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Supply chain management or SCM is the overlooking of information, materials, and finances as they flow in a process from supplier to producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. The system of SCM includes organizing and combining these flows within and among organizations. The main motive of any effective supply chain management is to decrease inventory with the assumption that stocks are available when demanded. Being a student, you need to write an array of supply chain management assignment that demands in-depth research and good time management skills. You must understand the basic concepts of this interesting subject before start writing an assignment.

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The Importance of Supply Chain Management in an Organization

In an organization, supply chain management is used to maximize customer value and accomplish a sustainable goals or advantages. It signifies a conscious effort used by the firms in order to produce and run supply chains in the best ways possible. The activities of supply chain involve everything from sourcing, product development, production, and logistics, information systems required to coordinate these actions.

Basically, the supply chain is connected together through:

Supply Chain Management

  1. Physical flow: It includes the conversion, transportation, and storage of assets and materials. The physical flow involves the movement of goods or information from a supplier to a customer.
  2. Information flow: It allows the multiple supply chain associates to coordinate their long-term strategies and to control the regular flow of goods.
  3. Finance flow: It is also known as cash flow. It refers to the flow of cash moving in and out of an organization. These movements are followed by the cash receipts minus any of the cash payments that are being made over a per-defined period of time.

SCM does not only involve the flow of a physical product but also any data that travels along with the product i.e. payment schedules, order status, and ownership titles.

Responsibilities of Supply Chain Manager

SCM has a wide sector. Every type of business or organization demands well-prepared and motivated supply chain managers. So, you have a wide-ranging supply chain management career opportunities.

Being a supply chain manager, you are expected to perform several responsibilities:

  • Planning delivery timetables
  • Develop material costs
  • Ensuring stores have enough stock
  • Review or update supply chain
  • Analyze information about supplier performance
  • Assuring suppliers have enough stock
  • Negotiate prices with vendors or suppliers
  • Meet vendors to discuss performance metrics
  • Monitor supplier performance to meet quality
  • Managing the ordering and packaging process
  • Observing stock levels
  • Select transportation routes to maximize economy
  • Managing arrival of shipments
  • Monitor and motivate staff
  • Assure objectives are met
  • Recruit and train staff
  • Appraise vendor manufacturing ability
  • Monitor quotas to identify changes
  • Implement innovative procedures or systems
  • Analyze inventories to determine how to reduce waste
  • Develop procedures for coordination of SCM

The Best Supply Chain Management Assignment from Our Experts

Writing supply chain management assignment has been one of the most vexing challenges for the students. You must do in-depth research in order to understand the subject or to collect relevant information.

SCM comprises the planning and organization of all the activities associated with sourcing and acquisition and logistics. If have not assigned any topics for your assignment, and looking for an interesting topic, you have come to the right place, you have landed at the right place. Some of the best supply chain management assignment are listed below:

  • Access to latest technology
  • Alternative channels of freight distributions
  • Effective methods of data keeping
  • Employee efficiency
  • Fuel management
  • Integrated system concept of transport chain
  • Logistics process design and benchmarking logistics
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Marketing
  • Principles of freight transport
  • Product quality
  • Reverse and waste logistics and waste management
  • Safety of products
  • Synergies among businesses
  • Supply Base consolidation
  • Transport modes and their characteristics
  • Understand and evaluate contemporary issues

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