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Reflective Essay

University: Blackburn College

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1698
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: EDU20005
  • Downloads: 8063
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  • Introduction on reflective Essay
  • College impact on individual
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Before entering into university I was a bit nervous about what subject I must choose for developing a better and successful career. But then after assessing several information and future success scope they provide, I decided to opt for Business management because this provide student an overall development opportunity. The current report is a reflective essay which includes personal experience while studying within the university. This assignment is divided into two parts where first task is about what help me in developing as a learner and second task is about how this learning will help in approaching future challenges and expectation of university course.

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As studying into college brings on several positive as well as negative experience which support a person in its development and growth for future success. I also move through several things that has supported me in enhancing my skills and knowledge. There are number of activities that are performed in this university during my course which supported me up to a great extend in improving my knowledge. During classroom lectures we are assigned with a some group work where I had learned about several new things as in group we generally share our knowledge with one another. This supported me in increasing my knowledge as by having group discussion I came to learn about things which are not covered during our classes  (Uhl and Gollenia, 2016). Apart from this group work also supported in developing team work skills and ways to resolve the conflicts that may arises while working in a group. In addition to this it also supported me in identifying the common mistakes that are made during work which can affect the presentation of work done.

Apart from this through group work I also came to know about the way through which research cam be perform in a better way. It also includes different methods through which relevant information can be collected that support in evidencing the research work. This help me in learning that what things to be consider while making a selection of source for collecting information. For completing our group work assignment we also performed online research for collecting the content related to our topic. This help us in exploring our knowledge by reading about different facts or information which are related with our current topic. This support us in identifying several queries that we have regarding our topic and then we discussed it with our lecturer. These activities throughout our course supported me in developing my reading and writing skills as students are grouped by lecturers for assigning the particular topic to research over and developing a report over it (Schaper and et. al., 2014). Apart from this it also supported in developing me as a good researchers and also provide and opportunity to explore or enhance my knowledge through online learning as well as by share own knowledge within group. In addition to this it also supported in developing an understanding of how to work in a team and cooperate with other to achieve the desire objectives.


Though college brings on several learning and development opportunities for students, but it is not always be possible for a person to learn things over a first attempt. I have learned so many things from group work that was assigned by our teacher for improving our knowledge as well as understanding regarding my course. As group discussion open up several facts or information which is not possible to cover within a lecture. This activity help me in developing my reading, writing, researching and team work skills that will support in my career. But apart from this, I was not able to improve my presentation skills. Because while working in a group the work was divided among group members to simplify it and performing in an effective manner. Therefore, I didn't get a chance to represent a power point presentation regarding the information about topic. Because of which my hesitation of giving a presentation and speaking up in front of people still remains the same. This may affect my future performance as I don't have any knowledge about how to give presentation in front of others which is more explanatory  and informative.


But I have decide to work over it for developing my presentation as well as communicational skills by taking addition classes for it. I have decided to research online about how to make a presentation more effective which support in garbing the attention of listeners. In addition to this I will also attend seminar and other guest lectures that our university organise for students to develop among them presentation and inter personal skill for their career advancement (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016). These all support in developing presentation skills which is very essential for a management student as they have to give presentation several time during meeting as  part of their job. Apart from this communication skill is also an essential part of a management student for getting a better job and performing effectively over it. So in order to improve it I have decided to take participate other several activities like debate, group discussion etc. This support in improving the communication skills and also help in removing the hesitation of speaking up in public (Mariotti and Glackin, 2015). These both plans will support in improving my presentation as well as communicational skills which support in dealing with future challenges that may be faced during assignments as well as task given by lecturers which I required to be present and explained in front of others. Get the best homework help from professional experts in UK at an affordable budget.


From the above report it can be summarised the business management course is a overall development program for a student which support them in learning several different skills throughout their course. These abilities support them in developing a base for better future and career. It includes reading, writing, presentation, researching, information gathering, data analysing and communication skills. These skills support them in presenting their work in an more efficient manner and also support them in influencing others for working as a team toward accomplishment of a common goal.


Portfolio Evidence:- How can business grow

The topic selected for the portfolio of evidence is “How can business grow”, as it is one of the most crucial factor under the concept of business management. This topic provide a detail explanation about various methods or tactics that a person must use in order to make its business grow and sustain in competitive environment (Ward, 2016). The portfolio includes the description of various factors that a company must consider and try to improve over it by brining some unique ideas for  standing apart among rivals. The idea behind selecting the topic “How can business grow” for populating a portfolio is that it is most prominent factor within the business environment. It provide a detail understanding about the sources or tactics that can be used within the business to  maintain its position within the marketplace. It depict about the ways through which a business can create value in front of its customers.

As for the growth and sustainability of a business, it is very essential for a company to deliver quality of services to its customers and try to satisfy their need or expectations through their offerings. For creating value among customers it is also very essential for a company to fulfil the promises which they made with its users and ensuring their satisfaction with their services. In addition to this for keeping business grow, a company always try to bring innovation in their current product or services. This will support in enhancing the quality of product as per the requirement of end users and also help in  keeping customers engaged with business for a longer period of time  (Swift and Piff, 2014). This is because when the need of customers get fulfilled, they started demanding more and if company remain stick over single product then their target market will switch to other competitors for satisfying their expectation.

The information for portfolio is selected through internet, library, newspaper, magazines, case study and study material. From which the internet is selected as a major source of information’s collection in order to evidence the facts of portfolio. The reason behind selecting this source is that it is more reliable source which provided accurate and current information about the various tactics that companies generally uses for the growth of their business. Apart from this internet provide information in a wider context and evident it with different theories or models given by philosophers all around the world. This supported me up-to a great extend in collecting information and developing an understanding about the measures as well as action that must be taken for business growth. In addition to this case studies in books and magazines also supported me in gaining a knowledge regarding tactics that a company must use for its future growth (Dalton, 2017). Further these case studies also supported in identifying the ways through which companies can overcome from their situation and bring their business back to its growth stage.


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