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MOD003311 Academic Research and Writing Level 3

University: Regent College London

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Question :

This sample will let you know:

  • Discuss Academic Research and Writing Level.
  • Discuss Own experience with personal work experience.
Answer :


Within an organization, there are different set of issues that are faced by business or management. Among which motivation one of the major issues that are faced by management. In this context, this issue is solved through mechanical means. Employees are provided with non-monetary rewards and it is helpful to change human behaviour at work. Further, there are different type of strategies that are implemented by the organizations with an aim to encourage and boost up the moral of workers. There four type of strategies that are included in performance improvement programme they are skills development, communication, research and rewards. When rewards are provided, then are certain set of issues that are faced and it includes increase in risk taking, unethical behaviour, decrease in intrinsic motivation and decreased cooperation. Strategies are effectively implemented in organizations which is small. When a new senior executive or VP takes up control, then new schemes are adopted by research. In this context, it includes changes in structure, reward choice, recognition for media, etc. from the analysis it has been found that gift card encourage employees but the cash for this purpose is generally given by participants themselves.

Both recognitions and incentives are different. Incentives are given to people who exceed their sales targets and recognition is given to employees. In this context, workers get recognition when they perform their roles and responsibilities effectively and specially when they are frank. On the other hand, incentive to people are provided as they have little job security and they have to meet up their targets. This is a type of condition in which career of sales person end up quickly. Incentives are for short term and recognition is for long term. Further, recognition promotes loyalty on employees and incentive promotes tactical and quick change.

In case, an employee make sure that they provide their organization with exceptionally well and deals with unexpected commercials develop a situation for management to provide them with small reward. This is because, management know that these employees are highly helpful in supporting the firm in achieving their goals and objective. By providing reward make the employee develop a positive perception among their mind. It is important that management make sure that all workers put on their full effectiveness to raise their performance. There are situations in which praise affects negatively to other team members. As per findings it can be stated that praise harms the coordination and efficiency of a team.

Balance score card is important system which is used by the organization to know the performance level of employees. This is one of the most effective system that is helpful to provide reward to workers who have performed exceptionally well. However, issue arises when internal advisors provide their suggestions and this makes the condition complicated. Issues arises when there are management make use of many different type of tools to evaluate the performance. This adds complexity for the type of role and responsibilities that are played by the employee.

Task 2


Killing a person is not ethical until there is certain situation occurred in which to protect one-selves one any have to. As per the data, out of 100 people there are about 88.8 guns and that is about 270,000,000 guns (Dube, Dube and García-Ponce, 2013). This is the highest number according to per capita number in the world. Further, as per records is can be stated that about 22% Americans own more than two guns which is approximately 12% women and 35% men. Moreover, implementing control of gun can be determined as inherent issues in US. The rate of killing through guns is increasing at an increasing rate. There are both pro and cons from the situation that will be discussed given below.

The United States should put more restrictions on gun ownership

There are many accidents in which children's are involved who play with the gun and get killed or accidentally kill others. This type of situation occurs because of carelessness of parents or friends (McGinty, Webster and Barry, 2014). There are cases in which criminals purchase guns legally and use them for committing crime. Presently the gun related registrations are not adequate which can enforce law. In this context, guns should be characterized and registered so that people can be caught before they commit crime.

For the constitution, Second Amendment was added as the owners thought and believed in private ownership of guns was important for the protection of once own life. Laws related to guns are generally to punish honest people (Jones and Stone, 2015). In case the guns are outlawed, then criminals will surely find out different ways to arm themselves. Restriction to gun will make citizen towards the mercy of gun-toting criminals.

For military use, there are semi-automatic weapons and these should not be authorised or given in he hands of civilians for any kind of reason. The guns which are held for protection will not be any match to military's advanced weapons (Hoyt and Duffy, 2015). There are many loop holes in the legislations related to gun registrations and it is important for the government to identify them and to be plugged. In addition to this, there are many misguidance or misconceptions that people can in the society due to fear they take up or get register guns. However, improvement for society is possible when they are not access to guns.

On this side, guns are helpful to protect the life and freedom of individual. When in conditions, some person tries to attack, then to save the life, it is helpful with the help of gun (Wolf and Rosen, 2014). The local polices are not enough capable enough to protect each and every life of citizen and to make sure that life can be protect and life freely gun is must.


There are both pro and cons for making use of guns. However, it is important that there should be proper legislations made and a single type of gun should be provided for those who may have life threatening situation. The people who have guns should made them use only when their life is in danger.

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There are different set of strategies that are implemented in the organization. In order to make sure that management will be able to motivated their employees. In this context, there are different type of models that are used. With this respect, it includes models like Maslow's and Herzberg. There are certain theories which make one motivated and enables to perform with their full efficiency. This task will cover own experience that I had with two motivational theories i.e. Herzberg and Maslow's.

Own experience with personal work experience

During by work at Tesco, my experience with Maslow's was effective. There are five stages that makes one encouraged and boosted. First stage is physiological need in which it covers the basic requirement. In order to make myself motivated I make sure that all the basic requirements are satisfied like salary, food, clothing, etc. Then comes safety need, it covers the proper protection of health which is provided at cited firm. Love and belongingness, it fulfilled by make sure that proper interaction is developed with subordinates and this helped me to develop coordination with each others. Esteem needs was satisfied by taking up responsibilities and learning things new things that help in improving performance level. Lastly, it includes self-actualization, to acquire this level I focused on completing my desired which is to become a perfect employee.Worried for assignment writing help? Talk to our experts Now!

On the other hand, Herzberg theory consist of two factors like that are motivators and hygiene factors. In order to attain motivational factor I focused on completing challenging tasks, taking up more responsibilities so that efficiency can be raised. Further, I identified the areas in which I am good at and forced on making more improvement so that better services can be provided. This encouraged and raised by confidence level and interest and willingness towards the job. When the roles and responsibilities that I have to perform got clear, then I was able to understand workers and was able to satisfy their needs and required and this way I was able to support the firm in achieving goals and objectives.

On the other hand, hygiene can be determined as the security which one wants in their life. In this context, it includes job security, healthy working conditions, paid insurance, etc. The organization in which is work provided me with job security. Further, to develop proper working conditions, I have effective interaction with other workers this helped in understanding them and in developing strong relationship. This helpful in developing healthy environment in which conflicts reduced and performance level was raised.


As per the finding, it can be stated that Herzberg is more effective and this is helpful in develop strategies that enable to improve performance level. In order to raise motivation level strategies that can be applied is proper interaction with subordinates as it helps in developing healthy environment. Further, all the doubts should be clarified that one has towards their job. It helpful to boost up morale and work with willingness.

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