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Case Study - Elise and Mick

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment requires certain questions which are needed to be answered:

  • What are the issues seen in the scenario?
  • What are the effects and the issues seen in the functioning of the family?
  • Explain the general impact of long-term with multiple needs and functioning.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Elise and Mick


(a) Multiple Complex needs in this scenario

Multiple complex needs signifies a variety of overlapping problems that a person may experience at the same time and the person keeps falling in an out of different habits. These persistent and interrelated problems under the health and social care aspect tends to impact the ability of the individual to operate i.e. function in society (Brenner & et.al., 2018). These can include homelessness, offending behavior, drug addiction, domestic violence, etc. and in the current case, the multiple complex needs of both Elise and Mick can be categorized as follows:

  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Homelessness in early childhood
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks in case of stress
  • Gambling
  • Family breakdown

Elise and Mick have had troublesome childhood and were deserted by their parents in the early years of age 4 and age 7 respectively. This has impacted their way of coping up with different problems that they are facing and this has led to them forming a tendency to avoid the confrontation of the problem. Both of them have developed faulty coping up strategies where they choose to neglect the problem and avoid facing it which is imp-acting their child as well (Hough, 2016). The problem can be addressed effectively, and they can resolve this problem by getting themselves enrolled in a comprehensive care or welfare unit rather than developing a phobia for such treatment programmes. NHS is the best healthcare unit where they can treatment and it is for free as well.

(b) Impact on functioning of family as a whole

Families having multiple and complex needs are often found to experience chronic problems that are interrelated. Such families cannot function together and all the members are significantly diverse form each other. Additionally, the children that are living in the families with multiple complex needs are often found to be closely governed by the child protection service organizations. In the current scenario, the family of Elise and Mick is impacted in following manner:

  • The major impact is on the children of the family and since they are very young in current case, they require additional care and better parenting. It can be seen that all the three children are diagnosed with one problem or another and require healthy environment.
  • Elise and Mick are not giving adequate care to their children, and they themselves tend to zone out which is worsening the current condition they both are struggling to keep the family intact and feed them properly.
  • The regular monetary assistance that they have been taking from their grandparents and lack of any skills or competencies due to lack of education is another major contributor in the deteriorating condition of the family (Hodges, 2017). They are not able to get any employment and thus the entire family is struggling.
  • The elder child suffering from ADHD, the middle child suffering from severe Asthma and the baby who is unresponsive to the cuddles and other caresses shows that all three of them are not only experiencing physical challenges but their mental state is also getting affected and the functioning of the entire family is not normal. Are you looking for the best assignment help online at the best price? Contact us.

(c) Impact on each family member if no intervention is adopted.

The interventions mainly involve seeking help form the medical professionals that can cure families and individuals with multiple complex needs and this assistance can help htem in becoming stable but if these interventions are not adopted that the different family member can be impacted in different manner:

  • Slow or Toxic Brain development:The regular lack of any care can lead to a child feeling insecure and unsafe that can imbalance his psychological development and mental health. When the children or infant are not given adequate care or love they do not develop the pathways for recognizing the care (Gilbert, 2018)). They tend to become aggressive and resilient jeopardizing their future as well.
  • Substance misuse:The regular contact with the toxic products tend to create a higher chances for both Elise and Mick of falling back to the older patterns and this can make them loose the supervision and care of their children as well just like Elise did when she was 4 years old.
  • Learning imparities:The children might find it difficult to learn what they are being taught and lack of proper nutrition and environment can do to them exactly what happened to their parents i.e. Elise and Mick i.e. they might have to drop education altogether because of the current situation and condition in which they are living.

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