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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Anti-discrimination Legislation?
  • What is Consumer Protection law and fair trading laws?
  • What is Industry Trend?
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Social media and marketing can be explained as the promotion of any of the commercial activity for the purpose of earning the profit. In present scenario, it is essential because it directly or indirectly helps organisation to represent them at a greater level. Talking about the chosen organisation for this respective assignment is Tee Shirty which was incorporated in 2019. Current organisation deals in the market of clothing and fashions.

The present file will be based on four different task where Task A will be based on integrated market knowledge will be demonstrated which can help to identify that which types of decision can be helpful for the organisation. In Task B, discussion will be related with plan and develop marketing communication whereas Task C will have a detail knowledge regarding formation of strategy in integrated marketing communication. Finally in last task, creative brief will be prepared for Tee shirt, which will include supportive information, product appeal and many more. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Describe key provisions of three or more legislation, codes of practice and national standards relating to marketing operations.

In present scenario, rules and regulations plays the key role in accomplishing the goals of an organisation. It simply gives the idea that how any of the work is to be done in a systematic manner. In context of Tee Shirty, they are required to follow different laws and regulation for the purpose of sustaining with the market. Below, some of the laws which is needed to considered by Tee Shirty are discussed in detail

  • Anti-discrimination Legislation: It is the law which simply explains that in any of the situation discriminating any of the employees is not allowed with in the business premisses (Kim and Ko 2010). It is mainly done on the basis of sex, disability, age and many more. In context of Tee Shirty, they are required to understand that if in any of the situation occurs then legal action can be taken against the organisation. Some of the laws that has been incorporated for removing the problem of discrimination are Age Discrimination Act, 2004, Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and many more.
  • Consumer Protection law and fair trading laws: As company like Tee Shirty deals in the market with clothing products so it will be necessary for them to understand that they will conduct fair trading at the time of dealing with customers. This is the law which doesn't allow to cheat and create any of the issues between customers and sellers.
  • Copyright Law: It is the law which has been applied automatically within the premisses of Australia which means that in any of the situation idea will not be copied any of the person. This law indicates that, Tee Shirty should ensure that they are not going to copy the idea of other business organisation for the purpose of enhancing their sales.
  • Ethical Principles: This is one of the legal terms which simply explains that business organisation must perform each and every work ethically where they will not create any of the issues for any of the other organisation (Lipsman and. et. al., 2012). This is practices which will guide organisation like Tee Shirty that they are required to take any of the legal decision for accomplishing the goals.

Explain advantages and disadvantages of using multiple media in a media plan.

Today's generation is all about introduction of new ideas and concept so that better competition can be given to rivalry form for accomplishing personal goals. The current requirement of the market is all about multimedia and social media as it makes work easy to perform any of the task in a systematic manner. Using multi media is media plan simply refers to the number of media process being used for doing marketing of product and services. In context of Tee Shirty, they are one of the new business organisation where they are required to perform different task for the purpose of accomplishing the goals. It will be important for the to understand that they can sustain within the market if they utilises the market in best possible manner. Some of the advantages and disadvantages has been discussed below which Tee Shirty get obtain by using multiple media in a media plan.


  • It is one of the platform which allows the business organisation to increase it sources for advertising the message in market (Chan and Guillet 2011).
  • More number of customers can be attracted towards the product of organisation through which sales and revenue can be improved.
  • Information regarding organisation can be delivered to larger area which may have a great impact on the overall result.


  • Multi media in media plan is one of those idea which will incur higher amount for organisation like Tee Shirty which can create lots of issues for them in managing fund.
  • Whenever similar form of advertisement will be shown from different media sources it will increase the chances of duplication of data.

Outline marketing communication options and media vehicles & analyse pros and cons of each to Tee Shirty’s campaign.

There are different types of marketing communication channel which directly or indirectly suggest that how any of the organisation is required to work on their marketing communication (Akar and Topçu 2011). The marketing communication option that can be adopted by Tee Shirty is Advertisement, sales promotion and many more.

As company is performing its activity through online sources, it becomes important that they must focus that how they can develop their business at a greater level. Talking about the media vehicle Advertisement, it is one of the best way of doing promotion of any of the product or organisation through which more number of customers can be connected with organisation. Then, When it comes to Sales Promotion, it is not an easy task because there are lots of work, which is to be done such as find out that what should be the amount that need to be invested for sales promotion, what discount can be given and many more. There are some of the pros and cons which are included to Tee Shirty's campaign.

Advantage of Advertisement

  • For Tee Shirty, it will allow them to attract more customers.
  • Advertisement will be one of the way which will let people to know more about the organisation like Tee Shirty and the product on which they deals.

Disadvantages of advertisement

  • It is not necessary that each and every gets or understand about the meaning of advertisement which has been advertised by the organisation(Järvinen and et. al., 2012).
  • Secondly, it will require huge amount of capital and organisation which has been incorporated in recent period of time may face this problem.

Pros of Sales Promotion

  • It can be the process which can allow the organisation like Tee Shirty to enhance their overall sales as product can be sold out at a greater speed.
  • This can give opportunity to customer to switch their brand and that can be beneficial for future period of time for the organisation like Tee Shirty

Cons of Sales Promotion

  • This types of promotion may affect the brand value in some of the cases.
  • Effect of sales might be seen for short period of time.

Describe three or more economic, social and industry trends which impact upon the selection of media for Tee Shirty’s campaign

It is said that different factors have different sort of impact on business organisation and it is necessary to understand that any of the decision should be taken accordingly for accomplishing the goals. In context of Tee Shirty different factros have different impact and some of the impact of different trends has been discussed below:

Economic Trend

It is one of the trend which has a great impact on any of the organisation and it is necessary to work accordingly (Kumar and et. al., 2013). This trend mainly focuses on fluctuation of rate, interest rate and many other changes which can create issues for business organisation. In context of Tee Shirty, it will be one of those factor which will create issues for them because they are dealing in online business where exporting the product from one pace to another enhances the overall cost and reduces the profit.

Social Trend

This is the trend where preferences of the public plays the crucial role and it is necessary for the organisation to understand that each and every decision should be based on their preferences. The current requirement of public is advertisement and promotional activity. The company like Tee Shirty has been conducting their work in the same manner which can allow them to perform better.  Take Thesis Writing Help  from our experts!

Industry Trend

The current industry trend says performing the business activity through only source is one of the most important way for accomplishing the goals (Schulze, Schöler and Skier 2015). Talking about the Tees Shirty, they have been performing their work according to the Industry trend which can be helpful for them in accomplishing the goals.

Explain three or more influences on buyer behaviour which may impact Tee Shirty’s campaign.

There are various buyer behaviours which can affect Tee Shirty's campaign of which some are explained as follows:

  • The attitude of customers towards the company's product determine the success of its campaign and its potential in attracting customers. The sustainable clothing offered by company affects the way in which customers respond towards the products. The attitude of customers need to monitored so that their likes and preferences can be determined which will help in producing cloths as per their requirements (Carlson and Lee 2015).
  • Demographics is the other factor which can influence company's campaign as it is the demographics which affect the way in which people buy their products and perceive goods and services. The age, sex ratio, living standard etc. affect the company's campaign. The demographics of place should be determined so that the common likes and dislikes of people can be known which can help the company in attracting customers and dealing with their demands efficiently.
  • Values of people also affect the company's campaign as the company offers sustainable and environment friendly clothing to its customers which will attract customers only if they are aware about the degrading environmental condition. Their values will help in attracting the customers as if they are in support of saving the environment and also in supporting human rights then the company sales can go high through its campaign.

Meeting Notes

Date: 10/05/2020

Time: 10 a.m.

Type of Meeting: Formal Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Marketing Manager of Agency

Invitees: Marketing Director of Tee shirty

Discussion in Meetings:

a) Advertising Campaign Purpose: The purpose of the campaign is to educate and aware about company products to the people prevailing at marketplace. The marketing manager of Tee shirty wants to reach maximum number of customers so that their market presence as well as sales is increased within a short span of time.

b) Advertising Campaign Objective: The objective of executing campaign is to enhance sales of Tee shirty by 15% in the coming 4 months. Along with this, the objective behind conducting campaign by marketing manager of Tee shirty is to raise market share of company by 10% within 6 months.

c) Budget: The budget which is decided by the higher authorities of Tee shirty to implement activities of campaign is $ 30000. This budget involves all the activities from initial stage to the completion of campaign (Jara, Parra and Skarmeta 2014).

Marketing Communication plan

Client's Profile: Tee shirty is an online store that was established last year. The company offers high quality clothing in market and this is the reason behind its success within one year of establishment. In addition to this, company offer graphic pattern T-shirts for adults at market place. The higher authorities of company is decided to conduct advertising campaign and uses media vehicles in order to educate and build awareness at marketplace.

Purpose of the brief: The purpose of marketing communication plan is to aware people about its high quality clothing and to gain attention of large audiences towards Tee shirty. In addition to this, the purpose is to gain competitive edge at marketplace that helps then to fight with their rivals in an effective manner.

STP Approach: This approach is used by higher authorities of Tee shirty to create as well as deliver relevant messages in market that attracts large number of people prevailing at marketplace. This approach involves three components that is segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. This are defined below with relation to company:

Segmentation: Herein, companies categorise markets as per demographics, belief, lifestyle, behaviour of customers prevailing at marketplace. In context to Tee shirty, they segment market as per demographics with an aim to increase sales of company.

Targeting: This step takes place after segmentation. An organisation target market as per nature, size, income level of people. With reference to Tee shirty, the company targets people who belongs from the age group 18-34. in addition to this, the company target those people who live in Melbourne, Sydney & perth.

Positioning: it is basically developing an positive mindset of customers towards the brand. In relation to Tee shirty, the company promotes its brand in market as ethical production of clothes (Armstrong and. et. al., 2016). Moreover, it supports the fight which is for human rights globally. This builds positive brand image in the mind of people towards Tee shirty.

Marketing Communication Objectives:

  • To raise the sale of shirts by 10% in the coming 3 months by organising advertising campaign in an effective manner.
  • To increase market share by 5% over the next 4 months by raising awareness and offering high quality products in market.

Competitive factors: The competitive factors that affect on the sales as well as performance level of Tee shirty are as follows:

Offline stores: One of the major competitor of company can be offline stores as they can turn tp their market online at any time due to which company might face tough competition that declines level of sales as well as profitability of Tee shirty in future.

Online store: The online store in Australia such as Showpo, Boohoo, Missguided and so on are the biggest competitors of company. This stores reduce the sales level of Tee shirty that automatically declines its market share.

Legal & Ethical constraints: Legal constraints are those which are developed by legislation or by common law whereas Ethical constraints are moral constraints that is placed in societies. Some of he legal and Ethical constraints which is needed to be follow by higher authorities of Tee shirty before development of marketing communication plan are as follows:

Australasian Performing Right Association: It was formulated in year 1926 in order to manage performance as well as communication rights of companies. This association will assist management team of Tee shirty to implement advertising campaign in a smooth as well as effective manner.

Copyright Legislation: This Act was established in year 1968 with an aim to protect original idea of an organisation. Copyright legislation will assist top level management of Tee shirty to secure and protect its idea of using ethical product in the production of T-shirts (Kaur 2016).

Purpose of integrated marketing communication strategy for Tee Shirty.

Integrated marketing communication is a concept which ensures that all the promotional tools are integrated in such a manner that they work together in an efficient manner so that the targeted market can be reached through various channels. The purpose of IMC is that it helps in maintaining good customer relationships which help in building brand image of company. IMC help in integrating various communication channels so that time and cost can be saved and profits can be increased while improving brand awareness in market. Many marketing communication options involve advertising, direct marketing, customer service, sponsorships etc.

Target audience and their media consumption habit

The target market of Tee Shirty are mainly people belonging to age of 18-34 years and they typically live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The company also targets its products on people who are strongly in favour of sustainable clothing so that the environment can be protected (Fogel 2010). The brand image of Tee Shirty is due to the use to sustainable material in production of T-shirts and also its strong affiliation with many human rights organisations. The media habit of target customers of Tee Shirty is that they use internet and online shopping for buying their cloths.

Analysis of Tee Shity's products

Tee Shirty's products are mainly bright T-shirts with graphic patterns in adult sizes having all its clothing sustainably made so that it can become environment friendly and also different its products from other companies. The company is also affiliated to many human right organisations which means that when its products are bought the people's support to human rights can be seen.

Criteria for multiple media combinations

The criteria which is developed for selecting multiple media combinations relates to the type of product, market, objectives of advertising, circulation of media, available funds, type of audience, media used by competitors etc. All these factors need to be considered so that a combination for multiple media can be made. Tee Shirty can use various kinds of media like social media, advertisement on TV, telemarketing, direct selling etc. so that a large number of people can be reached (Dăniasă and et. al., 2010).

Rationale for each media vehicle chosen

The company is choosing two media vehicles like internet and direct mails so that it can reach to a large number of customers through both these media vehicles and it can save its costs which ill help it in increasing its profits. With the increased use of internet most of the people belonging to 18-34 year of age can be reached through internet which can build strong brand image of company. Thus each of the media vehicles chosen can help in achieving company goals in cost-effective manner.

Primary and secondary marketing media

Primary marketing media is the media that is consumed most frequently by the target audience of company whereas the secondary marketing media is an additional, enhancing of or incidental to primary media. The target audience of Tee Shirty uses internet so as to do online shopping of company's products. The secondary media used by them is google search or Facebook so as to purchase company products.

Evaluation of media styles against Tee Shirty's brand character

Tee Shirty initially spent minimal on advertising in its launch year by promoting its brand through exposure in relevant online publications, using email marketing, regularly optimising website, growing organic social media communities etc. All these methods helped the company in achieving a strong brand image as the company provides sustainable clothing which is environment friendly (Coursaris Van Osch and Balogh 2013). The brand image as against its media styles is strong as the unpaid advertising was strategically done so as to capture attention of customers. Order assignment help from our experts!      

Budget allocation for media

The tentative budget for Tee Shirty so that it can use various media like social media, advertisement on TV, telemarketing, direct selling etc. is $50,000 so that all the media channels can be integrated. This will help in forming an effective IMC which can help in efficiently reaching to target audience and increasing sales of company. This can also help in increased customer base for sustainable clothing which will help in increasing company profits.

Budget allocation for each media vehicle

It is important that a clear and precise budget is drawn for all the media vehicles used by company so that the funds of company can be efficiently utilised and the objectives of generating budget can be achieved.

For internet:





Internet server








For e-mail:



Training and development




Team of executives






Legal and ethical constraints

The company must ensure that all the legal and ethical constraints are dealt with efficiently by making the use of various media of marketing ethically and legally strong. The legal an ethical constraints may include code of practice which are issued by Advertising Federation of Australia, Australian Communications and media authority, Australian Association of National Advertisers etc. so that all the ethical and legal values of these bodies are followed which can help the company in working under the legal pursuit.

Product appeal

Tee Shirty produces sustainable clothing which makes its products environment friendly and also the company is affiliated with human rights organisations which means that the increase in company sales increase its supports towards human rights. Also the T-shirts sold are bright in colour with graphic patterns available in adult sizes (Yang and Wang 2015). The company focuses mainly on the age group of 18-34 years typically belonging to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Key message and benefit communicated

The key message which is delivered by company is that it strongly supports ethical production along with its strong affiliation with human rights. The company products differentiate themselves from other companies by being more environment friendly and organic so that least damage is caused to nature.

Supporting information

The products of company can be purchased by customers through its online sites where they can choose between the sizes, colours, pattens etc. so as to suite their specification. The customers are also encouraged to leave feedbacks of their experience while shopping and using the products so that the company can make improvements in the products and its services so that more number of customers can be added and sales of company can be increased (Spiller and Tuten 2015). Also there are instructions given regarding how the fabric quality of cloths can be maintained, how they are to be washed etc. so that the confident of customers can be increased.

Budget of creative work

For creating the budget of creative work the clients advice are considered so that price can be set by either considering the advice of regular client or by tendering a brief of budget so that a price can be set. Following is the budget set by Tee Shirty:



Sustainable materials


Labour cost


Delivery cost






Deadline for creative work

The proposed deadline so that company can build its marketing plans is 3 months wherein the company director wants to develop an integrated marketing plan by 2 weeks and an advertising campaign to launch within 5 weeks (Zahoor and Qureshi 2017).


From the above report it can be concluded that social media plays an important role in attracting customers and increasing the sales of company. With the increased use of internet it has become easier for company to attract customers through social media which is also a cost effective way of building strong brand image of the company. The companies can use social media in an efficient manner so as to reach to the target audience and also knowing about their basic needs so that company can attract them by providing goods and services as per their needs.

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