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Psychological Abnormality

University: University of Wales

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Introduction to Psychological Abnormality

Psychology abnormalities  refers to that process in which an individual is get effects by the unusual pattern of behavior and  emotion.. It is that type of study in which individual considered all types of behavior, factors and emotions which may affect individual growth (Bolt and et.al., 2017). The present report is based  Psychology abnormalities. This report make analysis on human behavior and different models of abnormal behavior. It also makes comparison and contrast in between biological and psychological abnormality. In addition, it also makes analysis on the factors which leads to psychological dis-order at  individual level.


1.1 Difference in between normal and abnormal behaviour  and their models

Behaviour  is the range of actions  which made by the individual, organisms, system or artificial entities in making conjunction with themselves or the environment (Dillon,  2016). In the Psychology there are two types of behaviour that is normal or abnormal behaviour.

Normal behaviour

The common of behaviour  pattern which is generally found in the majority of people is called normal behaviour. Normal people are capable of establishing, satisfying and acceptable relationship with  other people (Elfadaly, Garthwaite and Crawford, 2016).  Their emotion are appropriate to different situation and they are able to control their emotions as well.  Their experience do not affect their personality adjustments though they experience occasional frustration and conflicts. Normal people are able to adjust well with other, surroundings and associated the common people.

Abnormal behaviour

The concept of abnormality is defined as the simple exaggeration or perverted development of normal psychological behaviour. The unusual or maladapted behaviour of many individuals which dies not fit in the common behaviour is called as abnormal behaviour (Ferndale,  Munro and Watson 2016). The sign of the abnormal behaviour  includes reduce work efficiency, unhappiness, unable to cope and lack of self confidence. These are all sign of the abnormal behaviour.

Different models of abnormal behaviour

In general there are four models of behaviour are found which belongs to abnormality.

Biological model

This model  is based on the assumption  that all psychological and behavioural abnormalities all are caused by the biological causes. . As per this model argument,  abnormal behaviour may be likened to a disease. In the present case study,  Mary 22 year old girl are depressing she feels lonely and depressed (Lafarge, Mitchell and Fox, 2017). As per the suggestion of  this model individual behaviour is gets effects by the environment so for avoiding such problems it is important that patient's environment is also improved and does not get effects by any other types of factors.  As per the given case study Joe was suffering firm the anorexia, which is eating disorder. Under this problem a person become concern about  his food  and diet. For avoiding such problem Joe need to rational emotive therapy so he can emotionally make connection  with his family and get overcome with this problem.

Behavioural model

As per the assumption of this model,  all maladaptive behaviour is essential acquired through the environment. As per this model,  individual behaviour is  also gets effects by the environment through which they are the associated (Liu, Li and Yi, 2016)  It also explains that each individual behaviour  is also gets effected by those experiences which they received in their life. As per the given case,  Dereck a 27 year old man diagnosed with  schizophrenia. It is chronic and severe mental disorder that effects person thinking and behavioural level.

Cognitive model

The causes of abnormal behaviour is faulty thought process. As per this model an individual as the way he thinks about himself affects perception about the world. As per this model if any individual is behaving abnormally then it cased by the own thought procedures.

Psychodynamic model

This is for the model of abnormality which  is based on the psychological model of abnormal. As per principle of this model, individuals thoughts, their illness and childhood experience my also effects  their mental stability (Pelling, 2017). Pierre is also suffering the similar problem. As he feels depressing  all the time. As per  the given case study he no longer enjoy his life and state being depressed all the time. The best  therapy which is stated for such problems free association. By making free associated with other people they can easily overcome with this problem.


2. 1 Compare and contrast in between biological and psychological abnormality

There are various type of abnormality which faced by individual under psychological Abnormality. The Biological abnormality is related to the changes which occurred under individual due changes which take under this mind (Bolt and et.al., 2017). On the other hand  psychodynamic abnormality is related to the those psychological changes which take place in individual as  experience. Following are the  compare and contrast in between biological and  psychologicalabnormality.

Biological abnormality

As per this abnormality, process all types of abnormal process which occurred under individual due to  the changes which take place in their brain. In normal human brain there are many types of mental disorder comes which need to be assessed in correct way. As per the biological abnormality  such types of illness occurred due to the problem and changes which taken place in the brain (Dillon,  2016). Mainly such types of illness occurred due to  the mind illness or any kind of fear. The main two type of biological abnormality is related to the bi-polar and anorexia  which educed levels of Serotonin in the brain. In many types of cases it is also found that biological abnormality is also occurred due to the any  chemical imbalance, microbes or physical stress. In many types of research cases it is also found that biological abnormality is also effects individual's life because of their genetic changes (Elfadaly, Garthwaite and Crawford, 2016). As per the given case study Mary and Joe both are effecting such types of problems. Mary is effecting from the bi-polar and Joe is effects from the  anorexia.

Psychological abnormality

It is related to the psychological behaviour  of individual. As according to, this model  the main problems which faced by individual in their life because of their psychological illness which occurred due to the “repressed emotions and thoughts”. Such type of thought and emotion are related to normal human life experience. In many types of medical research it is found that most of the time individual have to face rational motions because of bad experiences.

The Similarities in between biological and psychological abnormality is both  ignores current events and conscious thought processes.Biological dissimilarities occurred due to the changes which take place in their brain and psychological abnormality appears due to the “repressed emotions and thoughts”.

In the given case study it is found that Mary and Joe both are suffering form the biological abnormality. On the other hand  Pierre is suffering from the  depression which is related to the psychological abnormality.

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3.1  Factors influences  psychological dis- order

It is also refers  to  a disorder of the mind in which they involving thoughts, behaviors an emotion that may either self or others significant distress. There are many types of factor which leads to individual toward such type of problem such as culture, behaviors  and their environment (Lafarge, Mitchell and Fox, 2017) The  mental dis- order is usually combination of the behaves, feels or individual thinking.  In the normal human life there are various types of factors  which may create impact on their psychological dis-order. Some of those factors are given below.


The culture in which a normal human being is grown up may also gets effects their psychological dis- order (Cherry, 2017). Human mind and cultural  both are inseparable and mutually constitutive. As per this factor human psychology,  is also effects by the culture. Culture actually give the shape of individuals thought process and their procedures. It is also considered as there are many types of people which gets depressed (Liu, Li and Yi, 2016). Mary is one of them, who is also belongs to such types of problems. As her near environment,  is not much concerned about her. The culture in which  persons brought up effects their psychology.

Social - economical groups

The social -economical factors refers to that factors in which a person is gets effected the social process, stagnate or regress because of their local or regional economy, or the global economy. In the psychological it is also effects human mind. As per this factor theory,  individual, the group in which he is making interaction or the social group my effects their psychology (Pelling, 2017). In the case  of Mary this  was  also identified.  She was suffering from the depression in which she is not making nay kind of regular interaction to anyone and also her family wad not concerned for him. Such types of factor  also leads to individual for psychological dis- order. To avoid such types of problem it is important that to make social interaction with other  people as well.


As per the human psychology  each gender  own some types of characteristics or traits. As per the research psychological,  there are many types of problems  which are effects to the individual and occurred to their gender (Bolt and et.al., 2017).  There are many types of dis- order which occurred in the individual as per their gender. In the above case study Joe, who is 27, in which he wants to become for fit  so he can give  more good performance in sports. As per, many researches it is identified that  it is natural habit to always  give the best performance. Such types  of gender dis -order many leads to many types of problems which they face  and leads to  the psychological dis- order.

Apart from  the above, there are some factors as well which may also leads to the psychological dis order such as regional, education and income of the individual.


Summing up the above report it can be concluded that there are many types of reason which leads to individual towards  the psychological abnormalities.  Psychology of human  is not always related to the mind but also related to the psychic or other factor. There are two types  of behavior of human that is normal and abnormal behavior.  Each types of  behavior  also gets effected  by different types of factors or experience which they get in their life.  From the present report it is also concluded that Psychological disorder also involves different types of factors which may effects progress of human psychology.


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