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Operations Management an Essential Aspect for Business

University: University of London

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Organization Selected : Hilton

Operations and project management is the process which are used by organization in their daily basis work because it helps the entity to manage their strategic issues in systematic manner. project management involve various functions such as planning, monitoring, organizing, analysing and conclude the result accordingly (Pelley, 2015). It is beneficial for organization to evaluate their operations value in comparison to business opportunities. Operations management play essential role in the organization to improve their production, performance as well as profit margin.

For the better understanding of these concepts Hilton Hotels & Resorts selected that is American multinational hospitality brand company. It was founded by Conrad Hilton in 31st December, 2018, currently there were 586 properties of the name of this hotel with 215,623 rooms in 85 countries. This assessment covers various topics such as operations management, its models, frameworks, strategic objectives and identify some strategies to develop or improve operational process of business. In addition, it includes the evaluation of operations management, identify design, service process service and operations network. Along with this, this project report includes the discussion about project management, forecasting, planning and control.                 

Introduction of Operations Management

It is a management practice which is used by organization to transfer their raw material into finished goods or in service sector make customer able to receive their services. This process will generate value for consumers or make business able to generate more revenue. Main purpose of operations management is to improve business efficiency as well as effectiveness, so they can produce goods & services as per consumer demand and try to satisfy their clients with valuable services along with quality. At the time of making any decision in organization, managers of Hilton Hotels need to analyse its short terms as well as long term impact. Management will ensure that they should formulate good operational decisions and further focus on making their customers experience valuable to satisfy their needs or desires (Matthews and Marzec, 2012). 

For example: Hilton Hotels introduce new program in the store, so they initially find interest of people regarding their event. They need to find people accordingly who can manage all things, material for their task and done effective marketing to promote their products & services. Along with this, identify potential opportunities to increase their customer based through analysing their needs & demand. Basically, effective operation system helps in improving overall efficiency of company which further maximise productivity or profitability. Operations management used to control manufacturing process of company and redesign the activity to make it more effective. Initially operation management called production management and it focus on various aspect from finance to marketing. In the process, managers of Hilton Hotels ensure that all the inputs such as labour, capital, material are used in that proportion which maximise overall output of the company. 

Role of operations management in organization is very essential because here management follow some major strategies to survive in long run. Managers are focus on making strategies related to finance or marketing to generate more revenue or make their products & services popular among the people (Martins and Martins, 2012). Many companies use pro forma at the time of planning because it consists past or current financial information which make management able to take effective decisions to produce more revenue in the company. Order assignment help from our experts!                        

Core definition of operation management along with models and frameworks

Operations management is a management functions which include the process of managing human resources, material, equipment, technology, internal information etc. It is the core functions of every organization such as Hilton Hotels also use this process to enhance their operational efficiency as well effectiveness. In addition, there are various models and frameworks which are used by organization in their process to make it more effective in terms of performance or productivity.

In context of organizations, management can follow any number of models and frameworks as per their requirement. Some of them discussed below:  

McKinsey’s Strategic framework: According to this framework, management only focus on overall growth of the company along with innovation. It helps the managers to divide their goals into three different horizons such as first one is core business where they need to identify those activities which is related to business process. Another one is emerging opportunities where they need to think about out of the box to expand their operations to generate more revenue. Last one is blue sky where management taking their business into new directions to get growth. But there is no hard and fast rule to follow of them, so managers of Hilton Hotels can follow this strategic framework as per their requirement (Kivilä, Martinsuo and Vuorinen, 2017). It is one of the best strategy because it focusses on regular growth and generate future revenue.    

Value disciplines: It is based on operational excellence; it means those organizations who wanted to offer quality products & services to their customers will adopt this model where they focus on their one aspect which generate value for them. Company maintain discipline in single activity to generate more value of consumers. Focus on customer intimacy, operational excellence, product leadership etc. Managers of Hilton Hotels can focus any aspect which generate value for their organization and maintain discipline accordingly. Basically this framework helps the business to make their core function more valuable so they able to get growth or grab opportunities (Joslin and Müller, 2015).        

Balance score card: It is one of the best strategic framework that is used by many organizations and compare different aspect to identify which one is strength of the company and which one required improvement to make this company’s core strength. It is divided into four different quadrates such as customer, internal business process, financial and knowledge, growth or education. It helps the organization to identify that customers are satisfied or not, financial results are acceptable or not, identify how effectively internal process work. With the help of it, managers of Hilton Hotels can implement or evaluate each quadrates performance and make strategies to improve weakest one. It helps managers to make their future strategies accordingly after analysing all aspect. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!  

Above mention strategies can be followed by the managers of Hilton Hotels as per their operational requirement which helps in getting growth or able to attract opportunities to generate more revenue.     

Strategic objectives of operations management

In context of organization, strategic objectives of operations management are to make their employees skilled which make them able to perform and it further helps in improving productivity techniques. Another strategic objective is quality improvement, effective marketing which provide global growth or generate more opportunity to expand their operations. In Hilton Hotels, management focus on improving staff member’s skills which make them able to further perform in well manner.

In addition, operations management of Hilton Hotels also focus on quality improvement which helps in retaining their existing customers as well as attract potential consumers (Pradhananga and Teizer, 2013). These strategic objectives help hotels to get success in their business and provide further growth in the market. There are various tools which help the organizations to analyse their strategic objectives and further it will have achieved or not. Such as SWOT analysis which aid business to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. With the help of it, management of Hilton Hotels to identify that they are achieving their strategic objectives or not. For example: quality of services is strength of company that means company achieve their objectives which is beneficial for them or further make them able to maximise their productivity as well as profit margin.        

Other strategic objectives of Hilton Hotels are to improve customer loyalty as well as make their stay experience more valuable.  It will be evaluated after analysing sales results or customer feedbacks. If sales revenue increases in comparison to last year than it means hotel able to retain their existing customers as well as gain more consumers which helps in generating more revenue (Gurin and Persiyanova, 2017). Along with this, positive review, suggestions or feedbacks will help in identifying company able to achieve their strategic objectives to make their experience valuable. 

Define operations strategy, development and improvement

Operations strategy is a kind of plan which include each and every strategy which company follow to achieve their desired goals & objectives. It is also used to allocate resources which required to implement their plans and support to produce products and services. Every operations strategy will affect business strategy because it maximises overall efficiency by reducing production cost. In context of Hilton Hotels, one of the best which company follow is to provide maximum benefits to their employees. Company focus on customers so they adopt low price policy which make their customer base stronger as well as minimise production cost due to increase in sales. Along with this, organization introduce club card for loyal customers which is beneficial to maximise productivity as well as profitability of company. 

Making operational strategy is not only the work, management should take such effective steps for the development of business. Such as Hilton Hotels wanted to make their customer base stronger so make strategies to make it possible through providing quality in their services which helps in satisfying consumers or make their experience valuable (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016).

Every organization face some common issues which required to resolve or improve in order to get returns. At the time of implementing any process in the operations, management should evaluate each process and try to develop or improve to maximise outputs.  

Basically, managers of Hilton Hotels have some operational strategies which they required to achieve, so they done their actions accordingly and make sure that it will improve overall efficiency as well as effectiveness.              

Evolution of operations management

From 18th century to 21st century operation and production management used in organization to develop or improve operational efficiency. In the beginning of industrialization, almost every business face difficulty related to production, product quality, services, delivery etc. In addition, there are some international standards which followed by firms for the standardization of work or it helps in comparing results with others (Rinke and et. al., 2012).         

Initially it is called production management when Sumerian ministers develop ancient system in order to record investor, business transfection, loan, taxes etc. Operations management development by Frederick Winslow which is called father of management. It is developed to identify the requirement of organization and after that find the effective solutions to resolve it. It is used to control and design manufacturing process which provide various benefits through improving productivity as well as profitability.

Before industrial revolutions, organizations face lot of difficulties and issues in business process. Various researchers find requirement of operations management to improve overall efficiency as well as expectation. After post industrialization, where maximise production is done by using large machinery, so it generates requirement of operations management in order to increase capacity of factories as well as output. In the current business environment quality and productivity is the major issues because it influences the overall productivity as well as profitability process. Almost every organization implement operations management to improve quality of products & goods. Along with it, improve production process which helps in increasing operational efficiency as well as effectiveness.       

There are various tools & techniques which are used by organization to improve their performance such as quality management technique where firms focus on product quality otherwise it can affect the demand of goods. Six sigma used to improve business process through identifying error which slow down the growth (Fang and Marle, 2012). It is not the limited tools which are used by organizations to enhance their performance, productivity and revenue margin. Operations management begin from 18th century and it is still most essential aspect for business to make their operations sustainable in the market for long term period. The above hotel has their operation in different aspects. Below their activities are mentioned that are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction- Above mentioned hotel is highly focused on satisfying customers’ need and demand. It becomes possible as they offer quality service to their customers as well as ask for regular feedback from customers.
  • Quality of food- In addition, main objective of hotel’s owner is to offer better quality of food to their customers so that they can revisit. For better food facility they prepare food by considering all safety and cleanliness. In the context of a hospitality sector, this is one of the key operation that is needed to be consider for better outcome.
  • Recruitment of staff- The success of a business entity highly depends on the skills and capability of their employees. In the aspect of Hilton Hotels, their human resource manage recruits the candidates in accordance of their skills and efficiency.
  • Feedback from customer- As well as they take regular feedback from customers so that they can make modifications in their operations and services.

Design in operations management

Operation design is the designed operationalisation and improvement of design. It concentrates on design practice and develop a systemic framework that enables to get success at big scale. The project design is one of the important part of operation management in which focus on the products & services. Hilton Hotels is sell out different types of products & services in their hotel where require to present all the products effectively that attract customer to buy product. This step must impact on the profitability of business and most important stages of operation management.

To designing the product are main item of the where focus on the product material, basic configurations, methods of joining parts and many others. For the operation design consist of individual design products and design teams where set goals to accomplish all the objectives. The success of management mainly based on the quality of operational design management results. The company wants to increase their sales in particular financial year so they are designing a operation in which offer all the products in discount (Brones, de Carvalho and de Senzi Zancul, 2014). This operation influence to people to purchase their products and complete all the activities on time.

The decision making procedure impact on the operation design because when an organisation launch a product that time must aware for the product design that influence people to buy it. Product design is one of the important stage of operation management where make effort to design a product in low manufacturing cost. For this purpose require to proper planning and experts who have experience about these things. On the basis of these information company bring out to specify the procedure that necessary and the sequence of the processes.

Service Process Design

Service design in the process which is used by organization to design their services as per the requirement of its users. This process evacuates every small action or activity, communication, technology, people, material etc. Basically, by using service process design it helps in improving interaction between service provider or receiver. Main purpose of this design is to make organization aware about their customer’s needs and desires related to products & services (Martins and Martins, 2012).

Objective is to develop awareness or generate link among front office and back office strategies. For the service sector organization, it is very essential to make them satisfy and provide services which is user friendly and provide competitive advantage. Service design process used to produce new or improve existing one which helps in improving efficiency as well as effectiveness. It is one of the systematic or creative approach that provide various benefits such as helps in meeting business needs to complete with their competitors. Meeting customer expectations which continuously increases related to innovation or quality of services & products. Use of advances technology in service design will improve customer services and make business able to understand their expectation and further build strategies accordingly.

In addition, before making any strategic decisions management should determine external factors such as economic or social issues which impact production as well as profit margin of the company. In context of Hilton Hotels, they have to focus of their services and ensure that accommodation services become easier for consumers. It is very essential to simplify the process for users, so they do not feel burden or complicated at the time of using it (Kivilä, Martinsuo and Vuorinen, 2017). In addition, customer of company can easily use because it further affecting their future decision of shopping. Expectation of service design is to provide that services which is effective, efficient, easy to use, desirable etc. Basically it is human based approach where organization need to satisfy their consumers to make their availability in the market. Herein, below services provided by above hotel are mentioned in such manner:

  • Food facility- In the above hotel all types of food are provided to customers including breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as they offer veg and non veg food.
  • Stay facility- Customers can stay in hotel as they have huge area including large number of rooms.           

Operations networks

It is defined as activities that perform through internal networking staff, third parties where organisations as well as services rely on to observe, manage and respond to alerts as per the availability of networks and performance. To conduct different activities in business, require to assign all the tasks in effective manner where consist of cultivating stronger relationship with staff members to clear all the network activities. This time all the stakeholders can play essential role to prepare different strategy to complete all the task on time. After that business set goals and objectives and puts tools of networking in the services of business goals. This network essential for any project that helps to collect information from different sources and according to that take further steps. It also supports to improve and develop skills and stay on top of the latest trends in hospitality industry.

To conduct different operation networks, follow mainly two networks first one is arrow network and second one id activity on narrow (Gurin and Persiyanova, 2017).

Forecasting, planning and control

Hilton Hotel wants to open new restaurant so for this require to forecast about every thing which is related to this project management. To open new restaurant require to fund and many resources that based on the proper planning. The company wants to complete this project in 6 months that are based on forecast. According to that company start to planning about the project and according to that give direction to people for the work. The procedure of product planning is related with the number of steps and forecasting is important action due to requires that the business project of manufacturing require into the future. It is mainly based on the long term forecasting in which take decision quickly and become inaccurate when demand changes as per the requirement. In the planning consider different activities like:

  • Arrangement of funds: For any project require to funds that helps to business to start on time and use all the resources in proper manner (Rinke and et. al., 2012).
  • Provide roles & responsibilities: To start any project require to provide work to people according to their skills that helps to effectively complete that work in set period of time. 

After planning require to control all the activities efficiently and direct people to conduct efficiently. For this require to understand business requirement efficiently and take every steps effectively. 

Project management

The term of project management consist of planning and organization of all resources and move for a particular activity, event and duty for the completion. There are consisting of one time project that based on the ongoing activity and arrange resources that involves finances, personnel, intellectual property and many others.

Project management system is set framework that applied by the organization to managing a project through planning, organizing and arranging project activities to achieve expected results. All the activities mainly based on the sophistication of project management where consist of cost control and budget management. This system is mainly based on the set of methods, procedure, practices and resources that helps the project management. In this system consist of different activities like broad usability, adaption to the environment and many others.

Project design is part of project management in which focus on the key features, structure, set limitation, criteria for success and major deliverable are all planned out. It is designed effectively that apply by  to achieve set goals & objectives in certain period of time. It is a early phase of project management where stakeholders can select the best design for proper formulation of project. Accordingly project design phase might create a assortment of several results where consist of Gantt charts, flow charts diagrams and many others.

Project life cycle: This cycle is a complete cycle that starts from taking initiation till the completion or closure of any project in success and unsuccessful manner. This cycle define as a work flow of activities where an organization focus on the achieve appropriate results from the particular project. In any business project require to different phases like initiation, planning, execution and closure. Every stage plays essential role in order to get success after complementation of particular project.  was established in 1919 by Jack Cohen. This company belongs from hospitality sector where sale out groceries and basic things. This time organization has planned to manufacturing and introducing store of furniture where provide facility of customise furniture according to their requirement in the United Kingdom and more develop a project life cycle to introduce it to its customer (Beringer, Jonas and Kock, 2013). There are defined different phases in regard of furniture store such as:

  • Initiation Phase: It is a starting phase of any business idea where a manager of recognising all the objectives and a practicability is done as per the difficult face in particular task. For this require to conduct feasibility study that analysis all the positive as well as negative future results before invest amount and time in particular project. To achieve this goal, require to focus on those problems that occur in business to perform task.
  • Planing phase: It is most important phase where planning about the different things that has to be done in project. The manager of  plans about the future necessities in present for the complementation of particular project. To define this phase set different activities that has to be done in specific period of time. At this stage require to manager provide a graphical chart that present every activities with particular period of time. On the basis of these activities check the individual performance in particular sequence for perform the work  by the individual. Ask for Management Dissertation Topics from our experts!
  • Gantt chart: It is a horizontal bar chart which is applied by business as most effective way to present all the activities in proper manner. This chart mainly based on the project manager in which focus on the visual; representing of a schedule that supports in design a plan, track and coordinate with people for particular task. It is useful for the  because it supports them in spread out the business activities effectively and assist for the project timing.
  • Execution stage: After all the proper planning require to execute plan effectively and put all the action properly. There is preparing feedback report by the manager of  in order to analysis the performance of in actual and standard manner. These reports are defining about the performance of people where connect with the complete of project. Tescu uses these reports to apply modifications as per requirements, improvements and developments.
  • Closure stage: It is a last and final stage where complete the project life cycle. The manager of  provide all the products & services after analysis the proper market. Project reviews are important for analysing the project that has been met with the set objectives and supports to take  different actions as per the requirement.


From the above discussion, it has been concluded that operations and project management are the essential aspect for organization because it helps in converting inputs into outputs for final consumption or use. In context of organizations, there are various frameworks which allowed the businesses to achieve their desired goals & objectives. Along with this, operations management used to improve overall growth through improving working efficacy.

Operations management provide various opportunity to expand their business through innovation and grab opportunities. Every business has some strategic objectives which can be achieved with the help of operations management. In addition, consumers focused companies should give more attention on service design and make this user friendly which improve their shopping experience without any complexity. Operations management helps in making organization competitive and provide them future opportunities to expand their business in the existing or new market.   

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