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Essential Professional Skills for Digital Age Success

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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Positive and negative impact of social media on internet.
  • What is Contrast between the two?
  • Explain Challenges and Measures of security and privacy.
Answer :
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Positive and negative impact of social media on internet

The social media activities is procedure of acquiring traffic or attention by social media sites. In present time the way of social media modifying in advanced manner and provide good facility of interaction, communication and share data & information. It is impact on the internet positive and negative way. Through internet people operate different social sites and done other work that connect themselves with others due to share of information and market activities etc. There are discussed positive and negative effect on internet that are discussed underneath: Preparing strategic marketing plan. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Positive aspects: In present time mostly people use social media which is beneficial for the individual as well as business to conduct different activities in proper manner. To communicate with others and target customers effectively (Greenwood, Perrin and Duggan, 2016). The business through internet conduct different promotional activities, advertising campaigns, branding models over such platform supports to manage customer and fulfil the expectation. At social media add advance feature that helps to connect with each other easily and make video calls in good quality. Share larger size information and attachments, entrepreneur get new opportunities etc. Different types of social media application use by user in own way that are based on the internet and increase consumption of internet.

Along with businesses build up insights about their customer and market intelligence. These activities enhance scope of internet as it can be utilised for undertaking different activities. Additionally, learning programs conduct by teacher and students through applications where provide chance to improve skills because of increase importance of internet in students life (Mammadova, Jabrayilova. and Mammadzada, 2016). Through these social sites people collect information about companies, job advertisement, offers and many others. They are conducting surveys for gathering data and facts to analysis customer perception in regard of their products and due to activity of data is increasing as well as with the prices for the internet gradually increased. Due to usage various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. supports to audience and concentrate on the social media activities that depend on the internet.

Negative aspects: The social media activities show negative impact on the internet when people use different sites in wrong manner. The use of social media leads to or present the user in regard of different kind of challenges like spam messages, malware etc. Due to increase users on social media sites increase problem of security and privacy. These things direct impact on the people and hack personal account information to use in wrong manner. Most of people do not believe in those social sites and do not sharing data and information of company because of increase chances of hacking. These activities impact on the operational business activities that shows adverse impact on the internet. Along with issues linked with the security and privacy at personal level has negative impact on the internet.

Most of the teenagers are using these social sites to interact with new people but it become reason of mentally harassment that directly impact on their health. As a result parents blaming to internet for all these things and stop to use it. Many peoples are spreading fake news and rumours about political things that become reason of fights in between people and government banned internet to stop these things (Ngai, Tao. and Moon, 2015). Moreover, people face problem of health due to increase usage of social media. Such as depression, anxiety and other health problem face affects that has show negative impact on internet. This is because of the fact that advised by the doctor to ignore the utilisation of the social media that will ultimately impact on the sales of internet services which is providing by different companies.

Challenges and Measures of security and privacy

The online social networks are gaining popularity in these days where people use different sites and selecting platform. There is offering a space for effective communication, collecting data, sharing of the resources etc. Different types of content sharing by the users such as thoughts, views, data & facts, company information, location and their knowledge etc. Due to increase usage of these sites social network face problems & challenges that connected with the management of social identity as they consist it with social privacy (GÅ‚ód, 2016). On different application of social networks add new and advanced features that attract people to use and some are using in negative manner. These tools is use for communication that has changed at the professional as well as personal level. It leads to different threats which is linked with the privacy and safety. There are defined different challenges that face by the people and classified as classical and modern threats. Such threats are:

Classical threats: These types of threats are connected with the activity of the personal information of the users that have shared by online sharing network. There is mainly targeting the information of employees through managing and connecting different private attributes. There are presenting some threats are:

  • Malware: It is a type of virus that enter into system software and assessing private information of people. It can be done as per the framework of a company on online social networking sites and easy to understand by people as compare other social sites. This virus attack on the different online media sites in which focus to be the one in which the document of the users are analysed and the messages are send to their relatives by impersonating the. Such as, the Koobface malware is consist of worms, spyware, trojan viruses and ransomware. It get spread on different platforms like Twitter, MySpace and many other with the reason of collect login credentials of the user (Solanke, 2020).
  • Spam attacks: The spam is defined as junk message in which delivered to different way like Email, messages etc. These types of messages are shown at the wall of a particular person. The spam messages consist of different advertisements or links that related with the user to the malware sites. These messages are mainly come from the fake peoples and systems. Different action strategies for spam messages are applied so that they can be detected before they meet with targeted software. Take Thesis Writing Help  from our experts!

Modern threats: It is another type of threat in which concentrate upon collecting the private information and analysis data to linked with people. Threats are dangering for unpleasant, mainly it forced to bring out threat to resign. There are discussed some of modern attack such as:

  • Fake Profiles: It is most popular threat that adopt by users to attack on users through fake profile and fake credentials on the demand of individuals. When user accept request of fake people so they easily collect information about them and use for blackmailing and any other criminal activities. On the basis of these private information by online social networks which is utilised by people for sending the spam. It present issue for service provider because of people misuse of bandwidth (Tewari, 2016).
  • Inference attacks: These attacks are connected with collecting confidential information of user that linked with the personal characteristics like age, income, political affiliation, gender etc. These attacks are conducting by people through machine learning algorithm are utilised in which related with the publicly data & facts. Firstly they are searching mutual friend after that send request to attack on friend base that is utilised for gathering the sensitive information by user and their worker.
  • Surveillance: It is mainly connected with the observing the activities of an individual on different platform of social media. In the context of social media plays effective role of the individual are examined as per the relationship with other and relatable profile.

As per the above threats require to manage privacy and security at social network and must assure about the security. During this activity user face many problems that can be arranged and supports in precautionary measures. Along with different front line process in development and management through online social networks. The measurement of the safety & security base on these activities such as:

  • Privacy settings: To assure about the safety in regard of personal information require to a person aware for the privacy setting. They must set password in alphabetic and numeric manner and set all setting as per the requirement (Fuchs, 2017). As a result it reduce chances of unknown person access who wants to open personal account to collect information about user. The user keep all the information confidential and set default setting so that's why recommended to conduct with customised private setting.
  • Antivirus and anti spyware: The antivirus supports in reducing the viruses from the software system and secure all data & facts that is kept in the system. In the system install antivirus application that protects from viruses when sharing information from other system. That time it helps to protecting data from unauthorised sources and protected them by countering way.
  • Third party applications: Through third party application different privacy and security analysis and it will be taken simply as they have various which are grown-up outside the online social network and the user controls (Thorpe, 2016).

Compare and contrast features and application of the two social media platform

In present time people active on different social media platforms that provides different advantages to business owners like they supports in impressing consumers by marketing on social media network and attracting people who can be worked in a business, developing brand image of entity, enhancing customer base and many others. Different social media application can supports to business to get exposer, traffic on their sites and also cover large market area. The potential threats and opportunities prevail at market place can be analysed. Mostly people like to use Facebook and Tweeter that helps to business to attain goals and objectives in certain period of time.

Facebook is a famous social sites where people make their personal account and connect with relatives, friends and other people. It is American online media and social networking services that established by Mark Zuckerberg which is easily install in different gadgets and communicate with people. The main features of this site promotion of company, connect with audience, Job opportunity and many others. On this site individual make their profile where upload thoughts, image and sharing other post. The main feature Facebook is that is is rapidly increasing utilised through all the individual around the world that supports to connect with the people. Organizations can utilise this function to attract a large number of clients and representatives that contribute to improve the brand company's image. Facebook's other characteristics are that the list can be arranged by managing the settings, users can be developed group in which different added features such as observe group etc. are introduced (Carr and Hayes, 2015).

Twitter is another social sites which is utilised by people to tweet on his wall. It is an American micro blogging and social networking services in which communicate with users by messages that calls as tweets. Different types of business entity adopt this application to develop flourishing social media campaigns, improve their sales and identify brand and also increase services of customer. It allows to people to develop groups so that consumer an deduct the rush in their Twitter feed. A Twitter can utilise by people to tweet the hyperlinked text so that nothing any information provide in detail but individual can analysis the sources in depth manner. Additionally, this is good sidebar that effectively utilised by people and present several data & statistics (Boulianne, 2015).

Comparison between the two: Facebook is a common platform which is utilised by different types of people like businessman, universities, individuals which supports them efficiently in order to interact, teaching, advertising things. On the other side Twitter use is less tan to Facebook because it have less feature as compare of Fb. Very often these two platform are treated as synonyms where both are depended on the same criterion concept so there is offering flexible, communication, easily etc. The Facebook is relatively more popular in larger group of people with specific features like pictures can easily uploaded own profile, animations, videos and other gaming features with extra features. While limited features offer by the Twitter provides micro blogging services as compare of different services along with micro blogging.

Contrast between the two: Both applications are same with each other they have different quality to conduct difficult task like huge versatility among the two. Twitter has becoming more advanced day by day and add more characteristics such as different app of Twitter like Twitpic allows the users to post images on personal Twitter account. It is essential for compare and contrast in between both application and identify in famous manner. The newly emerging platforms like Myspace and LinkedIn has resemblance with the Facebook. The main difference in between both application of communication because on Facebook individual can interact with each other properly and sent private messages. While Twitter works to connect unknown person and related with them self to more and more people even those whom they don't even know. As per the two media platform are different from each other that utilised by people simultaneously. They don't modify each other as per the selection of users that select on daily basis (Ashley and Tuten, 2015). Order assignment help from our experts!      

Yes, Social media plays a significant role in effective manner where communicate and interact with each other. It is using by people at broad level for the marketing and advertising their products which is becoming the part of of the life of a person. The entrepreneur use these platforms in order to aware of customer and direct contact with them. It has converted in the manner of business where a business utilise to communication in cost effective manner and compare to different blogs and tweets on entity where tries to create the business efficient as per the feedbacks and analysis and more. According to different researcher it is recognised that they social media sites are becoming an effective platform for interaction (Allcott and Gentzkow, 2017).


As per the above study it has been concluded that use of social media usages rapidly increase and people use different application to connect with each other. It is utilised by every and each individual in the society as per the reason of business which is utilising to advertise their products & services, individual person usage this to communicate with other people. Moreover, it is concluded that in these sites identify different threats that required to faced by a person that connected with the loss of private information etc. Along with handling some challenges where concentrate on measurement like installation of antivirus, anti-spyware and others.

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