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Health And Social Care

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Unit No: 15
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Media plays a very important role especially in the field of health and social care. It is a well-known fact that by the means of adequate communication, cordial relationships can be developed. By the means of social media open and honest communication between health care professional and service user can take place which proves beneficial in solving most complex issues prevailing in the society (Wright and et.al., 2011). In the present research report role of media in health and social care is going to be discussed. The report will lay focus on the dissemination of information to general public. In addition to this role of media will relating to attitude as well as behaviour of people will be comprehended. The statement will be followed by the specific issue of health and social care and how it affects the public domain.

Task 1

A. How information relating to health and social care reach public domain

It is important to make the public realise about the issues which are prevailing in the society relating o health and social care. This is due to the fact that it makes the people aware about the situations and diseases which are going in the society. This information can be disseminated to public domain with the help of media. In order to carry out this course of action, there are number of ways by the means of which information regarding health and social care can be disseminated in the society (Kozlowski and Salas, 2009). Some of the methods are discussed as under:

Social networking sites

With the help of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc., any information relating to issues of health and social care can be disseminated to people. This is regarded a one of the best methods. This is due to the fact that it is easy to access and they are widely used by most of the population. So by the means of this information about any issue can be delivered at fast pace within set period of time (Atwal and Jones, 2009). With the help of given sites, an individual can gather all kind of information which are happening globally. For example, with the help of these sites information about varied infectious disease like Ebola virus can be spread among the citizens of specific nation. Accordingly, guidance can be provided with regard to make significant precautions for the same.

Promotion techniques

By the means of various promotional techniques such as advertisements, slogans, posters, slides etc. information regarding issue of health and social care can be communicated to the general public. In order to carry out this course of action, newspaper, TV advertisements, banners, pamphlets etc. can be widely used. They are cost effective and at the same time easily accessible by large number of population. In order to draw the attention of large number of people, attractive colours and messages can be used (Amos and et.al., 2009). For example, teen pregnancy is being regarded as one of the most critical issue faced by citizens of many countries. The given problem is occurring because of lack of sex knowledge among young children. However, with the help of means such as TV advertisement and newspaper etc, information about the same can be given to the respective parents of young children. Thus, through this way only necessary action towards the issues will be taken and control over the same will also be carried out.


Various campaigns and drives can be organized at school and college level for the purpose of disseminating information about the issue of health and social care. This will prove advantageous as it can cover students of every level and can create awareness in their mind regarding the specific diseases. This can be carried out with the help of organizing Nukkad Nataks and numerous plays and drives for the same (Randhawa, 2007). For example, there are varied campaigns had been organized by many countries with regard to the diseases such as AIDS. With the help of campaigns, government can educate their citizens about symptom of AIDS. Furthermore, it is through this way only information can be given to the public about the healthcare firm which gives treatment for AIDS.

B. Critical evaluation of different ways to disseminate information which may influence public perception, attitude and behaviour

Past studies which are conducted upon healthcare management firm revealed that, there are different ways which has discussed above can highly affect the perception, attitude as well as behaviour of general public as they are easy to access. But on the other hand, it may be possible only if individuals have access to internet system and have the knowledge to use this. In this context, it has been seen that many people perceives that whatever information published in internet and other related sites are not valid. Here, some people have a notion that the main reason behind publishing any kind of information upon internet is to create the fear of the same among the mind of many people. Thus, they did not take it seriously. Hence, the type of means as being used by the government of UK with an aim to spread the specific healthcare information tend to cause the direct impact upon the perception of people (Briscoe and Schuler, 2004). Thus, it is correct to say that there are different validity issues associated with the information which are published in the social networking sites. But on the other hand, this form of media has not being used by old people which may create hurdle in the course of action of dissemination (Abraham, 2014).

In this regard, it is assessed that 61% f the adults who ages between 75- 80 years have never used internet ever. But, this does not mean that all old people does not have skills regarding the way to use the internet (Why 6 million Brits have never used the internet, 2015). As per the views of many authors, TV advertisements especially on the news channel can solve the purpose of dissemination of information relating to issue of health and social care (Werner, Schuler and Jackson, 2012). For example, government of many countries including UK have framed advertisement for the serve disease like AIDS. The method chosen for spreading the information about the respective diseases is effective. This is because, with the help of this method large number of citizens of nation can be informed about AIDS. The public will positively respond towards the advertisement as it is being published by the government not any private firm or entity.

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This is due to the fact that these channels are being watched by majority of population and it is sole responsibility of UK government to telecast such important issues on their channel which can directly or indirectly affects the perspective and behaviour of people. But, it can be critically evaluated that it is one of the most expensive method which can create huge burden on the financial statement of health and social care organizations. But, still it is proved as effective as it helps in resolving the health care related problem of the country by changing the perception of people towards the specific issue. The attitude, perception and behaviour of the peoples can be highly influenced by the means of campaigns organized at schools and college or university level. This is because of the reason that it covers the youth who has the ability to change the mind set of peoples regarding any health and social acre related issue prevailing in the society.

Along with this they can create awareness with their efforts by educating people. In addition to this, it has been seen that health campaign causes significant influence upon the young individuals. This is because, by using this fear of specific diseases such as AIDS can be developed among these people. Furthermore, it is through this way only, means can also be stated to them which will help them with regard to save themselves from the respective type of disease. But, on the contrary, it is important that today’s youth must realise their set of duties and responsibilities towards the society so that fruitful results can be achieved (Nixon, 2006). Overall, it can be said that the means specified above helps in changing the attitude and behaviour of people towards specific healthcare issues like AIDS.

Task 2

A. Role of media in influencing the attitude and behaviour of people in health and social care issues

Media plays a very significant role in influencing the attitude as well as behaviour of people in relation to health and social care issues. By the means of various forms of media such as internet, social networking sites, newspaper, advertisements etc. awareness can be generated in the minds of people which have affected the attitude along with behaviour of people up to great extent (Wright and et.al., 2011). In this regard, as per the ofcom report it is assessed that around 70% of the UK adult who have internet connection now have a profile on social media websites (Digital habits in the UK: Social media, mobile apps, and online news, 2016). This mean that the respective media is gaining popularity in today's scenario.
In view of the fact that as people is becoming more aware about the severe issues like AIDS and Ebola virus etc. Thus, the media means are becoming helpful towards the different sector of the society. In addition to this, they became more aware and responsible towards their health and have adopted healthy habits into their day to day routine set of activities. For example, there are some diseases which can be cured if people adopts healthy lifestyle. The diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are the example of the same. Here, with the help of media benefit of adopting the healthy lifestyle can be communicated to the people. As a result of it, signifiant changes in the attitude and behaviour of those people will be carried out who does not show any concerned towards own health.

This has made their life more easy and healthy which has changes their attitude towards their life. With the help of media they have to come to know about the ill effects of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle (Kozlowski and Salas, 2009).

With the help of positive attitude and behaviour of people a lot of development can be take place in the field of health and social care. Changed attitude and actions of public will increase their involvement in this sector. In addition to this, increased involvement of public in respective sector will lead to cause necessary influence upon the government with regard to formulate strict and effective policy for the assessed health care issue (Shi, 2010). In addition to this, with the involvement of majority of population, people will start to donate more amount of charity. With the help of this various hospitals can install new and improvised technology for the purpose of treating their patients with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. Along with this, by the means of financial assistance they can be able to recruit and hire trained and skilled medical professionals which will prove beneficial in the overall development of health and social care (Reeves and et.al., 2011).

B. How public can determine if the information provided by media on health and social care is valid and reliable

Correct information is very important to carry out any course of action especially in the field of health and social care. This is due to the fact wrong information can lead to number of ill effects along with misleading results which can harm the society as well as individuals. So it is necessary on their part to know about the information which is being provided by various forms of media such as internet, social networking sites, and newsletters along with various promotional techniques etc. (Amos and et.al., 2009). As per the research conducted, it has been revealed that, if the information has been generated by the means of authenticated and reliable website, then it can be regarded as reliable and valid. This can be further used by medical and health care professionals to carry out any set of activities for the betterment of the people and society (Randhawa, 2007). In addition to this, there is a another way identified which can be used by the public with an aim to assess that whether the information published in specific media about the healthcare issue is valid or not. For example, with an aim to assess the validity of the information, public can make the comparison between different media. For instance, if an individual has identified that the information about healthcare issue which it has seen in social networking sites has also being published in other media such as newspaper and magazines etc, then in the given situation validity of published information will be assessed by it.

In the similar manner authenticity of any kind of health and social care information can be known with the help of government bodies operating in the U.K (Daniels, 2013). For example, if any member of political party communicate about the specific type disease then in this condition also the validity of information published in newspaper and social media websites will be assessed.

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Task 3

A. Research on a specific issue of health and social care issue by comparing the different perspectives which has changed over the time

The most prevailing issue which is taking place in the field of health and social care is of AIDS (acute immune deficiency syndrome). The information regarding this issue can be generated by the means of various forms of primary data as well as secondary data. AIDS is a transferable disease which is caused by various ways such as unprotected sex, use of contaminated blood and syringes etc. (Briscoe and Schuler, 2004). In this context, there are number of secondary sources assessed and it consists of books, journals and online means etc. On the basis of secondary data, it has been found that this disease is mostly found in the under developed countries where residents are not well educated, as a result to which this type of diseases takes place. It is transferable can take get transmitted from mother to their child, sex with multiple partners etc. People have different perspectives regarding this issue which have changed over the time (Nixon, 2006).

In earlier times, people had believes in different perspectives regarding this issue, as they believe that this can be transferred through eating, sneezing, touching etc. However, different media which were used in 15 year also support the given statement. Earlier, prior to the development of modern media like social networking sites information about the respective diseases were gathered by people through different health care professionals. Here, due to the presence of ineffective media it has become very difficult for these professionals with regard to give exact and correct information about AIDS among large number of people. It is due to the presence of this, some people had developed wrong perception about manner through which AIDS spread. But, the given thing has changed now due to the popularity of social media. With the use of given media, healthcare professional can establish their contact with the people of nation. Thereby, they can give exact information about all the elements which are related with AIDS.

In the similar manner children with HIV+ were thrown out of their school and even they were not treated properly by the medical practitioners. But in recent time where information are spread through social networking sites this scenario is constantly changing. People have become more aware and have adequate knowledge about this issue (Reeves and et.al., 2011). Women started to carry out their check up in their earlier stages of pregnancy, so that if result comes positive than their child can be treated in womb only. Persons who are HIV+ are not treated badly at workplace and other facets and it is not a taboo which it seems to be in earlier times. Even many of the hospitals and health and social care institutions are providing free medical check-up as well as advices for the purpose of creating awareness in the minds of people in order to change their mind set (Werner, Schuler and Jackson, 2012). In addition to this, nowadays several TV advertisement are also framed which give detail account of the ways the diseases like AIDS gets spread. Thus, media has played very effective role in changing the perception of people regarding the disease.

B. Critical discussion of the impact of different perspectives relating to health and social acre issue at local level

According to the past studies, it has been revealed that at local level people have become more aware about the pros and cons related to specific health and social care issue such as AIDS. They have become more broad minded regarding this particular issue (Atwal and Jones, 2009). In addition to this, earlier local people have notion about AIDS that it spreads if affected individual touches them and sneezes in open area where large number of people are present. However, the given view point of local people has changed when different campaigns and TV advertisement has launched. These means have helped in improving the knowledge of people about the ads. Thus, their perspective towards the AIDS has changed significantly.

But on the other hand, in rural area of under developed countries people consider it as a curse and did not accept the person as their part of the society who is suffering from this epidemic disease (Kozlowski and Salas, 2009). The given thing showcase the ineffectiveness of the media.

According to the past studies, it has been observed that people are demanding specialised treatment along with good care at local level especially for the patients suffering from AIDS. In addition to this, the government of UK has started care home for the patients who are not being accepted by the society and their family members due to their disease. But, it can be critically evaluated that some people at local level still does not have access to the modern communication technology such as internet. As a result of it, they do not get instant information related with the specific diseases. Thus, their perception with respect to the specific diseases will remain unchanged (Shi, 2010).

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C. Analysis of factors that have influenced different perspectives in relation to specific health and social care issue

There are various issues that have influenced the different perspectives which are related to health and social care issue of AIDS. Some of the factors have been mentioned as under:


It is one of the major factors that have affected the point of view of people related to AIDS. By the means of education, awareness has been generated in the mind of people and they became more conscious. In the similar manner, with the help of adequate education they have become broad minded and by the means of which people started treating AIDS patients with utmost care and affection (Nixon, 2006). In order to give education about the AIDS to the citizens of nation, government can organise different health campaign. In this campaign, government should give thorough information about the disease such as how its spread, what precautions should be taken and at what stage its get serious etc. Through this way, impact will be created among citizens of nation.


Media has played a very significant role in the influencing the perspectives of people in relation to AIDS. They have generated responsiveness among the people regarding the disease. By the means of various forms of media such as TV advertisements, social networking sites, internet, newspaper etc. they have reached to large number of population and affected their mind set by developing understanding among them. They have made the people realize about how the disease take place and transferred from one person to another (Randhawa, 2007). For example, TV advertisement for the AIDS has played very effective role in terms of changing the perception of local people. Earlier, people thinks that it is the type of disease which spread when two people get intimated. However, the given perspective of local people have changed when government has displayed the advertisement about the same. This is because, it is with the help of TV advertisement only local people have improved their knowledge regarding the other ways which lead to transfer AIDS among other people. Thus, it can be said that it has played very effective role in shaping the perception of local people about AIDS in an effective way.

Medical research

There are many researchers have conducted upon the given topic and each research data tend to reveal new information about the diseases. Thus, the given factor has also played very important role in changing the perception of local people of UK.

Training and development

With the help of adequate training and development to health care professionals and other medical practitioners various techniques have been generated for the purpose of dealing with the patients who are suffering from this disease. This made the treatment easy which has directly and indirectly influences the stand point of persons. By the means of proper training and development sessions, medical practitioners can make the best possible use of new and improvised technology for treating patients. As with the help of advanced expertise they can be cured easily and limited period of time (Amos and et.al., 2009). These programs have helped in changing the perception of medical personnel regarding the patients who have suffered from AIDS. Although the medical personnel have information about the disease, but still some personnel does not treat these patients effectively. It is because of the influence of the member of society. Thus, in the given condition training programs plays signifiant role. This direct medical personnel towards the right direction and motivates them to fulfil their responsibility towards the patients in an effective way.

Task 4

A. Evaluation of public validity in addition to the consequences of public perception and contemporary thinking on health and social care issue

At the national level, local attitude of people regarding health and social care issue has affected the society very severely. Number of campaigns and drives has been launched at larger scale for the purpose of drawing the attention of large number of people for the purpose of making them more aware about the pros and cons of the disease. In view of the fact that as people were scared of health and medical check-up at local level. This is because, people who are affected with AIDS does want to disclose their condition among large number of people. They showcase such attitude because of the fear of being discarded from the society. The given attitude as being shown by the local people are reflected at national level. In this context, it has been seen that there are many healthcare firms operating at national level have taken efforts with regard to not to disclose the confidential information about patients information to any other person. This is done, with an aim to weed the fear of AIDS patients regarding the disclosure of their disease (Briscoe and Schuler, 2004). However, with an aim to assess the view of people with respect to the disease, survey can be organized by the government of country.

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In addition to this, they are emphasising on hiring of skilled and capable team of health care professionals, doctors, nurses along with other medical practitioners. Due to tis doctors cannot be laid back and they have to provide top most facility to the patients for curing the transferable disease such as AIDS (Kozlowski and Salas, 2009). With the help of local attitude various college and school students also participate in such drives so that positive results can be achieved Slogans, pamphlets, T-shirts with messages etc. can be used in order to make the people aware about the issue and its transferability. The perception of public along with contemporary thinking has given birth to several consequences in relation to the specific health and social care issue (Atwal and Jones, 2009). Besides this, there are some consequence of healthcare services identified. For example, more people will attend the sexual health clinic and will also undertake the HIV tests on regular basis (Wright and et.al., 2011). In addition to this, the people will also change their perception regarding the individual who is impacted with the respective disease as well as they will also consider the person as the part of society.


By summing up the facts from above mentioned research report it can be articulated that, media plays a very significant role in the field of health and social care. Its role is quite crucial in dissemination of information by the means of various forms such as internet, social networking sites, TV advertisements etc. In addition to this, it proves beneficial in concern of people towards the issues relating to health and social care. Perspective of people highly affects the issues of AIDS at national as well local level by creating awareness in the mind of people. In addition to this, there are various consequences that may affect the quality of services which are delivered by medical practioners in the treatment of patients suffering from AIDS.


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