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If you have been looking for a trustworthy online writing service that would provide a reliable Criminology assignment help, then you need to contact the team at Instant Assignment Help for immediate support. The in-house team of Criminology assignment writers present in will take care of your academic requirements and would help you secure top grades. Moreover, you will find that our writing help with criminology assignment is budget-friendly yet of professional quality.

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What Is Criminology?

If we talk about the etymology of criminology, then it has been derived from the Latin crimen, the meaning of which is the accusation, and the transliterated Greek logia, denotes "the study of," therefore the study of crime. It has been recently recognized as a scientific discipline in its own right. According to our Criminology assignment help experts, this subject field deals with the scientific study of nature, extent, management, control, causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior, both on the individual and social levels. This particular field is largely taught to the students who aim to become philosophers, psychiatrists, social anthropologists, etc.

Schools of Thought Within Criminology

The purpose of criminology is to identify the root causes of criminal behavior and develop humane ways to prevent it. According to criminology assignment writing experts, there are three major schools of criminology which are as follows: Classical, Positive, and Chicago. Each of them has different conclusions and approaches to solve the issues. Our criminology assignment help professionals have explained them in a comprehensive way for all the students who might want to gain knowledge about the same. Read ahead!

Classical School

The classical school of criminology was developed in the eighteenth century, and its main contributors or founding fathers were Jeremy Bentham and Cesare de Beccaria. They embraced concepts and theories of crime based on some ideas which have been stated below by our in-house criminology assignment help experts:

  • People are free to make decisions according to their choice and preferences; they can act on their own accord pertaining to situations.
  • Punishment can be used to deter criminals from committing any crime, but the severity of punishment must be proportional to the crime itself.
  • The swiftness to respond toward crime is the most important factor to prevent the offense.
  • The pleasure-pain principle suggests that human behavior is directed at maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain.

Positivist School

It opposes the classical way of thinking and views criminal behavior as irrational and may be due to a biological, environmental, physical, psychological problem or disorder. Our criminology assignment help professionals have studied about this school of thought extensively and share that besides simple pleasure seeking and pain avoidance, there are other factors as well which are beyond the human control. Cesare Lombroso was a psychiatrist who compared physiological features of criminals and formed a prediction based on the measurements of skulls and height of their cheekbones. This theory suggests that criminals were born, not made and they are not rational.

Chicago School

It can also be referred to as Ecological School and was developed by the students and faculty at the University of Chicago during 1920s. Our criminology assignment help professionals suggest that it was a study which was done to identify why the crime and delinquency rates are higher in some neighborhoods than others. It strongly believed in the idea that social structure affects the human behavior and an individual’s destructive social environment, such as poverty leads to a breakdown in the social structure and gives rise to crimes.

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Career Opportunities for Students in Criminology

Criminology is a rewarding field that offers varied career options as per our experts of criminology assignment writing team. A student who is willing to obtain a degree in criminology is bound to study the relationship between communities/societies and unlawful behavior, as well as what causes criminal activities. Our criminology assignment help experts have stated below some of the major career prospects in this field:

Parole/Probation Officer: If you are interested in working with offenders to prevent them from committing new crimes, then consider a career as a probation officer. Moreover, they supervise offenders and investigate their history prior to sentencing.

Forensic Scientist: In criminal investigations, forensic scientists play a pivotal role as they provide scientific evidence to judicial system or courts to solve crimes. According to our criminology assignment help experts, they gather all the evidence by analyzing blood, fingerprints from a crime scene and hand them over to police department to acquit crime suspects.

Criminologist: To understand the causes and implications of crimes, criminologists conduct scientific research which also helps them analyze criminal behavior and the factors contributing to it.

Detective or Criminal Investigator: A detective works on criminal cases and collects information or physical evidence by talking to witnesses and informants and searching records in databases.

Criminal Lawyer: A criminal lawyer defends individuals and businesses that have been charged with a crime. According to our criminology assignment help experts, criminal lawyers handle a diverse spectrum of criminal cases, ranging from domestic violence crimes, drug crimes to driving under the influence (DUI), theft, and fraud.

What Difficulties Do Scholars Face While Writing a Criminology Assignment?

There are a lot of factors that might affect the scores of a student in criminology assignment some of which include lack of research skills, inability to proofread and write well, unclear concepts, and poor grammar skills. If you too face such issues while completing your criminology assignment, then seeking criminology assignment help service is the perfect solution to all your concerns. With Instant Assignment Help too, you would receive such assistance where all of your academic writing queries will be taken care of by the experts who have years of experience in assisting students at various academic levels. Moreover, the assignments provided by us are highly affordable, and you wouldn’t face any issues during the order process as it is easy and free from technical glitches.

So, if you are worried about your criminology assignment writing task and need immediate assistance, then Instant Assignment Help surely has all the answers to your assignment problems in the form of criminology assignment help. With us, you would be able to choose the writers according to your preference who will guide you throughout the ordering process and will take care of all the required specifications and university guidelines that need to be mentioned in your assignments. Hurry and avail some of the most incredible benefits of our criminology assignment writing service right away!

Which Topics in Criminology Have Been Covered by Our Writers?

The Criminology assignment help experts available with us have been recruited from the leading universities around the world, and all of them have significant experience in guiding students on the topics in this subject which need detailed attention. Scholars enrolled in the sociology, psychology, philosophy, and social anthropology who need help with completing their academic papers in this programming language can consult our writers to fulfil their requirement.

Here are some of the topics on which our Criminology assignment help experts have guided students. Glance through the points listed below to know more about the topics that our writers have covered:

  • Biological Theories
  • Classical Criminology
  • Convict Criminology
  • Criminal Justice Theories
  • Critical Criminology
  • Cultural Criminology
  • Cultural Transmission Theory
  • Deterrence and Rational Choice Theory

Well, these were just a few of the criminology assignment topics that have been covered by our writers over the course of time. You can always consult our criminology writers if you are stuck somewhere in the chosen or have no idea as to which assignment topic should you choose to make your document scoring. And, our writers will provide you with the desired assistance in no time.

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For queries regarding the placement of order, we have our customer support executives right there for you to solve your issues throughout the day. Moreover, if in any case, you wish to get some changes done, you can do so without any hassle, and we’ll ensure that you have a smooth experience availing our criminology assignment help services.

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