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Case Study on Amazon

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2915
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: BMA6000
  • Downloads: 580
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the purpose of collecting data and what are the objectives relating to it.
  • Amazon is an online selling portal that sells a wide range of products. Explain the impacts of using robotic labor rather than the human workforce in the global economy.
  • Provide the summary of the whole proposal and generate its contribution to automation and artificial intelligence.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Amazon


Overview of the Research

In the modern scenario, digital advancement has plays a vital role in improvising the living the individual via reducing their efforts, therefore, digital advancement is imperative for an individual perspective or the whole world. Therefore, digital advancement involves the high tech technologies, social media, mobile phones, smart technologies, internet, robotics etc. These all technologies has revolutionised the standard of living and the way of conducting business. Thus, these also has a direct impact over the economic condition. Robotics is the most effective source of technological advancement which is significantly applied by businesses to improvise the operations and functions of the business. However, the rapid growth in technology have assist to a surge of public interest in auto-mobile and robotics. The emergence of robotics will develop the productivity of business and has the potential to bring manufacturing production work back to developed countries. As the performance increases, labour is significantly  to receive a appropriate share of the benefits.  Over the past few years, a robotics revolution has influences the world's imaginations. Therefore, the rate of purchasing and installing the high tech machines are increases due to expanding its capabilities, thus, since the year of 2010, the global stock of industrial robots has more than doubled and innovation in engineering and machine learning portend and accelerated adoption of robots in services sector occupations over the upcoming years. Business around of globe are enhancing the use of robots instead of using human labour as to increasing the operations and performance of the firm. As per the estimation of international Federation of Robotics, the global average for industrial robots per manufactuing employees grew through 66 percent in the year of 2015 to 85 in 2017. Robotics has constantly relay upon integration of artificial intelligence like better sensors, effective machine vision so on. as to improvising the operations of a business, therefore, robotics had assured the businesses to betterment of business operation and reducing human labours. Amazon is the chosen organisation for this particular project, therefore, it is the largest American multinational technology company which has its major concern over using robotic labour instead of using human labours. This report contains study about the  impact of robotic labour instead of human workforce in the global economy. Therefore, in this aim and objectives are created to assist the work in right manner as these are represented in clear and concise statement which are effective in demonstrating the intention of the work. Literature reviews is effective in conducting an in-depth study which is efficacious in developing the understanding of individual. In addition to this, suitable methodologies are applied to guide the work in right manner to reaching at the key outcome. Furthermore, results are obtained through analysing information through conducting primary research as in this questionnaire is being conducted to gather information from the wider population. At the end conclusion has drawn over the findings of the research.

Background of the Research

In the present business scenario, information explosion, human capital had become one of the key driving forces behind the economic growth of business organisations. As robots are increasingly being applied in every industry and are here to stay for longer operations and robotics usage has both positive as well as negative influence over organisations and its employees.  Thus the usage of robotics improvise the functional aspect of business and also reduces the implementation of human workforce. The development of a economy is based on its industrial growth, therefore, businesses are concern over using robotic labour instead of human workforces, therefore the use of robotic labour is effective for the economic development. In this proper analysis is being executed over Amazon, therefore, it is a large American Multinational technology company which is relay in Seattle and focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The company was founded in the year of 1994 by the potential efforts of Jeff Bezos. The headquarter of the firm is in Seattle, Washington and Arlington, Virginia, United Kingdom. The company is having around 750000 employees who are contributing their significant efforts in the growth and success of business, thus the net income of the firm is 7.72£. The company is operating at global level. Amazon is operated via its application and concern over conducting operations through robotics labours instead of human workforces, therefore, robotics labours are more valuable in developing the operations and functions of the firm. However, the key purpose of the business is to attaining higher competitive advantage via the potential use of robotics labour instead of human workforces. 

Rationale of the Research

The investigation into consideration is based on analysing the impact of robotic labour instead of human workforce in the global economy. This is a wide area of academic investigation which is supportive in enhancing the business as well as academic base of conducting a research. The major purpose of conducting the research over this particular area is that, it is a most common issue in today's business era, Thus businesses now a day's are mainly facing the issue of increasing labour cost and shortage of workers. So this investigation is effective in exploring the usage of robotics labour instead of human workforces. Therefore, robotics never demand for raising pay, position and are able to work around the clock, thus robots can do the tasks which are not possible for humans to do like, they perform on challenging tasks without any fear of loosing life etc. The major intention of conducting the research is to shed the light on the facilitation of robotic labour in telecommunication company. The different co-reason for conducting research on the chosen area is the specific interest of the researcher, as the investigator wants of explore own knowledge in this particular area or might perform educational  activities to gain professional development. This study is effective in developing the personal as well as professional ability which would be beneficial for the researcher in their future perspectives. This study is beneficial for academic purposes as this is effective in exploring knowledge regarding the proper use of methodologies and executing the investigation in right manner. This study is also beneficial for the people who are seeking for their career development in the same field. This investigation also gives a basis to study the multiple factors that should be liable in attracting the businesses to use robotics labour instead of human workforces in the economy. 

Research Aim

The study aim to investigate the impact of robotic labour instead of human workforce in the global economy. A case study on Amazon. Therefore, it is a wider investigation area which is effective in terms of developing personal as well as professional skills. Thus this section of investigation is effective in exploring the intention of conducting the research in the form of a clear and concise statement. 

Research Objectives

The key objectives of this particular investigation are associated as below:

  • To understand the application of of robotic labour in different business industries.
  • To determine the significance of robotic labour over human workforce for Amazon. 
  • To identify several challenges that Amazon may face while integrating with Robotic labours.
  • To ascertain the influence of robotic labour at the place of human workforce in the global economy.
  • To Recommend measures of robotic labour that can help Amazon in achieving economic sustainability.

Research Questions

The question of this present investigation are described underneath:

  • What is  the application of of robotic labour in different business industries?
  • What is the significance of robotic labour over human workforce for Amazon?
  • What are the key challenges that Amazon may face while integrating with Robotic labours?
  • What is the influence of robotic labour at the place of human workforce in the global economy?
  • What measures of robotic labour can help Amazon in achieving economic sustainability?

literature Review

A literature review is defined as a simple summary of the sources but it usually has a business pattern and combines both summary and synthesis. Therefore, it is the most imperative section of investigation which is effective in conducting detailed evolutional that supports the work in right manner via developing the understanding of the researcher and learner in regards to the chosen subject area. In this existing investigation area, this section is mainly effectual in conducting descriptive analysis on analysing the impact of robotic labour instead of human workforce in the global economy. Therefore, this is a wide investigation on which suitable and authentic information accumulation is required to drawn valid and reliable outcome. Thus, in this section of investigation data is mainly gathered through secondary sources like books, journals, published research articles, non-published articles, newspapers, past investigation and so on. However, this area of research is effective in developing the in-depth understanding of the research and learner in regards to the chosen subject area, However, this section mainly in-corporates over developing theoretical framework which is effective in aiding the entire project in right manner to reaching at the possible outcome. 

The application of  robotic labour in different business industries.

As per the views expressed by Kayla Matthews, 2019, A robot is recognised as a machine which is developed to executed one or more tasks automatically with high speed and precision. In addition to this, robotic system is defined as an integrated approach of devices which automate production and manufacturing of products and services surgery an artificial intelligence based surgical assistant system that processes sensory input through hap-tic interfaces and allows surgeons to act with more accuracy than the unassisted human hand. Evan Tarver, 2028, stated that, robotics has transformed that universe into two different phases, thus these two are significantly based on digital advancement. The first sphere is based on electric machines which are effective in performing repetitive tasks but these are not much useful, thus in this robots that are applied in car manufacturing and on assembly lines for similar items are involves. On the other side, second sphere has begin to develop industrial robots which are not based on performing simple tasks, this these robots absorb information and respond to new data so that they actively develop. However, these robots are still preponderantly seen in the automatic sector, thus these are no longer active before they influence each sort of industry. According to the opinion stated by Mordechai Ben Ari and Fransesco Mondada, 2017, robots can be divided as per the environment in which they are requires to operate any sort of task or activity, thus robots are generally based upon mobile and fixed robots, therefore, this two are differently working and needs assorted capabilities. Fixed robots are significantly recognised as the industrial robotic manipulators which works in well defined environment adapted for robots. On the other side industrial robots attempt specific repetitive tasks.  In today's modern business environment, robots are applied in every department due to rapid advancement in the technologies, thus robots are effective in developing  the operations and progressions of the firm. Robotics are mainly applied in some industries like agriculture, mining, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing etc. In the agriculture industry, potting robots, surgical robots are applied, as these robots are created to assist farmers with crop growing, harvesting and cutting of crops etc.  Mining is recognised as the most dangerous occupation in the globe, thus most mining industries are based on robotics tools and technologies for the purpose of ensuing safety of human workforces. Therefore, In the modern business era, UX-1 is mainly applied in mining sector. Thus this is a robot which navigates flooded mined and apply an array of sensors to indicate rare minerals and analyse if abandoned mines could be worth re-operating. However, the emergence of robotic system in mining has developed the condition of employees working. Health care is the most risky industry where safety is primary so robots can be used in healthcare after the approval of FDA, thus in this industry robotics are applied that are highly featured and advance in nature. Therefore, robots has made the surgery more effective and liable as number of co-bots being used in surgery like AOT's Carlo, which is applied in lasers to cut bone without any kind of physical contact. Robotics and manufacturing are a natural partnership, thus robotics perform vital role in manufacturing landscape. manufacturing is an effective field which robots have probably arranged to penetrate mainly, Therefore, around 60 percent of manufacturers are applying some sort of robotics tools to create the manufacturing process more effective. Thus robotics is essentially perform effective role in developing the productivity and performance of the business. Warehousing is also an effective industry which is using robotics for reducing human efforts, thus this is the only industry which replace human workers. However, the new and advance robots are brought to warehousing are primarily human helpers, thus the robots mainly works with pickers the employees that select goods through the storage and prepare them for shipment. However, robotic is applied in different field for the purpose of reducing human efforts and improvising the operations of the firm.

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The significance of robotic labour over human workforce for Amazon: As per the opinion stated by Cale Guthrie Weissman, 2018, current development in the technological advancement has transform the way of conducting business and operates its operations, thus the advancement on robotics world had create robots more user friendly, affordable and intelligent. Therefore, with these effective advantaged robotic fave found an efficacious place in each industry, thus businesses in each field are concern over using robotics in respect to developing their operations and functions. In the modern business era, the potential intention of businesses is to attaining higher growth and success at market place through emerging highly advance tools and technologies, Therefore, Robotics is the most essential aspect which has performed a vital role in the growth and success of each industry. As per the views expressed by Jason Del Rey, Amazon is a most leading warehouse company which leads a robotic race which will have an effective influence over the warehouse industry, that reduces the cost of labour, thus Amazon is mainly concern over conducting fully automated operations instead of using human workforces. The robotic segment has evolving as of 2017, thus Amazon is the most developing industry which has over 100000 robots that are operated in their warehouses all over the globe. Therefore, company is attaining numerous importance of using robotic labour, some are associated as below:

Reduction in Labour Cost: This is the major benefit which is attained by the business through implementation of Robotics at work place. Thus, business now a day's are facing the issue of high cost labour and shortage of labour and emergence of robotic helps the businesses in reducing labour cost and develop the operations of the firm. Therefore, Amazon Inc. is rolling machines to automate a job performed by the number of employees. Thus, Amazon is mainly seeking for more high tech automation in operations for the purpose of reducing human efforts.

Minimal Processing Error: This is also another significance which is gained by Amazon through the implementation of robotics in their operations, thus Amazon is conducting its operations with the help of robotics. For instance: Amazon mainly operated through online sites, thus which are operated via computer systems, which reduces the risk of processing error. High tech tools and technologies reduces the chances of errors. However, robotic made business operations more easy and efforts free.

Tedious tasks automated by robots: In the segment of warehousing, robotic mainly plays vital role in transforming the tedious tasks into easy processes. Thus Amazon is using robotic labour instead of human workforces for attempting tedious tasks. However, in warehousing company, the major task is to shipment of products and for this Amazon is using Robotic to conduct easy operations.     

Research Methods: Research method refers as the systematic, theoretical analysis of the research tools that are applied to a selected area of study. It comprises the theoretical evaluation of the body of the research methods or principles that are associated with a branch of knowledge. The methodological selection is the primary consideration of the researcher as It is important for the investigator to select most appropriate analysis tools for assisting the work in right manner.  


This sample report of investigation mainly in-consist over, Qualitative and quantitative research settings, thus the selection of the research setting is based on the information accumulated by the researcher. Qualitative research is mainly analysed in words, therefore, it is significantly applied to understand concepts, thoughts and experiences. On the other side, Quantitative research is stated in numbers and graphs, therefore, it is used to analyse or confirm assumptions and theories. 

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