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Employability and Study Skills - Mark Zuckerberg

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1191
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
  • Downloads: 736
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Employability and study skills enhance the way of performance and motivate the employee in the context of this explain how the completion of the task and the model contributed to the achievement of the employability and study skills.
  • Employability and Study Skills are very crucial for development on the basis that provides personal reflection with the help of Kolb's and Gibb's reflective cycle.
  • On the basis of the research elaborate the role of leadership in achieving the overall success of Facebook.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook



Description: We were assigned a task about the leadership style of a successful leader in which Mark Zuckerberg was chosen as a successful leader. This was task assigned to us in which we have discussed about the leadership styles adopted by Mark Zuckerberg and how effectively he has been able to implement these leadership styles in order to make Facebook a successful social media platform. We were a group of 3 people working on this task. I was chosen as leader of the group because of my leadership capabilities (Baldwin, 2016). I had to do the research work, I gathered information from the credible sources, also I needed to maintain co-ordination & communication among us. My teammates were preparing slides, applied relevant academic models, reading/writing different forms of leadership styles Mark Zuckerberg used. By doing this task we got to know about different leadership styles, how Mark used these concepts of leadership styles, academic models. We also got to know about our own strengths & weaknesses.

Feelings: I was feeling very nervous because I was chosen as a leader for the first time while leading this assignment. We all were very excited also since this was our first challenging project to showcase our talent, and my team members were unstressed because I was chosen leader & they were comfortable in it. While leading the project I became very nervous because many tasks I was doing for the first time and also I faced challenges while doing them. Looking back at the situation when we were assigned this task, I would have preferred not to become team leader because at some point of time conflicts happened, which were difficult for me to resolve them. So I think someone from my team would have been a better team leader. During the task sometimes when things were not going as same as we thought, I became tensed, & when everything was happening great we rejoiced. When the assignment was completed I felt that there are many areas that I need to work upon. We were finally happy as we completed our assignment successfully, while also facing challenges.

Evaluation: My communication skills were excellent during the assignment. There was no problem in communication between us (Brett, 2019). We used to update each other after completing every single task. I also self managed myself & work. I maintained a perfect work-life balance during this task. My major contribution was to do research work in this assignment, although I faced many challenges while doing research work. Before this assignment was given, I have never done any kind of research work, since it was my first time so it was difficult for me to research and find credible sources. Sometimes what I needed, I was not able to find that on internet, which made me tensed, sad. While I was doing the research part my team members were doing reading/writing about different leadership styles, they applied relevant academic theories, they helped me in referencing my resources etc. These were the contributions from my team members. We used ICT devices such as smart phone, computer, software, web-browsers. Use of ICT's made our work so much easier, for ex smartphone helped in communication, co-ordination between us and web-browsers and other software helped us to do the writing/organizing/formatting part. ICT devices made. But things didn't worked quite well in between us during the assignment. We made many mistakes during the assignment , for ex, I did some mistakes in research part which led to further mistakes in writing part and reference part. Conflicts occurred in between us (Fook, 2017). My team members started arguing, blaming each other and due to all these, we couldn't complete our assignment in given time, this made us highly demotivated. We were like about to quit this project, but somehow I managed to convince them and then we started to work again. But due to all these, we were unable to complete our task in given time.

This assignment also helped me in improving my problem-solving skills. Since we had to deal with conflicts, so my problem-solving skills were very useful at that time.

Analysis: We learned so much while working on this assignment. I got to learn how Mark Zuckerberg used to tackle situations which we face daily at our workplace. We also got to learn how he applied leadership styles for his business idea. I learned that good leadership skills are so important. Good communication and co-ordination between team members also matters. Time management is extremely important too as we completed our assignment after the given time. For the first time I was chosen as a leader, I had to do the research work, but then I became nervous too at the same time because neither I have done research work nor lead any team earlier in my life. Though we faced many challenges like conflicts, poor time management and sometimes miscommunication too (Redmond, 2017). In future, I will make it clear that I will never be chosen as leader again, because I think I need to work upon my leadership skills, and in case if I get to become leader again, I will take care of proper time-management, smooth relations between team members, equal work distribution between each member, I also took relatively longer time to resolve conflicts between my team members that resulted in delay in completion of our assignment. 

Action plan: My action plan for the future situations is to improve my skills and also to acquire new skills. For ex, While I was doing research work, I analysed that my researching skills were not excellent, to improve that I will be doing more research based projects. Due to conflicts and poor time management we were unable to finish our work on time. So whenever I will get opportunity to work with professionals, I will learn, how they deal with any situation and how they tackle conflicts in between team members. And for time-management I will always set a given time period for every particular task for myself and will try to finish that task under that.

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While concluding, I can say that I had very negative experience when conflicts occurred in between us. I shouldn't have taken it on a lighter note earlier. As a leader it was my duty to resolve the conflict as soon as it occurred. Because of the conflicts and poor time-management we faced many problems, we were tensed, sad and became demotivated and also we were late in completing the assignment on time (Reynolds and Vince, 2017). My positive experience overall was that my communication skills, problem-solving skills were improved. I analysed that I need to work upon on my leadership skills and time-management skills.

Understanding and Leading change

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