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Success At University Knowledge and Creativity

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Skills are simply capabilities.
  • Discuss about the various skills in academic life at university.
Answer :
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Skills are simply capabilities as well as abilities acquiring by systematic, deliberate as well as sustained efforts for carrying out activities in smooth and adaptive manner. For carrying out job functions or complex activities several skills are involved such as cognitive, technical and interpersonal skills. There are several skills which required while continuing coursework in University some of them will going to discuss within this report. Along with this, how learning of these skills will provide assistance in future will also discuss within this report.


During my coursework in University I utilise several skills out of these some I already know whereas other I acquire while my coursework was going within University. There skills are mention below which provide assistance to me during my academic life at university. Explanation of these are as follows :-

  • Academic reading - This skill is simple seen as individual ability which shows that how effectively they are reading as well as interpret that in right manner. Reading skills play essential role in each and every individual life. In addition to this, academic reading skill is essential for those people who are related with academic zone. After evaluation of my past skills it has been analysed that in past I was not able to read as well as interpret things quickly. Due to inappropriate vocabulary but after taking lectures of my Tutor my vocabulary get developed at some level. Along with this, through uses of internet I learned several more words as well as with this I started reading books, newspaper, journals and many more reading items. I developed my academic reading skills which provide assistance to me in completing my coursework within University. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!
  • Research skills - It refers to the skills which are required to answers the problematic questions. In a nutshell, it is based on the ability to gather, analyse, interpret and collect the data to the relevant subject. It instructs; new objects that helps to evaluate and analyses the situation. The research skills are based on; higher knowledge and effective to gather and collect information in more appropriate and adequate manner. This type of skills gives the opportunity of independent writing and; verbal presentation of work. I would suggest that the university use research skill to collect the new data and information from the students; so that it will help them to became a confident person because the study done by themselves. This research skill provide the adequate knowledge to the student which help them to evaluate and analyse the situation. It also improves the learning capacity of the student by using this tool.
  • Data collection - It is the process of gathering , analysing, investigating the information; which enables the instructor to accountable. In this, researcher can interpret a study on the basis of hypothesis test. The basic objective of this is to ensure and analyse the rich information and enable the data which is used for statistical analysis. I understood the there are two types of data collection methods one is primary and other is secondary, primary data; means first hand data in which data can be collected from personal interview, questionnaires etc. whereas secondary data means data gather from various sources includes books , journal, business magazines etc.; In context of the data collection I suggests that university should use the primary method in collection of data because it gives a fresh knowledge to the instructor as compare to the secondary; data.
  • Presentation skills - Presentation skills are playing a very important role in making effective presentation to a target audience. This is a skill which is covering various areas of a particular topic. This skill will helped me in delivering of effective presentations. When my tutor was giving presentation during their classroom activities, I learn from that how we have to stand in-front of audience. In addition to this, with the assistance of this I learn several skills which will provide assistance to me in giving presentation during my academic life as well as professional also.
  • Linking together - This is commonly referred with a term Concatenation. This is used to refer series of certain aspects which can be a idea, event, picture which are interconnected with each other. In this individual parts are linked with each other so that there is single chain which is formed. This technique is used for developing overall clarity. Concatenation skill has played a very crucial role in establishing connection between different aspects which further leads to understanding of a concept.
  • Referencing - There are various sources from where information is being extracted and taken. It is very important for finding out the source from where information is being used. Referencing skill has given me a evidence from where the information has been extracted. This is helpful from future prospect in making a different ion between my point of view and authors point with respect to a particular view. This aspect has helped me a lot in understanding of secondary sources which are available and from where information can be extracted. This skill has helped me in
  • Plagiarism - Plagiarism is the practice related to directly copying and after that presenting that actual production; without any accurate citation or referencing. In simple term it can be said that plagiarism is related to passing off any document without any permission of original producers of that document. Within academic code of conduct plagiarism is an offence. During my academic coursework in University I learn about Plagiarism through which I am able to conduct project in effective manner which was allotted to me.
  • Mind map -Mind map is a visual diagram which is used for showing of relationship between various concepts. These are used for representation of ideas, parts of words with help of attractive images. Mainly all the ideas are connected with a main concept and use of images makes the work more attractive and understandable. Mind maps can be drawn by hands according to convenience of drawer. I have used mind maps in my lectures which have helped me in increasing my understanding of a concept.;
  • Academic writing - It is type of writing which take place fulfilling need of college or any University. In addition to this, academic writing skills also uses for publication purpose which read by teachers as well as any researcher or presented in conferences. There are several documents within academic writing has been uses such as Books, research papers, essays, academic journals and many more. I already have this skills because it help me in school also while completing my projection. But I need some improvement within this because there is difference within academic writing at school level or university level. When lecture was giving by tutor in classroom I mostly copied out that notes which help me in developing my academic writing skills within effective manner. With the assistance of this, I am able to complete my project in effective manner which result in gaining good marks. Along with this, through academic writing skills I was able to take participates in several competitions related to the same.
  • SWOT - It is framework which help in identifying strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat. With the assistance of this approach individual can take needed steps for further improvement. SWOT analysis help in determining weakness as well as threats so for eliminating these appropriate strategy particular person can implement. This will help them in overcoming with such issues in effective manner. On the other hand, identification of strength as well as opportunities are advantageous because it uses in more effective manner which will help in accomplishing desired goals and objectives in effective manner. Furthermore, SWOT analysis help in designing appropriate strategy by which individual can conduct their own analysis in effective manner.;
  • PESTEL -Pestle analysis has helped a lot in understanding of various factors which are present in the external environment. There are many important factors which are part of macro environment and can influence a organisation. This analysis has helped me in developing an understanding of components of strategic management. Such external factors have a profound impact and hence, PESTLE analysis has helped me in developing a detailed understanding.
  • Interpretation - Interpretation is act which is used for explaining, showcasing the understanding or re framing something. The person who is translating is commonly referred as interpreter. This skill has helped me in understanding different aspects which is further used in ensuring more clarity. It is important during academic life to learn interpretation skills because it will help in doing work within more effective manner related to assigned projects and many more. Order assignment help from our experts!


Through my entire learning experience, I gone by several experiences which provide assistance to me in shaped my academic life in appropriate manner. Some of these skills provide assistance to me in developing my personal skills whereas other played important role in development of personal skills. Combination of both skills i.e., personal and professional result in bright career opportunities for me. As several skilled are defined above on the basis of these it can be said that some of them are core skills which are much valuable for me. Because assist me in enhancing my working capabilities as well as chances of growth; within academic life. It involves Academic reading, Research skills, Data collection, Presentation skills, Linking together, Referencing, Plagiarism, Mind map, Academic writing, SWOT, PESTEL and Interpretation.

Academic reading is important as it help me a lot when my studies was going on in University. Because sometimes in classroom lectures my tutor ask me to read a section from book or any other paper. At that time proper academic reading skill is needed so this skill provide me assistance at wide level within my coursework. Along with this, if in future I will try for job in education sector then academic reading skill will also help me in gaining job opportunities in effective manner. In addition to this, research skills is essential because with the assistance of this I am able to find out several topics, information or data which help me in doing my academic life in more effective manner. Because this research skill provide assistance to me in conducting my university coursework within effectual way. Furthermore, SWOT analysis is the skills by which I am able to identify strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of own as well as business firm. This will help in several manner as through respective analysis skill I get able to conduct own analysis which assist in developing my several areas if required.

Moreover, Plagiarism is the practice related to directly copying and after that presenting that actual production; without any accurate citation or referencing. In simple term it can be said that plagiarism is related to passing off any document without any permission of original producers of that document. Within academic code of conduct plagiarism is an offence. During my coursework in University I learn about plagiarism which is important to learn because it is type of offence and every individual should aware about it because this will provide assistance in during my academic life in effective manner. Get Dissertation help london from our qualified experts!


After going through entire discussion it has been summarised that, there are numerous activities which required for completing coursework in University within effective manner. Some of them are inherent as well as few learned by tutors when they was giving lectures in classroom. These skills not only essential for academic life but also provide assistance at professional level also in conducting daily basis operations within effective manner.

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