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Professional Development and Situational Analysis

University: London College of Business Studies

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Conclusion
Question :

This sample will let you now about:

  • Discuss reflective Journal.
  • Define Gibb's Model.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A

Personal and professional development involves individuals and organizations engaging in a learning process to tackle challenges and achieve goals. It addresses the development needs of individuals and groups, focusing on skills like time management, presentation skills, and stress management. These skills enable individuals to provide counseling and coaching, supporting others in their learning and development journey. This report includes a reflective journal outlining strategies to enhance employability and study skills.Reflective journal

Individual presentation is an opportunities that is availed by an individual by way of speaking in front of the others or by any other means of (McMillan, McConnell and O'Sullivan, 2016). It develops the confidence among the individual to express their opinions and beliefs. With the help of individual presentation I could develop various skills that can help me in improving the employability and study skills. To be successful professionally, it is important for an individual to gather sufficient knowledge and skills that can help them in solving various issues faced while performing the job role. In addition to the education and experience I posses, I require various skills that can improve my ability to tackle the situations. Various specific skills are required to an individual but the soft skills are something which is common for all the jobs and thus it improves the personality of an individual and making them employable. Soft skills are treated as the building blocks of the career that helps an individual in learning the specific job related activities. The presentation so made on role of corporate social responsibility helped me in developing the confidence and expressing my views. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

While preparing the reflective report, it is important to consider the model of learning as this helps me in effectively analysing the skills that are developed throughout the process of learning. For this, Gibbs' reflective cycle can be used as it provides a structure that can help in learning from the experiences. A framework is provided by this that can help in examining the experiences, learning from them by analysing them effectively. Also, such framework helps in formulating the plan which can help in future (Moyo and et. al 2016). The stages which are included in this are:

Description: In this stage, the description of the experience need to be provided that can help in identifying the fact regarding what happened, when and where it happened etc. While undertaking the course, I had to prepare an individual presentation and at the time of preparing the presentation, I had to gather information about the topic of role of CSR in business and the challenges which are faced by the business due to its imposition in the organisation. This helped me in improving my research skills as for this, I first had to read the concept and then need to analyse it. After synthesising the information gathered from different sources, I had to prepare reports. With such reports, presentation was prepared and presented before the team. This helped me in developing both written and verbal communication skills.

Feeling: With the help of this stage of Gibbs' reflective cycle the thought and the feeling can be analysed (Caras and Sandu, 2014). This helps to understand the mental state of the individual at the time of giving the presentation that can vary before and after the situation. When I was about to leave the presentation, I was quite nervous and this made me feel like I cannot do so. But patiently, I managed the situation and by gathering all my strengths I presented the topics and gradually I started feeling a sense of confidence within and that motivated me to do it effectively. In different situations, various challenges are faced by an individual which they have to met efficiently but they demotivate them. This happened with me various time as I always felt that I am not enough capable of handling any situation and responsibilities. They make me feel nervous, anxious etc.Order assignment help from our experts!

Evaluation: This stage of the Gibb's model help to understand and identify the impact of the experience on the ability of the individual, such impact can be good or bad this depends upon the outcome (Swain, 2016). With the help of this, I could evaluate the goods and bad of my experience. When I was giving the presentation, at a point of time I got nervous but that only motivated me in gaining confidence as I continued giving presentation. During the preparation of the presentation, I felt that I need to have sufficient knowledge of the various information and communication techniques that can help in taking advantage in future. For this, I took various sessions which helped me in developing knowledge of various prevailing technology related to communication and IT. Such skills will help me in dealing with various issues in future as the businesses are shifting towards the use of more and more technology. The skills of communication and information technology will enhance my ability to deal with the technical problems that can arise in my professional career.

Analysis: This stage of Gibbs' model helps the individual to identify and understand the reasons of the situation that were faced by the individual (Leijen and Kullasepp, 2013). In my case, I fumbled at the time of giving the presentation and this created nervousness in me. That problem arises due to lack of communication skills and confidence. The communication skills are most important for an individual to be successful in all the cases whether be in the business, job, education etc. The efficiency in the communication skills makes the individual to express their opinions more efficiently. They need not necessarily be the verbal or written but both are mandatory. For this I planned various sessions and activities for me that can help me in developing such skills as with this I can improve my employability. Such analysis could be made on the basis of the remarks which were provided to me by the assessors and the feedbacks that I took on personal level from my friends and colleagues. In addition to this, the challenge that I faced was related with the management of the time. This is because time for the presentation that I took was too long in context of the length of the content.

Conclusion:This stage of Gibbs' model helps to understand the lessons from the situation that has been faced by the individual (Angeline, 2014). With the help of this stage, I could analyse that I do not have various skills such as communication, decision making, presentation skills, knowledge of various information and communication technology etc. that can enhance my employability. For performing various roles while working, it is important for me to have all such skills. Also such skills will help me in undertaking the further studies as they improve overall personality of an individual that make them presentable and expressive. In addition to this, I realised that for being successful, it is important for me to have an adequate understanding of various time management skills and self management skills. Such skills help in achieving the goals and objectives of the life and the targets which are allotted in profession effectively. Struggling with your dissertation, get phd dissertation help from our experts!

Action plan: In this stage of the Gibbs' model, the ways are identified that reflects the actions that would have taken in the similar situation (Lawson and Cowling, 2015) . With the help of this, I could identify various actions that can help me improving my capability to gather more and more knowledge and skills. On the basis of the research undertaken, I found that with the help of reading a lot of books, I can work on my verbal and written communication skills. By participating in various classroom activities I can develop presentation skills in me which will help me enhancing my competence. This model is clear and precise which helped me in defining the learning cycle appropriately within various stages that develop an understanding.


It is concluded from the above reflective report that for an individual it is important to analyse the situation effectively as it helps them to understand the areas where the improvement is required. Insights from the situation motivates them to enhance their capabilities to deal various problems in a better way by gathering more skills.

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