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Understanding and Leading change

University: Brooklands College

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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Compare different organizational examples
  • Evaluate measure that can be taken to minimise negative impact of changes on organisation behaviour
  • Explain different barriers for changes and determine how it influence leadership decision making in AEGON
  • Apply different leadership approaches to deal with change
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


In the complex business environment it is very essential for the organisations to understand the need of changes in the firm and adopt strategies accordingly. Change is an inevitable part of organisations. It is essential to analyse issues in the firm and adopt certain changes which helps them to succeed in future time period. The chosen organisation in the report is AEGON. It is a life insurance, pensions and asset management company which is headquartered in Hague, Netherlands. The project will discuss about the different organisational examples where there has been impact of change on organisation's strategy and operations, internal and external drivers of change which affects leadership as well it also covers steps to minimise negative effects of change. It also determines various leadership approaches which the company may use in dealing with change effectively.

P1 Compare different organizational examples where there has been an impact of changes on an organization's strategy and operations

Business are performing their operations and functions with the motive of earning profit growth and welfare of the members within the society. Organisations operate in dynamic environment which needs to adapt changes in order to sustain. Here, are some of the factors like innovation, technological developments, changes in taxation policy which have impacted the performance of respective company and forced company to implement changes so that new ways of performing business operations could fulfil the goals and objectives of organisation in a definite time period.

As Aegon is a life insurance and pension company there are many organisations in the similar segment which will affect its profitability. So in order to be best among its competitors it is very essential for the company to introduce and implement changes to maintain growth and success of its company.

In order to analyse the impact of changes, organisation AEGON and its competitor AVIVA Plc has been considered and evaluation of both the companies are described below-




Structural change


Changes in Technological factors


P2 Evaluate the ways in which internal and external drives of change affects leadership, team and individual behaviour in an organisation

AEGON is a life insurance based company in which employees perform their job effectively to achieve desired goals and objectives . Hereby, their are various internal and external factors which affects the leadership and behaviour of individuals within the respective company which are discussed below-

Internal drivers- These drivers are present within the organisation such as financial management and cultural differences among employees. These are discussed below-

  • Cultural differences- It includes values , behaviour and attitudes of employees. These all factors affects the performance of team members. Difference in the value and attitude of the team member can overall effect the performance of team will ultimately reduce the productivity of respective company. Hereby, it will create impact on decision making of leaders for handling team effectively.
  • Financial management- Funds are the backbone of the company in performing business operations effectively. Lack of funds in AEGON, will directly impact the performance of individuals in performing the assigned work. Respective company can resolve the problem by enhancing operational leadership which will help them to improve performance of individuals and teams in a proper manner.

External factors- These are the factors which are not in control of the company and effects the performance and productivity of the firm. These drivers are determined by PEST analysis.

  • Political- Change in the political factors such as changes in taxation policy and changes in rules and regulation may affect public funding. Aegon should follow the rules and regulations of the government for smooth functioning. These rules and regulations directly affects leaders decision for dealing with the change in laws . It also impacts the performance of individual for properly executing their work in changing structure of business.
  • Economical- These factors include change in interest rate, employment factors, inflation rate which directly affects the leadership, teams and individuals. Decision of the leader is

P3 Evaluate measure that can be taken to minimise negative impact of changes on organisation behaviour

Certain measures are taken by the company in order to minimise the negative impact of changes in the respective organisation which are as follows-

  • As the employees in the respective organisation resist to change as they are comfortable with all the processes within organisation. They don't readily accept the change. For reducing the resistance of employees , management of AEGON should provide rewards and benefits to employees for heir high performance. This would motivate the employees to work effectively and readily accept the change.
  • When the change is implemented in the organisation it makes business operations a long and complex in nature which sometimes become difficult for the individual to adapt. In such case Aegon should provide effective training to its team members to cope up with change and perform effectively.

PDCA Model- In order to overcome the negative impacts of change AEGON, used PDCA model to carry out changes in the organisation effectively. This model comes up with four steps i.e. plan , do, check, act. These four levels greatly help the managers to determine issues of changes and appropriate actions can be taken to improve the level of performance. It also helps the leader in decision making process of change.

  • Planning- In this stage, leaders of the organisation determines the issues or the problems regarding the change and plans appropriate strategy to implement the change. In context to Aegon, it plans change for implementing innovative technology in its business operation by working on updated software which would handle customer data efficiently.
  • Do- In this leader develops and implements suitable solutions for overcoming the impact of the issue effectively. In such case Aegon designs efficient training programmes for all the team members and individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge to perform task in a effective model.
  • Check- In this managers compares the obtained results with the expects results to measure the impact of the change in respective company. Leader of the respective company should measure the changes that it has benefited the organisation. After analysing the impact of he changes leader develops plan strategies according to the requirements and take the benefit of change accordingly.
  • Act- In the last phase, effective ideas and suggestions are addressed for different types of problems. If the change in the respective organisation is not benefiting the company as well as individuals certain actions should be taken by proper conducting time to time market analysis. This would solve the problem and better decisions could be taken.

P4 Explain different barriers for changes and determine how it influence leadership decision making in AEGON

Their are different barriers of change which affects decision making of leadership in the respective company. With the help of force field analysis model it helps the company to analyse the driving as well as resisting forces of change.

Force Field Analysis Model

In analysing the implementation of change there are two forces such as driving forces which helps in sustaining change and the other is resisting forces which are the hindering factors and doesn't allow change to be implemented in respective organisation. It is a useful tool for the leaders in effective decision making.

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In context to the Aegon, its driving forces for change are-

  • Customer demand new services of pension and life insurance.
  • Use of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence for competitive edge which will record data of several customers which enables them to target more individuals.

Resisting forces of change in context to Aegon are-

  • High cost for using advanced technology and effective training of employees.
  • Lack of employee support within the respective organisation as they are not ready to accept changes to perform their business activities in different way.

Different barriers of change

Change is required in the organisation in order to sustain and compete against its rivals. But, there are some barriers to implement change which are described below-

Lack of involvement of employees- At the time of introducing change in the organisation, employees doesn't involve as they always have a fear of reduction in their responsibility and importance in work place. So the leader of AEGON should effectively involve all the employees which will make them feel important as well as generates more unique and innovative ideas which would be beneficial for company.

In effective communication- When change is introduced in the organisation it should be communicated to all the employees. Lack of communication about change creates a barrier in decision making of leader. In effective communication leads to ineffective productivity and affects business growth. Aegon leaders should effectively communicate with all its employees and makes them realise the importance and need for change .

Undue complexity- Change in the organisation can be long and complicated process which requires lot of time which sometimes result in failure to implement change successfully.

Analyse the driving and resisting forces to determine how they influence leadership


In context to Aegon, its driving forces are Customers demand for new services and the advanced technology which forces the organisation to implement change in the organisation. It influences leadership decisions within the respective company to plan and apply different strategies and communicate to all the employees the benefits of changes. It influences leader to guide and motivate its followers properly for taking the advantage of change .

In context to Aegon, resisting forces of change are high cost and lack of support of employees which influences leadership decisions. Leader should involve employees during the decision related to change and explain the benefits of change to them which would increase their satisfaction level and helps in successful decision making.

P5 Apply different leadership approaches to deal with change

Leadership is an art of motivating individual or a group of persons who influences or guide other members within the workplace for achieving goals and objectives of organisation. Leader perform various functions such as communicating clear mission and vision within the employees and provide proper information and knowledge which help to perform business activities efficiently. There are various leadership approaches used by AEGON to deal with changes effectively which are described below-

Situational Leadership- It is an adaptive leadership style in which leader of the organisation adjust their style in order to influence the followers to behave and work accordingly . In this, style of leadership may change continuously in order to meet the needs of organisation based on situation. In context to AEGON, management use situational approach to deal with change effectively. Such as in case of conflict between the employees within the organisation regarding change in business operation because of adoption of new technology. Leaders behave according to the situation and develop strategies to resolve issue at the earliest. In such issue, leaders and managers analyse the cause for the problem and develops various rules and regulations and implement them which leads to reduction of conflicts.

Democratic Leadership- In this type of leadership style, leader involves their followers in decision making process. This makes the followers feel as an important part of the organisation and it also helps the leaders in successfully implementing the change. When employees are involved in taking decision regarding change in AEGON, it makes them analyse the importance of change which helps in successful implementation.

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With the help of Lewin's change model, AEGON can implement the change ef

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