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case study of Hilton Hotel

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2566
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Research Proposal

Research Title

To identify the impact of social media marketing on business performance; A case study of Hilton Hotel.”


In the present era, social media is one of the best platform in order to introduce and promote the product and services in the market. With assistance of social media mediums like Facebook, instagram, twitter etc company can easily get touch with customer and identify their views and feedback related to product and services. Social media marketing is a process under which firm engage with various social media channels like Facebook, twitter, instagram, you tube etc in order to promote and advertise the product and services. It can be said that  social media marketing is the tool by this way firms can keep their eyes on the competition. They can look upon their strategies and accordingly they can modify their operations. The following research proposal provides the depth knowledge and understanding about the social media marketing with respect of Hilton hotel. In addition to this, it will also define the importance of this social media marketing in improving the business performance in the market. The major objective of this business proposal is to identify the impact of social media marketing on the business performance of Hilton hotel.

Present research proposal is based on the case study of Hilton hotel which is a multinational corporation in the London. It offers luxurious accommodation and other services to customer that make them satisfied and they become loyal toward brand. In order to attain the objective of this research proposal, investigator will use the various research methodologies and tools in this research proposal.


The main aim of this entire research proposal is to identity the impact of social media marketing on the business performance of the Hilton hotel.


  • To understand the concept of social media marketing
  • To analysis the relationship between social media marketing and business performances
  • To identify the positive and negative impact of social media marketing on Hilton Hotel.
  • To suggest ways of improving effectiveness of social media marketing in the Hilton hotel.


The major aim of this selected topic is to assess and impact of social media marketing in the real situation of the Hilton hotel. As it is found that Cited venture is facing the issue related to ineffective promotional and advertisement activities through which number of customer decrease and profitability has been also decreased. Thus, it is very important for company to adopt such effective marketing method through which it can again attract the large number of customer and develop effective brand image in the market. For this purpose, researcher selects this topic for research proposal. The another reason for choosing this topic is that researcher likes to study on the social media marketing topic and its impact in the current business. Researcher has huge interest in this particular area thus this topic will select as the topic of research proposal. In addition to this, there is a sufficient data available  of this particular topic on internet, books, journals and other sources.

Critical review

As per the view of Bélanger, Bali and Longden, 2014 social media marketing is far differed from the traditional marketing techniques (Bélanger, Bali and Longden, 2014). Author has said that it can also be called as relationship marketing in which firms give more priority to make connection rather than selling of products. According to Kuzma, Bell and Logue, 2014 social media marketing is an amazing strategy which assist management of the company in taking immediate feedback about the products and services (Kuzma, Bell and Logue, 2014). Consumers can share their feelings on website and can give their review on it. By this way firms can get to know draw backs of current system and they can improve their operations accordingly. As per the view of Messing and Westwood, 2014 social media marketing is the tool by this way firms can keep their eyes on the competition. They can look upon their strategies and accordingly they can modify their operations (Messing and Westwood, 2014). In the highly competitive world it is essential for the organizations to emphases on the strategies of the competitors and offer better services to consumers so that they do not get influenced to other brand's products. social media marketing and business performance has very strong relationship because while company develops its page on the internet then it has to update the information about product and services. If it effectively maintains and update the information at platform then customer thinks that company regularly make efforts in order to make impressive its brand in the market.

Project specification

In the following research proposal investigator needs to use various research methods and terminology through which determined objective can easily attain. In order to attain the objective of identify the impact of social media marketing, scholar will use a systematic research design, research technique, data analysis, data collection method, research approach etc. In order to find an appropriate solution of research problem, investigator will use interpritivism research philosophies. In addition to this in order to deep study about the topic, scholar will use the inductive research approach so as determined objective will attain. Descriptive research design will be used by the scholar and thematic analysis will be done in this research proposal. In order to collect the data, investigator will use the primary and secondary data collection method. In the primary data collection method, scholar will use survey method under which questionnaire will prepare along with questions of social media marketing and ask from 30 customers of the Hilton hotel. In addition to this in the context of secondary data, information related to social media marketing will collect from various sources like internet, books, journals, online blogs, company websites etc.

Research Topic

“To identify the impact of social media marketing on business performance; A case study of  Hilton Hotel.â

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