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Knowledge Management And Information System

University: Brooklands College

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Enterprise 2.0 application.

Opportunities and challenges of Cloud based CRM system.





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Introduction to Knowledge management and information system

Knowledge management and information system is one of the most important techniques by which various organizations can easily achieve their target. In today’s highly technological advanced world it is quite essential for organizations to adopt some of the latest techniques through which they can run their business functions smoothly. With the help of adopting knowledge management and information System companies can go with the continuous improvements by starting a new line of business (Holtshouse, 2013). In this respect, the present study is based on the different strategies such as cloud computing as well as its various service models used by companies such as CRM, ERP and SCM. These are quite emerging technologies that basically rely on sharing computing devices. Sharing can be done on the basis of cloud network where different departments can share their data equally. In addition to this, discussion throughout this study is supported by different books and journals. With this respect, discussion goes through the several challenges takes place at the time of using CRM. In addition to this, there are various challenges faced at the time of using cloud computing. Moreover, one of the most important parts of this research is a tool known as Enterprise 2.0. Now days, it is quite attracting and widely used tool which directly improve the knowledge sharing practices within an organization (Motro and Smets, 2012). Further, the whole study provides an overview on Cloud Computing service models and platforms for supporting enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM or SCM.

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Opportunities and challenges of Cloud based CRM system in meeting business goals

CRM is a tool which can be defines as a customer relationship management tool. This is a widely used tool which helps in maintaining all the details about the customer data. It can also be defined as the most effective database management tool. It is quite efficient tool in terms of security, reliability etc (Brodie and Mylopoulos, 2012). Now days, Organizations are having a long term vision and they are trying to adopting several strategies through which they can manage the whole information in an effective way. With the help of using such tools companies can communicate with their customers and attract them towards their services as well. In addition to this, CRM system the most effective technique by which company can easily maintain the whole data related to their customers as well as workers. Cloud based CRM provides them smooth business operation as well as improved performance. In toda’s world, Internet is the most essential and effective tool which is used in vast area. Staab and Studer (2013) stated that cloud based CRM store the whole data of company into the cloud and deliver it to end user with the help of internet. Any manufacturing organization can easily streamline their business operations by the way of using CRM system in an effective manner.At the time of working with this software there are several challenges as well as opportunities faced by companies.

Galliers and Leidner (2014) in his study stated that innovation brings out several opportunities for companies such as they can enhance their productivity in more effective manner. It is a user friendly technique comes with several solutions as well. Cloud based technology is being used more extensively by business from SMEs to larger enterprises. There are varieties of solutions provided to companies by which they can address the needs of their customers. It helps in achieving higher success to company as well as enhancing their future market with wide range of opportunities. They can make their business globally and provide worldwide services to their customers (Wang, Noe and Wang, 2014). All those firms who somewhere lack in-house IT expertise to deploy they can further move up to the up gradation of CRM application. Small business enterprise can easily grow with the implementation of CRM system. According to López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán (2011) it is quite affordable product which may help in enhancing the productivity of company. After purchasing this software it can be determine that there is not any type of hidden and extra cost which consumer needs to pay later such as additional hardware cost or any type of maintenance cost etc. It provides vast opportunities to consumers as they can easily interact with the companies from anywhere at any time. It is the best way to maintain proper coordination. Further, it is the best tool which provides flexibility as well as freedom to all the users (Petkovic, 2010). As per the case study which is found in the article of Staab and Studer (2013) it has been determine that with the help of CRM system whole data of clients as well as employees can be managed by HSBC bank and they can serve their business operations more smoothly.

At the time of implementation some of the most common technical difficulties faced by them such as improper installation of set up as well as several security messages. Technical experts can review the problems faced by them and at the same time try to resolve those problems. According to Sosinsky (2010) customers are considered to be most important parts of any organization. In order to retain them it is quite essential to maintain better relationship with them. By the way of using CRM system companies can remains close with their consumers by maintaining proper coordination. According to that case study which is found the Article of Brodie and Mylopoulos (2012) most of the companies are facing problems such as Shortfalls in complex processing, Security issues, No-long term strategy, Lack of guidance etc. Some of the major challenges faced by companies using CRM are as follows:

Shortfalls in complex processing: Most of the time technical expertise are facing difficulties in managing interaction with consumers as well as advanced workflows. According to that case study which is found the Article of Wang, Noe and Wang (2014) HSBC bank is maintaining their consumer’s data by using CRM system. Due to the increasing number of customers they requires to maintain all their customer’s account related information as well as personal information. HSBC is serving their business operations worldwide and they might face difficulties at the time of managing advanced workflows due to the huge number of customers. For this, it is essential to take several measures such as they need to recruit highly talented and technical expert staff. In addition to this, only few entries need to be made in a single day in order to do not overload the data.

Security issues: It is considered as a major problem that might face at the time of implementation of any software. In order to maintain proper installation it is quite essential to considered heightened security issues. Most of the firms using cloud based CRM system are using software-as-a-service (SaaS) security software. In addition to this, in the case study which has been founded from the article of Motro and Smets (2012) Fcaebook Googl+, Gmail are the major organizations using this software and maintaining data security and protecting all the confidential information of customers as well. However, there are various CRM solution providers which also provide high-end security to their customers and offer them several advanced data backup policies as well. It is the best way through which companies can gain trust among customers. Still, it is a major challenge for company that if there any type of problem exists in the system, then it negatively affects the customers.

No-long term strategy: CRM solution is still a tremendous obstacle for too many companies. It is a business process change and there is a tendency to look to technology when it requires change. As per the case study given in the article of Wang, Noe and Wang (2014) it has been founded that HSBC bank can can align their business process to meet specific goals and various other issues like job roles and responsibilities, accountability as well as incentives (Brodie and Mylopoulos, 2012). These are the major factors which commonly requires for CRM to succeed. In addition to this, there should be a team which can impart that change is effective. There must be a process which defines that how CRM system will help the employees.

Lack of guidance: Most of the companies build CRM system within their firm without a bearing wall.  Further, it can be stated that a CRM initiative without goals will collapse and it requires setting a proper goal for company. According to the case study which is found in the article of Cook (2008) HSBC is creating a phased implementation plan before constructing CRM area into their business operations (Petkovic, 2010). Without going through any of the guidance organizations are implementing CRM. Later it might create several difficulties.

CFPBUS003 - Introduction to Information Technology

In order to overcome with all the above given difficulties it is essential for companies to take several measures such as: As per the case study which is found in the article Galliers and Leidner (2014) HSBC need to embrace CRM solution a prerequisite for realizing the set vision of bank, not just as a technology solution. At the end of the day it is necessary to collect all the necessary information in order to get on-going support. Highly advanced and experienced technical expertise need to be recruited within different IT firms. It is another most effective way to maintain the appropriate solution of the used CRM system. In order to overcome with the problem lack of guidance it is necessary for the project leader to start by crafting a valid business case for CRM before launching any of the new projects. They can also include the automating process that helps in improving user productivity and streamlining all the marketing and sales process. In order to overcome with the security issues it is necessary for them to adopt some of the best security software’s.

Enterprise 2.0 application

In today’s competitive environment companies are trying to bring several changes in their business process. According to the case study which has been founded in the article of Wang, Noe and Wang (2014) Enterprise 2.0 is the most effective and fundamental tool by which organizations can improve the collaboration. Enterprise 2.0 can be defined as an application of web 2.0 technologies which is basically used for knowledge sharing. It is a community driven web service such as blogs, wikis etc. López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán (2011) defines in his article that with the help of these application employees can easily share information between each other as well as with their customers. It provides appropriate collaboration among different participants. According to the article of McAfee (2009) Enterprise 2.0 comes from the two groups named as “techies” and “newbies”. Both of these groups started using these techniques and realize several benefits of it. Techies identified that they can make better collaboration with their customers by using Web 2.0 tool. On the other hand, newbies found this tool as a social platform which serves several opportunities for their fresh career (Cook, 2008). Further, it can be determine that more than 60% companies are using Enterprise 2.0. Such as Microsoft, Google, Emerald etc.

Three key reasons from an employee’s perspective to be motivated to use their knowledge to Web 2.0

Most of the employees are using web 2.0 technologies in order to share their knowledge. After going through the different response of various respondents it has been founded that they feels motivated to use their knowledge to web 2.0. Most of the employees stated that it is the most effective tool which provides them several opportunities (Staab and Studer, 2013). They can easily manage their personal information by effectively maintaining their social network. It helps them in keep updated and enhances their knowledge as well. Further, it can be determine that by using Web 2.0 technology employees can socialize their network. It is the best way by which they feels motivated and coordinate with each other.

Three key barriers from an employee’s perspective to use Web 2.0 to share knowledge

After gathering responses from different employees it has been founded that they have faced several barriers while using Web 2.0 to share knowledge. One of the major barriers faced by them is the lack of support from the organization. They require proper support and guidance at the time of using any new tool. In is the major factor which highly affects the participation of employees in an organization. On the hand, some users stated that they can get huge number of information on different blogs and wiki’s. Somewhere they might get confused of what type of information is successful for them (Cook, 2008). Different organizations share different information on the social networking sites due to which information might get overload. In this way, it can be define that employees might get confused and revolve around finding most appropriate information. Workers are having fear of trust and security while using different social networking sites. It is also defines as a major issue that they do not easily trust such sites. Due to this trust, most of the customers are not ready to share any type of information with customers. Moreover, it can be determine that companies using this tool are not able to develop a higher level of trust on the customers due to lack of security issues. Moreover, it can be define that appropriate plan need to be developed by company so that users can get to know more about this tool before implementing and using it.

Improve knowledge sharing practises within an organisation by manager that uses Enterprise 2.0 technology

When managers of different IT companies have been asked about the improvement in knowledge sharing practices within an organization than most of them replied in affirmative manner. They determine that they can improve the knowledge level of all their workers by maintaining trust factor among them. In addition to this, improve knowledge sharing practices can be established by maintaining effective tools. In this recognition and rewards can be provided to company through which they can establish their expert system as well as improve their performance (McAfee, 2009). Moreover, manager those who are using Enterprise 2.0 technology can also improve these knowledge sharing practices by developing a culture in which all the employees can freely talk with each other and coordinate with each other as well. Further, it has been identified that by maintaining a friendly culture workers feels motivated and perform all their tasks more effectively by discussing with each other.


From the present study it has been concluded that Cloud based ERP is the most effective software through which organizations can manage their business operations more effectively. At the time of implementing such system they might face several difficulties and challenges such as shortfall in complex process, security issues, lack of guidance etc. Except these challenges there are several opportunities as well which companies can attain such as maintaining better relations with their customers, enhanced profit margin in future etc. On the other hand, it has been founded that Enterprise 2.0 is the most effective tool which helps employees in improving their personal knowledge by effectively communicating with each other.

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