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Unit 2 Health and Safety Level 5 HND Diploma Business


Health and safety might be occurred employee dissatisfaction and decrease moral as well. This gives negative impact on the customer services. There are various health hazards which influence negative issues and conflicts. Such as Electrical extension cords this may be the hazard in working place mainly in the working place health hazards spotted has occurs to use inappropriate use of extension cords (Leung and Lu, 2016). Organisation needs to apply all legal implication in relates of health and safety needs which is must be required for employee safety (Loeppke and et.al., 2015). Being a Health and Safety Executive it my responsibility to ensure the proper action plan in order to meet the needs. Along with that, it is also very much required and necessary for me to ensure the proper safety precautions for workers. I will also consider some hazards during the work place according to the needs and wants of the organisation. Apart from that, I will also measure some more impactful features during the whole process of working.

Health and Safety is the most required and important in workplace which needs to be take care the needs of employees and give them the best productive healthy environment. Present report based on ICAT. Being Quality engineer it is my work to measure the proper working measures health & Safety. ICAT has responsible for encouragement regulation and enforcement of workplace (Donham and Thelin, 2016). It gives better effective environment in the organisation and sustain health and safety among employees and workers. ICAT is basically an organisation which influence organisation to keep the safety of employees and workers in working premises. Being a Quality engineer analyses various health and safety hazards during an examination process. The whole will be based on ICAT workshop where it will be based on health and safety issues. Overall, report will be based on ICAT which helps company with better performance level. Along with that, it will also influence the matter of fact. It also helps to make the better effective process. It will explain some risk full hazards which might be affect overall environment process.

Below I will list health and safety breaches that I have Identified in the ICAT workshop:

Investigation process and techniques helps to identify the needs and growth of the organisation. Investigation would happen with many methods such as supervision, monitoring taking feedbacks etc. through quality engineer can easily take the investigation process to take corrective action plan. Organisation needs to carry proper safety equipments and investigation kit (Memon and et.al., 2017). This helps to give cure to the employee in case of any hazards. Besides, there are different techniques and methods to take care the needs of employees by ensuring the positive behaviour of employees, by ensuring the proper safety and health precautions.

Below I will explain the breaches that I have observed in the ICAT workshops and these are discussed as under :

  • Oil on the floor has been observed but it could have caused major complications if someone has been walked incidently on it. It can be about any patient or even staff members also that if anyone had been walked on that, it can further cause slips and that can be very complicated as well. In this the role of the person identifying the same is to report the same to the management so that they can make it clean with the help of a worker. Also, then the responsibility of the health care is that they should ensure that they try to maintain proper safety measures in the health acre so that the workers can ensure a proper cleaning so that the safety of the patients can stay maintained.
  • While roaming in the corridor of the hospital, I found that some electric wires were loose enough. But the fact that should be ensured here is that its consequence would be very dangerous if anyone will touch the naked wired incidently, it can pass current tot heir bodies, resulting in their death as well. So, the same should be contacted to the management so that they can bring some technical person to make effective changes. This will help in providing a sort of safety to the people inside the hospital.
  • Also, while touching one of the machine inside the ICU, I got current, so I think there might be some issues with respect to the engines of the machine. I reported the same to the technical assistant of the hospital so that they can organise a small session where they can analyse the performance and operations of all the instruments and devices. It will help in staying away from any such hazard that can cause complications for any person.
  • Extinction it is the another hazards that I observed at the work place. This extinction can be harm to the workers in order to protect the role and responsibility. Moreover, it gives negative impression on the behaviour of employees. On the basis of this hazard I report to manager of the ICAT in order to ensure the proper productiveness in the company in order to remove them all. Overall. This can be get hurt to any employees and give short-circuit in the electricity. This is the reason that connects people according to that matter of fact.
  • Ergonomic Hazards it is the another hazard I observed at the workplace. Where many of the employees are not get physical fit and comfortable in the working position. From the analysation. Moreover, it gives better opportunity and gives better quality performance of work. Physical fitness is more important and necessary for the employees. Otherwise, it cause body disease and illness to employees. On the basis of my observation I recommend to manager that arrange some exercise machines at work place either arrange some yoga session for employees.
  • Fire Works is the another possibility of hazard that might affect employee life or health. It is most dangerous and risk full process that should be removed by the company from employees. From my observation, it has been cleared that, it should be considered some protection level of work. Apart from that, it also arranges some better quality of equipments and better quality of work performance. Moreover, I recommend to company for better performance and quality enhancement process.

Methods of investigation the quality in health and safety organisations.

-Data gathering

-analyse each and every department situations

-Ensure employees safety needs.


  • Oil on the floor: It is the big hazard at the work place through company might be facing heavy loss or face employee damages. Generally in the organisation employer fails to monitor the full scenario or environment due to which uncertain activities has occurred in the organisation along with that, it will more dangerous and productive in nature. Long with that, it will more productive and effective manner of growth. Due to this hazards company employee might be hurt which creates negative impression in front the employees' behaviour.
  • Cable: Due to improper electricity precautions workers or any employee of the organisation get hurt and caught into the electric shock. It is the responsibility of employee to take care the needs of employees safety.
  • Engine: it is the another hazard which makes unsafely environment at work place due to which many of the employee get into the trouble. Its major effects are loss of life, injured and misshapenness with any employee.
  • Extinction: it is the another hazard which may occur due to lack of awareness which is highly dangerous for employee.
  • Ergonomic Hazards: It is the another major hazards occurs in the working environment. It occurs when the type of work, body positions and working
  • Fireworks : Fireworks is the most dangerous and risk full task which affect overall working and task oriented works. Apart from that, it will also make better decision making. This affect company or employees in more dangerous manner. Moreover, it gives less impact on the behaviour of performing effective task process.


Hazard : Oil on the floor

Increased risk of ill health, injury and death

  • It is the first consequences to not maintaining of proper health & Safety precautions.
  • Poor health safety of employees they might be effect on quality of performance or services.
  • This may occurs negative impact on the behaviour of employees (SALEH and HALVANI, 2017). It also damages the business productivity, finances and reputation.

Hazard : Fireworks

Loss of reputation

  • it is the another effect of improper health and safety. This gives negative impression on the minds of clients and on the behaviour of employees.
  • This may also gives negative impression on the growth of business. Organisation might be loss their reputation in the market due to which attraction of consumers would get low towards the organisation services.
  • Besides, it also affects the company reputation in front of their goals making target or fails to adopt new employee attraction.

According to this fact this hazard will be responsible by the workers who works for the organisation. Company is responsible for maintained proper electricity work in order to reduce the risk full hazards.

Legal repercussions

  • It is the another consequence of health and safety hazards, that company amu also facing legal implications of government due to not following the necessary precautions (Suarez and et.al., 2017).
  • It is the legal responsibility of the organisation to adopt legal health & Safety needs.
  • Legal implications or rights must be followed by the organisation otherwise company facing challenges and issues during handling the overall premises.

Under this hazard Legal employee is responsible to take care the proper effectiveness of working environment.

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Hazard : Engine

Decrease in productivity, Increase in turnover

  • Lack of Health & Care safety needs would give negative impact on the behaviour of employees which leads employee turnover.
  • It also gives negative implication on the behaviour of employees and decrease their moral.
  • Along with that, due to less productive work organisation would not achieve the set goals and objectives (Suarez, and et.al., 2017).


The hazards that are involved in the ICAT are discussed as under and it also involves the person that is accountable for the same. It also involves the person whom the issue is to be reported. Although there are enormous number of roles and responsibilities that are to be followed in order to make some improvements. The roles and responsibilities are discussed as under :


Person accountable


Oil on the floor












Oil on the floor

· For the oil on the floor, there might be the possibility that the worker is responsible for not cleaning it properly because if someone along with the patient gets slip on that, it might cause then in huge trouble as well.

· As there have been enormous factors that can prove complex enough such as oil on the floor etc., then for preventing from such issues, the health care can ensure that they try to maintain proper safety measures in the health acre so that the workers can ensure a proper cleaning so that the safety of the patients can stay maintained.


· In case of fireworks, the management can ensure that all the operations associated with the frameworks have been performed efficiently so that there might not be any possibility for causing any sort of complication etc.


· In terms of the issues with the cable etc., it may be because of the lack of responsibility of the electrician. This can also cause huge complications, thus proper measures should be taken in order to control it.

· For cabling as well, it is the responsibility of the management at the health care to ensure that all the cabling is done in a way that no cables can be open enough that with it, some patient can get affected such as can get shock or current etc. Therefore, proper preventive measures can be taken by the health care in order to stay prevented from such type of complications and issues.


It can be concluded from the report that there are various factors that acts as hazards and challenges in the health and social care. There are enormous number of hazards that are to be considered so that preventive measures for the same can be released. The roles and responsibilities of different authorities vary but all the employees should ensure the fact that the patients can be treated in a respectful and healthy way. Various factors that can be recommended in order to make some sort of improvements or modifications can also help and are included in the report.

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