained that leader and manager have different characteristic and role in the organization. Role of leader and function of manager is different in different situation. There are three types of leadership styles such as situational, system and contingency leadership. Sainsbury leader use various styles of leadership in order to influence employees for better performance and productivity. It also concludes from above analysis that operational management play important role in successful achievement of organizational goals. There are various factors of environment that impact upon operational management and decision-making of leaders and manager (Western, S., 2019).

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