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Reflection And Academic Skills

University: Ravensbourne University London

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Mindmap regarding academic skills

While taking active part in the seminar and workshop I have developed idea within me to extract the knowledge from various academic activities. While developing understanding from about different areas such as CSR, IMF, and BTB I have understood the principles of paraphrasing. Knowledge is also developed about citation and referencing. In addition to that, I have understood the ways through which I can summarize the content on any area. Mindmap is the framework of the whole academic plan that helps in maintaining right track. For example, while paraphrasing the text on refugee, I could easily make it more precise and concise making it explicit.

Immigration writing style

Immigration refers to migrate from one place to another due to several factors such as governmental policies. While writing on this, I have focused a specific country and displayed the statistics of immigration in the preceding years. The role of government and any restriction introduced, were also been explained. It could be noticed that I have maintained flair in writing while taking about current state of immigration in the chosen country. The writing style followed the academic approach maintain flow using explicit words and phrases. I developed my knowledge about academic writing style that would help in future in academic projects.

Paraphrasing about CSR

Corporate social responsibility refers to the principles of social and environmental consciousness while operating any business regardless of sectors. Different sources such as web sources (online materials), books and journals have been used to deduce knowledge about CSR. I have used the online sources majorly as it has provided me with the chance of using vast number of sources. After reading the material, I have paraphrased those, meaning writing the concepts using own words. Maintaining academic honesty is crucial, therefore following the principles I have developed my content. Notably, sources used to develop content have been cited to avoid plagiarism.

Refection about citation, referencing and plagiarism

Citation is the quotation or the reference to any academic source (e.g. book, journals, and websites) to maintaining academic honesty and integrity. It can be published or unpublished sources. On this note, it should be referred that citation upholds intellectual honesty and giving correct sources is very crucial following any of the citation style (Harvard, APA and MLA). There can be different styles as well e.g. in-text, footnote and endnote.

Material contained at the footnote or in the bibliography is called referencing. In citation, name of the author, year and page number (optional) is given and in the reference list information such as name of the publishing house, name of the journal and articles are listed alphabetically. Basically, the readers come to know, what sources of which authors have been used to develop content. In my project, I have used Harvard referencing format after downloading the guides from university site (Westby, 2017).

Plagiarism is to possess someone else's idea or work as own work. It violates the principles of academic integrity and honesty. When someone takes idea from other author's academic source but fails to cite the source or refer the reference then plagiarism comes in. In order to avoid this citation is a must.

Synthesis about IMF

I have been provided with two sources to augment my understanding about IMF, from which I have used the first source (Tech.mit.edu, 2017). The author vividly describes the structural adjustment agreement in time of issuing any loan. From this, it is noted that monetary austerity, fiscal austerity, privatization and export-oriented growth are the areas on which the body works to maintain strictness and restrict unfair conduct for self-interest. The effect of these initiatives has been laid down creating a decisive impact on the economy of developing country. From the discussion made, I have developed clear understanding about this and understood its significance in present context.

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Defining research

The author always searches for a new area or a new dimension of the same topic to research on unexplored areas. Literature review is very crucial to determine the area of interest where further research could be conducted. Research is required to develop knowledge about a topic and assess the unexplored area or come up with a new dimension (Marshall et al. 2013). Different sources exist in different areas in digital or printed format, but this would be the sole responsibility of the researcher to consider the authentic and relevant academic sources. Online database offers wide range of sources and it can be used for the same purpose keeping the reliability and validity in mind.

Evaluation of source about BTB

Ban the Box (BTB) is a global campaign, aiming towards removing the check box whether the applicant holds any criminal records. I have chosen the area regarding the policy update by the Federal Reserve Bank. The source is basically a journal article that has been found from online scholarly sites (Google Scholar). Sources, name of publishing journal, name of the year along were mentioned. The source is a current one and it is applicable in my area of research. The intension of the source is to assess the movement against ban the box. It has also been aimed to evaluate the initiatives taken the government explaining negotiation strategies (Capponi et al. 2016). I have found that the authors have cited or referred the used sources in form of bibliography which boosts the credibility of the article. In addition to that, it has also been seen that wide number of scholarly sources have been used that illustrates that authors hold a neutral position not biased. The article also tells the story from different point of views of the different parties involved in the process making it more credible and reliable. However, arguments could be out forward by stating that distinguishes between the facts and opinion is quite tough as sometimes whether the author is opining or stating the fact is difficult to understand. Overall, the source helped in answering the chosen area aptly exploring different dimensions to make the study credible to the authors.

Reference List

  • Capponi, A., Dooley, J.M., Oet, M.V. and Ong, S.J., (2016). Capital and resolution policies: The US interbank market.Journal of Financial Stability.
  • Marshall, B., Cardon, P., Poddar, A. and Fontenot, R., (2013). Does sample size matter in qualitative research?: A review of qualitative interviews in IS research.Journal of Computer Information Systems,54(1), pp.11-22.
  • Tech.mit.edu. (2017).In Protest of the IMF and World Bank - The Tech. Available from: http://tech.mit.edu/V120/N17/col17plaro.17c.html [Accessed on 12 Feb. 2017].
  • Westby, C., (2017). Character Referencing and Working Memory.Word of Mouth,28(3), pp.1-5.

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