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International Marketing Strategies and Concept

University: UK College of Business

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Question :

This sample will tell you about the:

  • Discuss about the Analysis and Discussion of international marketing.
  • What is the meaning of international marketing ?
  • Discuss about the three concepts of international marketing.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks & Spencer


Markets are becoming very complex in the present scenario. It has become very difficult to address some issues of survival and global expansion by some organisations. In the present report there is a discussion of various central issues related to strategies of pricing, product, distribution & communication strategies (Angand Rusli, 2018). Global organisation such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Walmart are facing such type of issues that is affecting their expansion plans in various international markets. In this report there is a discussion on changing behaviour patterns of consumers and its impact on international marketing strategies by such organisations and ways to deal with such issues.

Meaning of international marketing

All activities of marketing that are taking place beyond the domestic level for a organisation are regarded as international marketing (SHENGNAN, and Nedelea, 2019). In the present scenario, international marketing has been replaced with integrated global marketing and it has lead to a two dimension shift as the first shift is towards more focus on cross-functional integration. Second shift is towards less focus on international disparities and is on transitional similarities for the market across boundaries.

Literature Review

According to view points of (Sam Ernest Jones, 2019), Concept of marketing mix has become area of key focus in case of international marketing research (Gupta and Dubey, 2017). With the increase in importance of international marketing for ensuring survival of organisations for increasing their profitability. Researchers are paying attention towards addressing various issues of international marketing as it is totally different firm domestic marketing. Marketing mix concepts in international marketing are more complex then domestic marketing as marketers are encountering two and more sets of variables present in different countries.

Issues faced in international marketing with concern to aspects of marketing mix are discussed such as in case of product the major issues faced are Government regulation, cultural differences, habits of consumers and product's standards. With instance to tesco, it can be said that habits of consumers are one of major issues that is faced while they are planning to enter in a new country such as in UK people are having preference for ready food products and maximum sale of is achieved by selling of such products. But in other countries people do not have preference of such ready products instead they prefer to use raw material and then us it in cooking. So, this cultural difference requires changes in the product strategy of Tesco whenever they are marketing across borders.

Pricing strategy so also very crucial to be used while marketing across international markets such as major issues faced by organisation is less control on differentiated pricing in international markets. In case of Tesco, this organisation is benefited from their brand image in their exiting markets (Hosseini, Etesaminia, and Jafari, 2016). They can launch their products by using price skimming methods as people have developed loyalty for their product and it is beneficial for them whenever they are willing to enter a new international market.

Distribution,in case of distribution as a marketing strategy there can be applied in three major strategies that can be used such as international departments where brand can directly enter in different country's market (Madovi,2018). Next is working with the distributors where export consultant & management companies can make arrangement for distribution of product in foreign areas. Last is online distribution strategy where online available platforms can be used fir sending products in various different parts of world. There is a issue of changing consumer preference for online availability of products so it can be said that most appropriate strategy for TESCO is to increase the online availability of their stores, it is one of cost effective methods of entering a international markets and at same time this helps in enhancing wide customer reach.

With the Changes on consumer consumption and buying behaviour with the changing consumer patterns across international markets organisation are focussing on their core products that can provide them a cost and differentiation advantage (Thabit and Raewf, 2018). Tesco is making use of multi channel marketing where they are making use of different channels of marketing in order to reach to their customers internationally. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Analysis and Discussion

International marketing is basically divided in three concepts such as marketing across nations, integration of marketing in foreign environment and marketing in different countries.

In case of Tesco, international marketer is discussing

Product:Major strategies that can be used in case of product by organisation is related to how packets, colour, brand image has to be standardisation in global markets. Product mix can be adopted by organisations such as Tecso, Marks and Spencer to use products as a marketing strategy in global markets.

Price:There must be adoption of low risk strategy while price being used as a international marketing source. Adverting cost is usually high in domestic markets as compared to international markets (Karpechenkova, 2017). There is a need for adoption of “pricing strategy” that is competition based pricing. In TESCO, there are usually presence of big retailers in countries where they plan to enter in the coming period of time. Hence, brand name must e used along with affordable prices as a marketing tool in such cases.

Communication:For achieve successful and effective communication organisation are looking for some innovative mediums for communicating their target customers. In case of Tesco, organisation is making attempts to use social media as a effective platform for sharing the information related to their products and services in international markets (Gupta and Dubey, 2017). There are some challenges present in case of international communication such as already there is presence of customer to customer communication taking place among privileged & non privileged customers. It is necessary for TESCO to address such challenges before making any marketing strategy. cultural driven customers. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts! 


International marketing is becoming very important concept that has to be addressed by organisation willing to enter various international markets. There are certain precautions and steps that are recommend below which must be considered for formulation of effective communication strategies:

  • There must always be a detailed analysis of present markets and potential markets where the company is willing to enter.
  • Planning of product and development must always be based on consumers wants and expansion from the organisation that can be analyses by making a detailed research.
  • All the promotional strategies have to be to educate and inform customers about various products. All these must be attractive enough to persuade customers to to try something new and different ways of increasing their present satisfaction level.
  • Aspects of marketing mix such as product, price are the crucial issues which needs to be analysed in detail before making a marketing strategy. Each element of marketing mix helps a organisation in gaining a competitive advantage especially when there is planning to enter a new market.
  • Changing behaviour patterns of consumers, flourishing trends lead to international marketing becoming complicated. Hence, for large organisation like Marks and Spencer, Tesco there is a requirement for focus to be made on transitional similarities which can help in formulation of future marketing strategies.


From above report it is said that international marketing is a growing concept which is being addressed by Companies with changing times as they are being part of globalisation as a process. Marketing mix as a tool of marketing and promotion is more complex when done in international markets as marketeers have to take care of various uncontrollable variables present in different countries.

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