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Research Proposal

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview of research

Team-based care can be defined as a provision of health services to families, individuals and communities. Here, at least two health providers work in collaboration to provide high-quality care. Patients receive high quality of services and feel safer, when providers work in effective manner as a team. Therefore, for delivering better services, it is essential for every service industry to make investment for optimising healthcare teamwork. In addition to this, for improving more patient-centred primary care and promising to provide best services, organisation dealing under hospitality industry, must concern on making improvement in other fields also (Alam and et. al., 2014). It includes bringing high-technologies to diagnose diseases of patients and equipments to maintain their medical records accurately. Moreover, risk assessment is required to be done before preparation of care-planning to provide appropriate medication, for well-being of patients.

1.2 Overview of organisation

NMC Healthcare is one of the largest private healthcare in UAE, which ranks as the best leading fertility service providers in whole world. From last 43 years, NMC proves its commitment to provide best effective services for well of its patients. It has gained trust of more than millions of patients by providing them personalized care and genuine concern. But from last few years, this hospital face issues related to provide satisfied services to its patients (Campbell and et. al., 2014). The reason behind this is to ineffective performance of staff members. Therefore, to fill service gap in healthcare delivery system as well as offer a continuum of care to patients, a research has been conducted. It identifies where improvement in service industry is needed and ways through which the same can be achieved.

1.3 Rationale of research

This research proposal is strongly related to leadership in healthcare sector. It will mainly highlight role of regular staff training on quality services of patients (Combes and et. al., 2014). The research also describes how regular based training sessions of hospital staff can improve productivity and working capability. It also elaborates that if a hospital conducts regular based training sessions for its staff then it will directly improve patient services. This clearly claims that an effective leadership is required by all industry, it simply improves functioning as well as quality services of every sector (Carayon and et. al., 2014).

1.4 Research aims and objectives

This part of research entails aim on which entire activities of investigation is based. It also describes objectives which provide guidelines to project-makers to make strategies for achievement of the same (Gleeson and et. al., 2016). Therefore, for improving effectiveness of services for well-being of patients in NMC Hospital group, specific aims and research are given as below:-

Research Aim

“To evaluate the effect of regular staff training on the quality of patient services in healthcare sector” A research on NMC Hospital Group.

Research objectives

  • To evaluate concept of staff training sessions
  • To identify areas of improvement within NMC Hospital Group
  • To determine ways by which quality of patient services can be improved
  • To ascertain role of staff training in improving quality of patient’s services

2. Research Questions

  • What is the concept of staff training sessions?
  • How to identify areas under NMC Hospital Group where improvement is essential?
  • What are the different ways by which quality of patient services can be improved?
  • What is the role of staff training in improving quality of patients services?

3. Literature Review

3.1 Concept of staff training sessions

According to view point of Han and Hyun, (2015), it has analysed that in health and social sector, it is essential to provide training sessions to workers. By engaging in such training sessions, staff members can enhance their skills and knowledge. This would make them to corporate each other to deliver high-quality of services, for well-being of patients. Training session can be defined as a program which helps an individual in learning specific knowledge or skills, for improvement of current performance (Training sessions,2019). By providing good training programs, an organisation gain opportunity to retain right people at workplace. In context with NMC Healthcare, it is known for its genuine concern, sincere commitment for overall well-being of patient and personalized care. This organisation believes that healthcare is not all about detecting, diagnosing and treating an individual. It is about helping society and individuals to lead a healthy-life. It pledge to give people- “Hope of a healthy and happy life”. Therefore, to maintain this commitment and serve best services, it is essential for management to provide training programs. In this regard, management of NMC Hospital Group offers both mandatory (Compliance, clinical skill development, privacy etc.) and optional, by role for its staff workers. Here, optional training includes leadership development opportunities, continuing medical education and more. These practices help in meeting goals and objectives of healthcare organisation without overextending resources.

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3.2 Areas under NMC Hospital Group where improvement is necessary

According to Heckemann and et. al., (2015), a healthcare institute basically works 24*7, in order to save life of people that are going through different diseases or met with an accident and so on. Thus, it is vital for hospitals to focus on various sections on a regular basis and try to make improvements in order to deliver right services to patients as per their requirements for better results. In the same way, NMC Hospital Group is offering healthcare services to its patients. But, there were many areas of NMC Hospital Group where proper modifications were needed. Some of these are mentioned below:

Surgical Department: This section of NMC Hospital Group was going through different problems as their was no proper management being done of surgical tools. This led whole process of surgery to get slower down and became a time taking process for the Hospital which was impacting upon profit margins as well.

Childcare Section: The whole environment of childcare section was not good enough as toilets of rooms under this childcare department were not up to the mark. Therefore, regular quality check was pretty much required for the same thing in order to improve overall environment for betterment.

Henceforth, these are the areas in which NMC Hospital Group needs improvement through which maximum benefits can be given to both staff and to patients as well.

3.3 Ways by which quality of services can be improved

As mentioned by Mohammed and at. al., (2016),quality plays a crucial role in bettering the overall performance level of a company and it also aid in keeping customers/patients stick to the place/organisation from which they are taking services. Along with this, there are ample number of ways through which quality of services could easily be enhanced or improved in much effective and efficient manner and these are given beneath: :-

Create training programs using learning styles: This is being considered as one of effective way through which quality of services at NMC Hospital Group could be improved. Offering staff with training sessions using different learning styles may aid individuals in improving skills and knowledge.

Six Sigma: This approach, could be used to eliminate the waste or removal of an element which is being used less at NMC Hospital Group. This elimination would directly improve quality of services provided by NMC Hospital Group.

Total Quality management: Another approach which can be used by NMC Hospital Group in order to continuously improve ability to offer services that patients will find of particular value.

3.4 Role of staff training in improvement of quality services

As mentioned by Morgan and et. al., (2015), training is a basic requirement for continuous improvement for an employee that is working in a hospital. Since the demand of quality based services is rapidly enhancing among service users. It is being found that if staff gets training they will directly start emitting errors while performing tasks at workplace. The basic role of training to staff is that it aid in providing suggestions for improvement by staff, address patient problems immediately and build up cooperation among staff members.

This will directly aid in enhancing quality of services that are being offered by NMC Hospital Group.

4. Methodology

While conducting this research, researcher will require to collect information on research questions. Initially researcher have to grab information on concept of staff training in order to understand its role at work place and benefits for staff as well as organization that is specific hospital. Further, researcher will continue its process of data collection on identifying different ways by which quality of patients services can be improved. For this, investigator can go through different online articles which are available on internet. It will help in understanding point of view of other researcher on similar topic (Nguyen, Bellucci and Nguyen, 2014). Researcher can also collect information by communicating to hospital staff, visitors, patients and other localize people of periphery area. This will help researcher in collecting authentic and required information for the research. So that, they can identify relevant outcome which could satisfy research aims and objectives. For this, investigator will initially formulate different teams on the basis of their skills so that they could collect information effectively. As a result, it will contribute in attaining desired information which will ultimately contribute in satisfying aims and objective in effective manner.

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In order to complete this research, researcher will gather information from both the primary and secondary method of data collection. Both of them are defined as below:

Primary method: In this methodology, investigator directly gathers information from respondents. This collected data is highly authentic and helps researcher in finding out true results on research topic. Primary data is mainly collected from different sources like interview, questionnaire, focus group, field trial etc.

Secondary method: In this type of research, collected information is based past records or previously conducted study of any other researcher. This methodology is mainly used by researcher to meet project deadlines without compromising with quality of data. Secondary sources of data collection includes books, Journals, online articles, magazines, newspapers etc.

As per present research which is based on identifying the concept of staff-training for improving healthcare services, both primary and secondary methods are used. Under secondary research, various books and articles are accessed from websites, to analyse perception of different authors. This would help in analysing importance and role of trainers in developing skills of service providers. Furthermore, primary research is used to take feedback of patients and their relatives for improving services of NMC Hospital Group. Therefore, both techniques are used to identify areas of improvement in delivering best services to

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