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Review of Curriculum Project

University: University of London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define subject teaching.
  • Discuss curriculum strategy.
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Curriculum activities includes those programs which are used for constructing an effective learning environment, where children can grow their social and intellectual skills, moral values and other to become a good learner (Locatelli, 2018). For setting a course of study or curriculum, it is essential for policy makers or other associated staff in educational centres, to concern on broad & balanced curriculum which is rich in literacy. This will help in providing the opportunities to children as per their age group to read and write, within a range of context. Designing the course in such a manner that includes factors like personal values, national values, resources, social context and more, aid staff members in educational centres to establish proper learning environment (McLachlan, Fleer and Edwards, 2018).Order assignment help from our experts!

Under the present report, a critical analysis is done on mathematical curriculum which is set by Curriculum and Professional Support Division (The Department of School Education) of Bhutan. The purpose behind this critical analysis is to identify the issue and practices with its contextual influence, for reconstructing the better course. To review and develop conceptualisations, mathematics course is selected especially for Class VII, where children become enough mature to understand what is being taught to them and gives proper contribution to teachers to grab knowledge and enhance learning experience. But as mathematics is considered as the most complex and difficult subject, which includes a range of concepts, therefore, to set the course, it is essential to set it in proper way as per level of class. For reconstructing and implementation of curriculum document, preferred design and development models are also being discussed in present assessment.

Preferred Theoretical Foundations - Scriven's Model for Curriculum Evaluation

For evaluating if planned course, co-curriculum activities, programs as well as opportunities that are developed and organised, are actually give desired output or not, a number of theoretical foundations can be used. It includes CIPP Model, Tyler's Model, Stake's Model etc. which helps in describing the process including underpinned conceptual framework regarding with a matter (Rovio-Johansson, 2018). These models are mainly used for providing a conceptual framework to design a particular evaluation, which is depended upon specific purpose of same. By evaluating curriculum, such models give solution also for further improvement. In context with present curriculum which is set for Class VII, curriculum evaluation is done by using Scriven's model. This model is also known as Goal-free evaluation model, which is propounded by Michael Scriven in 1991. For evaluating progress of curriculum program, this model mainly emphasis on actual effects of set learning activities on identified needs (Pourdavood and Liu, 2019). Rather than focusing on whether criteria of program goals have been met or not, Scriven's model examines on the way program is designed to meet needs of pupils. Therefore, to evaluate and determine effectiveness of current curriculum, two methods are mainly used under this model - Formative and Summative (Kang and et. al., 2018). Formative evaluation is carried out during development of curriculum activities, that helps in analysing need of any kind of modification for further learning program. By obtaining outcomes of formative evaluation, different components of programs can be selected and strategies for improvement can be taken also. While Summative evaluation is done after implementation of some activities of set curriculum, which will help in summarising the merits as well as demerits of learning programme for evaluating overall effectiveness (Pietarinen, Pyhältö and Soini, 2019). This would can be used to analyse if set programs are operated satisfactorily over a certain period or not, so that quality control of the same can be maintained. Criteria includes in Scriven's model to judge evaluation includes Validity, Reliability, Credibility/ Objectivity, Timeliness/ Importance, Relevance, Scope and Efficiency, by taking a number of methodologies. The first states to determine objective effectives of design curriculum including its degree of intention. After then, evaluate actual effects of programme against the profile of identified needs (Nthontho, 2018). Further, determine perspective of each learner to evaluate if the way knowledge given to them, meet their learning needs or they want some changes to grab same, so that further modifications can be done. Struggling with your dissertation, get Business Dissertation Topics from ou

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