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Marketing Essentials for Travel and Tourism Level

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the 7P's market.
  • Discuss about the Strategic Management Plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI


Marketing essential is very important for travel and tourism industry. It is helpful for company to gain huge consumer attraction and success in marketplace.

TUI is known as TUI group. It is Anglo-German travel and tourism organization. It had its headquarter at Hannover, Germany. TUI is one of the largest travel, leisure and tourism, company across the world. Company had revenue of 18,928.1 million till 2019. The above report includes the role of marketing and how it interrelated with other functional areas of TUI. An introduction to concept of marketing and marketing process along with the including current and future trends in travel and tourism industry. Explanation of role and responsibilities of marketing function. Explaining how roles and responsibilities of marketing are related to company in wider context. Report carried forward with analyzation of how marketing influence and interrelates with other functional department of the TUI. Analysis of importance and value of marketing role in context of the TUI. Critical analyzation and evaluation of significance of the effective interrelationship among marketing function and various functional department of the TUI. Report ends with the preparation of management report with the use of marketing mix and evaluating various tactics which can be further demonstrated for achieving specific business objectives. Preparing strategic marketing plan. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Management Report:

Marketing Mix-

Marketing mix is composed of various variable of the market which are mixed by organization for generating desired response in targeted segment. It is associated with 4P's of the marketing, 7P's of the service marketing and 4C's theories which are developed in 1990. This can be described below-

7P's of Marketing Mix




  • TUI sold their products under five categories each of them are served as isolated product line. All of them are sold under brand name TUI.
  • They had wide range of variety in their product range with highly differentiated and various features that are offered to consumer.
  • High quality products are given by company.
  • Expedia deals for booking airline and cruise tickets, reservation in hotels, packages for vacation and car on rents etc., along with that they have number of email products as well.
  • They had limited product range with common features which their competitors also offers to their tourist.
  • Quality is not much preferred by company.


  • The pricing strategy which is used by TUI is competitive based pricing strategy.
  • They had high price for product and services which is provided by them to their consumer as compare to its competitors.
  • It uses product bundle pricing for some products which are clubbed together and sell at lower price.


  • The premium pricing policy has been used by Expedia in which they render the best possible price to their customers (Hall and Williams, 2019).
  • The had low pricing for its middle class section and best possible price for upper class people (Dileep and Mathew, 2017).
  • It does not use bundle pricing all of its products are old at same price whether wide range of products are opted.


  • It sells their products by two marketing channels. Firstly it directly sold to consumer by their website online and secondly it sold to the agents (Okumus and Cetin, 2018).
  • TUI had it's head quarter across Hannover, Berlin and Germany and its group has over 1600 travel agencies, 150 aircraft, 380 hotels & resorts and 16 cruise liners across various countries.
  • Expedia took help from multiple system for rendering service in their global distribution policy. Amadeus and Sabre reservation are to be used for booking flight and hotels.
  • It has maintained its global presence which had reached local site in the United States, Canada, China, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia etc., It has been performing its operation through several countries.


  • Multiple media channels are utilized by TUI for promoting products (Pike, 2017).
  • It mostly advertises on social media website which mainly focusing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc.,
  • They also use various sales promotion in which they take part into trade exhibition and events across countries, render discounts offer on their product & service to their consumer.
  • They also use multiple channels for promoting and advertising their products.
  • Expedia uses Facebook and Twitter for promotion and advertising and follow up their consumers (Stalmirska, Whalley and Fallon, 2019).
  • Mostly Expedia launches frequent campaigns so that they can deeply engage with their customers. They had launched online campaign known as Friend trips (Kumar and Mishra, 2019).


  • Friedrich Joussen is the CEO of TUI.
  • It has spread over 150 locations and 71473 employees are employed in company (De Bruyn, Meyer and Meyer, 2018).
  • TUI also has diverse workforce as this company operate their business across several locations and having tourist of various culture and religions.
  • Rich Barton, first CEO of the Expedia said that word Expedia comes from combinations of the speed and exploration.
  • It has spread across 60 countries and employee over 15000 individuals.
  • It has diverse workforce from several cultures and religion of different countries.


  • TUI operates 5 brands under brand name of TUI.
  • They are operating business in all over the world.
  • It comprises 1000 experts in travel industry and several management experts (Pappas, 2016).
  • Under this brand name Expedia host brand catering for its huge consumer base.
  • Company has maintained relationship with its supply team across world.
  • Their teams work closely to achieve their overall objective.


Physical Evidence

  • Physical evidence of TUI can be seen through its website, social media sites and its 5 brand categories.
  • It has over 60 million traveller every month across the world.
  • Expedia physical evidence can be shown up on their online website, application and host of the subsidiary organizations.
  • Expedia has 40 million travellers each month.

Evaluation of various tactics which are applied by tour operator such as TUI for demonstrating how specific business objective could be achieved

TUI has been rendering wide range of product and service range which is helpful for company to attract tourist easily. Company also mainly emphasis on providing high quality service to the tourist who are spending their holidays with them. Along with high standard service, pricing of product has been significantly raised (Chiguvi, Madondo and Tadu, 2019). Whereas Expedia has limited range of products for their consumer along with that they are keeping pricing as per the society class- low pricing for middle income group and premium pricing for high income group. Thus, TUI had gained its aim and objective effectively by rendering high quality product and services to the tourist. They are gaining huge consumer loyalty base due to that. With its unique features product they more and more consumer interest has been gained toward company's product hence huge profit and revenue has been achieved by company. The company is using social media website and campaigns for promotions which is the best promotion strategy and by this they are gaining huge consumer support towards their services. Expedia is also using social media platforms and majorly concentrating on the online campaigns. They had maintained strong relationship with the suppliers and travel agent which is helpful for them in maintaining smooth flow of business throughout marketplace. Overall these tactics are helpful for company to gain huge profit and revenue further. They had gain huge success over a period and had expanded across the world. Company has also achieved competitive advantage among its competitors in marketplace and could sustain in market for long term (Chang, 2017). Take Marketing Assignment Help from our experts!

Strategic Management Plan:

Mission: To become market leader in travel and tourism.


  • To enhance sale of adventure package by 30% within 6 months.
  • To increase number of customer 50% by 2021.

Situational Analysis:

SWOT Analysis-

SWOT analysis is strategic planning tool used for helping organization to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are related to the business competition and its planning. The SWOT analysis of TUI has been described below-

Strength-TUI group has fleet of the aircraft and charter plan which are flying across more than 150 destinations. Company has total revenue of 18,928.1 million till 2019. The profit of company has been growing significantly over a period. They are selling majority of holidays are directly sold to individuals. Company is offering unique customized holiday package to their customer by which they gain huge consumer attraction. Company had achieved strong leadership position in the long haul travels. TUI employs over more than 50,000 employees all over the world. They had across 30 million of consumer to the company and had developed dominance in this industry (Sani and et.al., 2017).

Weaknesses-The major weakness of company is it had intense competition from its rivals among marketplace so that its state that company had less brand loyalty of consumer for its product and services. As company is global tourism brand they are facing social & cultural issues in many countries, and they had to follow culture, tradition and ethics of that country so that they can huge consumer's attraction in wide range (Bricker, 2017).

Opportunities-They can introduce various application for booking and reservation 0f holidays, even for booking flight and hotels as well. This application and technology will further helpful for company to reduce their labour and having smooth flow of business across their operation and all departments. TUI could start operation in emerging market so that they can build potential image in marketplace globally.

Threats-The major risk which is faced by company is pricing environment which had become major challenge to the company due to its competitive advantage. There are many of rivals present in marketplace which is major threat of company, and they had to implement and access their strategies as per the competitive rivals. TUI has involved risk such as Foreign exchange as company is dealing across various countries, it also has interest risk due to huge business operation and as deals in several countries it also had to ensure about each and every country economic policies (Nedelea, Ali and Alamgir, 2017).

PEST Analysis-PEST analysis is tool which is helpful in conducting thorough external analysis of business environment of any industry for which data is available. The PEST analysis of TUI has been described below-

Political Factor-The Political issue of each and every country widely affect who, when and where an individual will be travelling. The Brexit has huge impact on exchange rate, tax and visa requirement. As TUI is travel and tourism company the exchange rate widely affect company as they had to deal across the world. The terrorist attacks had also affected the travel and tourism companies as fewer travellers to visit the country where terrorist attacks have been happened.

Economic Factor-Currency and exchange rate affects the value for money to the customers. Brexit had an extreme impact on the company and the costing of holiday. TUI had to mai8ntain its costing as per the market situation as there is rescission in market due to the situation of Brexit the purchasing power of consumer has been declined. It is multinational brand with operations across 180 countries it also supports economic growth of several countries through travel and tourism. They also provided job stability in several countries as well (Sarpong, 2018).

Social Factor-The social attitude and lifestyle if an individual changes time to time as per the market trend. Due to rise in solo traveller TUI had to develop more solo traveller package so that they can keep up with emerging trend ad gains huge consumer attraction. They had developed brand image and consciousness among marketplace and consumer so that they could gain huge loyal consumer base. Travellers also wants to have instant access to the travel package through website so that it can save their time and further they can pay for that also on website. Consumers are now along with travel need their safety also so TUI must take care of their consumers safety so that they feel safe to travel with company.

Technological Factor-TUI could introduce advance technologies in their companies operation so that they can easily access with consumers. They can include various application, social media, gaming and virtual experience into their tour and business operation so that they can render their traveller with amazing experience of tour and could have smooth flow of operation in business. With online and internet sale interaction among consumer has been declined the TUI must be aware of interacting with their customer and replying to their messages quickly and getting feedbacks from them further(Becker, 2016).

Marketing Mix:Marketing mix is set of the action or tactics, which company utilize for promoting its brand or product in marketplace effectively. The 7Ps of marketing mix can be used for explaining this which are described below-

Product-New product has been launched by TUI in market place which is “Adventure Holiday Package”. Under this package they are providing the adventure trip to age group of 20-35 individuals. They are including 7 sites which are full of adventure. In the package they are providing them amazing thriller experience of tracking, camping and thrilling ride to the nature. This trip will be of 7 days and all expenses are included in the package itself and it could be the solo trip (Aung, 2019).

Price-They had kept minimum pricing for the package as the age group which they are focusing could not pay such high amount for the package. With the minimum pricing they can have gain huge consumer attraction of each age group which have been mentioned by them. With minimum pricing they are including all over package expense of travel, and they are rendering standard services to the customers.

Place-They will be selecting the places which can attract individual effectively. The place which is full of thriller, adventure, camping and natural attraction so that the consumer could have an amazing experience of trip. They will also be selecting various sea adventure that will gain huge consumer's interest easily. Attractive and adventurous places are being selected by company to attract wide range of consumer to their package.

Promotion-The effective promotion strategy will be used by company. They will be launching several campaigns in the colleges so that the more and more youth can be attracted toward their packages they will be also advertising on social media channels with amazing adventurous and thrilling video so that consumer are attracted towards them and get involved in the tour and had amazing experience. They will also be launching the campaigning in the malls so that other generation can also be attracted towards their package.

Process-They will be having online sale and marketing and thus individual could purchase the package online and offline basis. TUI will also be offering discounts to first three travellers so that more and more individuals are being attracted for purchasing this tickets quickly and hurly.

People-The age group of 20 to 35 people are entitled for this package. They are mainly concentrated under the package. They can opt this package and have thriller experience across world.

Physical Evidence-The package is available on company's website and social media channel where an individual could easily purchase the package.

STP-TUI will segment middle class and upper class people throughout its new products marketing strategy. They had introduced new product which is developed for the middle class and upper class people who can have their weekends well spend. The target group is age group of 20 to 35 who can opt this adventure holiday package and enjoy the trip. They above age group is also not eligible for this package as they can have set the age criteria for that package due to the thriller which are induced in this package. Positioning of this product is that they are rendering premium offering to their traveller and letting them to enjoy the standard services which will be given by them to their customers (Alves and Azevedo, 2018, September).

Monitoring and controlling- TUI will be using the KPI key performance indicator for analyzing the performance of company's product. By this they can analyze whether there product is performing well in the market or not if they can have another measure so that they will be updating it and having success further. TUI could sustain in market with the new product with appropriate strategy and plans (Al-Janabi and Mhaibes, 2019). Order assignment help from our experts!      













From the above study it can be concluded that the Marketing plays a major role in growth and development to travel and tourism organization. All company's department are interlinked with each other and had huge impact on company's overall success. Company could easily gain huge success and consumer attraction towards its products and services. The travel and tourism company could gain huge success if they are implementing effective marketing strategies so that they can get huge success further. By effectively analyzing market situation travel and tourism company could compete with its rivals effectively in market place and sustain for long term. There is huge competition for companies in marketplace to compete with them companies had to implement effective strategies and policies with complete market watch that they can lead in market. By implementing these policies and strategies company can gain huge success and achieve its objective and goals effectively.

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