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Solutions for Hungry Jacks and CSR Impact | Sustainability Report

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: BUS705
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Concept of CSR?
  • What is Application of CSR on Hungry Jacks?
    Answer :
    Organization Selected : Hungry Jacks


    Corporate social responsibility refers to the activities of the company with which they take responsibility of impact of their operation on the environment and society. They are the efforts of the organisation which are beyond the regulations that are imposed by the law. With this the organisation can improve their image, resolve the issues and challenges faced by them through investing in sustainable and green technologies, donating to the charities to offset the negative impact. This report is prepared for Hungry Jacks, which is an Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation. In this report various problems and challenges that are faced by them are taken into consideration. For such problem an innovative solution is suggested. Apart from this strategic innovation model is applied on the organisation with which differentiation can be created in the values so delivered to the customers. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

    Concept of CSR

    The concept of CSR is a concept of management in which the organisations integrates environmental and social concerns related to the operations of the business. It is considered to be a means with which the organisations achieve balance among various imperatives so that the triple bottom line theory can be satisfied. With this financial, environmental and social performance of the company can be measured. Effective implementation of CSR concept enable the organisation in taking competitive advantage as with this they can enhance sales, access of the markets and the sources of capital etc. Their are key CSR concerns which are to be taken into consideration such as eco-efficiency, labour standards and working condition, stakeholders engagement etc. Corporate social responsibility must not be considered as trend rather it must be considered as the strategy of the business that can helps the business in addressing various business and societal issues. Such activities are undertaken by the organisation for the community in which various efforts are put by them and it includes education, sponsorships etc. In context of the workplace and marketplace excellent working conditions must be provided even if it is not given in any of the law. The organisations which are responsible for their operations need to consider the impact on the natural resources (Benlemlih and Bitar, 2018).

    Such responsibility are implemented by the organisation at different levels at which they are operating which can be both at national or international level. The multinational companies focuses upon various factor that can satisfy the needs of the local people which has to be catered by them. It can be achieved effectively by delegating the responsibilities to the local managers as they have understanding of the local issues well. The issues which is faced with the implementation of the CSR includes that it is still considered as the distraction but some believes that it offers various advantages.

    Application of CSR on Hungry Jacks

    Overview of the company: Hungry Jack's is a company that has a history of 45 years and that has been operating with more than 420 restaurants in all the major centres so that major population can be served. The company had employed more than 19000 Aussies. The success of the company is because of the better quality of the food that they serve and the better workplace ambience for the employees which keep them motivated. Their food preparation are not fake as they uses freshly cracked eggs that improves satisfaction level of the customers.

    Business Ethics is study of moral values, beliefs and norms that guides the decision making process and behaviour of the employees working in the organisation. With the implementation of such concept the company can consider various controversial issues such as corporate governance, discrimination, CSR, insider trading etc. Various ethical policies and practices are implemented by the organisation so that they can make their employees perform better and effective (Cooper, 2017).

    The Hungry Jack's follows the concept of corporate social responsibility in their organisation so that they can create balance among various imperatives such as social, environmental and financial aspects. The applicability of corporate social responsibility in Hungry Jack's can be analysed from the Carroll's Pyramid that defines responsibilities at various level. The first responsibility of the company is economic responsibility which suggests them to be profitable as this is the main aim of the foundation of organisation. The another responsibility is legal responsibility which forces them to obey the law and rules which are imposed on them. Both these responsibilities are basic responsibilities of Hungry Jack's as they aims to maximise the profits so that they can improve the satisfaction level of the shareholders. Whereas by fulfilling the legal requirement imposed by the government and other regulatory bodies, Hungry Jack's can make their business legal. The other responsibility which is to be taken into consideration includes ethical responsibility. This help Hungry Jack's in meeting with all their obligations in context of what is right, just and fair for the customers and the organisation both. It enables them to avoid all the harm which can affect the business operations and thus their profitability. The ethical responsibility helps the employees of Hungry Jack's in regulating their behaviour as it helps them to understand the perspective of the society. The last responsibility of the organisation which they have to meet up is that of Philanthropic responsibilities. As per this Hungry Jack's contributes to the resources of the society and thus it helps in improving the quality of the life of the people. Such responsibilities makes Hungry Jack's accountable to all the stakeholders as with them thy can satisfy all the stakeholders (Chandler, 2017).

    Problems and Challenges faced by Hungry Jacks

    Various challenges and issues that are faced by the organisations while implementing the concept of CSR. This is because the funds are taken from the profits so earned by the organisation. As the stakeholders have started taking interest into the business affairs, the organisations need to consider their business conducts in a responsible manner with the help of various policies and practices. Companies need to bring balance among three elements such as people, planet and profit. But while managing them various issues and challenges are faced by the organisation. Some of such issues and challenges are given below:

    • People Issues: The Hungry Jack's faces various issues related to the people as the people are important for them to cater the customers and are large in numbers. For this people need to be encouraged by welcoming their ideas and treating them with respect. But the challenges which are facing is that of the failing to meet with the working standards.
    • Planet Issues: The waste so created by Hungry Jack's is a planet issue which is faced by them and due to this their image gets inflict damage. In addition to this company need to focus upon various negative reactions in order to offset the negative reaction which increases their implication (Cramer, 2017).
    • Profit Issues: Hungry Jack's faces various issues related to the profit such as escalation in the executive pay due to which the profits of the company reduces. Other than this the company focuses upon cutting down the cost and this leads to lower morale among the executive which has impact on the overall performance. They have centralised various functions which helps them in reducing the cost but due to this their services to the customer got affected and this leads to the reduction in their profitability. Order assignment help from our experts! 

    Other than this various other issues and challenges are faced by the Hungry Jack's and some of them are:

    • Issues of Transparency: This is one of the major issues that has been faced by them as they do not have transparency in context of the local agencies that has been operating with them. It leads to inadequate efforts of Hungry Jack's in disclosing the details and information of the programs, audits related issues, utilisation of funds etc. Lack of transparency can leads to negative impact on the stakeholders.
    • Lack of Consensus: The Hungry Jack's faces issues of lack of consensus among various local bodies regarding various CSR projects. Due to this, the activities get duplicated and leads to unnecessary cost to the company. Such problem arises because of the fact that they have competitive spirit instead of collaborative spirit (Crane, Matten and Spence, 2019).
    • Non availability of well organised non-governmental organisation: The well organised non-governmental organisation is not established in the rural and remote areas due to which real needs cannot be identified by the Hungry Jack's. This leads to unequal development of the areas and thus affects the aims and objective of the organisation.

    Hungry Jack's need to meet up with such issues effectively so that they can ensure the well being of the diverse society by delivering high level of sustainable well being of the people. For this various innovative solutions need to be identified which can ensure the employees of Hungry Jack's are competent and satisfied.

    Innovative solution for the challenges and problems

    The innovation is an effective possible solution for resolving any issue which is faced by the organisation. While determining the solution for any issue it is important for the organisation to consider various management processes as they helps in decision making to the company. This is because it facilitates critical thinking, questioning etc. (Harjoto and Laksmana, 2018)

    For identifying the effective solution it is important for Hungry Jack's to consider various trends such as various economic and technological trends. For responding to the challenges innovative ideas need to be implemented and this can be done:

    • Convert problem into innovation challenge: The problem such as disposition of the wastage can be converted into innovative challenge for the employees so that they can be made innovative. With this they can suggest the innovative ideas to reduce the impact of the problem (Hopkins, 2016).
    • Challenges colleagues to suggest solution: The employees and colleagues can be challenged by forming groups in which they can determine various solutions to meet up with the problems. For this they can be motivated by way of various rewards by the managers of the Hungry Jack’s.
    • Collaborative Idea generation: For determining the innovative solution all the team working in Hungry Jack’s can be put together with the aim of identifying a common solution by discussing their pros and cons. With this the various governmental and other non- governmental organisation can also be collaborated so that the society can be benefited in all the areas.
    • Combine and evaluate ideas: The ideas which are identified need to be evaluated and this can be done by the top management of Hungry Jack’s and various other responsible government officers. With this the most efficient and effective solution can be determined by the organisation.
    • Implement most promising ideas: Out of all the solution the most promising idea need to be selected that can helps them in dealing with the issues which are faced by the Hungry Jack’s. With this the people can be involved in the decision making that can help them in meeting with the issues of people. While it will help in developing relations with suppliers and other stakeholders that can help them in implementing the policies of CSR of Hungry Jack’s in different remote areas (Jamali and Karam, 2018).

    Strategic Innovation Model

    Strategic innovation model is holistic approach that focuses upon incorporating various types of innovation within the organisation. It develops a portfolio of the opportunities with the help of which growth can be triggered by the organisation. The model includes various steps:

    Checking now before thinking about how: In this step the requirement of innovation is to be identified before thinking about how innovation is to be introduced. In addition to this the benefits of the such innovation must also be considered.

    Conventional approach to strategic innovation: In traditional approach the innovation is to be introduce in the products and the offering but while considering strategic innovation Hungry Jack's need to consider the entire processes and the system.

    Basic processes of strategic innovation: In this the prime focus of the Hungry Jack's must be on the holistic and systematic approach so that the innovation can be a integrated strategy. For this appropriate strategic management techniques must be used (Lins, Servaes and Tamayo, 2017).

    Innovation action plan: A plan need to be formulated so that the activities can be determined with the help of which the innovation can be incorporated by Hungry Jack's. Such plan must include various strategic approaches that has to be implemented.

    Creating customers perceived value: The values which are demanded by the customers need to be identified and on the basis of this the need of innovation has to be determined.

    Reviewing market offering: On the basis of such identified values that has been perceived by the customers the offering need to be reviewed by the Hungry Jack's. This will enable them in making the analysing the changes that are required to be made.

    Reviewing market: Further the market need to be reviewed in which various factors that can influence the operations of Hungry Jack's are to be considered. The factors could be the policies and strategies of the competitors, various laws and regulation that imposes various obligations etc. Such requirements must be satisfied by the organisation.

    Reviewing business: On the basis of such identification the managers at Hungry Jack's need to review their existing policies and strategies so that they can be manage the changes as per the requirement by applying new strategies and models.

    Characteristics of strategically innovative organisation: Such organisations keep an eye on the changing needs of the customers and accordingly determine various theories and strategies to make their organisation innovative. Hungry Jack's need to consider the entire system to make their processes and products strategically innovative.

    Purpose of strategic innovation: It is important for the organisation to identify the purpose with which they aims to bring innovation. This will help the Hungry Jack's in making their employees consistent and motivated towards the changes required by making them realise the benefits of the innovation (Yakovleva, 2017).

    Transformation through strategic innovation: The innovation can help the organisation in transforming the processes and the system as the organisation aims to reinvent the strategies. It enables them in achieving the growth in the business and generate value for the customers.


    On the basis of this report it can be concluded that for the businesses it is important to consider the concept of the CSR as it helps them in improving their image and the satisfaction level of the stakeholders. For achieving this, various challenges and issues which are faced by the organisation regarding implementation of such policies must be taken into consideration. On the basis of which various innovative solution need to be identified that the can help them in reducing its impact on the organisation.

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