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Report on Health And Safety

University: Bradford College

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Question :

This sample explains you about:

  • Review systems, policies and procedures
  • Explaining the Health and safety at work Act 1974
  • Elaborating Health and safety priorities
Answer :
Organization Selected : HSC


Health and safety are considered essential aspects for all organizations to ensure the well-being of employees. They also help organizations retain employees and maintain long-term employment.In the different types of the companies as there is some of the possibility of occurrence of incidents at workplace. So it is  essential to provide them appropriate services regarding safety(Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). Present report is based on the health and social care trust and to understand the various aspects and effective implementation of the policies of health and safety in order to manage the well being of employees. This report covers the legislation of health and safety that is implemented at workplace and the effects of customers in health and social care.  Further, it also includes the various policies which are monitored and the effectiveness of those policies at workplace. Moreover, in this report there own contribution to the requirements of health and safety at the health care centre.


1.1 Review systems, policies and procedures for the purpose of communicating information on HSC workplace

Health and safety is important at workplace as it provides the appropriate environment which helps the patients and their requirement as they are not able to care on their own. Appropriate communication helps to manage the different tasks and they are able to communicate with their employees which is beneficial for the workplace(Lowes and Hulatt, 2013). There are various policies, systems and procedures for the purpose of communication information on health and social care workplace as it helps the employees or the workers of care in order to provide good quality services to the different users and the policies and procedures are described below:

The Reporting of injuries, diseases and  dangerous occurrence regulations (RIDDOR)- This policy made by the parliament of UK in which the organisations required to report regarding the injuries which occurred at workplace. It helps the Mid Staffordshire NHS trust as they have to report the injuries that take place within the workplace.  This is the major responsibilities of the employers so that they can make the report time to time. It context of this, all the information is provided to the authority including the treatment and  incidents(Coughlan, Cronin and Ryan, 2013).

Control of substance hazardous to health 2002- In this , the employees have to make sure regarding the duties of the care and according to that they have to perform their tasks. Further, the management required to make appropriate plan for handling the risk which take place in the organisation and to provide safety and to stop the incidents. It is also beneficial for the patients and to give them proper services for recover their health. There are some of the law imposed on the employers to ensure the safety of the patients s it can reduce the rate of accidents and safety a workplace. NHS make the policies which helps to ensure the ethical code of conduct and to provide the higher level satisfaction to their customers.

Health and safety at work Act 1974- In this act, the social care have to adopt the polices made by the government of UK and to manage the patients and employees and take the responsibilities regarding the patients. It helps to make sure the welfare of the organisation which are running in UK and NHS have ensure the compliance with these policies and manage the various types of policies in an effective manner(Webber and et.al., 2015).

1.2 Responsibilities in a specific health and social care workplace for the management of health and safety according to structure of organisation

The organisational structure of NHS has been creates which helps to facilitate the and provide appropriate information as per the responsibilities of the management. According to the given case study, there is lack of communication so that the patients can not communicate properly due to the inappropriate structure. There is structure of organisation as they are able to manage the different activities and which are described below:

Director- The director of the organisation have the top most position and it is responsibility of them to provide appropriate guidance in order to manage the resources and activities at workplace in an effective manner. The is also responsible to make the rules and regulations so that employees can perform the tasks and achieve the objectives of NHS.

Senior manger- He also plays an essential role for the upward direct at NHS and they work related to the guidelines given by the director and also responsible for managing the assistant manger in context of health and safety within workplace(Leichsenring, Billings and Nies, 2013).

Assistant manager- They are responsible to make the plans for risk assessment and plays an important role to manage the regulatory framework for the health and safety at NHS. They also have to guide the nurses of staff so that they provide the quality services to the clients.

Safety advisors- The safety advisors in the organisation explore the workplace and make sure the safety of the people and try to make reduction in the rate of incidents. Staff of nurses-They are the people who responsible for quality services to their patients and provide best care so that they can recover in appropriate time period(Moss, 2015).

In addition to this, the employers at workplace have to ensure other responsibilities also which includes the quality and safety which is required to consider and to implement effective frameworks at workplace. Along with this, it is the duty of the employer to give all the information for the rules and regulations of the care to the members of staff. It helps to increase in the morale of employees and to increase the interest of worker within workplace(Drummond and et.al., 2015).

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1.3 Health and safety priorities for a specific health and social care workplace

In this, the elder people selected for the health priorities at workplace which is described in context of this. Elder people including who have the weak eyesight and those who are facing issues in the movements and risks in their health. In such conditions, the nursing staff of NHS must make sure that the patients are provided with the appropriate safety from the different infections. It also helps the doctors to prevents the patients from the various types of diseases at care home(Baldwin, 2016). The nursing staff take proper care and strict about the schedule of the patients as to prevent them from germs. In addition to this, the safety of patients is must be ensured from the different chemicals that effect the health of them and it is also risky for elder people as they can get affected to it. In such situations the staff of nurses are strictly provided information related to take proper care of the patients and also helps them in order to move from one place to another. Thus, it helps to reduce the risks and rate of accidents at workplace.

In addition to this, the services of stress relieving is provided to the patients so that it helps in recovering of health related issues. Further, nurses also helps in order to provide exercises on daily basis to make them physically strong and fit. Healthy diet is also important for the elder people as they require to prove as per the doctors and make appropriate treatment for them. It also helps to increase in the capacity to fight with the germs. There is improvement I the lifestyle with the help of effective diet so that it is done on priority basis for the health and safety related to elder people(Biehl and Petryna, 2013).


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