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Understanding and Leading Strategical Changes

University: Harrods of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define different types of organisational changes.
  • Define VRIO Analysis.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cadbury

Changes are the most necessary formats for every organisation to gain the competitive advantage and to attain in the market for the longer period of time. Changes are most required part because due to changes new things were developed and formed with that it also builds the competition in the market and customers gains the advantage of the market (Bergqvist, 2018). As, customer always wants and get attracted towards the new product and services for that implementation of change is major factor. Change is acquires in any organisation by understanding the different factor and lead the company to get apply that change within the organisation. Cadbury is the multinational confectionery company that was established in 1824 by John Cadbury and situated in Birmingham, UK. Cadbury implement the change in there product to get pay the attention of the market and increase there customer base. This reports includes the difference between the two organisation in terms of impact of change of strategy and operations. After that includes the barriers that influence the decision-making and leadership process of the company, with that include the leadership theory that implement the change within the organisation.

Compare the impact of change on organisation strategy and operations.

Organisation strategy and change is the major factor through which company measured the growth and development and it helps the company to enhance the productivity and implements the change within the company in an effective manner (Understanding organisational culture and leading change, 2019). It also provides an easiness in the business to deal with the market competition and get the support to dealt with the threat and measured the growth opportunities.

For to compare the impact of change on strategy and operation thus Cadbury will be compared by the Nestle as both produce the confectionery products and services to the customer. As both have dealt with food and beverages some of same products like chocolates, biscuits, baby products etc. Nestle also produce the confectionery product and based in Switzerland and dealt with chocolates, beverages, cakes, Maggie, cookies etc. As they both are the competitors thus both try to enhance the sales and profit and grab the attention of customers (Estrada, 2018). As of today's scenario people are more conscious about there health and choose the product that doesn't affect there health thus company also try to make that kind of product that is quite more healthier. For that Cadbury try to make the product that contains less sugar or sugar free product for to target the large number of people. On the same hand, Nestle also try to make the product through which they reduce the quantity of fats and proteins n there products.

Bohner and Arnold change impact analysis is an analysis that defines that Cadbury and Nestle first analyse  the requirement of change and then implement the change as per the need and demand of customers. With that both the company also focused the risk factor because as much the risk that much the profit gain is but sometimes it might that risk becomes the failure of the product in the market. Thus through this analysis Cadbury and Nestle measures all the estimated chances of every situation that has been opt by the company to measured the profit and growth.

Comparison of impact of change between the two organisation:




Organisation strategy

As per the strategic approach of Cadbury, they must  target the youngsters as they are more concern about there health and fitness. As the major segment from which company measures there maximum sale is the youngsters thus they focus on that and made the strategy to produce the sugar free products and reduce 80% sucrose from the products. For that company manages the new team to 20 members that deals with the requirement of the customer and then applies the change as per the demand of customers (Hasegawa, 2018).

Nestle also changes there product as target the adults and with that reduce the fatty and carbohydrate from the products then it become more healthier product that is appropriate for the adults those who are fitness freaks. For that company uses skimming strategy in which in starting the price is less but as the time flies the price will also increases  accordingly to the attraction of customer towards the product.

Organisation Operations

As per the changes in the product, Cadbury indulge the changes as per the targeting market. For that company reduce the sugar level to 80%  and introduce the supplement of dairy milk with new name as dairy healthy milk. Thus operations management manages the different factors through which sugar free product were made and with that manages the quality as well as customers comprise with health but doesn't compromise with the taste and quality.

Nestle focused on the adults and for that reduce the fat and carbohydrates from the product to attract the adults and increase the sale. For that new operational management team has been in introduced that manages the percentage of fats and carbohydrate in the product with that manages the quality and named that Nestle organic products. And also maintains the quality of the product without getting change the taste of the product and also manages the quantity of healthier products as well (Herold, 2019).

Asses the different drivers and organisational type that is affected by the change.

Drivers are those by which company implements the change within the organisation and there are different drivers that exert the change in Cadbury and Nestle to reduce the fats and carbohydrates as well as sugar from the product. These are as defined as below as:

  • Competitors: These are one of the driver that influenced the company to insert the change within the products and services of the company. As to be in the market every business implement the continuous change to raise the profit. There are various company  that deals with confectionery products like Mars, Lindt, Ferrero, Nestle and these are the competitor of Cadbury and they all implement the change as per the requirement and demand of customers. Similarly customers always look forward to different products and advancement in the market thus company changes there product according to choice of customers. 
  • Customers: Each and every business works for the customers and there existence depends upon the likeness and attractiveness of the customers. For that every company works for the need and demand of company and try to grab the attention of customers by which they measure the growth. For that company always implements the change thus these are the drivers through which company insert change in there products and services. Order assignment help from our experts!

Evaluate the internal and external drivers of change within the organisation.

Changes within the organisation related to the up gradation of product and services that is influenced by the behaviours of customers or the changes that is implemented by the rivals or competitors (Javid, 2019). Cadbury has many rivals as Mars, Hershey's, Lindt, Ferrero etc. thus with that they must implement the change in there products and through this leadership is affected. As it is the process through which company leads the internal environment and influenced the employees to accept the changes. And leadership is affected by the internal and external drivers that are as follows as:

Internal factors

These are the factors that is raised within the Cadbury and are defined follows as:

  • Management structure: It is a frameworks of the company that shows the overall process and task that has been performed by the company  to achieve there targets. In context with Cadbury, management structure defines the decision-making process that shows the supply chain of products to the market. As company implements the change for that the complete follow-up has been changed to reduce the sugar from the products that is of around 80%. Which is the not the easy target thus management will be more focused and committed towards the change and creates the positive environment within the company by which it is easy for employees to performed there individual task. Cadbury only gets the profit and achieve there objective within the particular period of time if management structure work in effective manner and that also help to enhance the productivity of the company (Kinchington, 2019).
  • Organisation Culture: It states the belief, value, responsibility, customs, sustainability of the Cadbury. As company works for the welfare of the society and satisfy the need and want of customers for that they implement the major change in the company as they reduce the sugar level with 80% and also maintains the quality of the product. For that company provides the overall framework and assign duty to all that insert the change in effective manner. Thus maintains the value and image of the company and doesn't negotiate with the quality of the product and comes with appropriate price.

            Thus these are some of the internal factors that affects the leadership of the organisation.         

External factors

These are the factors that is drives the change from outside the Cadbury and some of the external factors are as defined below as:

SWOT Analysis: It is an analysis that defines the strategic approach of the Cadbury with that they analyse strength, weakness, threat, opportunities of the company. These are as defined below as:

Strength: Cadbury is the most known confectionery company and has the strong brand image and value with that has the great distribution channel. With that also has the large customer base thus they can easily introduce the new dairy healthy milk in the market. Cadbury gets the help in terms of growth and development as customers have the strong perception towards the product and services of Cadbury (Neumann, 2019).

Weaknesses: The major weaknesses is that Cadbury doesn't have the proper channel in outside market as like rural areas or those areas that are less developed. With that maximum of  the people are slight towards the fitness and be healthy for that they stops the consumption of products that contains sugar in that. With that most of the people get affected by diabetes, sugar, blood pressure thus it is a major weakness of Cadbury. Struggling with your dissertation, get Law Dissertation Topics from our experts!

Opportunities: As Cadbury has the globalised channel and supply there product and services to different country like Australia, India, China and approx 15 Countries. And Cadbury increases there market share with 30% that is the biggest opportunities of the company to provides the sugar free product to the customers.

Threat: Cadbury has the largest number of rivals like Mars, Nestle, Lindt etc. thus they also comes with the new advancement and it is a biggest threat that people might accept the product and services of the other company.

These are the factor of analysis that defines the different factor through which Cadbury gets to know the market analysis that helps the company to measure there own performance.

PEST Analysis: It is an analysis that defined the macro-environmental factor that affects the performance of the company that are as explained below as:




AS UK is the stabilise country thus there political factors like taxes, policy, government rules and regulation, export and import doesn't get changed thus it provides the platform for the company to measure the growth and development. Thus, it helps the Cadbury to maximise there business with the increment of 25% market share with the new healthy dairy milk. And political factor has the positive impact of the regulation of services of Cadbury (Newbold, 2018).


The balance conditions of UK government shows the smooth conduction of new services of Cadbury in the market. With that also manages the relations with the agents as with the helps of them company export there new sugar free products to other country.


UK is one of the country that set the market trends with that there lifestyles and work-culture is very much vast expand. Thus it is easy for Cadbury to get the success with the new product but with that they maintains the quality and production time period of the product.


UK is the most technological advanced country that motivates the other to impart the change with an advancement. That help the Cadbury to implement the change with that company manages the different operations that has been applied within the company.

This is an analysis that defines the macro-environmental factor and that helps the Cadbury to increase the profit by applying several forms within the work-culture of the company.

Evaluate the measure that minimise the negative impact of change on organisation behaviour.

To induce the change within the company it is required to minimise the negative impacts of the change. For that Cadbury measures several activities to reduce the impact of change at the launch of new dairy healthy milk product are as follows as:

  • Cadbury must analyse the market knowledge and measure the level of acceptance of the product and also analyse the scope of the new products with that company procure themselves from the loss and negative impacts of change (Ptak-Kaczor, 2019).
  • Cadbury must prepare the training and development sessions for the employees by which they first understand the change that will be implemented in the new product.

            With these impacts Cadbury reduce there negative impacts and measures the growth and development.

Critically evaluate long-term implications of internal and external drivers of change.

SYSTEM theory: It is a theory that defines that Cadbury must implies all the change according to the systematic format. In which one things happen after the accomplishment of other by which company gets the long-term success and implies all the change of drivers in an effective manner.

Continuous improvement model: It is a model that defines that company may measure the long-term benefit if they follows this model in which company continuously up-grade the changes as per the requirement that keeps the smooth and free flow of service within the company (Rezai, 2018). Cadbury follows this model and drives all the change within the company this model bring easiness in the business and reduce the complexity. As there is no pressure on the management to implies on time change ether company continuously improvise the product and measured the competitive advantage.

Draw conclusion and recommendations for applying the change impact analysis.

According to the above report it is concluded that internal and external drivers impacts the change of Cadbury new product. Thus to plan and apply the change it is required that company must balance the organisation culture and structure with that also manages the financial  and other resources to gain the competitive advantages. Furthermore, recommendations for Cadbury are as that company must provides all the knowledge to the employees by which it is easy to implement the change. Thus with this it helps the company to attains the profit and growth in an effective and efficient manner.

Explain different barrier of change and describe how it influenced the decision-making of organisation

Leadership is the ability to influence the behaviour of others by guiding and directing the subordinates in such a manner that they can execute the assigned task. A leader motivates the subordinates to work with confidence and energetic and ensures to achieve the goals of an organisation. Cadbury is one of the renowned company in UK which is engage in provision of chocolates and confectionery items. As, the manager of firm has come up with new idea of launching chocolate bar which is 30% less sugar content (Ruben, 2018). This is a major change which   has been implemented by the manager of this company, and for this purpose some approaches of leadership are being considered beneath:-

  1. Democratic leadership:This is considered as best approach of leadership because leader takes decision regarding the change by approaching everyone. Under this, the leader is regarded to be intelligent and creative who is responsible for the outcome by bringing change.

Advantages: The organisation in which company carry out its operation is regarded as dynamic and employees of Cadbury are ready to accept changes and work in a flexible environment.

Disadvantages: This style create an environment in which every employee want that their opinion should be implemented but only fewer opinions are considered. Later, leader spends ample time in apologising to those employees whose views are not considered.

  1. Situational leadership: This approach of leadership encourage leader to act differently depending on a  situation according to the difficult level of task. As business environment is regarded as dynamic, so the manager of cadbury behave differently by bringing change in an organisation (Scott, 2018).

Advantages: the main advantage is that the leader provide direction to employees so that they can help in achieving goals of an organisation. Therefore, this increases the productivity of an org

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