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Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services 2015

University: Oxford University of London

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Leadership in healthcare for children, young people, and adults is crucial for ensuring they receive proper care from healthcare professionals. Effective leadership fosters strong partnerships in health and social care, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration among stakeholders. Partnership working involves power-sharing, autonomy, respect, and empowerment, enhancing service provision. Overcoming barriers and managing conflicts through effective communication is vital, ensuring individuals' rights and addressing challenges in healthcare services.

Partnership working in social and healthcare or young people and children's setting-

Significance of partnership working

Partnership working in social and healthcare bring together separate company through which they can be benefited by pool of expertise, power-sharing and resources. The main aim of the partnership is for enhancing quality and efficiency of service provisions. It is the combination of great resources for reaching huge number of individual along with better service. The main essence of partnership is sharing and thus it is signified by respect for each other, right to the information, competence, accountability division and value accorded for individual inputs. It aims at delivering better services to wide range of individuals(Lazzari, 2018). So there are many models of partnership that can be utilized for working in partnership and rendering quality of services to the peoples.


Effective partnership among professionals and workers of care home rely on recognition where all party care for same goal, that is promoting health of user of service. The path of each ne could be different but work for common agendas. Partnership could be improved by ensuring that user of service should be placed at centre and whole approach has been taken into care. By working together professionals can anticipate problem and much more preventive measures could be taken for improving health of the individual.

The major impact on service user is enhanced accessed to the service, by which speedy and more appropriate referral, great focus on preventing and early interventions. This could make improvement to life of service user by focusing on more support (Millar, Chambers and Giles, 2016)(Millar, Chambers and Giles, 2016). Family Partnership workings with family of the service user ensuring that family feel to be equally involved into the process. The positive relationship has been build up with concern to family, by ensuring that provision for multi-agency service had been delivered ion time and in coordinated manner in which all must be involved into the process. Sharing of information with family member assure that more knowledge and understanding to the service provision.

How better outcome are delivered by partnership-

The partnership working within social and health care has focused on rendering seamless care to the individual and dislocating fragmentation. There is major shift into the focus for outcome to the service which is delivered.

Outcome for others and professionals

Positive : By involving in partnership working the professionals can develop approaches for new working, so they can get job satisfaction through autonomy and creativity with the help of experience. The professional could gain confidence in themselves and enhance their relationship among the other professional and with families (Thompson and et.al.,2018). For other service user it can helpful for them in having appropriate access to the service and having focus of interventions on early & preventative. The individual felt more accountable by the professional identities.

Negative : Along with that it also had a negative impact on professional as expansion of the new role among team can create confusion related to role among members of team and to the uncertainty of role, this could also include what will be there role in new context of working. The demarcation of role is big challenge for professionals working in partnership.Worried for Leadership Essay Writing Service? Get our experts Help Now!

Way how Barriers of partnership working can be overcome

There can be many barriers of partnership working which have been faced by maintaining mutual respect among agencies that are involved into the service user's care. This may be concern about the role which have been played by the care home in identifying and managing the subtle change into condition of older people.

  • They must emphasis on developing good quality of relationship, that is based on trust within agency and equality among relationship.
  • Communication system should be more equitable and compatible along with 'Joined-up' working will be enhanced through common paper work (Cunningham and et.al.,2018).
  • Appropriate communication among agency is important for the good partnership workings. As some staff members can feel isolated and thus it can be eliminated by developing support network and reaching out to the another group partner.
  • The views of patients should also be taken into consideration by carer so that they can render effective services to the individuals.
  • Promoting and developing individual relationship and contacts with patients helps the to render better service access, sharing of the information to the patients.
  • Organization and individual group of staff require to work for having a better pro-active approach towards care and developing better understandings of their role's strength.
  • Joint training can also be helpful in promoting effective working in partnership among social and health care.
  • The effective training of care home staff declines demand of professionals in healthcare and enhance assessment for social care and communication among professional.

It is essential for maintaining a professional approach along with values and principles of workplace. The clear objective and task are to set for colleagues that could be specific, smart, measurable, realistic, achievable and on the basis of time scale (Randall and Neubeck, 2016). While setting objective colleagues are to be involved in process of decision-making. Individual responsibility is to support their colleagues and rendering them feedbacks and suggestions regarding that how they can enhance their performance. The needs of each team member must also be considered and acknowledged. The regular team meeting is helpful in providing opportunity that colleagues can share the information and form decision and render support to the team members.

Evaluating procedure of working with the other professional-

There has been system in the place for monitoring and reviewing progress. In this significance of agreeing on timescale and outcome at beginning of partnership is essential. The evaluation is being carried further by monitoring, measuring and reviewing progress that had been developed against set outcome (Slade, 2017). Report on regular process must be produced. If this procedure is working appropriate with all professional then this will have positive outcome in further that are professional approach, coordination among service provision, clear responsibility and role, mistakes can be prevented, organized communication, avoiding duplicacy etc., It is not working well then this could have negative impact that are miscommunication, professional rivalry, fund's mismanagement and wasting of time.

The procedure of working with the others for ensuring the best method is to be utilized and interaction has to be passed on to other party effectively and further understood by them. Ensuring that all other parties are to be happy with process and asking for input in any particular change this could be felt which can helpful in making it more effective (Smith and Hamling, 2019). The positive outcome would result in enhanced service, autonomy, empowerment, decision-making. Negative outcome state in abusing, neglecting, harming, miscommunication, anger, confusion, service provision's duplication, overload of information and disempowerment.

Professional supervision practice in social and health care or children-

Own practice for managing situation of conflicts

It is very essential to manage the conflicts in various situation. Various priorities, philosophies, principle and code of practices could have positive effect on team working by rendering thorough look that how team should work for gaining the best outcome for the service user. If there are any conflicts among these then it could have negative impact due to the inconsistencies which can result into confusion among workplace. For example- The ability for meeting all partners and agencies need could be difficult if there is any conflict among them. In social care health care workers had to deals with each among, multi company's discipline that are family, GP's and friends of the service users (McKimm, 2017). There are some style which could be adopted for dealing with dilemmas and conflicts. Competitive style could adopt by individual who is involved in conflicts which has superior power. It can be useful in the emergency situation when an individual needs a fast resolution into the problems. Other style is collaborative where needs of the individual are included. In rendering the care helpful in balancing need and demand of the service user and requirement of organization. For solving conflicts an individual to make sure for having a good relationship on first priority. Issues should be identified while being honest and open toward the team. Listening effectively and then talking in that context with the application of non-judgemental approach.Take Assignment Samples Now!

Access to the healthcare for an individual

Effectiveness of the existing communication practice and system

The one-to-one communication system is being used which is helpful in supporting individual for meeting their needs in healthcare and social care. It enhances the interaction among the healthcare professionals and patient so that problems can be easily meet up. This communication practice render the professionals to work effectively without any conflicts and work accordingly. If there is good communication system among the professional then they can easily render great services ahead and treat the patient well (Frew and et.al., 2017). They could also get through the needs and demand of the patient and thus effective care could be provided to them. The positive effect of existing communication system in health care are that quality care can be given to the patient in such a way that they can be cured soon. The proper interaction among the health care professional and care receiver can also be managed through the communication system by which requirement of patients could be fulfilled. Along with that there are some negative impacts also that if there is no communication in the healthcare then the needs and demand of patients can't be fulfilled and thus they can't be able to deliver great quality services to their patient.

Rights of other significant to individual included in healthcare service planning

The care users have several rights which must be taken into consideration by them across their care. The overall information should be received and acknowledged by them. Proper and quality care must be given to them across receiving the service. The healthcare professional must treat all the individual with respect and value their emotions this must be considered by them. This all is basic rights that are included into the healthcare service planning (Baillie, 2016). It can have both negative and positive effect on the care of individual that is included in the overall planning of healthcare services which is effectively considered by health professional and care receiver. The positive impact of such is that it would help individual to get quality services within the care. There needs and demand could be significantly fulfilled. Negative impact of this is that individual could not be able to get through great services ahead. And thus there will be lackeness among the services and thus individual would not be facilitated by the services. Each and every individual had right to get proper care from healthcare professionals which is there basic rights, and they must give overall quality service to them.

Supporting other for raising challenges and concern in healthcare services

The raising concern and challenges in healthcare is important in enhancing practice. Rise in concern is to be recognized as developing an essential contribution to the safety of patient, safeguarding life and further doing so. There are many challenges faced by health care professional while managing concern related to the health. Raising concern have been taken into consideration such as care or treatment, poor communication, staff's attitude, lack of information and waiting times. The patient should be treated with courtesy and respect. Support is to be offered for raising your concern. The quick solution is to be given to patient in such a way that it is helpful in raising the overall care. Better interaction among healthcare professional and staff and thus further changes are to be implemented along with that there are some challenges also if services are not rendered effectively then for clinical negligence they had to bear financial compensation and legal action further (Agyenim-Boateng, Stafford and Stapleton, 2020). There are many other complaints which are to be faced by the healthcare professional which have negative impact on the healthcare professional as well as patients so this all must be considered while rendering services to the patients. This also have a positive impact on the healthcare professional as they could be able to provide proper care and treatment to the patient and thus overall quality service could be further received by them in great way. It is essential for healthcare provider to be more professional and valued while providing services and care to the patients.


From the above study it can be concluded that leadership in heath and social care is essential and it is helpful in providing the services to the patients effectively. This could also be done through the partnership working and broadly helpful in providing proper services to the patients. Thus, through this they can easily maintain the communication among patient and healthcare professionals. The quality care and service could be given to the professional through specific guidelines and practices that allows them to follow. This must be included by them into their practices so that they can effectively fulfil the needs and demand of the patients and provide care to them. Through this professional can render effective services to their patients and satisfy them hugely. Each and every health care professional should follow the effective acre practice into their job role while rendering services to the patient so that they could successfully treat patients.

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