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University Knowledge and Creativity

University: Bucks New University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2083
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: FY026
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Portfolio skills.
  • Discuss about the Mind map
Answer :
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Portfolio is referred to as the combination of academic projects or work of scholar which reflects academic evidences that are used by them at the time of learning. The main motive of using portfolio is to checkout that how effectively student in learning or enhancing their knowledge over the particular period of time. This present project will provide detailed information on the range of skills and other study associated topic which essential for their learning life. In this regard, total 12 skills are explained below in the reflective format that will showcase how development of these skills will support student in improvising their learning. It will further end with the summary that.


Academic Keywords

Academic keywords refers to the range of words that is used in academic life. Few examples of academic words are compare, contrast, define, critically evaluate, discuss, examine, interpret, explain, summarize, relate, narrate, justify and many more (Li and et. Al 2016). With reference to my own experience during coursework, my teachers have informed me about the usage of academic keywords, their meaning and importance in college. By developing knowledge over the main keywords, it will easier for me to attain higher score as I am now having knowledge about main academic keywords along with their meaning. This will simply help me out to attempt each question rightful manner. As a result, it can be said that development of this skill will be valuable for me in the near future.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is termed as an effective style used by individual to express their intellectual knowledge within the specific boundaries (Staples and et. al., 2016). It is an an essential party of learning that makes it easier for the student to express their viewpoint towards the topic and attain success in quicker manner. By reflecting over my personal experience, it has been determined by me that in the starting time of my academic life I was not able to express my academic knowledge in right format but with the passing time and performing several practices over the same it would easier for me to express my academic knowledge in rightful manner.

Research Skill

Research skill is seen as the important skill for every learner which shows that how effectively they are conducting investigation by fulfilling core requirements of their sub sections (Wildemuth, 2016). Conducting a mini research is part of my academic coursework. While at the first time, I have conduced investigation I was not at all able to able prepare good title which ultimately becomes problem for me to accomplish further step of title that is developing good Literature review, methodology section, data interpretation and so on. I have further discussed this issue with my respective tutor and they have places additional efforts to improvise this zone. This resolved my confusion and issue over the same. Development of this skill will support me in conducting effective research in the future. Still, If you are struggling with your assignments take University Assignment Help from our Professional Experts!!

Data Collection Methods

Data collection is referred to as the way through which investigator or researcher gathers information on particular topic. This is further bifurcated into two sections that is qualitative and quantitative method (Parikh, 2016). With reference to my own experience associated with this, it can be said that I have used range of data collection methods while conducting research. Even though, I am having good experience related to the same still I would like to improvise my knowledge over more number of data collection methods. This is so because, I can effectively make use of these methods in future for gathering more detailed and relevant method for my investigation. This will also support me in attaining more relevant research outcome with in the provided time frame.

English Quiz

English quiz is basically termed as the game which includes numerous of questions. By making use of this contest quiz organizer checks knowledge of individual over English (Langbehn and et. al., 2017). As per personal experience associated to English quiz, it can be said that I had always found this sort of quiz more interesting as it supports me developing my knowledge over my own expertise related to English. By participating more in English Quiz, it will be able to determine my own development related to English. This will also provide to me in finding out particular area that si required to be developed by me for enhancing my command over English. 

Good Presentation Skills

Presentation is acknowledged as the essential part of academic life. It is essential for every student to have good command over presentation skill so that they can present their topic in front of audience in appropriate manner (Vera, Gabriela and Suárez Vélez, 2017). Power point presentation is the important part of my coursework as I have to make many PPT according the requirement of assignments. While reflecting on my past experience it can be said that in the starting time I was not able to select right picture as per the topic. This directly places impact over the visual effect of my presentation. For improving this skill of mine, my batch mates have supported me a lot. By improvising this skill, I would be able to present by PPT in more confident manner.

Linking Ideas together

There are numerous of words which are used by students to link their already existing idea with the another one (Matte, 2017). Some of the examples of words mainly used for linking are in addition, what is more, then, either, similarly, in the same way, especially, mostly, notably and many more. All of these words are used in academic life but it is highly important for the students to make use of these linking words at right place. For improving knowledge over the same I have read many articles which provides knowledge on the usage of these words in right manner. By improving this skill, I will be able to make use right for linking one statement with the another one. This will also improvise my writing skill in more appropriate manner.

Reading skills

Reading is termed as the ability of understanding presented information in written format (van Viersen and et. al., 2016). I am having good command over this skill as I love the reading all sort of reading material from the initial stage of my learning. I have used my vacant time in reading books, novels, newspapers, magazines and other kind of reading material. This habit of mine have enhanced my reading skill. While emphasizing on future benefits of this skill, it can be said that with good reading skill I will be able to conduct effective research in the future as I am able to read the material quicker and also able to understand the relevance of same content in same manner. Order assignment help from our experts!

Using Mind map

Mind map is termed as the diagram form structure which is mainly used to organize available information in visual manner (Widiana and Jampel, 2016). I have used mind mapping in the classroom for organizing available information associated to topic in such a manner that makes it easier for everyone to find out connections between different topics and makes it simpler. Developing knowledge on usage of this method helps me enhancing creativity as well as productivity during my coursework. Its usage will also improve my memory and helps me out in developing relationship between different information.

Referencing and Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered as the activity of showing someone else work as their own (Williams and Davis, 2017). Whereas, referencing is seen as the method in which acknowledgment is provided to the actual writer or author. Usage of references in academic work is highly important as it shows authenticity of the work performed by particular person. During my classroom session, my teacher told me to referencing is very important, thus it is important for us to showcase all the references at the end of our assignment. Usage of right references also makes my work more authentic and relevant.


Reflective writing is termed as the effective way of learning in which individual goes through their past experience and identifies their core strength as well as weak skills (Reynolds and Vince, 2017). My teacher have explained me several models which could be used by me to perform reflection in better manner. By learning all kind of reflective models it would be easier for me to use these reflection based frameworks in the future assignments and score higher grades over the same.

Reading scanning a job advert

Scanning a job advert is also termed as the essential skill which helps individual to analyze whole document in quicker manner (Read, 2018). It is the part of reading skill. By developing this skill of mine it would be easier for me to analyze job adverts as well as other associated documents in appropriate manner.


From the overall experience associated with my academic life it can be said that I have experienced range of phases throughout my whole journey. As per the overall experience, it can be said that I have my skills from my academic experience. The overall experience associated with was good in some manner because the overall learning developed by me will not only help me accomplishing my academic goal but at the same time this embraced learning will also provide me support in obtaining success in the quicker manner. The main reason behind selecting these 12 documents is that all of them holds strong weightage in academic life. Along with this, by looking at the future perspective of these skill it can be said development of these skill will also support me attaining my future professional goals too.

This can be well understood by going through these skills one after another. Development of research skill will support me in conducting more effective research in future. This is so because, by having appropriate guidance of the teacher it would be easier for me to develop right title of the project which will enhance relevance as well as authenticity of my project as I am able to found required data on it in future. Along with this, it can be further said that it supports me in obtaining research outcome in quicker manner. On the other hand, while talking about reflective writing skill, it has been determined by me that it is the important skill which aware scholar about their own response in the particular situation. This simply means that individual who goes through reflective writing can easily determine his/ her strength as well as weak areas. While emphasizing on my own experience related to this, it can be said that development of this skill would support me in developing in exploring my strong areas. Also, by using reflective I can also find out weak areas that could further improved by adopting right method to improve it effectively.

Presentation skill is also acknowledged as one of the important skill in academic life. It can be said that after getting appropriate guidance from the teacher I can easily improvise this skill and make good PPT in future. This guidance will also help me out in selecting most suitable picture in each slide according to the topic. As a result, it would easier for me to make attractive PPT as per the requirement of project or assignment. Struggling with your dissertation, get our dissertation writing services at best prices.


From the above provided detailed information, it is comprehended that every student studying in university is required to develop their knowledge on range academic skills so that they can effectively complete their coursework with good scores. It has been further analyzed students who develops their academic skills in timely them there are more chances of attaining success in their professional life too.

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