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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2143
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BMAF000-20
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • Compare different opinions on this discussion.
Answer :
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Present scenario is based upon the topic relating to the can money buy happiness and for conducting this study various articles, magazines and authors review are undertaken to present the thoughts and ideas in right manner. In this report the discussion is mainly presented regarding the terms of money and also the impact regarding not having adequate money to fulfil the needs (Haworth, 2017). As many research are conducted on this topic and even person had different perspective of presenting their views. Usually it is also indicated that in perspective of old person, they mainly are in favour that money not provide happiness to any person but love can sustain the interest of person with them. In this report, it also carries the matters relating to presenting the ideas regarding the money factors and its needs in fulfilling the demands of the people which provide happiness to them. At last reflection is presented regarding using the models to present the overall report in better way.

Comparison of Different Views on the Issues

As per Dube and Dube (2017) stated that money can buy happiness at certain point but not implemented on every time period. As they stated that money is needed to meet the basic needs which is desired by person regarding managing the personal and professional life in better way. The reviews regarding money can buy happiness fluctuates depending upon the experiences and capability to invest in particular scheme or investment procedure (Tambyah and Tan, 2018). As old aged people, think that money cannot buy happiness but the love and bond which they share with their family bring more happiness. As they feel that health and safety is mainly maintained through proper care and bonding which they pertain with their family, friends or with society.Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Calvo and Cheung (2018) argued that in recent times, happiness can only be achieved through having adequate money to fulfil their needs and demands. As nowadays if money is there, happiness automatically find the route to be grabbed. Thus, the youth and adults feel that money can buy the happiness (Can money really buy you happiness?, 2020). As if they had money, they can fulfil their dream and also make good investment to gain longer term happiness. Money makes the life easier, as the things which the person can demand can easily be purchased and bring happiness to their life. 

Nicholls (2017) suggested that to make someone happy, it is not necessary to have money, as care and protection is to be undertaken or sometimes time spend is all needed to recover from any issues. Usually the cases stated that person runs after money and not concentrate on their family which results in making the life of the family alone. Thus, in such aspect's money cannot fulfil all the needs which is demanded by person, sometimes spending little time with anyone is more useful in providing happiness.

Chesters (2019) criticized that in perspective of the statement related to health issues, through having sufficient money resulting in securing the life of the people and also provide happiness to their family members. In respect of spending the high amount for treatment resulting in getting satisfaction regarding enjoying the happiness for longer way. As the anxiety of the person arise regarding not having sufficient money to avail the higher level of treatment. Thus, in such aspects they not happy with their financial status or income regarding managing the health (Frey and Stutzer, 2018). In such aspects, money can provide happiness to them in respect of purchasing the affordable treatment for improving health conditions.

Wang, Cheng and Smyth (2019) highlights the matters that money can provide happiness, if they are spent or invested in right manner. As in respect of buying the experiences in respect of conducting the trips with friends and also plan to travel the world or visit to the most adventurous spot. The planning makes the person happy and if it is initiated, then it results in building the memorable one. Thus, in such manner the role of money is important regarding building memoires and creating vast experiences through spending money. 

Richards (2016) on the other hand it is not necessary that the trips with friends by spending money bring  happiness. As every person had not that capability to spend money in planning for trips. Sometimes they demanded that spending time at home or cooking with friends is more sufficient to create memories and being happy. In these aspects the money cannot buy the happiness as they can plan the short trips or outing with their friends which not require to spent money on but require the friends which can initiated such planning in b

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