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Marketing Management Techniques


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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define SWOT Analysis.
  • Define TOWS Analysis.
  • What is Marketing Management?
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI

Marketing management refers to organisational discipline that focuses on implement of marketing techniques, methods and strategy practically to accomplish organisational goals with   minimum resources. The main concern of marketing management is to develop plan for new product by advertising and promoting the products or services according to new plans.

This report is composed from point view of ALDI supermarkets that is operating their business in retail industry and it is headquarter is situated in Essen, Germany (Chernev, 2018).. In the present scenario, management is focused towards explicate of new marketing campaign with the tag-line of 'Expressing ourselves' (Aldis and Herd, 2014). Moreover, this report highlights on TOWS of ALDI and explanation of marketing audits. Marketing objectives will also be developed in this report that focuses on current marketing campaign of company. In the last marketing plan and proposal to improve   customer satisfaction level will be consider in upcoming report.  

Background of ALDI

It was founded in the year 1946 by two brothers and they started a small store in suburb. Aldi was developed with the idea of managing all stores with a discount rate. The business of ADLI was  implemented as a small store by Anna Albrecht. In the year 1948, KARL and Theo took the business and expand business stores into Germany. Albrecht discount was implemented as ALDI in the year 1962. 

Marketing TOWS for ALDI        

TOWS analysis- It is defined as the variant or part of SWOT analysis that works as acronym for threats, opportunities, weakness and strength. The main benefit of marketing TOWS in context of ALDI that it helps management to implement right strategies and techniques for organisational actions and objectives. Its results marketing team is able to gain maximum results and output from minimum resources.

Marketing audit- Marketing audit is a comprehensive examination as well as analysis of marketing goals, objectives and activities. From the perspective of ALDI they are performing their work at global level. So with the implement of marketing audit it is easy for organisation to complete all task as per plans that are managed with relative goals of organisation in order to manage work accordant to current marketing plans (Berman, 2015). 

In context of marketing TOWS organisation must focuses on SOWT analysis so it is easy to develop strategies for new marketing campaign of organisation.


  • ALDI sale high quantity of products at international level which signifies it global presence and work as major strength for management.
  • Employees, supplier and other stakeholders which are engaged in ALDI operations are professional so quality of products is high.


  • The major weakness of ALDI is that company face challenges to position their products because of discount that directly impacts on marketing campaign.
  • Due to low involvement and interaction between staff and customer it is complex for organisation to generate loyal customers.


  • ALDI must focuses on developing countries as their economic are emerging with rapid speed due to increase in number of population.
  • Global presence of organisation and its activities leads management to generate effective results by focusing on target markets that helps to enhance more number of stores.


  • Competition in retail industry is increasing with rapid speed. It work as major threat for organisation which impacts on marketing plans.
  • Due to global presence all task and activities are impacted from international issue which impact on methods and campaign of company.

TOWS examines external threats and opportunities in order to compare them with company strength and weakness (Camilleri, 2018). From the perspective of ALDI it is used by company to develop tactics that enhances company performance.

Strength-Opportunities- Economic of a developing country is major opportunity for marketing team of ADLI. Along with this company is focusing to enhance their number of stores by implement of new tag-line that is expressing ourselves. It is the first strategy that helps management to enhance their product into new markets. Example- Asian countries are high in population so by offering discount to customers it is easy to increase customer base. Moreover, pricing strategy is a part of marketing audit so with TOWS management of ALDI demonstrate that its plans are better for retailers.

Weakness-Opportunities- With the analysis of organisation loopholes or weakness it is identified that company focuses on overcome from their enervated parts. Example- ALDI purchase raw-materials in bulk for satisfying needs of customers at global level (Da Silva and Mazzon, 2016). So by identifying right supplier it is easy for management to implement their campaign with effective way. It determines that with right discount it is easy for management to invest more in their marketing campaign of expressing ourselves by reducing their operational cost. Order assignment help from our experts!  

Strength-Threats- ALDI operates their business with motive of enhancing company profits by increasing their number of customers. In context of respective organisation stakeholders such as research and development is highly skilled. This results the marketing audit of expressing ourselves is implemented to overcome from weak points of positioning its products. New product development and marketing campaign for organisation are long term task (Fine,  2017). So by utilising professional skills in operations new marketing campaign is able to gain huge success in market.

Weakness-threats- The more benefits are gained or achieved by organisation through minimize of their weakness. It includes to involve those practices that leads management to overcome from international issue. Productivity and profitability are major strength that leads company to penetrate those areas which leads organisation to target more number of customers. Inn context of retail industry competition between companies is increasing with rapid speed. Employee interaction is major loophole for ADLI. So with the campaign of expressing ourselves management concerned about development of their plans as per marketing audit. This also refers that there are all operations and actions with concerned as per marketing audit. It refers all projects are implemented according to expected results of ALDI team.        

In the last with the TOWS analysis it is identified that there are various task will be performed by management. This all are concerned about accomplish of company objectives as per marketing audit (Foroudi and et. al., 2017). It also leads company to perform their work as per preference of customers. This also helps company to offer discount on their products and services by offering their products in target as well as niche market.

Marketing objectives that are designed for Express Ourselves marketing campaign

TOWS analysis is one of the major tool that leads management to perform their work in effective manner for accomplishing company objectives and goals. Some major objectives that are related with current marketing campaign of expressing ourselves are mention as follow:

  • The first objective of ALDI is to enhance their outlets by 20% within a period of 4 months.
  • Increase market share by 10% within 12 month.
  • Increase customers` loyalty by 15% within 12 months.   

Marketing campaign of expressing ourselves is a long project that leads management of ALDI to increase the profits for organisation (Deepak and Jeyakumar, 2019). So management must also focus to complete their work with in specify time period. This also leads company to increase their business size by undertaking essential resources for organisation. Along with this some objectives that are related with business goals are also concerned about marketing methods and techniques. TOWS and marketing audit perform an essential role in marketing management because it arrange resources, raw-materials and other essential resources for completing all projects and campaign in effective manner. Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

With the decided objectives it is identified that company is motivated towards increasing their number of profits by increasing their number of stores. This also refers that all task must be directed towards accomplish of organisational objectives due to which presence of its stores is monitored at all places. This also leads company to increase their market size by performing their work in effective manner for approaching more number of customers. It is also considered that company is managing all task and projects with motive of achieving their objectives in minimum time period (Hutchinson and et. al., 2015).

With the proper analysis of strength and weakness it is identified that all task of company are recognised as per management results. This also determines that it is essential for management to manage their projects by monitoring its task as per marketing audit. In context of ALDI there are various challenges such as intense competition from international market is seen in market. It also refers it is essential for management to manage all task in organised and sequential manner to gain actual results.

This also refers that there are various task will be performed by management to gain maximum output from marketing campaign. Like, global presence of market is major strength for ALDI that leads company to approach large number of customers. It also refers that it is essential for management to perform their work as per customers’ needs due to which projects as well as campaign for company are performed in desired manner. Functions and operations of ALDI are designed according to international level which is leading company to gain better results as it satisfies needs of customers of a large target market. 

Marketing plan

Marketing plan- can be defined as an operational document which is used to outline an effective advertising strategy for ALDI and its operations. Along with this marketing plans also helps company to generate flexible needs to target more number of customers. In simple terms marketing plan works as comprehensive document that demonstrate blueprint for representing advertising and marketing efforts for the upcoming year (Icha and Agwu, 2015).

Background of organisation- ALDI is a well-known retail organisation that is operating large number of stores. It is a German family owned brand that gain the experience of market from more than one year in retail industry. ALDI was founded in the year 1913 and its headquarter is situated in Essen and Mulheim, Germany. Majority of the products which are sold by ALDI and its teams includes grocery and household items that are used by customers on daily bases.

Executive summary- ALDI is focusing on developing their plans by completing all task and projects as per current marketing campaign that is Expressing Ourselves. The online market is increasing their business size by approaching more number of customers through its stores as well as company website. The current market area of organisation is to develop those techniques that complete work with best operations. Expressing ourselves is one of the task that leads management to complete all of its operations by utilising current and existing database for company (Izvercian, Miclea and Potra, 2016).      

Vision- ALDI vision is to express their products and services through performing all task and operations as per management objectives. Another vision of organisation is to perform best work that directly enhances sales of company products.    

Mission- Mission of ALDI is to maintain quantity and quality of their products that leads organisation to earn more revenue. Along with this by deciding smart objectives ALDI is also able to manage their work by dividing it into groups.   

STP- Marketing campaign work as an organised course of action which is used to promote and sale of company product and service. In context of ALDI marketing campaign is divided into three different parts that is segmentation, targeting and promoting.  

  • Segmentation- Identification of segments start when there is a process between two approaches that is managerial decisions and customers’ needs. In context of marketing campaign of expressing ourselves pricing decisions is major tools for entering into new markets.
  • Targeting- The target market area for new marketing campaign is to approach all customers irrespective of their age and gender (Järvinen and Taiminen, 2016). Along with this it is also easy for ALDI to sale its products to all customer because it deals in grocery and household items.
  • Positioning- This is more important step for ALDI to position their products as it directly relates with goodwill of organisation. It also refers that there are various task will also be performed to increase sale of company products through demonstrating its products with unique approach.       



  • Price offering is one of the major strength for organisation campaign as it work to attract for number of customers.
  • Another strength of ALDI is to approach large number of customers.


  • It is difficult for organisation to position their new products and services effectively in market.
  • Another weakness of ALDI is that it directly impacts on sale of organisational products.


  • Large number of customers are approached by management through new techniques and methods. It is concerned to increase quality of products.


  • Major threat which is faced by company relates with the increase in numbers of competition as local and international companies both work as a threat for organisation. 

Marketing mix of Aldi

Products: Grocery and daily use items are the major products that are sold by management to its customers. This also refers with new marketing campaign and marketing audit more value will be include in organisation products.

Price: In present scenario most of the organisation are performing their business in similar market. So with an effective pricing strategy it is easy for ALDI to increase demand of its products. It also leads company to generate loyal customer base (Kumar, Gurunathan and Reddy, 2015).

Place: This is most important step for marketing mix as it work major step to interact between customers and company. In context of ALDI there all of the stores are placed at central areas. So it is easy for customers to purchase products from ALDI stores.

Promotion: Main motive of marketing campaign is to promote products of organisation in order to position company products effectively. This results goodwill and brand value of company and its products both increases with rapid speed.     

People- From the perspective of people or workforce they are the most important aspects for an organisation. It is leading company to complete their work within minimum time period with maximum productivity (Kaynak and Herbig, 2014).    

Physical evidence- With monitoring and analysing of marketing mix it is used by management to generate positive results by engaging them and leading effective results to generate long term results. Aldi utilise physical resources for gaining long term results.

Process- It is most important aspect for Aldi to represent there marketing-theories, products and services. This defines with transparent and flexible process it is easy for management to complete operations in dynamic environment. 

Evaluation and control- Monitor and control is the last step for organisation and its management because it leads company to regulate business functions and operations in effective manner. From the perspective of ALDI management is focused to use Key Performance Idicator (KPI) as a tool which ensure quality of company products. Ask for  Dissertation Writing Help  from our experts!

Proposal to increase customers satisfaction level

Retail market as well as industry both are increasing their business size with rapid speed because of increasing demand of daily products from customers. Along with this emerging economy of developing countries is also booming market sector of retail business. From the perspective of new market campaign it is identified that ALDI is selling their products with low price marketing strategy for attracting those consumers that spend limited money to manage monthly budget for controlling company expenses (Melchiorre and Johnson,  2017).

The major benefit for ALDI is that company must invest in new products and services that is beneficial for for management as it leads them to enter into new market. Along with this there are all task and operations which are performed by management is used to target more number of people. Another purpose for organisation is that company should develop new marketing strategies due to which its task are designed to deal with high competition in market. Along with this international challenges also creates challenges for company like in UK Brexit creates various objections for company to deal with products and its customers.

Discount and pricing strategy also work as an effective tool for company that is increasing demand of daily products of ALDI. Moreover, due to low price strategy marketing management of company is also able to gain competitive edge in market form its rival companies. On the other side, this strategy also impacts on positioning of company products as consumer think low price products are not good in quality so top and upper middle class buyers not become regular customers of ALDI. So management should divide some segments about their products due to which classification also leads customers to increase their market area (Souza-Monteiro and Hooker, 2017).

Market segment and positioning of products also work as an essential tool for management that enhance business area to complete all task into new segment of markets. This refers in the present scenario most of the companies are also selling their products through online platform and E-commerce channels. This also refers that ALDI also need to enter into new online business channel to reach at end consumers. Small retailers and stores of ALDI are leading company and its management to increase sale of company products. But to unsophisticated design of company website management face low sales from online market. Therefore, it is mandatory for organisation to improve their application and website. Like by attractive website and use of easy application leads customers to use application in easy manner.


In the last by the above report it is analysed that marketing management is an effective tool for organisation. This leads customers to utilise new ideas and implement of methods and strategy to perform all operations with in effective manner. The core benefit of new marketing management that it leads companies to perform their work practically to implement plans in effective manner. TOWS is also implemented in this report that leads company to match between actual and expected results. Along with this marketing plan is also consider in this report which is leading management to achieve long term task and also leads management to make successful campaign. In the last objectives are also designed that manage company to perform their task as per customer services and proposals.

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