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Individual Report

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS006
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Individual Report?
  • Explain Positive and Negative aspect of social media over internet.
  • Exaplian Two social media body's.
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Social media is a platform to stay connected with friends and family over internet. Several features social media channels provide that strengthen the connectivity between the users like sharing information and photos. This report specifies about the several challenges of social has reported in this report. Impact of social media over internet has also reported in this report. How social media play the influencer role in respect to the information available over internet will be reported in this report. Different aspects of social media that play the major role behind influencing information on internet has also reported in this report. This report also specifies about the two applications of social media that specifies about the features and usability of such applications. Precise information in respect to such social media applications has reported in this report. Usability of such social media application has also specified in this report. This report also focus over safety aspect while using such social media application. Various ways has reported that enable the user to keep the record and data safe in respective to privacy issues.

Positive and Negative aspect of social media over internet

According to (Xiang and et.al., 2017) Social media is expressed by various websites and applications over internet that allows users to access information, quick contents sharing, idea sharing, shopping and various features in real time. Social media is an essential part of the internet that carry various positive and negative impacts also over internet. The social media is influencing every year almost 19 % new users that well justifies about the positive impact of social media in the growth and development of internet user's.

 As per the view (Weeks, Ardèvol-Abreu and Gil de Zúñiga,  2017) Social media heated the internet in both the respect at one side in increased the number of active user's over internet. Social media has changes the ways to search information as it guided the users to search information over internet with the sue of chrome and google. For example emergence of social media application like facebook, instagram and other guided phone users to use google, chrome for searching informations. Order assignment help from our experts!

As per the view of (Reinecke and et.al., 2018 ) Social media brought the internet culture in the society. Based on various researches conducted by experts the number of users has immensely improved after rising of social media across the globe. Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, whasapp and many other social media channels has drastically enhanced the interest of general people in society towards the internet. Enhanced interest of social media has drastically improved the number of internet user's that also improved the internet access across the globe. With the immense support of social media internet access has drastically improved specifically in developing countries like India, China and other. In India almost 180 million actively use social media that also motivate them to access the internet network. Increasing popularity of social media is attracting people to access internet not just in urban part of the countries but it also motivating rural people to access and use internet even for the professional purpose. 

As per the opinion given by (Malathi and Joseph, 2018)Emergence of social media influenced the mobile user's to enhance the productivity in use of mobile phone like for searching information, for buying products and other benefits with the use of internet. Daily access of internet because of the social media has improved the reliability of user's over internet. Social media make people reliable towards internet not just in respect to access of various information but also in commercial aspect as users become more habitual towards analysing various websites for shopping and other aspects.

As per the view of (Leonardi and Vaast, 2017 )Emergence of social media has increased the internet access that give scope to various commercial advertisements over internet. Social media has brought the culture of utilizing internet for advertisements and branding that created a huge scope for the internet to channelize various advertisements. Improved brand publicity over internet has immensely increased the profitability of internet. Social media enhanced the revenue sources in many ways like brand advertisements, campaign advertisements and other associated advertisements. The major role in improving the advertisements over internet played by YouTube, Instagram and all other social media channels. Improved profitability has provided scope to employment opportunities for maintaining the infrastructure.

As per the view of (Kluger, 2019 ) Society has also witnessed the negative impact of social media. Emergence of social media has motivated to people to share various information without even analysing about the authenticity of shared information. Numerous wrong and void informations share over social media that also created myths in the active users about various aspects of society. Several issues has registered like religious issues and many others that created a huge disturbance in the society and social media became the major source to spread such rumours.

As per the opinion of (Jun, 2018) social media become the primary source of branding and advertisements and corporate houses use various search engine optimization to improve the traffic over such branding campaigns. Over social media there is no such way to measure authenticity of the product quality and that causes to branding of inappropriate products over internet. Many times such void branding causes to fraud to the buyers of such products as the user's rely over information available over internet and that mislead them to use such products (Blank and Lutz, 2017). All such fraud, misleading information and other associated negative impacts of social media create wrong image of internet in the mind of user's and that could reduce the faith in user's for internet authenticity.

Challenges and measures of security and privacy in case of using social media services online

As per the opinion given by (Dunbar, 2016) one of the major challenge of social media is to analyse the authenticity of information or products. Social media is well known for supporting unauthentic data, services and products as there is no way to measure the authenticity of such products and services used for marketing campaigns over social media. This wrong marketing campaigns also causes to availability of wrong information over internet that negatively influenced the authenticity of internet. This unauthenticated aspects of internet also caused to various frauds over internet.

In the opinion of (Chua and Chang, 2016) social media has immensely challenged the privacy related to various data of corporate organisations and also of personal information of individual. Social media became a huge factor behind influencing negatively different information and content negatively. Immense contant format is a big challenge social media has created that involve content related to the brands, corporate houses and many other body's. To judge the data and relative information is a huge challenge of social media.

In the view of (Carrotte, Prichard and Lim, 2017) social media is specifies as the entire different world as it comprises numerous amount of applications, websites and channels that consumes quality of time of user. Time management is among the major challenge user face over social media as the plenty of aspects over social media is available to access. Availability of plenty of applications becomes a major dis-tractive aspect for human being. People come from all the age group specially of the young age people who go to school and college spent quality amount of time over social media that effectively distract the studios and career as well. To manage the time while using the social media is a major challenge user face. get online exam help from our experts!

As per the opinions of (Camerini, Schulz and Jeannet, 2018) Social media has also challenged the safety related to the society many times. Social media became a huge source of sharing negative and inappropriate things about the society like sharing inappropriate quotes over religion issues and that cause to spoil of piece in the society. Sharing rumours over social media about such social issues give opportunities to negative elements of society for influencing the society in wrong manner. Many times even the google provide information based on the content available over social media which also give opportunities for making available negative information and knowledge about the different aspect of the society.

As per the views given by (Boxell, Gentzkow and Shapiro, 2017) to keep the personal information safe is a regulatory aspect and even it is opposed by the laws such as data protection act that specifies that all the information related to the user must be private and it must not be accessible for any external entity. Management of different social media networks can maintain a proper channel to control the hacking. To keep the information safe user can also follow various strategies such as using tough passwords for various websites. User should not repeat the same password for any other site if the password has utilised once. Not repeating the same password will strengthen the security aspect of user over social media networks. Many time's user share his password with the close people that also causes to leakage of data so its crucial for the users to not to share passwords even with the close and reliable people. Stacking over social media is a very common aspect in recent time so its crucial for the user to share only limited information about the activities' user engage with and other related detail. Many times stacking causes to harassment as well. For keeping the records and data safe over social media its crucial for the user to change all the respective passwords over internet from time to time. Constant changing of password will enable and strengthen data protection in respect to the user.

To keep the information safe over social media user must keep in mind to log out whenever any external sources or devices such as mobile, computer and other devices is used. Not to share password and other relative personal information of users is also an effective tool for the safer user experience over social media and internet.

All such effective measures enable the user to keep the personal information safe from the fraud entities.

Two social media body's

Social media has witnessed the increasing demand because of the various features that enable the social media to be a trendy aspect for the mobile phone user's.

Basis of Comparison




Facebook has provided various features such as Well organised list, New feeds, Groups, Messages, Music, Video, Royalty free entertainment, Organize event dates, Friend list, Stories, Watch party ,Search, Save item, Suggestion, Notification, Filter Content, Block, Facebook group insight, Scrapbooking, Video sharing, Photo sharing

All such features like texting massages, video calls, post, comment, share information , location sharing, tagging and many other features can be used over Facebook directly as the user get to access with all the  features available over the main screen directly when the user get log in.

Use of all the features enable the users to get connected even from the longer distance by doing voice calls, video calls and by using other features to strengthen the connectivity.


Instagram offer various features that include Image editing, Location tagging, Messages, Push Notification, Group messaging, Hashtags, Filters, Live videos, Video sharing, Photo sharing.

All such features like sharing pictures, videos, voice call, video call are easily accessible for the users after the log in to Instagram account.

Usage of various features like sharing videos and photos, sharing story's about the regular activities enable the users to stay connected with all the friends and family with more effectively.


Facebook is a social media application that carry the million of active user base. Various features of Facebook such as posting photos, videos and other features that make a Facebook user engage with various activities.

Facebook also offers other application such as massager that enable user to connect with friends and family with text massage or video calls (Alencar, 2018).

Instagram is a social media channel that give access of various other application such as message, videos, photo sharing and many other application at one place.

Instagram is an application that support and enhance connectivity with advanced features like high quality video calls and other associated applications to improve the user experience.

Instagram is a new application but the response that Instagram received from the mobile phone user's is immense that could enabled the Instagram to create strong identity in the market.

Suitability for Business

As per the latest records of data the number of active users over Facebook is more than 2.5 billion that give a huge scope for the corporate organisation to utilise the channel effectively for the marketing campaigns.

Facebook is witnessing advertisements from almost all corporate houses that clearly indicate about the importance of Facebook in creating business opportunities.

Facebook not just provide opportunities for running the marketing campaigns but the application is also used for selling the products online which make this application more successful for the commercial purposes .

Instagram is witnessing over 800 million active users that create a huge scope for the company's to conduct marketing campaigns.

Instagram has received the immense support from the mobile users as the application get features effectively over internet in a very limited period that created a huge opportunity for the corporate organisation to conduct business over Instagram by selling products and services.

As per the views of   (Bhatt, 2017) communication become a very easy in today's world because of the availability of various sources to communicate. Digital mediums and internet has created revolution by providing various channels to communicate the people. Social media is one of the effective medium mobile phone users used to communicate as the users get easy assess to received massages from the sender. Earlier the massages used to conduct over mobile phones that also needed recharges to conduct such text but after the emergence of social media the massages seek no such cost to sent. Social media played a revolution in the communication as it made the communication even more interesting by launching various new features such as video call, emojis, voice note and other features that enable the massage to look even more interesting and attractive. The features of social media related to the video call has also improved the internet efficiency by reducing the distance between people. Recently social media became a huge medium for sharing videos and photos as a text message that also improved the effectiveness of social media for the users. Social media is also accessible for sharing various information that also enable the users to increase various awareness in the people for many social issues.

All such aspects has created a social media network a smooth channel for communication . Social media has provided various new dimensions in the mode of communication that made the communication even more effective and interesting.


This report concluded about various positive and negative aspect of social media like availability of inappropriate information, sharing wrong information, spreading inappropriate quotes and also concluded the impact of all such aspects of social media over internet. This report has also concluded how social media make available wrong information over internet that also causes to frauds and several issues in society. Various aspects like spreading data of different elements of society to influence the image of such corporate organisations has concluded precisely in this report and that also enable the internet to create negative impact has also concluded in this report. Various ways has also concluded in this report that specifies about the positive aspects of the social media on internet like making social initiative, promoting social initiatives for the betterment of the society has also concluded in this report. This report also conclude about different challenges users face in respect to the privacy. Various ways such as keeping personal information to own self, not sharing password and other ways has concluded in this report to be safe from fraud and also to be away from privacy related issues over social media.  This report also concludes the comparative analysis of two social media applications. How various features like voice call, video call, posting photos and other over such social media application facebook and instagram improve the experience of users over such applications. The comparative analysis also interacted with the commercial aspect of such social media networks. Various features and usability of such features like using voice call to get connected over Facebook and Instagram has concluded in this report. Various suitability of such social media channels like usefulness, features and other relevant aspects based on the comparative analysis has also concluded. This report also concluded about the communication aspect of the social media channels.

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