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Marketing Management and Benefits

University: LSC London

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is TOWS Analysis of ALDI?
  • What is Weakness-Threat?
  • Explain People Strategy.
    Answer :
    Organization Selected : ALDI


    Marketing management is a process of formulating strategies by assessing market factors to increase the efficiency of business organization in the future. Marketing management provides opportunities to evaluate available resources and exploit them according to benefits of business firms to achieve objectives and attain core competency. This helps to understand customer behaviour to increase efficiency of products and services to increase customer's satisfaction level. This report has detailed study about marketing campaign of ALDI supermarket which is having tag-line œExpressing ourselves. ALDI is a supermarket chain which provides groceries and household products to its customers. The main objectives of this report is to formulate effective marketing plan for supermarket which is going to be held from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021. This report provides marketing TOWS analysis of ALDI Company. Furthermore, report analyses marketing objectives of marketing campaign to formulate marketing mix plan of supermarket to identify the customer service engagement in company. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

    TOWS Analysis of ALDI

    TOWS analysis helps to integrate internal strengths of business with external opportunities to gain maximum results. TOWS help to analyse weakness to convert it into strength to attain external opportunities. (Christofi, Leonidou and Vrontis, 2017). This analysis will helps ALDI supermarkets to understand their opportunities and threats according external environment to make effective marketing campaign by integrating strengths with opportunities to gain objectives effectively. It helps to improve the efficiency of company and increase sales to reach its objectives effectively.


    Strengths (S)

    • Low pricing Strategies.
    • Product Differentiation.
    • Strong Customer Service.
    • Large network of Stores.


    • Inefficient workforce.
    • Low profit margins.
    • High marketing costs.


    • Expanding in new markets.
    • Adopting innovative technology in marketing strategies.
    • Increase customer base.

    SO Strategy

    • Low pricing Strategies can help ALDI to expand in market effectively.
    • Product Differentiation provides better retention of customers.
    • Strong Customer Service help company to increase customer base and increase sales effectively.


    WO Strategy

    • Providing Training and development increase customer efficiency to improve marketing activities and increase customer satisfaction.
    • Low profit margins can be resolved by innovating products which helps to increase value of products to gain better profits.


    • Threat of new entrants.
    • Change in customer's perception, tastes and preferences.
    • Substitute products.
    • Marketing failure.

    ST Strategy

    • Implementation of Low pricing strategy reduce threats entrants.
    • Product Differentiation helps to reduce threat of buying patterns of customers.
    • Strong network of stores help to reduce threat of marketing failure.

    WT Strategy

    • Low profit margins increase threat of new entrants.
    • Inefficient workforce increases threat of change in customer tastes and preference due to lack of proper awareness by employees.
    • High marketing cost increase threat of marketing failure.


    Low pricing Strategies can help ALDI to expand in new market effectively.

    ALDI has a very effective low pricing strategy which helps to increase the sales. Low Pricing of ALDI helps to increase customer base and motivate them to become loyal to company. This helps ALDI to increase its market share and compete in high competitive market. ALDI analyses that with low pricing strategy company can increase growth by expanding in new market to increase number of customers and profitability. This also helps to motivate company to increase products effectively. 

    Product Differentiation provides better retention of customers.

    ALDI is also having strong advantage from their product differentiations which helps to retain customers. Company has all sorts of brand products which increases the options of customers to buy. Company have identified the increase in usage of technology by customers which will also helps company to develop effective system in stores to decrease the checkout time and also provide better information about products. This will helps to increase the efficiency of marketing campaign to increase and manage more customers. 

    Strong Customer Service help company to increase customer base and increase sales effectively.

    ALDI also provides better environment for customers to purchase from its stores and online stores as customers will be more comfortable at their home to purchase at their ease (Mortimer, 2016). All stores are hygienic and also have systematic management which helps to organize their store and decreases the efforts for customers to find products for long. By developing online stores with new technology in company can increase customer satisfaction and increase customer base.


    Providing Training and development increase customer efficiency to improve marketing activities and increase customer satisfaction.

    ALDI needs to adopt effective management which helps to provide training according to skills required for each employee (Schwarzkopf, 2019). This will help employees to increase their efficiency and make them loyal to company. ALDI also need to upgrade remuneration policies to motivate employees and support company's objectives. This decrease cost to increase productivity of company. This will help to improve customer service engagement to increase sales and customer base of ALDI. 

    Low profit margins can be resolved by innovating products which helps to increase value of products to gain better profits.

    ALDI is known for its cheapest product prices which decreases company's profit margins. This also results in frequent change in suppliers to keep the profit margins constant and decrease cost of products. Company also mistreat suppliers and do not pay them in expected period which also decreases reputation of ALDI in market. ALDI analyses that demand of organic and environment friendly products have increased due to increase in health and environment awareness. This can increase the efficiency of business growth by proposing grants from government on products which are environment friendly. This will helps company to decrease their weakness and attain opportunities which helps to support marketing campaign in the future.


    Implementation of Low pricing strategy reduce threats entrants.

    ALDI uses Pricing strategy to attract customers and this also decreases the threat of existing competition and help ALDI to increase their customer base effectively. 

    Strong network of stores help to reduce threat of marketing failure.

    Large store network also helps ALDI to decrease the threat of marketing failure to due to large customer base which help to support company to survive in competition effectively and achieve its objectives.  

    Product Differentiation helps to reduce threat of buying patterns of customers.

    Threat of Substitute products is emerging due to effective strategies of competitors in market. ALDI has online services which can help to provide better services to customers. Company also decreases its threat by improving quality of products and services by innovation. This will help to motivate customers to be loyal to ALDI and increase sales.


    Low profit margins increase threat of new entrants.

    Due to low prices products company is unable to attract upper social class customers in their stores. Company is inefficient to reach high income level customers due to discount stores which only attract low and medium income level customer. By terminating inefficient employees and developing effective pricing strategy which provide high quality of products will help to eliminate threats and weakness of ALDI.  

    High marketing cost increase threat of marketing failure.

    Increase in income level of customers have provided an opportunity for company to increase its strategy and attract new customers effectively (Lehrer and Schmid, 2019). Due to increase in education level of customers it has also increased the demand in premium products with more hygiene. With help of introducing new products which are premium and good quality can increase the sales of company and also provide loyal customers with better profit margins. This will reduce the Threat of new entrants is increasing in market by increasing marketing skills of employees and penetrate in market effectively. ALDI can use promotional strategy to increase customer base and provide additional benefits with products to satisfy them effectively. Inefficient workforce increases threat of change in customer tastes and preference due to lack of proper awareness by employees.

    Innovation of new products helps ALDI to decrease threat of Inefficient workforce and also help to attract upper social class customers to increase customer base and profit margins effectively. Company also can increase its promotion on social media which increases its customers with low cost and provides better profit margins to support marketing campaign and achieve objectives of ALDI. 

    Marketing objectives for 'Express ourselves' marketing campaign

    The prime objective in this marketing campaign is increasing market share by 20% in one year.. TOWS analysis company analyses low pricing strategies will help company improve efficiency of products and services to gain high productivity to attain opportunity of competitive advantage and improve market share effectively. Company also analyses by adopting differentiation strategy it will help to improve number of customers to increase brand value and achieve objectives of company in one year by marketing campaign. Products labelling and packing will provide enough information about products and services which will help to satisfy customers to enhance rand value of company in market. Hence, a proper product awareness may help all present customers to better understand these supermarket products that may eventually lead to a level of comfort, being developed amongst the public. It will also increase recall value of the products offered by supermarket.

    Second objective of the marketing campaign is to increase customer retention by 35% within one year through effective pricing strategy and improved quality services.

    ALDI analyses that by providing online services to customers will helps to increase satisfaction of customers from their home at their comfort zone. This will help to double the customers by innovating and adopting new technologies which are customer friendly and easy to access by customers. Company also need to improve the quality of current products by implementing customer grievance form which will provide proper information to ALDI about issues and problems to formulate effective strategies and resolve problems. This helps to improve the efficiency of marketing campaign to increase the size of customer base. ALDI analyses expansion of stores in new market will provide better opportunities to increase number of customers faster in limited time. It should be done in order to increase the overall sales of supermarket with help of increased customer base. Company analyses opportunities by innovating new products with company's strenght to formulate max-max strategy and increase customer retention effectivley. Order assignment help from our experts! 

    Third objective of this campaign must be to increase the sales by 20% in one year through product differentiation by eco-friendly products.

    Recent involvement of world leaders and public alike in talks regarding sustainable development has provided a necessary shift in the markets worldwide. Widespread discussions on the topic of climate change and global warming has led to even stricter environment regulations. Since there is a popular increase in market share of eco-friendly products, it is in the best interests of this company to focus in increased sales of these products in its stores. Furthermore, an increased government subsidies on eco-friendly products have made these products a more economical option for retail stores. It is evident that customers today are very much concerned about how products utilized by them can influence environment around them. In modern times companies take their social responsibility seriously, and are committed to bring about a change in their surroundings. ALDI need to implement new eco-friendly products which helps to increase sales and profit margins of company. Social media promotions and customer loyalty with help of satisfying them will help company to improve sales in one year and increase productivity of marketing campaign effectively. Customers are also interested in purchase of recycled and organic goods. Therefore, it may prove largely economical for the company to increase the sales of these products to build a progressive image in the society. The increased awareness about such products will lead to increased customer base, resulting in overall profit in business.

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    Marketing Mix Plan of ALDI

    Marketing mix planning is the process of integrating different combinations of strategies which helps to increase efficiency to achieve objectives of business organization. This also helps ALDI to become more efficient to succeed in marketing campaign (Chatterjee, 2017). Company analyse the marketing plan with help of seven strategies to facilitate growth and profitability effectively.

    Product Strategy

    ALDI need to provide differentiated products in every segment to increase customer retention and loyalty. This will increase customer base and improve sales of business organization. Company need to adopt environment friendly products to increase the sales and improve the customer awareness due to increase in health conscious customers and need to protect nature. Product description and effective labelling will help to provide knowledge about products and its benefits to increase its sales. This will also help to educate customers and increase positive values for company's efforts (Azeem and et.al., 2019). This will help to increase customer relation with company to increase touchpoints effectively. ALDI need to increase Product innovation by better research and development teams which will also help to increase customer base and facilitate effective sales to improve brand value to collect better profitability. Attractive packing of products also helps to attract more customers and increase popularity of company in market to compete in market effectively and achieve core competency. ALDI should also provide additional warranties on products and delivery to increase customer satisfaction.

    Price Strategy

    ALDI needs to provide a periodical discounts to loyal customers and also new customers to increase sales and improve customer base effectively (van Rompay, Deterink and Fenko, 2016).

    Company need to decrease the prices of those products which are very costly in market which will helps to support company to improve its market share and reach its objectives to achieve 20percent sales from previous year. To achieve enhanced customer base company need to provide better quality of products with lower prices. ALDI also need to provide extra product features to its customers which will helps company to receive premiums and compete in market with high margins. With help of offers like buy one get one free, ALDI will increase sales of running products as well as non running products to reduce risk of expiry and increase sales with lower prices.

    Place Strategy

    ALDI need to implement effective marketing channels which will allow company to sell its product directly to customers and by online website. Company also need to distribute its products to retailers. ALDI need to use expansion strategy to in capture market and increasing customer base. ALDI will implement the place strategy to increase market reachability as it will help company to gain more information about customers in market to adopt eco-friendly products to increase brand value of company. (Brinkley and et.al., 2019). Company should also open stores on social media which will increase sales of company with cost efficiency. ALDI also need to ensure marketers contact large suppliers and retailers which helps to target large customer base and increase sales with great influential power.

    Promotion Strategy

    ALDI need to use promotion strategy to increase awareness about products which company will sell in the future. This will helps ALDI to improve customer base and increase sales by 20percent. ALDI is focusing on marketing campaigns to provide better quality of services according to needs and wants of customers to satisfy them and increase loyal customers in company. Company need to provide consistency in delivering same message to customers about vision of company to increase value of customer's effectively. Due to changes in environmental polices company also need to promote sales of eco-friendly products which help to increase goodwill of company to attract more investors. ALDI will hire an influential speaker which help to increase willingness of customers top buy products of ALDI and increase sale of company to achieve objectives of company.

    People Strategy

    Customer services is essential aspect and ALDI need to implement its marketing strategies which will also help to increase brand value and customer loyalty. Motivating employees helps to increase their efficiency in achieving objectives. Motivation of employees also increase retention and loyalty of workforce in company to improve productivity. Company also need to provide training and development to employees which will help to increase awareness of customers about new products and services to increase customer base.

    Process Strategy

    ALDI has adopted management information system to maintain its inventory in stores this will also help to increase customer engagement with company by providing emails about offers and discounts. Online stores will also help to provide home delivery to customers free of cost. This will help to increase sales of company and provide better option for customers to purchase household products. ALDI need to develop feedback information system to gain information about issues which are faced by customers. This strategy also helps customers to be loyal and increase their satisfaction level effectively. Process strategy will help company to determine the efficiency of activities which will be carried at time of marketing which will help to increase customer base and facilitates sales of eco-friendly products effectively.

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    Physical Evidence

    ALDI need to increase their presence in market my providing value for tag-line œ Expressing Ourselves. Eco-friendly environment and products in stores will help company to improve customer value against company vision and make them loyal to company (Mortimer, 2016). ALDI need to focus on customer satisfaction which in return will help to increase customer base with help of mouth publicity by its loyal customers. Increase in customer satisfaction will help company to increase its popularity which will support sales and increase in customer base.

    Customer Service Engagement of ALDI

    Customer services engagement is a process which helps to integrate customer's feeling with brand value which helps business to increase their sales and facilitate growth of business firm. High customer services engagement helps to provide better quality of information to ALDI to innovate and improve its products and services. ALDI will use differentiation and low pricing strategies in Express Ourselves marketing campaign to motivate customers to buy eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products helps to increase customer services engagement due to positive vision towards society. This also helps ALDI to increase customer base and sales of company.

    According to Koval, (2018) increase in usage of social media can also help ALDI to improve customer services level by promoting its products and services and providing effective transparency to stakeholders. Transparency will help to increase creditability to increase capital funds and support growth by investing in new markets to open new stores and increase its network. ALDI need to use management information systems which will help to manage all the issues of customers and resolve them effectively. New technology adoption will also need effective employees which have proper skills and knowledge to access information to formulate effective strategies and promote healthy working environment. Customer journey mapping provides accurate information of customer's behavioural pattern in purchasing each product and it also depicts touchpoints in company (Olson and et.al., 2018). ALDI analyses touchpoints and increases its productivity of activities to improve customer service engagement in marketing campaign. Order Marketing Essay Help from our experts! 

    ALDI need to use in product messaging strategy to increase value of customer about its products and services, this will also help to improve popularity of company and help to penetrate in market effectively. Information about products are provides by text messages, emails, social media post, newspapers which helps to increase customer engagement in company. This strategy will help to target specific segmented customer for which product is most suitable.

    ALDI also need to provide free sampling of new products to customers to understand the quality and gain trust of customers to increase sales and promote product in market to compete and achieve company's objectives. Free sampling will also help to attract more new customers and increase aggressive marketing strategy to gain outputs in within short term. ALDI also need to provide special treatment to its upper social class customers as they are more educated and financial capable to increase sales of company (Mullakhmetov and et.al., 2016). Upper social class customers are VIP customers of ALDI and company need to focus on providing effective schemes and discounts to make them loyal to company.

    ALDI has analysed to increase customer service level company have to take customer's needs and wants as priority and provide them what they need. This technique also increase customer satisfaction and increases product sales and market stability of company. It increases customer base and size of brand in market attract customers from competitors. ALDI uses content marketing to provide better information about company's activities and growth rate which increase trust of customers and help company to attract customers. Company designs customer content marketing which provides priority to existing customers of company which improve values of customers to support company more effectively.

    Effective employees' relation with ALDI will improve efficiency of employees to identify external market factors which will facilitate in maximizing profitability and customer engagement. ALDI need to adopt effective strategy by opening grievance forum online and in stores to address their issues with products and services which make them dissatisfied (Folinas and Fotiadis, 2017). ALDI will use systematic procedures to identify the cost of marketing campaign so that company can minimize the cost and increase profit margins to increase customer service engagement in company with better facilities.


    This report concludes that marketing audit of ALDI to which helped to understand factors which deceases threats and weaknesses with help of strengths and opportunities of company. The tag line of company helped to increase customer base with help of customer service engagement. Report also provided a detailed assessment of marketing campaign strategies and techniques which helped to increase customer base and improve sales of eco-friendly products according to new government policies. Marketing strategy of ALDI provided effective information to expand its business with new stores. Report also highlighted proposal which increased customer service level in market. Customer engagement helped ALDI to increase business size and promote effective quality of products and services.

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