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Effects of Technology on Education Today and in Future

University: London School Of Management Education

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Question :

Topic- Effects of technology on education today and in future

Assessment Criteria

  • Produce a detailed overview of the relevant characteristics of the environment in which your research is conducted.
  • Discuss and explain the research question that will be addressed with a brief reference to relevant research literature.
  • Describe and justify the research paradigm pertaining to your data collection and demonstrate in detail the features of the instrument you are going to use.
  • Produce a brief account of the analysis of data collected.
  • Produce a brief overview of the analysis of data collected.
  • Examine the opportunities for the development of research based on the conducted research.
Answer :


It has a significant prominent role in knowledge or information due to its variable ability and its potential to make connections among students. Change-oriented approach believes in a change in IT, and has changed the equipment and even the policies as well as educational goals (Shatunova et. al., 2019). In addition, information technology is playing the most important role for both teachers and students. It helps students to attain an enhanced understanding, learning, and education while assisting educators to remain up to date as well as develop their teaching skills. Technology plays an important role in the education industry of the United Kingdom (Colbert, Yee, and George, 2016). There are different education policies in the UK. These are firstly in the late 1980s an institutionalized national educational program was presented for students matured somewhere in the range of 7 and 16 (Dennis Frezzo, 2020). The reason for the national educational plan was to increase expectations by guaranteeing that all students study an endorsed set of subjects up to a base level until the age of 16. The subsequent arrangement changes in 1998, was the presentation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies (Bulman and Fairlie, 2016). These methodologies included every single elementary school assigning some portion of the day-by-day educational program to proficiency and numeracy hours, with a particular point of building up online studies of essential aptitudes. In the era of the present-day education field, the adoption of technology has become one of the important decisions for the majority, of academic institutions (Bulman and Fairlie, 2016). As technology has affected almost every aspect of today's life it has also impacted the way things are presented and also taught in the classroom (Colbert, Yee, and George, 2016). Computing is a major tool used in the terms of connecting with younger generations. Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to use technology as it is much more interactive as well as helps students in the increment of their knowledge (Bulman and Fairlie, 2016). Technology will help in the increment of knowledge about the specific area of the field. The role of technology in education includes aspects like part of the curriculum, instructional delivery system, and so on that help in enhancing the entire learning process.

As the use of technology helps workers to do things differently than they did before. In the current day, the use of technology also helps students in understanding as well as retaining concepts better (Lek et. al., 2015). Information and communication technology imply a role that is being played by unified communication as well as the integration of telecommunication, computers along with other essential components that aid people to have access, storage, transmission, and manipulation of information (Flick, 2015). Within the education system, it can be utilized as a tool for improving the learning of individuals by making use of technology such as laptops, Digital and media literacy courses, and so on. With the enhancement of technology, the educational industry is opting for making use of communication software through which information can be transmitted, stored as well as exchanged among different students. Basically, by opting for technical assistance will be provided to students for enhancing their learning capabilities by computer-aided education. As technology is rapidly evolving it is essential that it is a part of the curriculum so that students can be technologically sound and understand different aspects related to this.

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Research Aim:

The main aim of this research is to identify the effects of technology on education today and in the future.

Research Objectives

  • What are the types of technologies that are utilized in the education sector?
  • What is the influence of technologies within the education sector?
  • What are the ways in which types of technologies could be utilized in the education sector in the future?


Investigating the technologies that are used in the education sector in the United Kingdom

The primary purpose of this research is to explore the effect of technology on education today and in future. Mainly, this study focuses on the use of technology in current scenario that support each person in improving their day to day activities. Along with this, another factor include by researcher within the research is to effectively understand the actual advantage and effectiveness of using technology that is beneficial for students in their education and learning as well (Bulman and Fairlie, 2016). With the assistance of this research, researcher is also able to use different published opinion towards the effects of technology on education today and in future as it may also aid in provide necessary suggestions in order to improve the overall performance of students and educational institution as well.

As per the view of John and Wheele (2015), Education is improving and enhancing regularly, schools are using Artificial intelligence, and mobile learning to educate students. Technology is becoming an essential tool for carrying out daily learning and skill development activities (Gioia, Corley and Hamilton, 2013). There are tools and electronics which are used by educational institutions for their students and some of those are discussed below:

Electronic whiteboard As per the view of Shatunova and et. al., (2019), these boards are very effective and useful while giving group all the instructions and guidelines. Also, students find it more persuasive and attractive for learning. Teachers can use whiteboards for several purposes and teaching various subjects such as Languages, social science and mathematics.

Desktops and laptops Laptops and desktops make it easy and remove the need for students and teachers to carry textbooks. This software also, helps teachers to manage students records and activities along with managing their daily actions (Mohammadyari and Singh, 2015).

System Used in Classroom






Main advantage of desktop in education as it helps students in its studies and in making a career choice.

Distraction from actual studies are main drawback of this system in education (Green, Camilli and Elmore, 2012).


One of the main advantage of laptop as it is more easy to carry around, can use anywhere and anytime.

Laptop gets more viruses which is main disadvantage of this system.

Desktops and laptops- Through laptops and desktops more new and updated software such as desktop and laptop that can be used as there are several software are being developed and introduced in marketplace in relation with education sector. Laptops and desktops make it easy and remove the need for students and teachers to carry textbooks. This software also, helps teachers to manage students records and activities along with managing their daily actions (Mohammadyari and Singh, 2015). 

Projectors- These are effective and mostly used when the size of classrooms is large having more numbers of students. A projector is connected to a laptop and internet device and projects all content on the big white screen in front of the classroom (Types of Classroom Technologies. 2017). It allows the tutor to conduct their explanation and reach a larger student size and enables students to sit at the back to have a clear view of what is going on in the auditorium.

Computer networking- This is the way of using technology, teachers can manage and monitor what is happening and what students are doing in classrooms through their personal computers. Computer Networking also interconnects all the classrooms for sharing resources and study materials which reduces waste of time and double security of data (Gros and García-Peñalvo, 2016). The justification of opting for this type of technology is that UK is a developed country and such technologies could be supplied to educational institutions. Get best discounts on our assignment writing services Now!

Influence of technology on the education sector in the context of United Kingdom

As Brenneis (2019), for the education sector in United Kingdom, mobile connectivity gives an effective chance to offer a unique way of online learning that ultimately will enhance results and performance. Technology enhances the development of people productively and efficiently. It has both negative as well a positive influence on the education of children. With the assistance of phones, tablets & innovative gadgets, students get information easily and instantly which assists them to complete their assignments or projects. Technology helps in retaining knowledge of students in a long time (John and Wheeler, 2015). Modern technologies improve teaching systems in schools as now they are shifted towards smart boards.

According to the Claudia (2017), Technology supports an individual in improving their understanding of the specific area of study. In addition to this, new technologies develop the mind of students and save their time of gaining information.

As per the view presented by Vickers (2020), the web is an amazing learning apparatus that provides exceptional access to data around the globe in an assortment of organizations, for example, video, internet games, writes and even documented material. Outfitting education industry of UK with Wi-Fi that is quick, secure and safe will assist educators with maximizing the estimation of the web in their own study halls (How technology will shape the future of education, 2020). It additionally furnishes understudies with a chance to move toward an errand all the more imaginatively, to upgrade their comprehension of the material. Moreover, technology assists students to simplify complex projects and complete them within the time frame. It builds motivation and boots the confidence level of students.

On the other hand, Mokyr and et. al., (2015), highlight the negative impact of modern technologies on education is it declines the creativity level of students as they use the internet frequently to gain any sort of information. Students simply copy and paste the data so that they can get high grades. Nowadays students prefer to spend their time on television or more on social media apps rather than studying. The major negative aspect is misinformation as students can negatively use information. Using technology extremely makes students lazy and dependent and they are not using their mind to solve problems or complete assignments.

Determining the manner in which technologies could be employed in the future

As per views of Kali (2020), the future time will focus on emerging education and technological trends which helps to replace the textbooks in future. It includes the fact there should be few remarkable technologies which may use in future education system to make it better for students. Moreover, the online education is growing day by day so that future education may be based on the same concept. In context of future, mobile learning, can be utilized by educational institutes as that will aid students to make practical implementation of things they are learning either they are related with networking or mechanics, they can design their own things and analyse impact that will be created by this. Furthermore, through holography each student can have unique online sessions as it will enable them to see teacher in front of them though it will be a virtual environment but it will provide a realistic environment for students (McCusker and Gunaydin, 2015). This denotes that the way or kind of technology that is being implemented will lead to have amplified results in context of knowledge.


This section of the research report will describe and justify how the research went about data collection. Research methodology is a process that was used by the investigator with purpose of collecting reliable and valid data about the specify area of study (Flick, 2015). There is requirement of some useful methods which will be determined as below:

Research Paradigm: This introduces as a broad framework of understanding, belief, perception within which practices and theories operate. There are two types of research paradigm which named positivism and interpretivisim. This research is based on quantitative study and for this, positivism paradigm is more suitable. Positivism is the term that applied to describe the approach to the research of society that relies generally on scientific evidence, including statistics and experience (Positivism, 2020). As it helps in gathering of quantitative and numerical information regarding the effects of technology on education today and in future. It supports researcher within gathering information by making use of questionnaire and having valid outcomes that are measurable in nature. On the other side, interpretivism paradigm relies on qualitative data which will be not suitable for current study because it takes more resources (Green, Camilli and Elmore, 2012). The disadvantage of interpretivisim is that, it is subjective in nature. Thus, it is not being used by researcher but other reasons like researcher imposition, low reliability and various others makes it unsuitable. Thus, positivism is used as it is useful and valuable that do not need maximum number of resources.Take hnd assignment help Now!

Data collection: Within an investigation, primary source of data collection will be g applied. Under primary source of data collection, questionnaire introduces as an important method of data collection. As this source support an investigator in collection of true i.e. that has direct relation with research topic and primary data regarding the effects of technology on education today and in future. How to collect data: Questionnaire introduces as an effective technique of data collection that will be used by researcher for collecting information and data about the impact of technology in education industry. In this, different number of close-ended questions will be prepared that turn to helps researcher by providing quantitative and valid data about the current study. There are many considerations that supported the framing of questionnaire includes the working material read in books and over internet along with the suggestion of tutors.

In order to collect information about the effects of technology on education today and in future, questionnaire instrument will be used. Main reason behind using questionnaire for this research as it is cost and time effective, also sometimes provide valid and reliable information as compare to other instruments. (Mackenzie and et. al., 2012).

Characteristic: One of the main characteristic of questionnaire as it support researcher in gathering of valid and quantitative information about the current topic.

Benefit: They are relatively easy for researcher to collect and analyze information in reliable manner.

Drawback: The major drawback of questionnaire is that it limits the responses of audience.

Research design: It is defined as an effective framework of techniques and methods selected by an investigator to combine different components of study in a logical manner. There are three types of research design which are descriptive, exploratory and experimental (Saywitz and et. al., 2019). These are effective types of research design but for doing current investigation, descriptive design will be used. Main reason behind using descriptive design as it supports in identification of the impact of technology on education today and in future in accurate manner. This design also helps in driving of valid conclusion about the study.

Sampling techniques: Sampling is essential part of research methodology which is divided into two techniques such as probability and non-probability. Within an investigation, probability sampling will be applied as it helps in selection of sample size on random basis. 50 respondents will be selected on random basis. Main purpose of selecting random sampling as there is possibility for researcher to select sample on random basis (Miller and et. al., 2012).

Research Ethics: This denotes professional code of conduct as well as moral rules that are associated with moral rules to gather, analyse, report and publish data with respect to peculiar area of study. The research ethics involves confidentiality, intellectual property, carefulness, honesty and responsible publication (Shatunova and et. al.,2019). In primary research they have to be considered extensively for making sure that output of study is robust as well as relevant. Major research ethics which will be utilized within research includes informed consent, anonymity and confidentiality (BERA ethical guidelines 2020).


For collecting quantitative data about the selected topic, coding analysis will be used. This method help researcher in analyzation of quantitative data within given time period. (Quinlan and et. al., 2019).

Data Interpretation: All the data comes from the analysis of the viewpoints of different respondents associated with research.

Q1) What types of technologies you used in providing education to the students?


a) Projectors


b) Video conferencing Classroom Technologies


c) Mobile learning


d) Virtual Field Trips


e) Many other


Table 1: Types of technologies in education

Interpretation: Majority of participants have view as projectors are main technology that used within education industry for providing education to the students. Projectorsenable education industry to make bullet PowerPoint presentations or other extremely organized notes for the course group. With the make use of projectors in the education, students can take notes with the aptitude to distinguish what information the educator displays is most useful to them.

Q1) According to me, in what manner technology impact on education today?


a) Positive


b) Negative


c) Neutral


Table 2: Positive and negative impact of technology

Interpretation: It has been interpreted positive and negative impact of technology on education today. For this statement, 34 out of 50 faculties have idea a technology has positive impact on education industry.

Theme 3: Positive effect of technology on education today

Q3) What are the positive effect of technology on education today?


a) Increased motivation and self esteem


b) Accomplishment of more complex Tasks


c) Increased use of outside resources


Table 3: Positive effect of technology on education today

Interpretation: This table has been interpreted positive effect of technology on education today, with all options being identified by a substantial number of respondents. There are some positive effects of technology including increased motivation and self-esteem, accomplishment of more complex task and increased use of outside resources.

Theme 4: Negative impact of technology on education

Q4) What are the negative impact of technology on education?


a) Declining writing skills


b) Increasing incidents of cheating


c) Lack of Focus


Table 4: Negative impact of technology on education

Interpretation: This table shows some negative impact of technology on education, with a substantial number again identifying each of the options.

Theme 5: Role of technology in the education of the future

Q5 What are the main role of technology in the education of the future?


a) Deep understanding of concepts


b) Advanced learning


c) Practical Knowledge


Table 5: Role of technology in the education of the future

Interpretation :- From the above mentioned information it has been found that 18 out of 50 respondents said technology brings deep understanding, while 17 said that it bring advanced learning but 15 said it provide practical knowledge. Majority of people are in favour of deep understanding as technology saves lecture time and provide more detailed information regarding area of study.

Theme 6: Effectiveness of technology is important in increasing learner’s knowledge about the specific field

Q6) According to you, technology is important in increasing learner’s knowledge about the specific field?


a) Yes


b) No


Table 6: Effectiveness of technology is important in increasing learner’s knowledge about the specific field.

Interpretation: - From the above mentioned information it has been identified that 40 out of 50 respondents said that the technology is important towards increasing the learners knowledge regarding a specific area as it involve range of tools or techniques which provide the practical experiences about a study. On the other hand, 10 respondents said no to this.

Theme 7: Technology can be involved for improving educational practices toward better future.

Q7) In what manner, technology can be involved for improving educational practices toward better future?


a) Digital Simulations and Models


b) Online lectures


c) Online group collaboration


Table 7: Technology can be involved for improving educational practices toward better future

Interpretation:- As per the above mentioned information it has been identified that the 19 out of 50 respondents said that the digital simulation and model can be add to enhance the educational practices, while 17 said that online lecture can aid in education but 14 said online group collaboration is best possible way to improve performance. From this it has been identified that digital simulation and models is best technology to adopt for improving the educational practice toward better further as it help in presenting the features where students can apply their knowledge and experience the subject area to gain practical knowledge.


This research helped me by providing the opportunity to improve my research skills. Along with this, by performing this research I faced lot of issues such as lack of time, selection of sample size, development of aims and objectives etc. These issues impacted on my performance and confidence level while I need to complete full project in given time. To deal with these issues, I followed principles of ethical consideration and also doing each activities of study in systematic manner. In order to gathered information about the topic, I prepared questionnaire which also supported me by providing valid data.

In order to develop this work further in the dissertation, I Try to collect data from a student perspective on the use of ICT in schools. In order to gather this information I would to use Interview because it helps me in identification of students perspective and opinion about the use of ICT. In educationis the useful mode ofeducationthat uses information as well as communications technology in order to support, improve, and optimise the delivery of data. ICTcan lead to an enhanced student learning and betterteachingmethods. Along with this, collecting data about ICT and its importance in education, I will used to take interview of students. This is a toll of primary data collection that will be beneficial for me in collecting of reliable and qualitative information within lesser time period.

As it will help in completion of research systematically. As it will help me in completion of each activities of study in accurate manner. I have utilized number of strategies for social affair data about the effects of technology on education today and in the future. I utilized survey that encourages me by giving dependable and quantitative information. Similarly as with the utilization of quantitative information I become increasingly ready to achieve explore point and targets inside a given time frame. I likewise utilized number of optional sources, for example, books, magazines, articles, distribution explore and so forth. These are viable hot spots for me, when I required auxiliary and inside and out data about the present theme. Alongside this, survey and books, journals and so forth sources upheld me in gathering of essential and auxiliary data about the examination. Want Free assignment Examples ? Try now!

Survey is progressively successful strategy since it not expends additional time and furthermore gives legitimate and dependable information about the point. I additionally utilized deductive methodology, positivism reasoning, quantitative sort of research and numerous others. All these are compelling for me when I need information in solid way and in lesser time term.

By gathering secondary information for the literature review I confronted a few issues, for example, data might be mistaken and out-of information, not spread example of the populace, not restrictive data and numerous other. These are serious issues looked by me during gathering of secondary data for literature review

By carrying out this project, I have analyzed effects which are being created by technology on education at present as well as future context. Various technologies are being utilized within education that aids within enhancement of ways teaching activities are being carried out. I found that tools that are used by educational institutes are electronic whiteboards, desktops along with laptops, projectors, computer networking etc. These are the ways that enables educational institutes to enhance their operations. An instance can be taken to understand this concept like by usage of projectors things can be visualized in an appropriate manner and it will become easy for individuals to understand aspects by visualizing them. The instance is taken for illustrating impact that is created by this.

I saw that mobile connectivity renders efficacious way through which unique learning as well as teaching can be acquired. There are wide ranges of benefits that are being provided by technology like through usage of gadgets (such as tablets, phones or computers) students can have enhanced knowledge that will aid them to carry out their projects in an adequate manner. Furthermore, knowledge associated with other aspects like general knowledge will also be attained. But there also exist some limitations like creativity level of students decline as they make use of technology for each aspect as it provides them with answer to each problem. This, impacts thinking of a student which denotes that they are completely dependent on technology for carrying out their assignments. But by taking into consideration above sections, I have found that though there are positive effects of technology, but their negative sides must also be taken into consideration before individuals get addicted to those gadgets.

As per above analysis technology is evolving at faster pace which implies that with enhancement in technology educational standards will also be improvised as things can be done practically which may not be possible otherwise. With respect to this, an instance can be taken into consideration like at present scenario people make use of their technologies such as mobile, desktop etc to attend online classes which may seem boring if student is not interested in learning that topic as it may be completely theoretical or practical is done by someone else. Through evolution in technology 3D aspects came along with augmented reality which provides individuals with a view where they feel they are doing themselves. Furthermore, through the usage of holography in which people will able to see people in front of them. For an instance, when this technology is being utilized in education sector then teachers can be available fro students for clearing their problems via a virtual environment and this will provide them with an enhanced experience like they are sitting in a class.

I observed that technology must be applied within education sector in UK like internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, remote laboratories, virtual & augmented reality etc. They will lead to enhance the practical levels of students. For this, different technological events can be carried out by them where different aspects like software or robots must be developed so that students can have basic start. This will lead to develop a creativity as well as thinking abilities among them and zeal to learn. It will also develop team working or collaborative skills among them. This enables them to articulate knowledge levels both in visual as well as verbal way. In addition to this, students have opportunity to have adequate knowledge by being in their own country only instead of going abroad to develop their capabilities.

I have utilized questionnaire to analyse the overall impact of technology on education levels by taking into consideration viewpoint of different individuals who are associated with education departments or are students. Like kind of technologies that are utilized, different individuals have distinct viewpoints and accordingly they have responded by furnishing adequate justification for the same. All the major aspects like kinds of technologies used, its impact both in terms of affirmatives and pessimistic are also addressed to have in-depth knowledge about crucial aspects related with technology. In addition to this, it also involves role that will be played while rendering education in context of future and ways in which educational practices will be enhanced. Simulation can be utilized in which things will be simulated by making use of some software and it will provide students with practical implementation and knowledge about how things are being done. Questionnaire is an instrument of primary data collection that has been used for collecting reliable information about the study. Under this method, I make different number of close-ended questions and analysis opinion of educational sector of UK about the role of technology in today and in future.

By conducting this study, I have found that technology have important role within education level along with this I also acknowledged different technologies which will lead education sector to have impelling results. This enables me to enhance my skills and knowledge related with different technologies which exist and can be utilized in different aspects. For carrying out this research, descriptive designs have been used as it provides thorough information about impact that is created by technology.

Interview is another method of primary data collection that could be used in future for collecting information about the topic. It is an alternative part of research methodology that supports me in gathering of valid information from the participants. Under this method, I will require to make some close-ended questions. As it will support me in gathering of data in reliable as well as valid manner.


From the above mention data, it has been concluded that technology plays an important role in success and growth of education industry. Most of the respondents are agree as technology is useful in the education today and in future. Projector is a main type of technology that is agreed by majority of participants as it helped in saving of time and also increased knowledge about the subject in proper manner. Need assignment help in the UK? We provide the best writing service in the UK from expert writers.

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